Friday, 9 December 2016

A-Force Special Event is Live!

Greetings Avengers!

The A-Force Special event is now live in our games! In order to participate, players must download the latest update, 1.8.0, be at Academy Level 6, and have built Van Dyne's Outfits. Begin the quest "Tis the Season" to start the event!
The A-Force Special Event ends on January 5th at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.

Episode 1 of the A-Force Special Event ends on Thursday, December 15th at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.
You will need to fully unlock the Paladin Thor costume before the end of the episode or it will disappear at that time.


How do I recruit Thor?
Start the quest "Family Reunion" to recruit Thor! She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Blacksmith Iron Man?
Blacksmith Iron Man is a special, limited-time outfit for Iron Man. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock She-Hulk?
She-Hulk is available to recruit for 545 Shards! You can find her in the Shop.
She-Hulk can battle Frost Giants and ride Episode 1's best Sleigh-Cycle immediately. She also increases the drop rate of Asgardian Keys from the Event Mission Board!
She-Hulk must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I open Ancient Chests?
Collect Asgardian Keys from the Mission Board and the Ice Palace to open Ancient Chests! You will need 2 Asgardian Keys to open them.
Ancient Chests drop Sun Gems necessary to fight Frost Giants.

How do I fight Frost Giants?
You will need to have finished the quest "Fighting Giants" and have recruited Thor or She-Hulk to begin fighting Frost Giants. You will also need 6 Sun Gems from Ancient Chests.

How do I access the Sleigh Cycles?
Once you have started the quest "Get Ready to Fly!" you will be able to purchase Sleigh Cycles. Use Sleigh Cycles to collect Silver Ornaments!
You will need 5 Iron Ore from defeating Frost Giants and having Iron Man perform the action "Plan Your Attack" to ride Sleigh Cycles.

How do I get Paladin Thor?
Once you unlock Thor, you will be able to start the process of unlocking Paladin Thor!
Paladin Thor is a special, limited-time outfit for Thor. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits by turning in the following items:
- 100 Maps of Asgard (from Ancient Chests)
The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of Episode 1 or it will disappear from the game at that time.


She-Hulk, 545 Shards - MORE INFO HERE

Odin's Vault, 95 Shards, 10s, drops 150 Odin Treasures every 12h
Odin's Treasury, 395 Shards, 10s, drops 350 Odin Treasures every 12h
Holiday Ice Rink, 325 Shards, 10s, drops 6 Silver Ornaments every 24h

Ultimate Iron Mine 495 Shards, drops 10 Iron Ore every 24h
Sleigh Cycles, 400 Odin Treasures (Mission Board)
50 Asgardian Keys, 195 Shards
100 Asgardian Keys, 345 Shards 


Tis the Season
Loki starts

Loki: You look concerned, father. Have you finally exhausted Midgard's supply of churros.
Odin: I'm concerned about these blizzards encroaching upon the Academy. They smell of Dark Elves and Frost Giants...
Loki: I love it when you try to lie to me. It's almost as preciously pathetic as when Thor attempts to outsmart me.
Odin: Fine. I'm more concerned about how you're going to react to the warriors I've asked to investigate the storms...
Loki: This mysterious sister I've been hearing so much about? I'm actually looking forward to meeting her. I've always wanted a sister. Honestly, I've always wanted anyone but Thor...
Odin: And now you'll have two...

Learn About the A-Force Winter Event! (Access the Event Menu)
Get 5 Odin Treasures!

Odin: Malekith...
Malekith: Happy holidays, Odin. I couldn't decide what to get the All-Father who has everything, so I settled on the gift of icy extinction.
Odin: Close the Casket of Ancient Winters while you still can. It's too powerful for Dark Elves or Frost Giants to control.
Malekith: It's too powerful for anyone to control. That's what makes it so much fun.
Odin: What do you want, Malekith?
Malekith: Some Elves just want to watch the world freeze...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Happy holidays! Malekith, ruler of the Dark Elves, has opened an immensely powerful artifact called the Casket of Ancient Winters, threatening to plunge our world into the next ice age. He's working with Frost Giants to attack Avengers Academy while entire continents are covered in ice, and Dark Elves pillage our planet. Tony Stark built a force field to protect the school, but it won't hold for long. Two Asgardian warriors have arrived to stop Malekith, calling on allies from the Super Hero team A-Force to help fight the Frost Giants, and close the Casket of Ancient Winters before it's too late. I would be more upset, but our cameraman brought frosted gingerbread cookies.
... Search for Brain Fight winner continues ... Dinosaur rampages through Washington, eats many hot dogs ... Humanoid found at site of meteor impact ...

