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Daredevil Special Event: Episode 2

Morning all!

Episode 2 is finally live! To participate in Week 2 of the Daredevil Special Event, you need to download version 1.3.2 for iOS or version 1.3.3 for Android.

Firstly here's the FAQ from TinyCo.

How do I recruit Hellcat?

Once you reach the quest ""Heck Yeah!,"" you will be able to recruit Hellcat.
She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Elektra? 

You can get Elektra from the Mystical Ninja Crate, available from the shop for 75 shards. As an Advanced Toxic trait character, she does bonus damage to Toxic and Quick Ninjas. She also heals two times faster than other heroes. 

How do I unlock Armored Daredevil?

Defeat the Ninja Boss 10 times before September 6th, 6 pm EDT to unlock Armored Daredevil! Armored Daredevil does bonus damage to both Speed and Strength Ninjas.  

How do I defeat the Ninja Boss?

The Ninja Boss will appear after you have recruited Daredevil.  He is a challenging opponent, and all of your Heroes will deal reduced damage to him. Power Attacks are strongly recommended.
As you may have gathered from Elektra's info above, there is a new Mystical Ninja Crate in the shop which will cost you 75 Shards a try. See here for more info.

Now, on to the quests...

Fogwell's Gym!
Loki starts

Daredevil: We should train at Fogwell's Gym. It'll be the best way to get stronger for whatever Kingpin and the Hand send at us next.
Jessica Jones: Isn't that where your dad used to fight?
Daredevil: Weren't you the one who taught me the first rule of Hell's Kitchen?
Jessica Jones: Don't bring up old stuff.
Daredevil: It's a good rule.
Jessica Jones: You' think I'd remember since it's the only rule I like.

Get Fogwell's Gym! 100 Ninja Stars

Raise Daredevil's Attack Skill to Level 2!
- Daredevil Train Attack Skill! 4h
- 2 x White Ninja Mask (Defeat Quick Hand Ninja)
- 75 Ninja Stars

Jessica Jones: Where'd you learn how to fight like that?
Daredevil: Rule number one, Jessica...
Jessica Jones: I don't know what's wrong with me today. Let's punch ninjas.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
Loki starts

Punisher: Kingpin says you ain't holdin' up your end of the bargain...
The Hand: ...
Punisher: I usually deal with bullies and mobsters. They don't like to talk either. But they sure do like to scream when I start snapping their fingers.
The Hand: ...
Punisher: Best thing about you not talking is you won't tell Kingpin that he's on my list too.
The Hand: ...
Punisher: I bet you talk to your little friends though. I like that. Tell 'em all that the Punisher is coming...

Defeat a Level 4 Ninja!

Kingpin: Did you talk to the ninjas?
Punisher: You gonna act like you weren't watching me the whole time?
Kingpin: Did they listen?
Punisher: I talked to 'em from a foot away. What do you think?
Kingpin: I think I don't appreciate your tone.
Punisher: I'll smother it in gravy next time.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Alias Investigations!
Loki starts

Jessica Jones: We can use Alias Investigations to decipher the Scrolls that the ninjas are trafficking.
Daredevil: Should we bring in Loki since it probably involves magic?
Jessica Jones: I kind of like him, but I'm not letting him touch my stuff.

Open Alias Investigations! 100 Ninja Stars, 3m

Collect 1 Scroll!
(Open Relics)

Jessica Jones: The common theme with all of these is death. Do you really think they're trying to resurrect someone?
Daredevil: Elektra says they do it all the time. I've always wondered if that's what happened to her. They have to be planning something bigger than that...
Jessica Jones: And why would Kingpin be helping them?
Daredevil: It's about time I asked...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Private Investigator!
Loki starts

Kingpin: I don't recall sending you an invitation...
Daredevil: Why are you working with the Hand?
Kingpin: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Daredevil: We're gonna find out what's in those scrolls. If not, I'll beat it out of you.
Kingpin: Maybe. Or maybe my associate the Punisher will beat you to the punch...

