Friday, 9 September 2016

Daredevil Special Event: Episode Three

Evening Avengers!

Episode Three has hit a little earlier than I was expecting, woohoo!

First up, some of the FAQ from TinyCo...

How do I recruit Iron Fist?
Once you reach the quest "Fist Bump!" you will be able to recruit Iron Fist. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Original Daredevil?
Original Daredevil is a special, limited-time outfit for Daredevil! Defeat Punisher's 7th streak in order to unlock it!

How do I unlock Mobster Wasp?
Mobster Wasp is a special, limited-time outfit for Wasp! You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits.

How do I fight Punisher?
Collect Frozen Peas from the Event Mission Board to fight Punisher!

What happens when Punisher's timer reaches 0?
When the timer ends, Punisher's health resets, but not the streak. 

Now, here are the new quests!

Here Comes Punisher!
Daredevil starts

Daredevil: I should be back in the neighborhood...
Hellcat: Echo, Misty, Colleen, White Tiger, and Shang-Chi are all protecting the neighborhood. We need to get ready for Punisher.
Daredevil: Punisher shouldn't be a problem. He doesn't even have powers.
Hellcat: But he's really really scary.
Daredevil: They don't call me the Man Without Fear for nothing.
Hellcat: I literally went to Hell, died, and came back. Don't try to out-tough me, Matt Murdock.
Daredevil: Fine. I guess I can see how some people might find him scary.

Get a pack of Frozen Peas to fight Punisher! (Special Event Missions)

Loki: You're really planning on battling Punish-Man? I'd prefer to not win this trial by default due to you dying by knuckle sandwiches.
Daredevil: I might surprise you.
Loki: I hope so. I bet Enchantress you could survive nine or more knuckle sandwiches.
Daredevil: You just learned that phrase, didn't you?
Loki: I did. The humor comes from the fact that knuckles aren't typically found in sandwiches.

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Punish Him!
Daredevil starts

Punisher: I told you to stay out of my face unless you're ready to swing.
Daredevil: I'm ready.

Defeat Punisher! 3456 HP, requires 3 x Frozen Peas (Special Event Missions) to fight

Punisher: That all you got?
Daredevil: I'm just getting started.
Punisher: Good. Let's see how long it takes to beat the fight out of you...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Repeated Beatings!
Daredevil starts

Daredevil: Why are you working for Kingpin? He's the exact kind of bully you hate.
Punisher: Do I gotta break your jaw to stop you from talking?
Daredevil: We don't have to fight at all. We should be fighting Kingpin together.
Punisher: I'll take that as a yes...

Defeat Punisher 3 Times!

Punisher: You don't understand what's going on...
Daredevil: You and Kingpin are working with the Hand to ruin my neighborhood and my school. You wanna tell me why?
Punisher: No.
Daredevil: Then pick up your teeth, and let's do this again...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

A Gift for Violence!
Daredevil starts

Loki: Admit defeat, Punish-Man. I neither fear you, nor your knuckle sandwiches.
Punisher: Boo.
Loki: This overwhelming terror is purely coincidental...

Defeat Punisher 5 Times!

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Get Original Daredevil!
Daredevil starts

Iron Fist: Dude, your aura is hella gloomy. What's wrong?
Daredevil: I used to have fun being a Super Hero, but sometimes it just feels like doom and gloom and...
Iron Fist: A broom. I totally get it, man. You gotta use that broom to sweep away the negative vibes.
Daredevil: I don't know if I can. Probably because I don't know what you're talking about.
Iron Fist: I'm talking about getting your groove back, man! Taking it back to beginning!
Daredevil: Did you know my suit used to be yellow?
Iron Fist: Dude! Yellow is the color of happiness, hope, and positivity! It's time to turn you into some badass sunshine, Matty!

Get Original Daredevil on streak 7!

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

The Living Weapon!
Hellcat starts

Hellcat: We're getting you out of here, Iron Fist!
Iron Fist: Hey, Patsy. Wassup.
Hellcat: I'm trying to get you out of Kingpin's prison. 
Iron Fist: Cool. That's super nice of you, but you should Luke out first. I'm chillin'.
Hellcat: You don't wanna get out?
Iron Fist: Of course I do, but this kind of stuff stresses him out way more than me. Plus, I bet he misses Jessica. I can wait. It's cool.
Hellcat: I already tried to get him out first, and he asked me to let you out instead. I'll free you now, and we'll free hm as soon as we can. I can't keep risking getting caught just because you guys are ridiculous besties.
Iron Fist: Man, my friends are so cool. Life is just super chill, you know?

Free Iron Fist! 100 Ninja Stars

Iron Fist: Let's free Luke.
Hellcat: It's not that easy. The Hand's ninjas are watching the building along with Punisher and Kingpin. I had to bust out my best acrobatics to reach you guys the first time, and now there's even more security...
Iron Fist: I have to try.
Hellcat: Look, I love Luke as much as you do. Okay, maybe not, but I really really like him. I just don't think now is the best time. He's tougher than any of us. He'll be fine.
Iron Fist: I'm going.
Hellcat: Whatever. Just don't forget that the whole rest of the world is in trouble too...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Fist Bump!
Hellcat starts

Iron Fist: I'm getting you out of here.
Luke Cage: Don't worry about me. Go help Jess and the rest of them stop Kingpin.
Iron Fist: I can't just leave you in here, man. We're partners. Heroes for Hire. Best bros. It's like having my Iron Fist without my...other fist.
Luke Cage: I'm fine. Use your powers to take out the Hand, and find out what they're planning. And leave Kingpin for me...
Iron Fist: Sounds like a plan, man. Fist bump?
Luke Cage: No doubt.