Family Reunion
Loki starts

Loki: I am very rarely speechless...
Thor(f): Hello, Loki.
Loki: You know me?!
Thor(f): How could I not? I'm Thor.
Loki: Are you? You do look like him. A female version of him at least. I didn't know that was a talent we shared...
Thor(f): My main talent remains breaking those who dare threaten my friends. Free me from this prison, and I'll share those talents with Malekith and his Giants...

Free Thor! 30 Odin Treasures

Odin: The hammer seems to be enjoying your company.
Thor(f): More than Loki...
Odin: He actually reacted better than I expected. He may still be in shock. I'm sure the tantrums and promises of violent revenge will soon follow.
Thor(f): Why didn't you tell him about me?
Odin: I've been forced to keep secrets from almost everyone for their own protection. The past is complicated, and yours may be the most complicated of all.
Thor(f): Are you keeping secrets from me?
Odin: Of course. I'm your All-Father.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get Thor!
Loki starts

Thor(m): Great Odin's raven! I assumed Loki was yanking my chainmail...
Thor(f): I always imagined this would be awkward. I was not wrong.
Thor(m): Is it real? The hammer? Mjolnir?
Thor(f): As real as yours. Perhaps moreso...
Thor(m): How is this possible?! Witchcraft? Wizardry? Do I not remember devouring a great buffet, and now find myself lost in a dream of hopeless confusion and floating turkey legs? It happens to me often...
Thor(f): I don't believe it's any of those things. But I believe the All-Father owes us both some answers...

Recruit Thor!
- 8 Winged Helmets (Collect from the Throne of Asgard)
- 10 Silver Ornaments
(Ride a Sleigh-Cycle!)
- 90 Medical Degrees
(Special Event Missions)

- 2800 Odin Treasures 


Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Thor! Should I call you Thor?
Thor(f): You can address me as the Goddess of Thunder if you prefer.
Pepper Potts: No, Thor's fine. It actually makes it easier because I already wrote a special list of rules for the other Thor. It mostly just has to do with who you're allowed to shoot with lightning.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

The Mighty Thor Pt. 1
Thor(f) starts

Loki: I demand to know where you got that hammer.
Thor(f): You will demand nothing from the Goddess of Thunder!
Loki: Where did you get that hammer? If you don't mind me asking. Please.
Thor(f): Your father gave it to me.
Loki: Liar.
Thor(f): Remember that I am not your kin. You will watch your tongue, or you will watch me remove it.
Loki: Of course. What I meant to say is that your explanation seems highly unlikely, and while I'm sure your honesty is impregnable, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see if anyone else can lift Mjolnir...

Thor(f) Prove You're Worthy! 1m, requires another Avenger
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Thor(f): Do you believe the hammer is real now, or do you need to taste the Uru to be sure?
Loki: It's not possible, How could there be two Mjolnirs? And worse yet, two Thors?
Thor(f): Must be all of your good karma...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

The Mighty Thor Pt. 2
Thor(f) starts

Loki: I've decided to accept your status as a true Goddess of Thunder, Thorita. I'm willing to seal our newfound bond and risk my impeccable cleanliness by touching my palm flesh to yours.
Thor(f): We didn't grow up together, but I still know enough not to trust you.
Loki: I'm sure you'll find it in your heart to give me a second chance. That's what you Thors do...

