Saturday, 8 October 2016

Halloween Special Event Character Outfit: Red Riding Ms. Marvel

Red Riding Ms. Marvel is an outfit that you can win for Ms. Marvel in the Ultimate Halloween Crate at a cost of 75 Shards per try.

After winning her, you'll just need to equip the outfit in Van Dyne's.

The outfit has a unique questline and allows Ms. Marvel to take part in Hangouts!

Fairy Tale Super Hero Pt. 1
Ms Marvel starts

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Do you think my costume is too childish?
Wasp: No way! If anyone tells you that, you should kick 'em in the face.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: I wish I was as confident as you...
Wasp: It'll happen one day. You just have to believe in yourself, and kick a bunch of people in the face.

Ms Marvel Give 'Em a Hand! 1h
Black Widow Have a Blast! 1h

Wasp: See?! Everyone loves your costume!
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Thanks. I feel way better. I'm just gonna go enjoy everything about Halloween at Avengers Academy!
Wasp: Don't let the demonic invasion ruin your good time!
Reward: 20 Candies 

Fairy Tale Super Hero Pt. 2
Ms Marvel starts

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Cap! You're...
Cap-Wolf: I'm just kid from Brooklyn.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: ...And a werewolf?
Cap-Wolf: That too. At least we make good pair.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Let's take some pics! You won't eat me, right?
Cap-Wolf: Of course not. Had big breakfast.

Ms Marvel Take Super Selfies! 1m
Ms Marvel Get Maximum Stretchy! 25m

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: What great pics you take!
Cap-Wolf: Thanks.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: You're supposed to say something like, "The better to post on your page with, my dear." You know, the whole Red Riding Hood and wolf thing...
Cap-Wolf: Don't remember that story. Hard to think about anything but howling nowadays.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Is there something I can do to help?
Cap-Wolf: No, thank yARRROOOOOOOOO!
Reward: 20 Candies

Fairy Tale Super Hero Pt. 3
Ms Marvel starts

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: I want to do something extra for Halloween.
Penguin Falcon: Like Trick or Treating?
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: I've been Trick or Treating, Falcon. Even my parents aren't that strict.
Penguin Falcon: I don't know. All I ever do on Halloween is walk around and eat candy.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: What if we take the Quinjet around?! And eat ALL the candy?!

Ms Marvel Eat All the Candy! 3m20s

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: So. Much. Candy.
Penguin Falcon: I'm so cold...
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Totally worth it.
Penguin Falcon: What if I'm really a penguin who's dressed like a person who's dressed like a penguin?
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: I think you might be candy crazy...
Penguin Falcon: Someone once told me, the timefog is a flat circle. Everything we've ever done or will do we're gonna do over and over and over again...
Reward: 20 Candies

What do you think of Red Riding Ms. Marvel? Did you try to get her from the mystery box? Do you think she's worth trying for?


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