Recruit Iron Fist!
- 12 Meditation Beads (Collect from the Paper Lantern in The Devil's Due)
- 65 Nunchucks (Special Event Missions)

- 8 Yoga Mats (from defeating Punisher)

- 7735 Ninja Stars

Iron Fist: I'm all about love and positive vibes. You're all about being antisocial and throwing people through windows.
Jessica Jones: I love that more than anything. Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Kiss the Ring!
Wasp starts

Daredevil: I'm starting to think that Kingpin is using this entire thing as a distraction. They say his crew of thugs is running wild in the city while we're out here fighting the Hand.
Wasp: Maybe we need our own crew...
Daredevil: The Avengers are already Earth's Mightiest Heroes...
Wasp: Sometimes you gotta fight mobsters with mobsters.
Daredevil: You're gonna become a mob boss?
Wasp: Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him.
Daredevil: There's probably simpler ways to deal with this, and--
Wasp: And I totally love pinstripes!

Get Mobster Wasp!

- 4 Fedoras (Collect from the Mobster Wasp Poster in The Devil's Due)

- 9 Katanas

- 32 Spaghetti (Special Event Missions)

- 3217 Ninja Stars

Mobster Wasp: As far back as I remember I always wanted to be a mobster.
Kingpin: Are you narrating yourself?
Mobster Wasp: If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions.
Kingpin: You never answered the question...
Mobster Wasp: I don't like violence, Kingpin. I'm a businesswoman. Blood is a big expense.
Kingpin: I'm fairly certain you're just quoting movie lines. What do you even want?
Mobster Wasp: The world, chico, and everything in it.


Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Strike a Pose!
Wasp starts

Loki: Admit that you're secretly working with A.I.M. and Hydra to unite all of Midgard's superhumans and super-scientists to eventually exterminate its pitifully underpowered populace!
Nick Fury: That's crazy.
Loki: Is it though?!
Nick Fury: I don't have powers, so why would I want to exterminate people with no powers?
Loki: Who knows what goes on in the mind of a deranged sociopath?
Nick Fury: I've told you a million times. My only goal is to keep this world safe. I don't know what else you want me to say.
Loki: I want the truth!
Nick Fury: You can't handle the truth!
Loki: You make a fair point. I really am much better with lies...

Get the Mobster Wasp Poster! 16 x Pinstripe Fabric (Special Event Missions), 43 x Hand Seal, 6 x Katanas, 2062 Ninja Stars
Loki Condemn the Accused! 2h
Daredevil State Your Case! 30m

Daredevil: This trial is a joke...
Loki: I hear the ratings are spectacular. This world's preeminent law institution has asked me to teach a course on pompous posturing, suspender snapping, and grand gestures.
Daredevil: You're only proving my point.
Loki: Don't be so hard on yourself, Blind-Man. You've always been a joke to me.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

See the Light!
Loki starts

Loki: Are you familiar with Midgardian hype men?
Hulk: Like Flavor Flav?
Loki: Precisely. They support the primary performer with exclamations and interjections meant to excite the audience, and manipulate them into become more willing participants.
Hulk: Little lawyer want Hulk to be his hype man?
Loki: Audiences get bored and distracted. I want to demand their attention, and punctuate my brilliance. Your towering stature and monstrous voice are ideal for both.
Hulk: Let's practice. Hulk get hype.
Loki: The defendant is guilty!
Loki: ...that was good.

Get the Paper Lantern! 48 x Incense (Special Event Missions), 137 x Hand Seals, 14 x Katanas, 4066 Ninja Stars

Electro: You got Hulk to be your courtroom hype man?! C'mon, baby! You know nobody stays more hyped than Electro! WOOOOOOOOO!
Loki: You may be right, but I find you highly annoying.
Electro: It's all good, baby! I'm completely secure in my hypeness! WOOOOOOO!
Loki: Please go away.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

A Banner Day!
Daredevil starts

Hellcat: I wanna practice my talk show host skills. What does everyone think about the big trial?
Wasp: I totally love the drama! And Loki's suspenders!
Iron Man: It would be better if I was in it. Also, more robots.
Black Widow: No comment.
Maria Hill: We should all be supporting Director Fury.
War Machine: I swear this place gets weirder and weirder every time I come back...
Taskmaster: What I find most interesting is that traditional educators generally reject or fail to appreciate the idea that courtroom advocacy is a discipline grounded upon an analytical framework or case theory.
Hellcat: And there you have it! A bunch of people said things!

Get the Hand Banner! 139 x Hand Seals, 22 x Katanas, 7811 Ninja Stars

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

What do you think of Episode 3 so far? Happy to be getting Iron Fist? Like the look of Wasp's new outfit?


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