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Halloween Special Event Character Profile: Moon Knight

Full Moon!
Misty Knight starts

Misty Knight: I'm sorry we couldn't get you out of here sooner, Moon Knight. We're still trying to figure out how to deal with Mephisto.
Moon Knight: I'm glad you didn't. I've been picking up whatever clues I can about him and his minions, and talking to my selves about how we're gonna beat them...
Misty Knight: Did you say talking to myself, or "my selves?"
Moon Knight: Second one. The four of us fight a lot less when everyone gets to voice their opinion.

Free Moon Knight!

Wasp: Moon Knight! How did you come back from the dead?!
Moon Knight: The Egyptian god Khonshu resurrected me to be his servant, and protect those who travel at night.
Wasp: Whoa. How did you get all of your awesome moon-themed gadgets and vehicles?!
Moon Knight: I used the money I made as a mercenary to start a company called SpectorCorp, and made a lot more investing in fine art and artifacts, and making a TV series about Khonshu.
Wasp: Whoa. How do you never get a stain on those crispy white clothes?!
Moon Knight: No one knows.
Wasp: Whoa...
Reward: 20 Candies

Get Moon Knight!
Black Widow starts

Moon Knight: I have a plan for stopping Mephisto, but I need to get my gear.
Black Widow: You think you're gonna stop him with a moon-shaped boomerang?
Moon Knight: You think I'm crazy?
Black Widow: Everyone thinks you're crazy. You're literally crazy. I mean, I don't blame you since you have an ancient god living in your head, but you're gonna get yourself killed...
Moon Knight: Wouldn't be the first time.

Recruit Moon Knight!
- 4 Ankhs (Collect from the Khonshu Statue, 4h)
- 8 Howling Pumpkins
(Collect from the Full Moon Forest OR Play Hacky Sack!! OR Beat Dancing Games!!)
- 21 Mooncakes
(Special Event Missions)
- 6012 Candies

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Moon Knight! We really appreciate you helping us battle Mephisto.
Moon Knight: Thank you. Where's the best place for me to test out my gear?
Pepper Potts: Is it dangerous?
Moon Knight: Yes.
Pepper Potts: Honestly, anywhere is fine.
Reward: 20 Candies

All White Everything Pt. 1
Moon Knight starts

Iron Man: I've always been a big fan of your tech. What's your newest gadget?
Moon Knight: Angel Wing. A high-speed weaponized glider.
Iron Man: A cool gadget with a cooler name. We should be hanging out more.
Moon Knight: What are you talking about? We hang out all the time.
Iron Man: This is the first time we've met...
Moon Knight: Classic Tony...

Moon Knight Patrol the Skies! 6h

Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air! 1m

Iron Man: Take care of yourself, Moon Knight. I'll see you around.
Moon Knight: Sounds good. Let me know if you're ever travelling at night.
Iron Man: ...
Moon Knight: Not in a weird way. I protect people who travel at night. It's part of the deal with the god who resurrected me.
Iron Man: Right. Nothing weird about that...
Reward: 20 Candies

All White Everything Pt. 2
Moon Knight starts

Misty Knight: Are you feeling good enough to fight?
Moon Knight: Always. Why?
Misty Knight: I don't know. You seem...
Moon Knight: Weird?
Misty Knight: I was gonna say weirder...
Moon Knight: Don't worry about me. I'm used to being weirder...

Moon Knight Test Boomerangs! 2h
Misty Knight Bionic Punch! 6h

Green Goblin: Do you really think there's room for two glider-flying business owners with split personalities?
Moon Knight: Sure, why not?
Green Goblin: Part of me thinks it's fine. The other half wants to scream "Trick or Treat!" and throw personalized explosives at your face.
Moon Knight: I know exactly how you feel.
Reward: 20 Candies

All White Everything Pt. 3
Moon Knight starts

Loki: You're the Lunar Legionnaire?
Moon Knight: I have a lot of names, but I don't think that's one of them.
Loki: But you're the one who's been colonised by an ancient god? Midgardians gods truly do have terrible taste...
Moon Knight: Nobody's perfect.
Loki: Nobody but Loki.
Moon Knight: Bad guys always think they're perfect until I leave them crying behind a dumpster. 

Upgrade Moon Knight! 12 Howling Pumpkins, 6671 Candies
Moon Knight Wield Fist of Khonshu! 3m20s

Odin: I need to have a word with you.
Moon Knight: Of course, Odin. What can I do for you?
Odin: Not you, Moon Knight. The old god who's taken over your soul...
Reward: 20 Candies

Egyptian Origins Pt. 1
Moon Knight starts

Moon Knight: You want to talk directly to Khonshu? Can you do that? Do you guys know each other?
Odin: I know of him. We gods are sometimes compelled to take drastic measures. I certainly am not proud of everything I've done. But forcibly invading your mind to the breaking point cannot be allowed.
Moon Knight: You think you can remove him?
Odin: I'm looking into it. You should as well.
Moon Knight: Isn't Khonshu what's keeping me alive?
Odin: Nothing is ever that simple, Moon Knight. Especially not life and death...

