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A.I.M. Attacks! Character Profile: Squirrel Girl

Get Squirrelly!
Wasp starts

: Let's help Squirrel Girl get free from M.O.D.O.K. I heard she's totally unbeatable!
Iron Man: What about this Phil Coulson guy? He seems cool. Probably knows some super-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff...
Wasp: Haven't you ever heard of ladies first?
Iron Man: Haven't you ever read the welcome mat at Stark Tower?

Free Squirrel Girl!

: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Squirrel Girl!
Squirrel Girl: Thanks for freeing me from M.O.D.O.K.! You guys allow squirrels, right?
Wasp: Hmm, I don't know. I know we allow dogs. Panthers. Birds. Ants. Raccoons. Snakes. Horses. Lizards. Pigs. Cats. Octopuses. Spiders. A pterodactyl. At least one dragon. So...probably?
Squirrel Girl: Cool. I have like five squirrels hiding in my clothes right now...
Wasp: Me too!
Reward: 20 Credits

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!
Wasp starts

Wasp: Do you remember how A.I.M. got you?
Squirrel Girl: Not exactly. Me and Tippy-Toe...she's my squirrel bestie by the way...
Wasp: We just met. I gave her a high-five. It was adorable.
Squirrel Girl: We were doing freestyle squirrel raps when somebody yelled, "Hey! Aren't you the unbeatable Squirrel Girl?! Aren't you planning on going to Avengers Academy?! Don't you know we think that place is totally lame?!"
Wasp: Rude.
Squirrel Girl: I know! And when I turned around to tell them that they were being extra impolite and ruining my raps, M.O.D.O.K. psionically imprisoned me.
Wasp: Extra rude. What do we do to stop them?
Squirrel Girl: We kick their butts...

Recruit Squirrel Girl! 100 Acorns (Defeat A.I.M. Scientist Level 1 OR 2)

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Squirrel Girl!
Squirrel Girl: Thanks! I'm ready to kick butts and eat nuts!
Pepper Potts: Great. I'll show you to our training facilities like the Robo Dojo.
Squirrel Girl: I'm also interested in getting a Computer Science degree. I already have my unofficial Ph.D. in kicking butts, but I'm interested in expanding my horizons.
Pepper Potts: Sure. Great. That's really refreshing actually. Good for you...
Squirrel Girl: I'm totally gonna kick Computer Science's computerized butt...
Reward: 20 Credits

Go Nuts! Pt. 1
Squirrel Girl starts

Nick Fury: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Squirrel Girl. I'm hoping you can share some of your knowledge and combat tactics with your new classmates to help us beat A.I.M.
Squirrel Girl: You got it, Mr. Nick Fury. First, my team and I need to strategize.
Nick Fury: Your team of squirrels...
Squirrel Girl: Exactly! I usually consult with Tippy-Toe, and she shares the agenda with the Squirrel Information Network. Every crimefighting team needs a chain of command.
Nick Fury: I like your style.
Squirrel Girl: I know! It's such a good style!

Squirrel Girl Let's Hang Out! 30m

Nick Fury: Do you have a plan for battling A.I.M.?
Squirrel Girl: Yeah, but I think I'm a little hypnotized from watching all that bad dancing...
Nick Fury: Tell me about it. They dance so much, you'd think they'd at least be good by now.
Squirrel Girl: They just need someone to show 'em some new moves...
Reward: 20 Credits

Go Nuts! Pt. 2
Squirrel Girl starts

Loki: Who do you think you are, Rodent Woman? You can't just scurry onto my campus with your gaggle of disease-infested creatures, and disrespect my dance mastery...
Squirrel Girl: I wasn't trying to be mean. I'm just saying you could use some new moves.
Loki: Should I grow a tail, and let filthy rodents crawl all over me?
Squirrel Girl: You wish.
Loki: I'll see you on the dance floor!
Squirrel Girl: It's a gosh-darned dance battle!