Collect 10 Scrolls! (Open Relics)

Daredevil: Why are you working with Kingpin?
Punisher: Get out of my face before I break yours.
Daredevil: If you're waiting to turn on him, don't wait too long. Anyone standing next to him is going down with him.
Punisher: Talk to me when you're ready to swing. 'Til then, shut your mouth.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Prepare for Battle! (After completing Fogwell's Gym)
Daredevil starts

Loki: Are you prepared to watch your lawyer dreams crash and burn?
Daredevil: I'd rather be training to fight the Hand. Also, I can't see, so I won't be watching anything. We've been over this.
Loki: You seem more confident in your ability to win this trial. Are you hiding something?
Daredevil: No, I just feel good about the fact that you have no idea what you're doing.

Raise Daredevil's Attack Skill to Level 3!
- 3 x Daredevil Train Attack Skill! 4h
- 3 x White Ninja Masks (Defeat Quick Hand Ninja)
- 150 Ninja Stars
Daredevil State Your Case! 30m
Loki Condemn the Accused, 2h

Loki: That's what I call godly lawyering.
Daredevil: You just pranced around yelling "Guilty!"
Loki: Case closed!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Who's the Boss?!
Loki starts

Kingpin: Your subordinates are failing horribly, but your masters assure me that a Hand Ninja Boss is indestructible.
Hand Ninja Boss: Show me the one called Daredevil.
Kingpin: And you actually speak?! If I would've known, I would've ordered more Bosses from the beginning.
Hand Ninja Boss: I only take orders from the Demon Lord, you mountain of mashed potatoes.
Kingpin: How did you know Loki called me that?!
Hand Ninja Boss: It's a meme now.

Defeat a Ninja Boss! Daredevil OR Jessica Jones, 18 Anti-Toxins

Kingpin: Apparently we have different definitions of indestructible.
Hand Ninja Boss: I'm testing their skills before using my special attacks. Go back to eating your mashed potatoes.
Kingpin: He didn't say I ate mashed potatoes, you idiot. He said I looked like mashed potatoes.
Hand Ninja Boss: I'm assuming you also eat them.
Kingpin: And I've seen the memes. A pile of mashed potatoes wearing my coat. A stick of butter melting on my forehead. It's juvenile and absurd.
Hand Ninja Boss: My favorite is the one where you're standing in a snowstorm, but the snow is chives.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Free Cat!
Daredevil starts

Jessica Jones: Let's focus on freeing Hellcat. She'll help us take down the Hand.
Daredevil: Patsy? I always thought she was the most innocent out of all of us...
Jessica Jones: We all have our demons. Hellcat is the only one who's met the devil himself...

Free Hellcat! 100 Ninja Stars

Hellcat: Hey Matt! It's Patsy!
Daredevil: I know. At least I thought I knew you before. Jessica just told me your backstory. It's crazy...
Hellcat: You mean how I learned to fight on the moon?
Daredevil: What?! No. I was--
Hellcat: How I was a child TV star, and my mom wrote embarrassing romance comics about my awkward preteen years?
Daredevil: That's weird. I was actually talking about...
Hellcat: Oh! When I went to Hell, died, got resurrected, and returned with the "demon sight" that allows me to sense mystical energy?
Daredevil: Yeah. That.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Heck Yeah!
Daredevil starts

Hellcat: I'm definitely sensing a lot of mystical energy coming from whatever the Hand is transporting. I think I'm even sensing...
Jessica Jones: Don't say his name. Its name. Whatever. Hearing you tell that story creeped me out enough.
Hellcat: You know it's true. Misty was already talking about it before the Hand ever showed up. You don't have to be scared, Jess...
Jessica Jones: I'm not scared. I'd just like to finish fighting Kingpin, Punisher, and an army of mystical ninjas before I start thinking about Mephisto.
Hellcat: You said his name...
Jessica Jones: Then you better hurry up and help me get rid of these ninjas...

