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Doctor Strange Event: Episode 2

Hi there Strangers?!

Episode 2 of the Doctor Strange event is now live in our games

Episode 2 of the Marvel's Doctor Strange Event ends on Thursday, November 17th at 3 pm PST/6 pm EDT.


How do I recruit Mordo?
You will be able to recruit Mordo after you have unlocked Doctor Strange! He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Cthulhu Black Widow?
Cthulhu Black Widow is a special, limited-time outfit for Black Widow. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I get Steampunk Doctor Strange?
Get Steampunk Doctor Strange and other magical prizes from the Supreme Sorcerer Crate, available in the Shop for 95 Shards!
Steampunk Doctor Strange doubles Doctor Strange's attack and health in combat! He also drops Power Attacks if you own the Mystical Water Shrine and increases the drop rate of Pink Astral Dust from missions. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I fight Dweller-in-Darkness?
Defeat Dweller-in-Darkness's guards to fight him! You will need the help of Supreme Beings and Supreme Spellbooks to fight his guards.
Once you defeat his guards, you will need Earth Wizard Staffs from the Elemental Laboratory to fight Dweller-in-Darkness. You must defeat him before his guards return. He will return to full health once his timer reaches 0; his streak will not reset. 

How do I create Supreme Beings and Supreme Books?
Research Supreme Beings and Supreme Books at the Magical Enchantment Chamber to start creating them in the Mystic Archives! You will need Supreme Chestplates from defeating Eldritch Portals to research them.
Supreme Beings and Supreme Spellbooks are needed to defeat Dweller-in-Darkness' guards!

How do I unlock Elemental Mordo?
Elemental Mordo is a special, limited-time outfit for Mordo. You can get it from Van Dyne's once you have recruited Mordo by turning in the following items:
- 42 Necronomicons (from defeating Dweller-in-Darkness)
- 20563 Arcane Artifacts
The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of episode 2 or it will disappear from the game at that time.


Mystical Earth Shrine, 395 Shards, 10s, drops 1 Earth Wizard Staff every 4h


Get Cthulhu Black Widow
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Have you found a way to keep me hidden in the Dark Dimension and beyond? It might be our only chance of getting the intel we need to stop whatever Kaecilius is summoning.
Doctor Strange: It's too dangerous...
Black Widow: I'll decide what's too dangerous.
Doctor Strange: There's an artifact called the Heart of Cthulhu. It's said that the wearer becomes bonded to the ageless entity, gaining its abilities, and altering one's appearance.
Black Widow: And the creatures in those dimensions won't notice me?
Doctor Strange: If anything, most will either fear or worship you. But I can't let you do this. Cthulhu is known for inducing immediate insanity. You can't maintain a sound mind under its influence.
Black Widow: Never tell me what I can't do.

Get Cthulhu Black Widow!
- 6 x Dead Stars (Defeat Eldritch Portals L6)
- 40 x Floaties (Special Event Missions)
- 4 x Tentacles (Collect from the Cthulhu Temple)
- 5009 Arcane Artifacts

Doctor Strange: How do you feel?
Cthulhu Black Widow: Different. Weird. Powerful.
Doctor Strange: Are your thoughts stable? Are you hearing voices? Are you inexplicably drawn to water? Stars? Chaos and destruction?
Cthulhu Black Widow: No more than usual.
Doctor Strange: This is serious, Black Widow. You need to tell me immediately if you feel your mind beginning to slip.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Relax, Doctor. The creatures of the Dark Dimension are the ones who need to be worried.

Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Friendly Rivals?
Doctor Strange starts

Doctor Strange: I think these Avengers will be able to help us stop Kaecilius.
Mordo: I think these Avengers will be able to help us stop Kaecilius.
Doctor Strange: I would care more about what you're saying if I wasn't wrapped in Dark Dimension tentacles.
Mordo: Sorry. I got distracted. Sorcerer Supreme things...

Free Mordo!

Doctor Strange: It's good to have you back at my side, Mordo.
Mordo: It would have been even better a week ago. You wouldn't believe the things I've seen...
Doctor Strange: In the Dark Dimension?!
Mordo: On this campus. These Avengers kids are crazy.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Get Mordo!
Doctor Strange starts

Mordo: Find me the items I need, and I'll take care of Kaecilius.
Doctor Strange: Just worry about recovering from his attacks. I'll take care of it. I'm the Sorcerer Supreme.
Mordo: I know you are. But Mordo is the one who gets things done.

