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Halloween Special Event: Episode 5!

Morning Avengereenos!

Episode 5 is here! Episode 5 of the Avengers Halloween Special Event ends on Thursday, November 3rd at 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT.



How do I recruit Dracula?
Once you finish the quest "Get Ready to Fight Mephisto," you will be able to invite Dracula to your Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I fight Mephisto?
You will need Friendship Bracelets from the Mission Board to fight Mephisto! He drops Mad Scientist Treat Bags to go on the "Plan a Trip" and "Grapple!" Hangouts! He also drops items used to unlock Dracula and Blade.
Have your heroes Defy Mephisto and receive Super Attacks to aid you in your battle against him!
Mephisto's type changes every streak. His streak will reset and he will return to full health after his timer reaches 0. You can also reset the streak earlier!

How do I unlock Blade?
Unlock Blade by defeating Mephisto's 5th streak and obtaining all 5 bonus treats from Tricks and Treats!

How do I get Vampire Treat Bags?
Get Vampire Treat Bags and Souls for upgrading Satana by defeating Green Fire Demon Leaders with Dracula, Man-Ant Ant-Man, 80's Tigra, Wicked Witch Enchantress, Satana, or Blade. You will need 4 Demon Traps from the Mission Board to fight them. 


Mad Scientist's Lab, 445 Shards, drops 1 Mad Scientist Pumpkin every 3h

Added 10/31

Fireball Fire Demon, 666 Candies
Gremlin Fire Demon, 2500 Candies
Hell Portal, 1000 Candies


Get Ready to Fight Mephisto!
Wasp starts

Falcon Slide to Mephisto! 1m
Wasp March to Mephisto! 1m
Enchantress Scout Mephisto! 1m

Reward: 20 Candies

Free the King!

Moon Knight starts

Dracula: Free me, and I'll help you destroy Mephisto.
Pirate Wasp: I thought you were a vampire...
Dracula: I'm the king of vampires.
Pirate Wasp: Vampires are shimmery.
Dracula: You shouldn't believe everything you read.
Pirate Wasp: You shouldn't bite people's necks, and suck their blood.
Dracula: I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree.

Free Dracula! 

Nick Fury: If you bite anyone at school, I'll stake you in the heart myself.
Dracula: The only reason I was trying to turn the Avengers is because Mephisto told me it was the only way to revitalize the vampire nation. I'll find another way to save my people.
Nick Fury: That doesn't involve biting people's necks...
Dracula: Of course.
Nick Fury: Or any other body parts.
Dracula: ...Fine.
Reward: 20 Candies

Get Dracula!
Misty Knight starts

Mephisto: You make very poor decisions for a six-hundred-year-old.
Dracula: The worst decision I made was being desperate enough to trust you.
Mephisto: Yeah, that was pretty dumb.
Dracula: I'll team with the Avengers to send you back to Hell, and when the vampire nation is reborn, we'll take that from you too.
Mephisto: Will you count down the days? Something about that accent makes me think you're good at counting.

Recruit Dracula!
- 3 Tomato Juice (from defeating Mephisto)
- 4 Mouthwash (
from Dracula's Dog)
- 12 Coffins
(Special Event Missions)

- 1 Curtain (from Defying Mephisto)

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Dracula! Let me know if there's anything you want.
Dracula: I want to suck your blood!
Pepper Potts: Gasp!
Dracula: I'm just kidding. I'm actually really curious on what courses you offer on Interior Design.
Reward: 20 Candies 

Defy Mephisto!
Loki starts

Loki: Now is the time to strike. We must finally utilize our enhanced feelings of friendship to weaken Mephisto, and draw him from his realm.
Pirate Wasp: You totally said we're friends!
Loki: I said "enhanced feelings of friendship." I used to hate you, but after hanging out approximately one million time, I now only slightly despise you.
Pirate Wasp: You can be my second best bestie after Tony! What do we do to stop Mephisto?!
Loki: We must all dance as one.
Pirate Wasp: Honestly, I don't even know why I asked... 

Defy Mephisto! 2h, requires Misty Knight, Thunder Loki, Moon Knight, Penguin Falcon, Pirate Wasp, Satana & Wicked Witch Enchantress

Winter Soldier: I'm silver now, but you were gold. I had your hand, but couldn't hold. We're always young, but feel old. Punch through the pain, survive the cold.
Misty Knight: Should I be clapping?
Winter Soldier: I noticed we both have bionic arms.
Misty Knight: Yeah. Tony Stark built this for me after I lost mine trying to stop a bomb attack. How about you?
Winter Soldier: Russians made this for me after a plane crash. Then they messed with my memory, and made me an assassin. At least I think so. I get confused sometimes...
Misty Knight: Well, let me know if you ever wanna hang out. We can talk. Or arm wrestle...
Winter Soldier: I can play you more of my music.
Misty Knight: I prefer Hip-Hop.
Winter Soldier: I don't know what that is. Is it like Lindy Hop?
Misty Knight: I don't know what that is either. Don't worry about it, we'll help each other...
Reward: 20 Candies 

Friends 'Til the End!
Misty Knight starts

Mephisto: You know what they say. If you want something done right, get off your Hell Throne and do it yourself.
Misty Knight: Last chance. I'm sure there are hundreds of other dimensions to try and conquer that won't end in you getting your demonic butt kicked.
Mephisto: I'll take my chances...
Misty Knight: Good. I'll take the first punch...