Recruit Hellcat!
- Collect 3 Boss Ninja Masks (Defeat Hand Ninja Boss)
- Collect 8 Cat Masks (Get from Hellcatmobile in The Devil's Due)
- Collect 65 Romance Comics (Special Event Missions)
- 6596 Ninja Stars (Special Event Missions)

Pepper Potts
: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Hellcat! We're so excited you're here to help us fight Kingpin and the Hand!
Hellcat: Thanks! I'm super serious about helping with all of that and getting my friends free, but I'm also really trying to pursue my career as a talk show host. Do you guys offer broadcasting courses?
Pepper Potts: Not currently, but we do have a lot of connections at World News. I could put in a word for you with the news anchor.
Hellcat: Oh, I love her! What's her name again?!
Pepper Potts: That's actually a really good question...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Kung Fu Falcon!
Falcon starts

: All of these ninjas and martial artists have me so hyped! Those were always my favorite movies and cartoons since I was a little kid.
Wasp: I always wondered why your room was full of broken bricks.
Falcon: Do you think they'd teach me? Like I could be one of these guys for real?
Wasp: All you need is an outfit!
Falcon: You can make me one?!
Wasp: Start growing your hair out to look like an awesome 70's Kung Fu guy! I'll be right back! 

Get Kung Fu Falcon!
- 4 x Kung Fu Movies (Collect from the Lava Lamp)
- 2 x Boss Ninja Mask (Defeat Hand Ninja Boss)
- 32 x Red Bandanas (Special Event Missions)
- 3268 Ninja Stars

Wasp: Whoa! Your hair grows super fast! I was mostly kidding, but it looks awesome!
Kung Fu Falcon: Thanks! I never tell anyone about my weirdly fast hair growing abilities. This was the look for all my favorite Kung Fu heroes back in the day.
Wasp: Go learn Kung Fu!
Kung Fu Falcon: I will!
Wasp: Follow your dreams!
Kung Fu Falcon: I am!
Wasp: I'm so excited!
Kung Fu Falcon: Me too!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

It's Getting Hot in Here!
Daredevil starts

: I'd like to remind the court that Director Fury did not invite the attacks by A.I.M., Hydra, and the Chitauri. 
Loki: Objection!
Daredevil: In fact, Avengers Academy is the only reason those groups haven't already conquered our planet.
Loki: Objection!
Daredevil: You can't scream "Objection!" after everything I say. It doesn't even make sense.
Loki: Objection!
Daredevil: I should've just been a boxer...

Get the Lava Lamp!
16 x Kung Fu Posters (Special Event Missions), 38 x Hand Seal (Common OR Uncommon Hand Relic), 4 x Katanas (Defeat Hand Ninjas), 2074 Ninja Stars
Daredevil State Your Case! 30m
Loki Condemn the Accused! 2h
: I always hoped my first trial would go as horribly as possible.
Nick Fury: Don't worry about it. You're doing great.
Daredevil: I've barely been able to get a word out. Polls say that Loki literally convinced everyone that there's an evil monster hiding under your eyepatch who's secretly running Avengers Academy.
Nick Fury: No one can say he doesn't have a good imagination.
Daredevil: I don't know if we can win this...
Nick Fury: Trust me. We can't lose...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Your Moment of Zen!
Daredevil starts

Daredevil: Don't worry, Iron Fist. We're gonna get you out of there.
Iron Fist: No worries, Matty. I'm chillin'. Every once in a while I hit my hand on the glass, but that's just because I have this smooth beat going on in my head, you know?
Daredevil: No...
Iron Fist: You just gotta relax, man. Go with the flow...
Daredevil: It would be easier if I wasn't being attacked by ninjas. 
Iron Fist: The calmest region of a storm is at its center. Center yourself, and you'll find your calm.
Daredevil: Did you learn that from your master in K'un-Lun?
Iron Fist: From the inside of a bottlecap, man. Knowledge is all around us. 

