Monday, 19 September 2016

Daredevil Special Event Character: Iron Fist

The Living Weapon!
Hellcat starts

Hellcat: We're getting you out of here, Iron Fist!
Iron Fist: Hey, Patsy. Wassup.
Hellcat: I'm trying to get you out of Kingpin's prison. 
Iron Fist: Cool. That's super nice of you, but you should Luke out first. I'm chillin'.
Hellcat: You don't wanna get out?
Iron Fist: Of course I do, but this kind of stuff stresses him out way more than me. Plus, I bet he misses Jessica. I can wait. It's cool.
Hellcat: I already tried to get him out first, and he asked me to let you out instead. I'll free you now, and we'll free hm as soon as we can. I can't keep risking getting caught just because you guys are ridiculous besties.
Iron Fist: Man, my friends are so cool. Life is just super chill, you know?

Free Iron Fist! 100 Ninja Stars

Iron Fist: Let's free Luke.
Hellcat: It's not that easy. The Hand's ninjas are watching the building along with Punisher and Kingpin. I had to bust out my best acrobatics to reach you guys the first time, and now there's even more security...
Iron Fist: I have to try.
Hellcat: Look, I love Luke as much as you do. Okay, maybe not, but I really really like him. I just don't think now is the best time. He's tougher than any of us. He'll be fine.
Iron Fist: I'm going.
Hellcat: Whatever. Just don't forget that the whole rest of the world is in trouble too...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Fist Bump!
Hellcat starts

Iron Fist: I'm getting you out of here.
Luke Cage: Don't worry about me. Go help Jess and the rest of them stop Kingpin.
Iron Fist: I can't just leave you in here, man. We're partners. Heroes for Hire. Best bros. It's like having my Iron Fist without my...other fist.
Luke Cage: I'm fine. Use your powers to take out the Hand, and find out what they're planning. And leave Kingpin for me...
Iron Fist: Sounds like a plan, man. Fist bump?
Luke Cage: No doubt.

Recruit Iron Fist!
- 12 Meditation Beads (Collect from the Paper Lantern in The Devil's Due)
- 65 Nunchucks (Special Event Missions)

- 8 Yoga Mats (from defeating Punisher)

- 7735 Ninja Stars

Iron Fist: I'm all about love and positive vibes. You're all about being antisocial and throwing people through windows.
Jessica Jones: I love that more than anything.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Chill or Be Chilled Pt. 1
Iron Fist starts

Hellcat: Let's kick some ninja butt, and free our friends!
Iron Fist: First, I need to chill.
Hellcat: All you've been doing is freaking out about freeing Luke...
Iron Fist: And I will. But first I need to find my center. Focus my Chi. Before entering the ultimate battle, one must engage in ultimate chill... 

Iron Fist Find Your Center! 1h30m
Hellcat Have a Snack! 1h30m

Iron Fist: I'm feeling super centered. I'm ready to summon my Chi, and draw upon the energy derived from the heart of the mystic serpent Shou-Lao.
Hellcat: I'm feeling super full. I think I might be ready to hurl some cheese...
Iron Fist: It's natural, Patsy. Just go with the flow.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Chill or Be Chilled Pt. 2
Iron Fist starts

Daredevil: Let's get ready to fight. Kingpin and the Hand are only getting stronger.
Iron Fist: For sure. I'm gonna find a spot to brush up on my nunchuck technique.
Daredevil: Why use nunchucks when you can fill your fist with magic dragon energy? 
Iron Fist: Because nunchucks are awesome. Duh.

Iron Fist Master Weapons! 2h
Daredevil Defend Yourself! 15m

Daredevil: What happened?!
Iron Fist: Not all of me is iron...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Chill or be Chilled Pt. 3
Iron Fist starts

Loki: You interest me, Rusty Knuckles. I despise fisticuffs, but greatly enjoy both the color green, and mystical serpents.
Iron Fist: That's cool, man. I'd love to discuss our similar interests, but I'm about to go unleash the dragon.
Loki: I hope that means what I think it means...

Upgrade Iron Fist! 20 x Katanas, 3895 Ninja Stars
Iron Fist Unleash the Dragon! 2h45m
Loki Wield Sorcery! 1m

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

What do you think of Iron Fist? Have you been able to recruit him?


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