Defeat Mephisto! requires 4 x Friendship Bracelet (Special Event Missions)

Satana: It's hard to explain how much I love seeing you in pain.
Mephisto: You better hope I don't lose. When I'm gone, your new friends will send you back to Hell with the rest of my demons. What will you do then?
Satana: I don't know. Probably eat their souls. I'm not really big on planning ahead...
Reward: 20 Candies 

Iron Man starts

Cap-Wolf: Surrender, Mephisto. You've lost this war.
Mephisto: You can denounce my name, steal my henchmen, and threaten my throne. But I absolutely refuse to take orders from a furry.
Cap-Wolf: If you don't want to give up, I'll be happy to beat you into submission.
Mephisto: Whatever you say. Just don't howl at me with your dog breath.

Defeat Mephisto 3 Times!

Mephisto: I hope none of the other Hell-Lords can see this...
Mephisto: Will you stop?! The moon isn't even out!
Mephisto: Look! Someone dropped their shawarma!
Reward: 20 Candies 

Fire and Brimstone!
Loki starts

Mephisto: Let's make a deal, Ghost Rider. I'll give you anything your heart desires. Control over the killer who possessed you. A collection of vehicles beyond your imagination. Eternal health and happiness for your precious little brother... 
Ghost Rider: What do I have to give you?
Mephisto: Nothing. Some temporary assistance in taking over this dimension. When it's done, you'll have everything you've ever wanted, and we'll never have to see each other again.
Ghost Rider: You must be real desperate, begging me for help...
Mephisto: Hell-Lords don't beg.
Ghost Rider: We'll see about that... 

Defeat Mephisto 5 Times!

Mephisto: This isn't possible. I only came here to find the one sorcerer to ever defeat me in my realm.
Loki: Lucky for you, you found the greatest sorcerer of them all.
Mephisto: Keep dreaming, Asgardian. You're nothing compared to the Sorcerer Supreme.
Loki: You always loved my brother more than me!
Mephisto: What are you talking about?
Loki: I'm not jealous! You're jealous!
Mephisto: I knew I should have just stayed in Hell...
Reward: 20 Candies

One More Day!
Misty Knight starts

Mephisto: You're hiding something, Nick Fury. I'll make you a deal. You can keep this little piece of your world. I'll protect your secret and your hidden power, and make sure your students remain safe.
Nick Fury: Here's the deal. You close the dimensional rift, and I'll let you walk back to Hell.
Mephisto: And what if I don't? You'll kill me? I'm immortal.
Nick Fury: I won't kill you. I'll lock you in a transparent box, so you can watch my students dance 'til the end of time.
Mephisto: Oh. That's actually legitimately terrifying...

Defeat Mephisto 7 Times!

Spider-Man: Nice try, Mephisto! That battle was straight fire!
Mephisto: Who are you?
Spider-Man: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! That was one Hell of a fight!
Mephisto: And you arrive at the last minute to make horrible puns at my expense?
Spider-Man: The Bugle has me taking pictures of the battle, so I took a horrible pun break. Jolly Jonah Jameson always makes me work on Halloween, but I don't mind. I blew my costume budget on this old thing.
Mephisto: What do you love more than anything, Spider-Man? I'm going to make it so that it never existed.
Spider-Man: Geez. Now I feel like I shouldn't tell you, which is a bummer because I thought we were really bonding. I bet it's because we both like red. Can you stick to things? Are you clumsy? Are you bad with girls?
Mephisto: Tell Fury I'm ready for my cell. Nothing can be worse than this...
Spider-Man: Whatever you do, don't bunk next to Carnage. That guy never shuts up. He's always going on about how he's gonna murder this, and decapitate that. We get it man, you're psycho. Get a hobby or something. What's your hobby, Mephisto? I wanna learn ventriloquistism. Is that how they say it?
Mephisto: I suddenly understand what Hell is like for everyone else...
Reward: 20 Candies  

Strange Things!
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: I'm done dealing with sorcery. See if you can use your tech to close this dimensional rift.
Cardboard Iron Man: I tried to tell you. Don't call a sorcerer when you already have a tech wizard.
Nick Fury: Just don't make a bad situation worse, tech wizard.
Cardboard Iron Man: That doesn't sound like something I would do... 