Squirrel Get Nuts! 30m
Loki Master The Dance Floor, 2h
Iron Man Make A Scene, 2m

Squirrel Girl: You got so served!
Loki: I demand a rematch!
Squirrel Girl: No way, Jose. I'm supposed to be saving the world and stuff.
Loki: You're afraid!
Squirrel Girl: Dude, I'm just busy! I used to be afraid of things like revealing my secret identity, and talking to extra cute boys, and escalators. But then I was like no way Doreen Green, you're the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! We've totally got this!
Reward: 20 Credits

Go Nuts! Pt. 3
Squirrel Girl starts

Squirrel Girl: Black Widow! You're the baddest, and by bad I mean the best! Me and my friends Patsy and Jen and Jess and Kate and America and Monica totally want you on our all-star-all-girl-all-butt-kicking-squad!
Black Widow: Thanks, but I usually work alone.
Squirrel Girl: That only makes you extra bad meaning extra good! I usually only say this to myself in the mirror, but will you show me how to kick more butts?!
Black Widow: I'll do my best...

Upgrade Squirrel Girl! 20 Squirrel Keychains (Mission Board)
Squirrel Girl Kick Butts! 1h
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite, 1h

Black Widow: I don't think you need extra lessons from me. Those are one of a kind moves...
Squirrel Girl: I'm so unique!
Black Widow: Call me next time your all-star-all-girl-all-butt-kicking-squad gets together. Sounds like my kind of team...
Reward: 20 Credits

Get Super Serious Pt. 1
Squirrel Girl starts

Iron Man: How's everything going so far?
Squirrel Girl: Well, let's see. Wasp gave Tippy-Toe a high-five. Mr. Nick Fury gave me props. I served Loki in dancing, and Black Widow helped me kick more butts. So...pretty gosh-darned incredible.
Iron Man: Sounds good. I was just wondering because chatter on the Squirrel Information Network just spiked. I thought it might be trouble, but maybe one of them just found an unusually large acorn...
Squirrel Girl: Either way, I gotta go!

Squirrel Girl Get Squirrelly! 30m
Squirrel Girl Listen to Squirrel Info Network, 4h

Squirrel Girl: This is bad, Tony. Like, storing all your acorns bad...
Iron Man: What happened?
Squirrel Girl: The Squirrel Information Network noticed something big and bad in space. And it's coming our way...
Iron Man: How do they know what's going on in space?
Squirrel Girl: Satellites and stuff...
Iron Man: Oh.
Squirrel Girl: Yeah. And if we don't find out how to stop it, we're all super-doomed...
Reward: 20 Credits 

Get Super Serious Pt. 2
Squirrel Girl starts

Iron Man: So, the Squirrel Information Network uses little squirrel-sized satellites, or they found a way to tap into regular-sized satellites, or...?
Squirrel Girl: Will you quit worrying about the satellites, and start worrying about the evil space thing that's trying to doom us?
Iron Man: I'm trying, but these are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night...
Squirrel Girl: I love you a lot, but you're so weird sometimes. Just roll with whatever theory puts your science-y mind at ease, and find a way to stop this space attack while I call my old team.
Iron Man: Who's your old team?
Squirrel Girl: The Great Lakes Avengers!
Iron Man: Never heard of 'em.

Upgrade Squirrel Girl! 30 Squirrel Keychains (Mission Board)

Squirrel Girl Message the G.L.A. 4h
Iron Man Tinker With Tech, 1h

Iron Man: I think I can connect all of the Stark satellites to all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites, and create a kind of force field to block anything from entering the atmosphere.
Squirrel Girl: Good, because my old team is a total flake-fest...
Iron Man: They aren't gonna help?
Squirrel Girl: No, they're gonna make me do everything. Like always...
Iron Man: But now you have me on your team.
Squirrel Girl: Thanks, Tony. You're the best.
Iron Man: I bet you say that to all the squirrels...
Reward: 20 Credits

Who's That Squirrel?! Pt. 1
Squirrel Girl starts

Squirrel Girl: I'm looking for a squad of pure awesomeness to help me save the world from an alien invasion.
Falcon: Another one?
Squirrel Girl: Are you in or are you out? Or do you need more time to think about it? And where can I get a jetpack? That's also a question I've been wanting to ask you since we just now met.
Falcon: How can I help?
Squirrel Girl: Get ready to kick some interstellar butts...