Moon Knight Study Egyptology! 2h30m
Moon Knight Walk Like an Egyptian! 4h

Odin: I'm fairly certain I can extract Khonshu from your spirit, but I cannot guarantee what that will mean for your mind.
Moon Knight: Am I gonna develop eight personalities instead of four?
Odin: If more personalities are the only thing to spawn in your mind, I will consider that a great success.
Reward: 20 Candies 

Egyptian Origins Pt. 2
Moon Knight starts

Moon Knight: I appreciate everything you're doing, Odin, but I'm not even sure I want to get rid of Khonshu. I like being a knight of vengeance.
Odin: And you excel at it. My concern is that the longer Khonshu colonises your mind, the more likely it is that you'll go completely insane.
Moon Knight: It's too late now...
Odin: It's never too late for anything, Moon Knight. But only you can decide if being the protector of those who travel at night is worth the chance of losing your own soul...

Upgrade Moon Knight, 18 Howling Pumpkins, 7753 Candies

Moon Knight Ponder Your Identity! 4h
Moon Knight Patrol the Skies! 6h

Moon Knight: I'm going to keep working with Khonshu. I owe him my life. This is what I am now.
Odin: I respect your decision, and your loyalty. I'll be here if you ever need anything.
Moon Knight: Thanks, Odin. I'll let you know if I ever need your help.
Odin: I hope so. And I hope it's not too late...
Reward: 20 Candies

Protect the Knight Pt. 1
Moon Knight starts

Moon Knight: I could use your help with a mission in New York.
Black Widow: Why me?
Moon Knight: We both work well in darkness. We know how to make people talk. We don't have powers, but we get more done than most superhumans.
Black Widow: What's the mission?
Moon Knight: I'm still collecting the last of the intel, but I know it won't be pretty...

Moon Knight Polish Your Craft! 6h
Moon Knight Wield Fist of Khonshu! 3m20s
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite! 1h

Moon Knight: Have you ever heard of The Hood?
Black Widow: Yeah. Gang leader. Has some kind of mystical powers...
Moon Knight: And he's looking to get more. My informants are telling me he's on the hunt for an Asgardian artifact that's hidden in the city.
Black Widow: Do you know where it's hidden?
Moon Knight: I did. But now it's gone...
Reward: 20 Candies

Protect the Knight Pt. 2
Moon Knight starts

Moon Knight: There's this Asgardian artifact called the Casket of Ancient Winters. One of the most powerful in the universe. An apocalyptic weapon in the wrong hands...
Black Widow: We found it. Wasp said she knew somebody in the city who could keep it safe...
Moon Knight: That somebody was me. Even though she didn't know it was me. Some of the other heroes in Hell's Kitchen stashed it in one of my safehouses. No one should have been able to get inside but me...
Black Widow: Maybe...
Moon Knight: One of my personalities got in and did something with it...
Black Widow: Is it possible that you wouldn't remember?
Moon Knight: Maybe...

Upgrade Moon Knight! 38 Howling Pumpkins, 10994 Candies 
Moon Knight Retrace Your Steps! 5h
Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Black Widow: Did you find out who got into your safehouse?
Moon Knight: No.
Black Widow: There's no security footage?
Moon Knight: I watched the footage, but I couldn't tell who it was. Couldn't even tell what it was. They wore masks, but you could tell they weren't human.
Black Widow: And they got the Casket of Ancient Winters?
Moon Knight: They got everything...
Reward: 20 Candies

Full Circle Pt. 1
Moon Knight starts

Moon Knight: I need your help, Odin.
Odin: Are you ready to attempt to extract Khonshu from your being?
Moon Knight: No, I need him now more than ever. I'm about to go to war, so I need you to tell me everything you know about Dark Elves...

Moon Knight Wield Fist of Khonshu! 3m20s
Moon Knight Test Boomerangs! 2h
Moon Knight Patrol the Skies! 6h

Odin: You should have brought the Casket of Ancient Winters to me the second it was found. I could've kept it safe.
Moon Knight: I thought I could too...
Odin: And why do you think the thieves were Malekith and the Dark Elves?
Moon Knight: The video footage matches Loki's description of their masks. They tore through the safehouse with ease, but when one of them touched some Egyptian iron beads, he acted like his arm was on fire.
Odin: Iron is indeed their greatest weakness...
Moon Knight: I have a lot of iron weapons. All I need now is a way to get into their kingdom...
Reward: 20 Candies

Full Circle Pt. 2
Moon Knight starts

Odin: I'm going to continue to tell you that infiltrating the Dark Elves' empire is a very poo decision.
Moon Knight: And I'm gonna go anyway. If you or another Asgardian goes, it could be considered an act of war. If I go, it's just some crazy guy doing crazy guy stuff.
Odin: You have no idea what you're up against...
Moon Knight: Neither do they.

Upgrade Moon Knight! 66 x Howling Pumpkins, 14677 Candies

Moon Knight Exact Vengeance! 8h

: Did you retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters?
Moon Knight: It was already gone. Malekith and a crew of followers double-crossed the rest of them, and stole it.
Odin: Where is he now?
Moon Knight: No one knows. But wherever he is, he's with your daughter...
Odin: How do you know?!
Moon Knight: She left her calling card. And a trail of bodies...
Reward: 20 Candies

What do you think of Moon Knight? Where are you on unlocking him?


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