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Halloween Special Event Character Profile: Jack O'Lantern

In order to unlock Jack O'Lantern you had to complete the Hangout Prize list. The Grand Prize was Jack O'Lantern.

Pumpkin Spice! Pt. 1
Jack O' Lantern starts

Thunder Loki: You're Pumpkinhead?! I need to have a serious discussion with my father about this institution's questionable admission standards.
Jack O'Lantern: I'm just here to have fun, and cut pumpkins. I ain't never been to a school without tin foil or bars on the windows.
Thunder Loki: And what do your people do for fun besides placing hollowed out fruit on their noggins?
Jack O'Lantern: The Pumpkin Dance!
Thunder Loki: When will they ever learn...

Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Dance! 4h

Loki Master the Dance Floor! 2h

Jack O'Lantern: Nice dancin'! My daddy does that same move when he's waitin' for the grill to get hot!
Thunder Loki: Thank you for comparing my mastery to your dimwitted father's impatient wobbling.
Jack O'Lantern: You're welcome! You want a pumpkin?!
Thunder Loki: Do I look like a fruit farmer?
Jack O'Lantern: More pumpkins for me!
Reward: 20 Candies

Pumpkin Spice! Pt. 2
Jack O'Lantern starts

Jack O'Lantern: Hello, ma'am. Do you mind if I scare you?
Misty Knight: Who are you? Why are you calling me ma'am? Why do you wanna scare me? And why are you asking for permission? I'm confused right now.
Jack O'Lantern: Me too, but I just love scarin' folks!
Misty Knight: Because of Halloween?
Jack O'Lantern: Shoot, I already forgot about Halloween! What's wrong with you, Jack O'Lantern?! You crazy son of a gun!

Jack O'Lantern Be a Scarecrow! 5h
Misty Knight Let It Go! 3m20s

Jack O'Lantern: Man, I wish I was a scarecrow for real!
Misty Knight: I don't think it's that hard. You just stand really still in a field. Anybody can do it.
Jack O'Lantern: Even me?!
Misty Knight: ...Probably?
Jack O'Lantern: Wowee zowee! Keep reachin' for them stars, Jack!
Reward: 20 Credits

Pumpkin Spice! Pt. 3
Jack O'Lantern starts

Festive Black Widow: I heard you're a cold-blooded asassin...
Jack O'Lantern: Well, you sure heard wrong! I used to murder like nobody's business, but that was before I discovered the power of pumpkin positivity.
Festive Black Widow: Rediscover your negativity, and sharpen your sickle. We have work to do...

Upgrade Jack O'Lantern! 28 Pumpkin Guts (Beat Mephisto), 800 Candies
Jack O'Lantern Carve 'Em Up! 5h
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite! 1h

Festive Black Widow: I knew you still had some nastiness left in you...
Jack O'Lantern: I don't like it. I feel like I let down all the little pumpkins...
Black Widow: I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna do, but you can't live the rest of your life hiding in your happy little imaginary pumpkin patch...
Reward: 20 Credits 

Smashing Pumpkins Pt. 1
Jack O'Lantern starts

Pirate Wasp: Hey Jack O'Lantern! I'm Wasp! I heard you're super crazy, but super duper positive! You're like me with pumpkin breath!
Jack O'Lantern: Even pumpkins don't taste good no more...
Pirate Wasp: What happened?
Jack O'Lantern: I'm torn between two worlds. On one hand, I am a skilled killer who greatly enjoys scarin' folks. On my other hand, I'm a gentle soul who only wants to be left alone with his pumpkins...
Pirate Wasp: existential crisis.
Jack O'Lantern: I don't know what that means.
Pirate Wasp: Me neither! Let's punch stuff!

Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Punch! 5m
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Pirate Wasp: Do you feel better?
Jack O'Lantern: I most certainly do. I did a lot of thinkin' whilst punching that bag. Back home, we don't have no fancy bags. When we need to punch and think, we just gotta punch the air, and make our own sound effects.
Pirate Wasp: Oh no...
Jack O'Lantern: Thank you kindly, Miss Wasp, you sure have made ol' Jack feel like the freshest sprout in the pumpkin patch.
Pirate Wasp: Pumpkin fist bump!
Jack O'Lantern: Look at me! I'm like the city folk!
Reward: 20 Credits 

Smashing Pumpkins Pt. 2
Jack O'Lantern starts

Hank Pym: Jack O'Lantern! How are you enjoying the superhuman pumpkin patch that is Avengers Academy?!
Jack O'Lantern: Who are you?
Hank Pym: That's an infinitely complicated question, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm Professor Hank Pym! I teach all things super-science at the Academy!
Jack O'Lantern: I ain't never really been one for science...
Hank Pym: Times are changing, and I have a scientific dilemma that requires the assistance of a pumpkin-headed hero!
Jack O'Lantern: That's science!
Hank Pym: That's what I always say!
Jack O'Lantern: I don't understand why we're so excited right now!