Get Iron Fist's Zen Garden! 24 x Cherry Blossoms (Special Event Missions), 57 x Hand Seal (Common OR Uncommon Hand Relic), 14 x Katanas (Defeat Hand Ninjas), 2884 Ninja Stars

Daredevil: Thanks. I feel better. Sometimes I get away from my meditation.
Iron Fist: I'm trying this thing that's like a hundred percent meditation a hundred percent of the time. Like the world is just flowing around me, and can't touch my calm. Literal permanent chill.
Daredevil: It's weird that you got this mellow by punching a dragon...
Iron Fist: But I got these powers and this super chill tat by hugging that dragon. That's the power of positivity, man.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

To the Hellcatmobile!
Daredevil starts

Hellcat: Quickly, to the Hellcatmobile!
Jessica Jones: Huh?
Hellcat: My super-car! I hardly ever break it out, but this epic situation is definitely begging for it!
Jessica Jones: Why have I never heard of this?
Hellcat: I let She-Hulk borrow it a couple years ago, and she smashed it over some guy's head. It's fixed now. 
Jessica Jones: Does it have claws that pop out or something?
Hellcat: No, but that's such a good idea...

Get the Hellcatmobile! 40 x Press Passes (Special Event Missions), 95 x Hand Seal (Common OR Uncommon Hand Relic), 10 x Katanas (Defeat Hand Ninjas), 3352 Ninja Stars

Jessica Jones: I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty sweet car.
Hellcat: I know!
Jessica Jones: Can I borrow it?
Hellcat: No way!
Jessica Jones: I don't blame you.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Mr. Mysticat!
Hellcat starts 

Hellcat: I'm gonna take my car into the city, and pick up Mr. Mysticat!
Jessica Jones: I refuse to comment on this.
Hellcat: But he's such a good kitty! Once he's here, I'll feel all the way at home!
Jessica Jones: All I brought was my camera, and some brass knuckles.
Hellcat: What's their name?!
Jessica Jones: ...Madame Knockout Punchlips.

Get Hellcat's Cat! 155 x Hand Seal (Common OR Uncommon Hand Relic), 41 x Katanas (Defeat Hand Ninjas), 6226 Ninja Stars

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Get Armored Daredevil! (7d Timer!)
Daredevil starts

Iron Man: I'm making you some armor. You keep going up against ninjas in your dress clothes and stylish pantsuit, and sooner or later you're gonna get hurt.
Daredevil: First of all, I'm not Daredevil, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Second, I've never let injuries stop me before.
Iron Man: Wearing armor doesn't make you any less tough. If anything, it just makes you more handsome and dynamic. At least, that's what it did for me.
Daredevil: I appreciate your concern and narcissism, but I know what I'm doing...
Iron Man: Just give it a shot. If you decide you like multiple concussions more than the armor, you can give it back. But you won't. Because it's gonna look awesome...

Get Armored Daredevil before episode 2 ends! 10 x Armored Baton (Defeat Hand Ninja Boss)

 Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Get Elektra!

Iron Man starts

Daredevil: Elektra!
Elektra: Are you surprised I'm here, or just surprised I snuck up on you without you noticing?
Daredevil: I thought you were...
Elektra: Powerful? Deadly? The most interesting and exciting woman you've ever met?
Daredevil: What are you doing at Avengers Academy?
Elektra: Helping my ex-boyfriend save his city, and destroy the Hand once and for all. If he can stop undressing me with his super senses...

Get Elektra! (75 Shards per try in the Mystical Ninja Box)

You will need to invite her from the shop menu after winning her.

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Elektra! We're so happy to have you here!
Elektra: Thank you. You should know that I have no intention of attending class, I will come and go as I please, and I will most likely maim many people.
Pepper Potts: Honestly, that's the same thing everyone else does. I appreciate you being upfront about it...
Reward: 50 Shards, 100 Ninja Stars

The Hellcat Challenge! (Unlocks the Hellcat Bobblehead!)

Get Hellcat's Attack and Health Perks to Level 6

Daredevil: Great job!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

What do you think of Episode 2 so far? Excited for Hellcat? Like Falcon's new costume? Enjoying the event overall?


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