Thor(f) Show Some Heart! 2m, requires another Avenger
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Thor(f): You tried to poison me...
Loki: You tried to kill me...
Thor(f): It was an accident. I saved your life. You're lucky I was once a doctor.
Loki: Yes. I'm feeling extremely lucky right now...
Thor(f): I have no grudge with you, Loki. We should be thinking of ways to defeat Malekith.
Loki: You really are just like my brother, Thorita. Only capable of thinking about one thing at a time...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

The Mighty Thor Pt. 3
Thor(f) starts

Loki: It's time we settled this once and for all! You believe you're a true Goddess of Thunder?! Prove you can defeat me in battle!
Thor(f): Don't tempt me, Loki. I have to stop Mjolnir from flying into your face everytime you open your mouth.
Loki: Your precious weapon won't help you on the dance floor.
Thor(f): You want a dance battle? What even is this place?
Loki: This is Avengers Academy! Everyone must dance!

Upgrade Thor(f)! 8 x Silver Ornaments (Ride a Sleigh-Cycle), 2200 Odin Treasures
Thor(f) Hammer Time! 1m
Loki Master The Dance Floor, 2h

Thor(f): I never knew I had such moves. It's as if the hammer somehow knew it was time!
Loki: At least one of you can tell time...
Thor(f): Tell me when you plan on revisiting the dance floor! I feel as though Mjolnir has been waiting decades to unleash these moves!
Loki: I won't be inviting you anywhere. Tell your stupid hammer to return those moves to wherever it found them.
Thor(f): Please Mjolnir, don't hurt him.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Prove Worthy Pt. 1
Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): I want you to tell me why there are two Mjolnirs, and why you chose me to wield one. It's only fair that I and your sons should know.
Odin: I told you why when I gave you the hammer. You're capable. You're worthy.
Thor(f): But how did you know? I wasn't even healthy at the time...
Odin: Mortal health has nothing to do with it. The Realms needed a Thor. My wife told me that you were the best person to wield Mjolnir in Thor's absence. She was right, as usual.
Thor(f): You never answered the question about there being two Mjolnirs...
Odin: I didn't. Not yet...

Thor(f) Be Mighty! 3m
Thor(f) Prove You're Worthy! 1m, requires another Avenger

Thor(f): Are you going to tell me why there are two Mjolnirs?
Odin: The purpose of a journey is to learn for one's self.
Thor(f): You're avoiding the question...
Odin: If you want to understand the hammers, then study them together. Discover a piece of the truth, and I'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Prove Worthy Pt. 2
Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): Odin suggested that we compare our weapons to discover the secret behind there being two Mjolnirs.
Thor: I compared hammers with an intergalactic champion once. That was strange. This is stranger...
Thor(f): What happened when you disappeared? When there was no Thor?
Thor: I don't know. I remember a great battle. I remember waking in the timefog, but not being able to move. The longer I was there, the more my memories faded. No one knows how I got there...
Thor(f): Someone knows. We just need to make him talk...

Upgrade Thor(f)! 12 x Silver Ornaments, 2900 Odin Treasures


Thor(f) Bring the Thunder! 4m
Thor(f) Show Some Heart! 1m

Thor(f): The Mjolnir your son holds is nearly identical to mine.
Odin: Nearly...
Thor(f): It's newer even though it's been crafted to look identical to the original. You've even blessed it with the same spells and enchantments...
Odin: Do you know how difficult it was to craft Mjolnir? I had to trap a cosmic thunderstorm in enchanted Uru. Dwarves used the heat of a star to smelt the metal. The process destroyed the star, and nearly took your world with it. Even when forged, it nearly destroyed Asgard. Do you think I would risk that again?
Thor(f): I think you would turn the universe inside out for your son.
Odin: I would. But this time someone did it for me...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Remember Your Training Pt. 1
Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): I need to use your laboratory.
Iron Man: No way.
Thor(f): Why not?! I only want to use my medical experience in the lab to see if I can uncover any secrets from the timefog.
Iron Man: Oh! Laboratory. Sure, no problem. I thought you said lavatory. I'm still making repairs from the time I let the other Thor use it.