Iron Man Do Super-Science! 3m

Nick Fury: Were you able to use your tech to close the dimensional rift?
Cardboard Iron Man: Definitely. Probably. Maybe. I think. Not. No. It didn't work.
Nick Fury: Looks like I have to call the Sorcerer Supreme...
Cardboard Iron Man: Sorcerer Supreme? I'm glad I don't have that kind of ego...
Reward: 20 Candies 

Great news from Avengers Academy as the heroes continue to beat back Mephisto and his legion of Fire Demons. They're enjoying the Halloween festivities while searching for a way to close the Academy's pesky dimensional rift once and for all. Director Fury has his brightest super-scientists working on the problem, and reportedly feels "classified" about their chances of success. Supernatural experts believe that the dimensional rift can only be closed by the young Masters of the Mystic Arts led by the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. From now on, I'm making everyone call me the Newscaster Supreme.
... Governor sweats through toupée during press conference ... Super Hero Dance-Off continues for seventh consecutive month ... Second earthquake this year shakes East Coast ... 

Get Blade!

Iron Man starts

Blade: Get me out of here, and I'll finish this.
Misty Knight: I will, but you should know that Dracula is part of the squad now, and he's helping us beat Mephisto. He's a little worried about teaming up with the world's greatest vampire slayer.
Blade: Tell him it's open season on all suckheads.
Misty Knight: I don't think that will alleviate his concerns...

Unlock Blade! Unlock all 5 Bonus Treats

Dracula: Can't we coexist? Call some sort of truce until Mephisto is defeated?
Blade: I don't cut deals with vampires.
Dracula: What if someone else brokered the deal? I can ask Director Fury to set the terms...
Blade: Fine. I appreciate his jacket, and dry sense of humor.

Reward: 20 Candies

Hot as Hell!

Wasp starts

Dracula: It's over, Mephisto. Your teammates have abandoned you, and the Avengers have discovered your weakness.  
Mephisto: We're not the same, Dracula. You've spent centuries negotiating with these people. Making compromises. Losing ground. Treating them like equals when you should have been treating them like food...
Dracula: Run back to Hell while you still can...
Mephisto: I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I think it's time I made this place feel more like home...

Get the Hellscape Volcano! 2 x Mad Scientist Pumpkins (Get it from Plan a Trip!! OR Get it from Grapple!!), 3556 Pumpkins

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Is that a real volcano?!
Pirate Wasp: A real volcano from Hell!
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: What should we do?
Pirate Wasp: Throw somebody's ring in it!
Reward: 20 Candies

Triple Dog Dare You!
Misty Knight starts

Dracula: I've noticed that this institution allows dogs...
Pepper Potts: Definitely. We used to not have any, but now it seems like every other recruit brings a pet.
Dracula: I'd like to bring my dog Fang. I got him as a pup from one of Mephisto's dogs, but he's actually quite well-behaved.
Pepper Potts: Does he have any sort of Hell powers?
Dracula: Of course not.
Pepper Potts: That's a relief.
Dracula: He does have three heads.

Get Dracula's Dog! 4 x Mad Scientist Pumpkins (Get it from Plan a Trip!! OR Get it from Grapple!!), 5976 Candies

Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Whoa! Awesome dog! What does he eat?
Dracula: One head is a carnivore, one head is a vegetarian, and one head is a vegan.
Red Riding Ms. Marvel: Really?!
Dracula: No, I'm just kidding. He eats people.
Reward: 20 Candies

Tool Time!
Iron Man starts

: I need my tools, so I can dust some suckheads.
Cardboard Iron Man: What kind of tools?
Blade: Teakwood daggers, acid-etched silver swords, automatic blasters with hollow-point, garlic-filled, silver cartridges, and grenades that employ silver, garlic, sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and anti-coagulants.
Cardboard Iron Man: I just got a one hundred and sixty-one piece portable tool kit. Came with a rechargeable cordless screwdriver. Lots of sockets. A pretty nice tape measure. With a belt clip...
Blade: Sounds handy.

Get Blade's Vampire Hunting Tools! 100 x Mummified Pumpkins, 100 x Howling Pumpkins, 54524 Candies

Mephisto: We don't have to be enemies, Blade. We can make a deal. I can lead you to every vampire in the world.
Blade: I like to hunt 'em myself. Good cardio.
Mephisto: Everyone desires something. What can I give you?
Blade: One good reason not to drop you like every other bloodsucker.
Mephisto: I'm not a vampire, I'm a demon.
Blade: I don't discriminate.
Reward: 20 Candies

Night Rider!
Misty Knight starts

Blade: I need a place to park my vampire hunting ride.
Pepper Potts: You can just park you car on the grass somewhere. That's what everybody else does.
Blade: Thank you. Whatever you do, don't open the trunk.
Pepper Potts: Is it full of vampires?!
Blade: Just until the sun comes up. 

Get Blade's Vampire Hunting Car! 1 x Silver Sword (Defeat Mephisto Streak 5), 100 Zombie Pumpkins, 100 Vampire Pumpkins, 72128 Candies

Ghost Rider: Nice ride!
Blade: It gets me where I'm going.
Ghost Rider: Mine has instantaneous self-repair, Hellfire generation, and can ghost through matter.
Blade: Mine has vampire parts stuck to the tires.
Reward: 20 Credits  

The Bobble Blade Challenge! (Limited Time)
Loki starts

Get Blade to Relationship Lvl 7 to unlock his bobblehead!

Reward: 100 Candies

What do you think of Episode 5 so far? Excited to recruit Dracula?


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