Upgrade Jack O'Lantern! 10 x Pumpkins, 5880 Credits

Jack O'Lantern Go Boom! 1h45m
Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Dance! 4h

Jack O'Lantern: How can a pumpkin-lovin' man like me help a super-smart super-scientist like you?
Hank Pym: What if I told you there was a world filled with nothing but pumpkins, and pumpkin-themed creatures?
Jack O'Lantern: I'd say I wanna go to that world this instant!
Hank Pym: What if I told you that someone already destroyed that world?
Jack O'Lantern: I would be severely disappointed, and wholeheartedly disheartened.
Hank Pym: What if I told you that we can stop him from destroying other worlds?
Hank Pym: There's so many questions, and so few worlds full of nothing but pumpkins. I honestly don't know what to think anymore...
Reward: 20 Credits 

Hit the Switch! Pt. 1
Jack O'Lantern starts

Green Goblin: I cannot believe you have the audacity to show your face around here...
Jack O'Lantern: I got lots of audacity.
Green Goblin: You don't know what the word means, do you?
Jack O'Lantern: That is correct. My vocabulary is severely limited.
Green Goblin: So is your creativity. Your whole persona is a cheap knockoff of the Green Goblin.
Jack O'Lantern: For one, I ain't even green. For two, I don't own no pointy hats. For three, I'm going to assume that I'm a far superior pumpkin carver. For four--
Green Goblin: Trick or treat, Jack O'Lantern. Next time we meet, Green Goblin will be the one doing the carving...

Jack O'Lantern What Would Pumpkins Do? 2h
Jack O'Lantern Be a Scarecrow! 5h
Iron Man Tinker With Tech! 1h

Jack O'Lantern: Excuse me, Mr. Stark. I'm hoping you might be able to aid me in my desire to take flight...
Cardboard Iron Man: You called me Mr. Stark, so you can have whatever you want. Why do you need to fly?
Jack O'Lantern: I must engage in airborne battle with the Green Goblin.
Cardboard Iron Man: Osborn?! Oh, anything to help somebody smack that smile off his face. You want armor? A glider? A jet?
Jack O'Lantern: Glider please. I like to feel the wind on my pumpkin.
Reward: 20 Credits

Hit the Switch! Pt. 2
Jack O'Lantern starts

Nick Fury: I have a mission for you, Jack O'Lantern.
Jack O'Lantern: Right now? Mr. Stark is makin' me a flyin' glider to engage in epic combat with the Green Goblin...
Nick Fury: Stark is still making your glider. It'll be waiting for you when you get back.
Jack O'Lantern: What about Green Goblin?
Nick Fury: Forget about Green Goblin. I need you to deal with the new master of crime...

Upgrade Jack O'Lantern! 9981 Credits
Jack O'Lantern Find Crime-Master! 2h
Jack O'Lantern Carve 'Em Up! 5h

Nick Fury
: Did you find Crime-Master?
Jack O'Lantern: Nah, I thought I did, but some guy called The Hood took over his operation.
Nick Fury: I've heard of The Hood.
Jack O'Lantern: Just to be clear here, I'm not talking about the hood on somebody's jacket. I'm talking about a guy called The Hood. A guy who does crime stuff. It's confusing because he also has a hood on his jacket.
Nick Fury: Thanks for your help, Jack O'Lantern. You can go grow a pumpkin or something...
Reward: 20 Credits

The Great Pumpkin Pt. 1
Jack O'Lantern starts

Penguin Falcon: You alright, man? You look a little off. Even for you...
Jack O'Lantern: I felt a great disturbance in the pumpkin patch, as if millions of pumpkin voices suddenly cried out...
Penguin Falcon: What does it mean?
Jack O'Lantern: It means I need to go full pumpkin.
Penguin Falcon: I bet a lot of things seem like they mean that to you...

Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Dance! 4h
Jack O'Lantern Be a Scarecrow! 5h
Jack O'Lantern What Would Pumpkins Do? 2h

Jack O'Lantern: No time to talk now, Enchantress! My pumpkin people need me!
Reward: 20 Credits

The Great Pumpkin Pt. 2
Jack O'Lantern starts

Jack O'Lantern: I've heard the Great Pumpkin whispering through the fields of wheat.
Hank Pym: Amazing! What did he say?!
Jack O'Lantern: She says it's time to get revenge. And there's only one pumpkin-headed hero who can get it...

Upgrade Jack O'Lantern! 14733 Credits


Jack O'Lantern Visit the Great Pumpkin! 8h

Hank Pym: Did the portal to PumpkinWorld work?! Did you meet the Great Pumpkin?! Did you get revenge for a decimated society of pumpkin-themed people and creatures?!
Jack O'Lantern: I won the battle, but the War of the Pumpkins has just begun...
Hank Pym: Amazing! How can I help?!
Jack O'Lantern: We're gonna need a whole mess of sentient pumpkins. And we're gonna need to make 'em giant.
Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of Jack O'Lantern? Were you able to recruit him to your Academy?


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