Thor(f) Study Timefog!
Iron Man Tinker With Tech, 1h

Thor(f): Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
Doctor Strange: I always have time for a fellow doctor.
Thor(f): I've been examining sample from the timefog, and there are substances that aren't recognized by Iron Man's database or any text in the Archives. I thought your arcane knowledge might provide some insight.
Doctor Strange: It could be that the information exists, but someone has gone out of their way to keep it hidden.
Thor(f): That's absolutely the case. I'm only hoping they failed...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Remember Your Training Pt. 2

Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): Were you able to identify any of the mysterious substances in the timefog?
Doctor Strange: It's difficult to discern anything with all of the components and how often they shift and transform, but the Eye of Agamotto revealed something incredible.
Thor(f): About how Thor Odinson became trapped in the timefog?
Doctor Strange: About him, and hundreds of other Thors. I believe they were all here at one time. And I believe I can show you how to find them again...

Upgrade Thor(f)! 16 x Silver Ornaments, 3600 Odin Treasures
Thor(f) Contact Thor Corps! 1m

Doctor Strange: Were you able to use the information I provided to contact any of the other Thors?
Thor(f): Only two. A frog, and I think...
Doctor Strange: The best two!
Thor(f): ...
Doctor Strange: No offense.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Save Asgard! Pt. 1
Thor(f) starts

Odin: You've been ignoring your duties...
Thor(f): I've been trying to piece together the past to discover what happened to all of the Thors. And who is hiding the truth...
Odin: I gave you Mjolnir, so that you could protect Asgard in my absence.
Thor(f): And you called me back to battle Malekith and the Frost Giants.
Odin: And I'm sending you back again. And I suggest you prepare yourself for a far more dangerous adversary...

Thor(f) Hammer Time! 4m
Thor(f) Prove You're Worthy! 1m, requires another Avenger

Loki: My father is lying to you. He's surprisingly adept at deception. It almost makes me want to love him sometimes.
Thor(f): And your intentions are pure?
Loki: Of course not. I just hate seeing people manipulated by someone who isn't me. He's sending you back to Asgard because he fears you're getting too close to his precious secrets here on Midgard.
Thor(f): Do you think your mother is a liar?
Loki: Be careful what you say about my mother, false Thor...
Thor(f): I'm only saying that Odin was just the messenger. Your mother is the one who requested my help...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Save Asgard! Pt. 2
Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): Asgard is under attack. The greatest remaining warriors have all been captured, and I've been charged with freeing them, and ridding the city of evil. Who will fight by my side?
Enchantress: I'd like to see this evil for myself...
Loki: If this is one of my father's pranks, I will be so mad...
Sif: I hope there are monsters to slay!
Angela: I call dibs on the displayable body parts.
Wasp: I'm going for no good reason!
Thor: Verily!
Thor(f): Double verily.

Upgrade Thor(f)! 20 x Silver Ornaments, 4300 Odin Treasures



Thor(f) Travel Time and Space! 3m

Thor(f): Why are you smiling? We barely made it out of Asgard alive...
Angela: Hel is coming. I like it there.
Thor(f): That undead army of Draugr warriors will be back again as long as the Death Queen commands them...
Angela: Then maybe someone should take her throne. Someone like me.
Thor(f): You want to be Queen of Hel?!
Angela: It's not that bad when you give it a chance. Besides, befriending the dead could reveal the secrets of our past. Although I might need some assistance from a Thunder Goddess such as yourself...
Thor(f): Hel yeah.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get Blacksmith Iron Man!

Iron Man starts

Odin: Dark Elves are most vulnerable to iron. It only makes sense that you use your expertise to craft iron weapons and armor for our new recruits.
Iron Man: Like a blacksmith!
Odin: You don't have to actually dress like a blacksmith. Or even make the weapons by hand for that matter...
Blacksmith Iron Man: Time to burn my shirts, and go apron shopping!

Get Blacksmith Iron Man!
- 3 Silver Ornaments (Get from Asgardian Outreach! OR Ride a Sleigh-Cycle!)
- 4 Leather Straps
(Collect from Iron Man's Polar Bear)
- 24 Hot Coals
(Special Event Missions)

- 1700 Odin Treasures

Pepper Potts: Aren't you cold?
Blacksmith Iron Man: My manliness keeps me warm.
Pepper Potts: Your manliness is gonna give you pneumonia.
Blacksmith Iron Man: It wouldn't be the first time.

