Friday, 9 September 2016

Daredevil Special Event Character Costume: Kung Fu Falcon

Kung Fu Falcon!
Falcon starts
Falcon: All of these ninjas and martial artists have me so hyped! Those were always my favorite movies and cartoons since I was a little kid.
Wasp: I always wondered why your room was full of broken bricks.
Falcon: Do you think they'd teach me? Like I could be one of these guys for real?
Wasp: All you need is an outfit!
Falcon: You can make me one?!
Wasp: Start growing your hair out to look like an awesome 70's Kung Fu guy! I'll be right back!

Get Kung Fu Falcon!
- 4 x Kung Fu Movies (Collect from the Lava Lamp)
- 2 x Boss Ninja Mask (Defeat Hand Ninja Boss)
- 32 x Red Bandanas (Special Event Missions)
- 3268 Ninja Stars

Wasp: Whoa! Your hair grows super fast! I was mostly kidding, but it looks awesome!
Kung Fu Falcon: Thanks! I never tell anyone about my weirdly fast hair growing abilities. This was the look for all my favorite Kung Fu heroes back in the day.
Wasp: Go learn Kung Fu!
Kung Fu Falcon: I will!
Wasp: Follow your dreams!
Kung Fu Falcon: I am!
Wasp: I'm so excited!
Kung Fu Falcon: Me too!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

Hidden Falcon Pt. 1

Falcon starts

Iron Fist: Sweet outfit. What discipline do you follow?
Kung Fu Falcon: None. I mean, I was hoping you'd teach me a little Kung Fu. I have a passion for it, and I've seen all the movies.
Iron Fist: Nice! Let's see what you got!

Enter the Falcon! 2h

Iron Fist: I love your passion, and those were some solid Kung Fu screams. I think we like a lot of the same movies, but we still have a lot of work to do.
Kung Fu Falcon: This is a dream for me, man. I don't mind the work.
Iron Fist: Cool. Let's get you ready to fight an undying dragon.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Hidden Falcon Pt. 2
Falcon starts

Iron Fist: I wanna watch you do some of your regular training. Don't worry about incorporating Kung Fu. Just do your thing.
Kung Fu Falcon: Cool, I'll show you my Falcon Punch.
Iron Fist: Right on. I think I've heard of that.

Falcon Enter the Falcon! 2h
Falcon Punch! 30m

Iron Fist: Cool, man. Your technique is strong when you know what you're doing. I think it's time to show you a true Kung Fu attack.
Kung Fu Falcon: Is it something that looks like it wouldn't hurt at all, but is actually crazy deadly because the technique is so on point?!
Iron Fist: Yeah, that's exactly what it is. The Kung Fu instincts are strong with this one...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Hidden Falcon Pt. 3
Falcon starts

Kung Fu Falcon: I need to show you the move Iron Fist taught me!
Wasp: Awesome! Is it something that looks like it wouldn't hurt at all, but is actually crazy deadly because the technique is so on point?!
Kung Fu Falcon: Yeah. Your Kung Fu instincts must be strong too...
Wasp: I was totally eavesdropping!

Falcon Kung Fu Nerve Attack! 3h
Falcon Enter the Falcon! 2h

Wasp: That was so cool! You totally achieved your Kung Fu dreams!
Kung Fu Falcon: It's so much fun. I don't know if I can become a master, but I'm definitely adding it to my regular training.
Wasp: And your hair looks so good!
Kung Fu Falcon: Let's watch some movies!
Wasp: Let's break some bricks!
Kung Fu Falcon: Let's punch some dragons!
Wasp: But I really like dragons...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

What do you think of Kung Fu Falcon? What do you think of his new moves?


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