Squirrel Girl Super Squirrel Strike! 6h
Squirrel Girl Kick Butts! 1h
Falcon Swing The Wings, 15m

Falcon: You should get Ms. Marvel to join the team.
Squirrel Girl: Because you have a crush on her?
Falcon: ...Because she's brave, and really strong.
Squirrel Girl: Invite me to your formal wedding! Plus one for Tippy-Toe!
Reward: 20 Credits

Who's That Squirrel?! Pt. 2
Squirrel Girl starts

Squirrel Girl: Falcon said I should get you on my awesome new super-team because you're brave and strong and he's obviously crushing on you!
Ms. Marvel: Oh...I...What's the team for?
Squirrel Girl: Smashing space bad guys.
Ms. Marvel: That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say...
Squirrel Girl: So, you're in?
Ms. Marvel: Of course!
Squirrel Girl: Then it's time to gather the rest of the squad...

Upgrade Squirrel Girl! 40 Squirrel Keychains (Mission Board)

Squirrel Girl Round Up Some Heroes! 2h
Squirrel Girl Let's Hang Out! 30m

Ms. Marvel: Where's the rest of our special space super-team?
Squirrel Girl: Getting into position. I got the whole all-star-all-girl-all-butt-kicking-squad, and a bunch of other pretty awesome people. They'll be ready when our space enemies attack.
Ms. Marvel: When are they going to attack?
Squirrel GIrl: Soon...
Reward: 20 Credits

Do All the Things! Pt. 1
Squirrel Girl starts

Squirrel Girl: I'm about to train harder than I have in my whole entire life right now.
Captain America: Do you want some help?
Squirrel Girl: Nope. I'm just saying it out loud to get extra pumped...

Squirrel Girl Get Squirrelly! 30m
Squirrel Girl Get Nuts! 30m
Squirrel Girl Kick Butts! 1h

Captain America: Nice work, Squirrel Girl! I might need to come to you for training tips.
Squirrel Girl: Do you think I'm strong enough to stop an alien invasion?
Captain America: I think you can (do) anything you put your mind to.
Squirrel Girl: Like getting a date with Captain America?
Captain America: Let's stop these aliens first...
Reward: 20 Credits

Do All The Things! Pt. 2
Squirrel Girl starts

Odin: Greetings, Squirrel Girl.
Squirrel Girl: Whoa! Mr. All-Father Odin! I bet I could hide a hundred squirrels in your beard! That's a huge compliment! 
Odin: Thank you. I want you to accompany me to S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters...
Squirrel Girl: Gosh, I would absolutely love to do that, so we could talk about Thor as a baby, and magic weapons, and flying horses, and all other Asgardian awesomeness, but I'm kinda trying to save humankind right now.
Odin: I know exactly what you're doing, Squirrel Girl. I want you to know exactly who you'll be fighting... 

Upgrade Squirrel Girl! 50 Squirrel Keychains

Squirrel Girl Become Unbeatable! 8h

Squirrel Girl: That was like, the craziest part of crazy town. How come you don't tell everybody else what happened?
Odin: To be honest, I fear what the truth might do to them...
Squirrel Girl: Then why'd you show me?
Odin: You have a special talent for dealing with seemingly impossible odds. Your bravery is incomparable. We cannot win this war without you...
Squirrel Girl: I almost cried happy tears when you said that, and I always try to stay super positibve, but I have to keep it really real, Mr. All-Father Odin. There's zero way I can beat those guys...
Odin: You won't be alone, Squirrel Girl. The All-Father will proudly fight by your side, and the all-star-all-girl-all-butt-kicking-squad will have our back...
Reward: 20 Credits  

What do you think of Squirrel Girl? Were you able to recruit her? Any favourite tasks?


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