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Iron Age Pt. 1
Iron Man starts

Captain America: ...
Blacksmith Iron Man: I'm a blacksmith.
Captain America: That was my second guess.
Blacksmith Iron Man: Odin asked me to make some awesome iron armaments for the new recruits.
Captain America: Did he ask you to wear that outfit?
Blacksmith Iron Man: No, this is all me.
Captain America: That's good. I thought I was gonna have to alert the authorities. 

Iron Man Bang 'Em Out, 1m

Odin: Amazing work, Tony! You're as skilled as the Dwarves of Nidavellir!
Blacksmith Iron Man: I love this stuff. I've been making fantasy weapons since I was a kid.
Odin: I remember handing Thor his first battle axe. The midwife was not pleased.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Iron Age Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Wasp: Tony! I heard you're making everyone awesome iron fantasy weapons!
Blacksmith Iron Man: Do you want something?
Wasp: Iron bow and arrows so I can be an elf and climb trees and smash pottery!
Blacksmith Iron Man: I'm sorry, Wasp, but I don't think I can make that for you...
Wasp: Oh...
Blacksmith Iron Man: Because I already made it for you! Look under your seat!
Blacksmith Iron Man: You get a bow and arrow! And you get a bow and arrow! Everyone gets a bow and arrow!

Iron Man Heat Things Up, 3m

Satana: You should be more careful when playing with fire.
Blacksmith Iron Man: You burn things down all the time.
Satana: And I do it very carefully.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Iron Age Pt. 3
Iron Man starts

Loki: I was rendered speechless when I met the female Thor, and your ensemble has done it again...
Blacksmith Iron Man: What do you want, Loki? I'm defeating an evil army over here.
Loki: My father asked me to enchant the weapons you're crafting to make them capable of countering the Dark Elves' magic. I like destroying Elves, so I agreed.
Blacksmith Iron Man: Well, be careful. There's weapons flying all over the place.
Loki: Have you met my family? There was never not weapons flying all over the place...

Iron Man Bang 'Em Out, 1m
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Loki: You've done well, Armor-Man. I know I make fun of your outfit, and your personality, and your name, and your appearance, and--
Blacksmith Iron Man: I get it. Let's go defeat this army of Elves...
Loki: You look like a pale pile of belts.
Blacksmith Iron Man: You look like someone shaved a green poodle.
Loki: Happy holidays, Armor-Man.
Blacksmith Iron Man: Happy holidays.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Carve Your Palace!
Loki starts

Odin: We need a building to house and manufacture keys to open the Asgardian Chests stolen by Malekith and his henchmen.
Loki: Ice palace!
Odin: You and your palaces...
Loki: I don't criticize your obsession with grilled meat.
Odin: Yes you do. On my last birthday, you literally gifted me a condescending chariot made of grilled meat.
Loki: Ah, yes. Good times.

Get the Ice Palace! 10s, 100 Odin Treasures

Wasp: Whoa! Awesome ice palace! We should totally sing a song about winter!
Loki: As if Midgard could produce a decent musical...
Wasp: I'll make the costumes!
Loki: I suppose I wouldn't mind starring. And directing. And nitpicking everything...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Open Your Presents!
Loki starts

Odin: The stolen Asgardian Chests contain Asgard's entire supply of Sun Gems. Malekith knows that the heat contained within could be the only thing capable of defeating the Frost Giants, and closing the Casket.
Loki: Have you ever considered improving security? I mean, you're supposed to be the most powerful god ever, and you've collected the most powerful artifacts ever, and people just walk in and steal them all the time.
Odin: Heimdall himself guards my vaults. He can see and hear as far as creation. He can look across time and space. He's one of Asgard's most formidable combatants.
Loki: All I'm saying is that ever since he got cable in the Bifrost, things have really gone downhill.