Recruit Mordo!
- 4 Vials of Ichor (from the Bound Mindless One)
- 4 Tombstones (from defeating Dweller-in-Darkness)
- 32 Chalk (from defeating Zealots and Eldritch Portals)
- 6095 Arcane Artifacts

Kaecilius: Strange's trusty sidekick finally decides to join the fray...
Mordo: You should have just told me you were feeling insecure about being the weakest sorcerer on the squad. I could have tutored you. Saved us all this trouble.
Kaecilius: Your teaching method was to get me in a headlock, and pull on my ponytail when I mispronounced an artifact.
Mordo: The influence of a good teacher can never be erased. I read that on The Ancient One's coffee cup.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Dweller in Darkness!
Doctor Strange starts 

Kaecilius: Thank you for agreeing to team with me, Dweller in Darkness. Doctor Strange and the Avengers are doomed.
Dweller in Darkness: This isn't a team, mortal. Your existence is irrelevant, and your goals are inconsequential. I lived in the last universe, and I will darkly dwell in the next. I'm simply here to feed on fear.
Kaecilius: Yes. Of course. They will fear you...
Dweller in Darkness: So will you. Order and power and hope are nothing more than lies told by mortals to suppress their sense of dread. The only true hope is a merciful death at the hands of the Dweller in Darkness.
Kaecilius: I understand, Dweller in Darkness...
Dweller in Darkness: Good. Now let's fist bump to a new age of ruination and terrified lightlessness. 

Defeat Dweller in Darkness!
1 x Guard Zealot (400HP), 1 x Guard Portal (400HP) - requires Supreme Beings & Supreme Books
Dweller in Darkness (510HP) - requires 1 Earth Wizard Staff per fighter (Nico, TW Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mordo, Cthulhu BW

Doctor Strange: Your name made you sound so much tougher...
Dweller in Darkness: You haven't won anything, Sorcerer Supreme. I was here before humanity existed, and I will be here long after it's extinct.
Doctor Strange: In between now and then, I think I'll keep beating you up.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Don't Dwell On It
Doctor Strange starts

Mephisto: Dweller in Darkness! You have not aged well at all...
Dweller in Darkness: Keep smiling, Mephisto. Your vanity and ego are what leads to you constantly being defeated by these mortals.
Mephisto: You don't seem to be doing too well yourself...
Dweller in Darkness: I haven't even shown them the true face of fear. Perhaps I should remind all of you not to trifle with Dweller in Darkness.
Mephisto: Why can't we Hell-Lords and Fear Lords all get along?
Dweller in Darkness: Because you always steal our best customers.

Defeat Dweller in Darkness 3 Times!

Mordo: Who's the true ruler of the Dark Dimension?
Dweller in Darkness: Dweller in Darkness looks down on even the eternal. I was here in the last universe and --
Mordo: Yes, you're old. You're immortal. We get it. You're also obviously not the most powerful being in your realm, so who is?
Dweller in Darkness: You will learn to fear Dweller in Darkness...
Mordo: I might. Or you and the truly powerful beings of the Dark Dimension might learn to fear Mordo...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Dweller Door
Black Widow starts

Kaecilius: Is there anything I can do to help you defeat Strange and the Avengers?
Dweller in Darkness: Are you trying to say that Dweller in Darkness is incapable?
Kaecilius: No! Of course not. I'm only offering the services of my Zealots.
Dweller in Darkness: Thank you. I'll kill them for energy if necessary.
Kaecilius: That's not really what I meant...
Dweller in Darkness: No take backs!

Defeat Dweller in Darkness 5 Times!

Tech Wizard Iron Man: I love the smell of thwarted tentacles in the morning.
Dweller in Darkness: I can taste your fear, Anthony Stark...
Tech Wizard Iron Man: About my armor malfunctioning in midair?! My hair falling out?! My cheese fridge going on the fritz?!
Dweller in Darkness: You fear failure. You're terrified of disappointing your father, and losing the respect of your peers...
Tech Wizard Iron Man: It doesn't take a Dweller in Darkness to know that. I'm just happy my hair's not falling out.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Dark Magic
Doctor Strange starts

Dweller in Darkness
: Your time is finished, Sorcerer Supreme! Cower in the awesome chaos of Dweller in Darkness!
Doctor Strange: What are you doing to me?! I'm paralyzed with fear!
Dweller in Darkness: I've only been toying with you. Now you understand the full extent of my powers.
Doctor Strange: I was just kidding. I'm not scared. I'm actually feeling pretty positive about the situation.
Dweller in Darkness: Then you're a fool!
Doctor Strange: Hey, there's no need for name calling. I never said anything about your glowing brain or disgusting tentacles or your gross Dark Dimension breath...

