Friday, 12 August 2016

Classic Outfit Crate

Morning Avengereenos!

UPDATE August 26:

Along with the new A.I.M. Attacks! mini event, TinyCo has also dropped another crate into our shops - the Classic Outfit Crate! It costs 195 Shards and contains outfits from prior events as well as helpful items for the upcoming Hell's Kitchen Special Event... For more info on the A.I.M. Attacks! event, see here.

The crate gives you a CHANCE at getting the following:

Undercover Black Widow Skin
Surfer Iron-Man Skin (Beach Event)
Beach Humbuggery Loki Skin (Beach Event)
Tropical Wasp Outfit (Beach Event)
Intergalactic Iron Man Skin (GotG Event)

Retro-Futuristic Wasp Skin (GotG Event)
Captain Star-Lord Skin (GotG Event)
Assassin Gamora Skin (GotG Event)

Iron Widow Skin (Civil War Event)
Captain America Falcon Skin (Civil War Event)

Cap Buster Iron Man Skin (Civil War Event)15 Daredevil's Law Books
25 Squirrel Keychains!
12 Jessica Jones' Cameras
12 Iron Fist's Nunchucks
9 Hellcat's Comics
10 Daredevil 100% Health Packs!
15 Daredevil 50% Health Packs!
40 Daredevil 15% Health Packs!
10 Acorns
20 S.H.I.E.L.D. Gear Level 1
9 Psionic Blockers

12 Cameras
12 Nunchucks
20 Level 1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Gears
10 Daredevil 100% Health Packs
25 Squirrel Keychains
15 Daredevil 50% Health Packs
40 Daredevil 15% Health Packs
9 Psionic Blockers
15 Law Books
9 Comics
10 Acorns
Surfer Iron-Man
Undercover Black Widow
Beach Humbuggery Loki

Note: I already had the other listed outfits, so at this point the crate was completely cleared out. Pretty freakin' annoying I had to buy EVERYTHING to get Loki's outfit :'(

Are you going to have a go at the crate? If you did, did you get what you wanted?


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