Open an Asgardian Chest! 2 x Asgardian Key (Collect from the Ice Palace OR Special Event Missions)

Odin: These Sun Gems were forged in the fire of a star, and contain the essence of a multitude of suns. I'd like you to protect them until it's time to use them against the Frost Giants.
Ghost Rider: Why me?
Odin: You're honorable, powerful, and trustworthy...
Ghost Rider: Wow, thanks Odin!
Odin: And your skull is on fire.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Fighting Giants
Wasp starts

She-Hulk: We should plan our attack against the Frost Giants. Even with the Sun Gems, we'll have to work together to take them down.
Iron Man: How strategic, and un-Hulk of you. He usually just roars, and jumps on stuff.
Thor(f): He's doing it right now! Hulk! Quit chewing on that Frost Giant! You don't know where it's been!

Iron Man Plan Your Attack, 4h (requires 6 x Sun Gem from Ancient OR Eternal Chest)

Iron Man: I have a plan for attacking the Frost Giants...
Captain America: Great. Let's hear it.
Iron Man: I'm not telling you. You'll just try to improve it.
Captain America: Isn't that what I should be doing?
Iron Man: I already devised a plan for attacking the Frost Giants, Cap. I can't plan your whole life out too...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Against All Odds
Wasp starts

Thor(f): The time has come to strike down the Frost Giants.
She-Hulk: Verily!
Thor: ...
She-Hulk: I always wanted to say that.

Thor Battle a Frost Giant! 4h

She-Hulk: This is fine...
Thor(f): They're somehow more powerful than the Frost Giants back in Jotunheim. We'll need to gather Angela, and the rest of A-Force to strike them down...
She-Hulk: You do that while I gather a chiropractor and some aspirin...

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Put A Bow On It
Thor(f) starts(?)

Thor(f): We've discovered how to battle the Frost Giants, but something tells me Malekith has more tricks up his sleeve. 
Blacksmith Iron Man: I'll keep forging more weapons, and working on ways to free your friends.
Thor(f): You're a good man, Tony Stark. I'm glad you're on our side.
Blacksmith Iron Man: Maybe you can hook me up with Angela.
Thor(f): I don't think you're her type...
Blacksmith Iron Man: You mean...?
Thor(f): Yeah, I can't imagine her going for a Midgardian.
Blacksmith Iron Man: Gotcha.
Thor(f): Or a man.

Thor(f) Prove You're Worthy! 5h, requires another Avenger
Iron Man Bang 'Em Out, 5h

Odin: This is your final opportunity to leave this place alive, Malekith. I'm feeling generous for the holidays.
Malekith: So am I. I might even let one of your children live...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get Ready to Fly!
Iron Man starts

Odin: The Dark Elves are taking advantage of the storms to pillage cities across Midgard. We need to deliver iron ammunition to the Midgardians, so that they can defend themselves.
Iron Man: Sounds like somebody needs a sleigh...
Odin: Why would a bearded immortal like myself fly a sleigh around the world to deliver goods?
Iron Man: I ho, ho, ho, don't know.
Odin: Just make the vehicles fast and well-fortified, Tony. Elves are aggressive and merciless.
Iron Man: And great at making toys.

Get a Sleigh-Cycle! 400 Odin Treasures

Odin: The vehicle design seems strange, but I trust your instincts.
Iron Man: I put some milk and cookies in the glove compartment.
Odin: You've been a very good hero this year, Tony.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Special Delivery
Wasp starts

Wasp: Let's deliver some presents!
Black Widow: We're delivering weapons of war...
Wasp: Those are the best presents!
Black Widow: I think I'm finally starting to rub off on you. 

Ride a Sleigh-Cycle! 1m15s
Requires 5 x Iron Ore (Thor OR She-Hulk Battle a Frost Giant! OR Iron Man Plan Your Attack!)

Malekith: The almighty All-Father has Midgardians doing his dirty work?
Odin: The Midgardians are brave and caring. More than I could ever say for you and your kind.
Malekith: They also freeze well.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Winter Coat
Loki starts

Iron Man: What do you think about putting a saddle on a polar bear?
Wasp: Who's there?!
Iron Man: It's not a knock-knock joke. I'm being serious.
Wasp: It's not a knock-knock joke, I'm being serious, who?!
Iron Man: Me being very confused.