Defeat Dweller in Darkness 7 Times!

Kaecilius: I'm so glad you aren't the true ruler of the Dark Dimension.
Dweller in Darkness: Dweller in Darkness has no master. You'll never find a being more powerful...
Kaecilius: Actually, I already have. And he's agreed to share his power with me...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

A Place for Cthulhu
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I need to infiltrate Cthulhu's temple to see what makes it tick...
Sif: If you merge with this monster, I may be forced to destroy you.
Black Widow: Relax, monster hunter. I have it under control.
Sif: What makes you think you can control an ageless cosmic entity? Simply looking upon the creature drives the viewer insane... 
Black Widow: This place has made me an expert in all things crazy.

Get the Cthulhu Temple! 2 x Earth Mandala (Defeat Eldritch Portals L6), 2296 Arcane Artifacts, 10s

Black Widow
: There are cultists inside Cthulhu's temple...
Doctor Strange: Why?! For whom?!
Black Widow: No, they're preparing a nursery.
Doctor Strange: By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!
Black Widow: The spawn of Cthulhu...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Mindless One Over Matter
Loki starts

Mordo: We should trap a being from the Dark Dimension to study its weaknesses. It could help as we're faced with more fearsome opposition.
Doctor Strange: I've seen a Mindless One wandering in and out of the timefog. He seems to be gathering spoons from different eras.
Mordo: Spoons?
Doctor Strange: The Twelve Spoons of Doom!
Mordo: How have I not heard of this?!
Doctor Strange: I'm kidding. I think it just enjoys collecting souvenir spoons. It's a solid hobby. 

Get the Bound Mindless One! 6 x Earth Mandala (Defeat Eldritch Portals L6), 2941 Arcane Artifacts, 10s

Mordo: Have you been able to glean anything from the bound Mindless One?
Doctor Strange: It's a virtually unstoppable engine of destruction. It's superhumanly strong, resistant to injury, and capable of firing energy blasts from its single eye.
Mordo: Yet it's nothing compared to the true master of the Dark Dimension...
Doctor Strange: How do you know?
Mordo: Me?! Nothing! I don't know anything about anything! Quickly, tell me more about the Mindless One's love of souvenir spoons!
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Congratulations, it's a Cthulhu!
Black Widow starts

Doctor Strange: We must take care of the spawn of Cthulhu before it's too late...
Black Widow: You mean...
Doctor Strange: We have no choice. We must take it to the park. Perhaps push it on the swings. Tickle its belly if necessary... 

Get Baby Cthulhu! 21 x Necronomicons (Defeat Dweller in Darkness), 15054 Arcane Artifacts, 10s

Black Widow: You're pretty cute for an evil mind-destroying cosmic entity.
Baby Cthulhu: gllerrkhh...
Black Widow: You're too cute to make anybody insane. You're a nice little Cthulhu. You aren't gonna get inside my mind, are you?
Baby Cthulhu: gllerrkhh...bwaalllmmthk...mrethlkkh...
Black Widow: Yes. I will search the cosmos for the shiniest keys and cuddliest blankies. I will do anything you command, Baby Cthulhu...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Steam Power!
Iron Man starts

Steampunk Doctor Strange: Stand back while I magically reconstruct the Mystic Steam Train!
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Sorcerers say the darndest things.
Steampunk Doctor Strange: This is serious sorcery. The Mystic Steam Train travels invisible interdimensional rails built eons ago by ageless inventors.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Does it have a magic train horn?
Steampunk Doctor Strange: Prepare your mind for the rumblings of an otherworldly Choo-Choo! 

Get the Mystic Steam Train! 60 x Earth Mandala (Defeat Eldrich Portals and Zealots), 11080 Arcane Artifacts, 10s

Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Prepare for a Challenge!
Iron Man starts

View the Sorcerer's Challenge!

View Mystic Mastery!

Reward: 100 Arcane Artifacts

What do you think of Episode 2 of the Doctor Strange event so far? Keep an eye out for character profiles etc. coming soon!


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