Get Iron Man's Polar Bear! 1 x Silver Ornaments (Ride a Sleigh-Cycle!), 600 Odin Treasures, 10s

Thor(f): Impressive mount. Will you ride that bear into battle against the Frost Giants?
Blacksmith Iron Man: Maybe. First, I'm gonna post on it like one of those old fantasy posters. Me holding a big axe with a couple girls in fur bikinis standing around. I'll see if Taskmaster has any fake wounds left over from Halloween...
Thor(f): I could give you some real wounds...
Blacksmith Iron Man: That's what she said. Literally. Every female I've ever met has told me some form of that sentence.
Thor(f): You seem happy about it...
Blacksmith Iron Man: I'm the owner of an armored polar bear wearing a saddle. How could I not be happy?
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Take the Throne
Loki starts

Thor(f): You've charged me with protecting the throne of Asgard, but since we're both here now, I'm going to bring it to Avengers Academy.
Odin: Queen Frigga still needs a throne.
Thor(f): Um...
Odin: She doesn't like it?
Thor(f): She says she wants to make room for her own...
Odin: I'm surprised she didn't just bury it in decorative pillows...

Get the Throne of Asgard! 6 x Silver Ornaments (Get from Asgardian Outreach! OR Ride a Sleigh-Cycle!), 10s

Odin: Go ahead and sit on the throne, Loki.
Loki: I...have no desire to wade through your sweat stains just to sit in that garish chair.
Odin: It will be best if you just get it out of your system.
Loki: I don't want the physical throne. I want the power that comes with it.
Odin: Of course. Just be mindful of the top step. It's slightly higher than the rest.
Loki: As if I would trip stepping into that hideous, lurid, shiny, golden, immaculate slice of godly perfection...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Mean Green Machine
Loki starts

She-Hulk: Can you take a look at my car?
Rocket Raccoon: I already modified it for interstellar flight to get you back to this dump of a planet. Now I gotta fix it too?
She-Hulk: I talked Thanos out of bashing your cute little head in back at the Cosmic Conservatory. I'm pretty sure you still owe me one.
Rocket Raccoon: What's wrong with it?
She-Hulk: The headlights are out. Three of the tires are missing. The bumper's broken. The front end is...sort of shaped like an accordion. It's basically totalled times ten.
Rocket Raccoon: What happened?!
She-Hulk: I beat a guy over the head with it. He had a helmet, so he still ended up a little better than the car. Maybe reinforce it with Vibranium this time?
Rocket Raccoon: I guess. Since it's for a violent cause...

Get She-Hulk's Flying Car! 40 Silver Ornaments (Ride a Sleigh-Cycle!), 7500 Odin Treasures, 10s

Phil Coulson: Flying car bros!
She-Hulk: Are you practice fist bumping?
Phil Coulson: I'm getting warmed up, so it isn't awkward.
She-Hulk: Right. This definitely isn't awkward...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get Paladin Thor! (Limited time Episode 1)
Iron Man starts

Paladin Thor: Thank you for this amazing armor Tony! I feel mightier than ever!
Iron Man: You're welcome. I'm making some sweet fantasy armor for everyone, and you're noble and humble, so you're pretty perfect for a paladin. It'll give you extra protection against the Frost Giants.
Paladin Thor: I can't wait to test it in battle!
Iron Man: You should probably try dancing in it too. You'll be doing that just as much...

Get Paladin Thor! Required for Thor to do boss combat.
Requires Thor, 100 x Maps of Asgard (Asgardian Chests)

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

What do you think of the A-Force Special event so far? Keep an eye out for character profiles etc. coming soon!



  1. Iron Man can't perform "Plan an Attack" anymore, after only one successful attempt.
    Is it because I bought She-Hulk? This seems like a rip-off.

    1. Yeah I couldn't use it because I have she hulk also :(

  2. Should I get Blacksmith Iron Man or Throne of Asgard first? Seems like Iron Man doesn't speed things up so best to go for Throne to get started on Thor.

    1. It depends if you got she hulk. If you did I think you're best to get Thor first and therefore the throne.