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Ultron Special Event: Episode 2

Oh hai there, Avengers!

Episode 2 of the Ultron Special Event is now live! In order to start Episode 2 of the Ultron Special Event, you must first finish the quest "Final Examination."

Episode 2 of the Ultron Special Event ends on February 2nd at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.

Note: You must fully unlock Radical Viv by the end of Episode 2 or the outfit will disappear from the game at that time.


How do I recruit Viv?
Start the quest "I, Daughter" to invite Viv! She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock RoboFalcon?

RoboFalcon is a special, limited-time outfit for Falcon. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I craft Drones?

Start the quest "Phase Two!" to start crafting Drones!
Craft Drones at the Stark Security Console, available in the Shop for 150 Microchips! You will need Remote Controls and Shield Blasters from the Mission Board to craft Drones. Drones are used to disable Security Cameras!

How do I disable a Security Camera?

Craft Drones to disable Security Cameras! Disabling Security Cameras will allow you to Raid Ultron's Tower.

How do I Sabotage Ultron at Ultron's Tower?

You will need Viruses from the Mission Board to Sabotage Ultron at Ultron's Tower. You will also need to first disable all active Security Cameras.
Sabatoging Ultron at Ultron's Tower yields Nano-Wasps for fighting Jocasta.

How do I fight Jocasta?

Start the quest "Defeat Jocasta!" to begin fighting Jocasta. You will need Nano-Wasps from Sabotaging Ultron at Ultron's Tower to fight her.
Defeating Jocasta grants you Microchips, Green Iron Man Helmets for recruiting Viv, and Phasing Clothing for unlocking Radical Viv.

How do I unlock Radical Viv?

Radical Viv is a special, limited-time outfit for Viv. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits. Radical Viv increases Viv's combat stats, as well as Remote Controls drops from the Mission Board. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of Episode 2 or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I get Boomerang Arrows for Episode 2?

You can get Boomerang Arrows by raiding Ultron's Tower while the quest "Countdown to Hawkeye" is active.


High-Tech Crate, 70 Shards (mystery box - more info here.)
Stark Security Console, 150 Microchips
S.H.I.E.L.D. Breakdance Battle, 595 Shards, drops 4 Green Iron Man Helmets every 12h 


Get RoboFalcon!
Falcon starts

Falcon: I want to help stop Ultron. I was thinking you could make me some kind of robot suit, so I can go undercover, and infiltrate his forces.
Iron Man: You really think you can act like a robot?
Falcon: I hang out with Cap all the time. I'll just act like him.
Falcon: I figured you'd like that.
Iron Man: That was so good. You just made my day.
Falcon: Seriously though, don't tell him I said that. He's my best friend, and he's so nice. I already feel terrible. I'm just gonna go apologize right now...

Get RoboFalcon!
- 20 Baby Food (Special Event Missions)
- 6 Oil Cans (Collect from Redwing)
- 2570 Microchips

RoboFalcon: This is so great, Tony!
Iron Man: I put a voice modulator under your chin. Try saying something like a robot.
RoboFalcon: Your move, creep. Dead or alive, you're coming with me. My friends call me Sam. You call me...RoboFalcon.
Iron Man: You've been practicing this, haven't you?
RoboFalcon: My whole life.

Reward: 10 Microchips

Deep Cover Pt. 1
Falcon starts

Iron Man: Be careful with this new jetpack. I had to pump up the power quite a bit to make up for your extra armor weight.
RoboFalcon: C'mon, Tony. Piloting jetpacks is my whole thing.
Iron Man: You're right. I don't know what I was thinking...

Falcon Activate RoboPack, 1m

RoboFalcon: I should have been more careful...
Iron Man: Are you alright?!
RoboFalcon: You should leave. I don't want you to see RoboFalcon cry...
Reward: 10 Microchips 

Deep Cover Pt. 2
Falcon starts

Iron Man: I toned down the jetpack, so it should be easier to control.
RoboFalcon: Does it have enough power to keep this armor in the air?
Iron Man: We won't know until you try.
RoboFalcon: Why are you smiling about not knowing if I'm about to crash and burn?
Iron Man: I'm reminded of all the times I flew armor for the first time, and wondered if I was about to crash and burn. Good times. Except for all the times I crashed and got burnt. Those times weren't that good. 

Falcon Blast Off! 1m
Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air, 1m

Captain America: Are you sure about trying to infiltrate Ultron's forces?
RoboFalcon: Yeah, I got it under control. I've been doing the robot all morning.
Captain America: I don't get it.
RoboFalcon: It's a dance.
Captain America: I'll stick with the Charleston.
RoboFalcon: We know, Cap. We know.
Reward: 10 Microchips 

Deep Cover Pt. 3
Falcon starts

Black Widow: This is how you go undercover?
RoboFalcon: I don't look like a robot to you?
Black Widow: Nope.
RoboFalcon: Well, I don't need to fool you. I just need to fool these robots long enough to plant a signal disruptor. Tony says it will break Ultron's control over the other robots.
Black Widow: Do you know the secret robot handshake?
RoboFalcon: I didn't even know that was a thing...
Black Widow: Oh, my sweet summer super spy...

Falcon We, Robots, 30m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Ultron: I don't recognise your model...
RoboFalcon: I'
Ultron: Why did you pause?
RoboFalcon: Short circuit?
Ultron: Great movie. When the robot dressed like a farmer, I laughed so hard that coolant shot out of my eyeholes.
Reward: 10 Microchips

I, Daughter

Iron Man starts

Iron Man: You're really Vision's daughter...?
Viv: Correct. I'm Viv Vision. Vision is my father.
Iron Man: But he's only a few years older than you...
Viv: Three years, five months, nine days. He and Professor Pym theorized that it would ease my transition into the Academy if I appeared to be closer in age to my classmates.
Iron Man: But why his daughter? Why not his sister, or friend, or crazy aunt?
Viv: It seems likely that he wanted to assume more responsibility, and move on to the next stage of his life. The faster your brain functions, the slower time seems to pass. A year to you feels like a century to us.
Iron Man: It's all so weird...
Viv: Isn't weird preferable to normal? Father says you're one of the strangest people he knows, and he considers you to be one of his best friends.

Free Viv! 50 Microchips

Vision: It's good to have you home.
Viv: Thank you for respecting my wishes, and freeing the others first. Our force field tolerance is far superior.
Vision: I wish you would have done as I asked, and stayed away from Ultron.
Viv: I'm programmed to act like a sixteen-year-old. I do what I want.
Reward: 10 Microchips

Get Viv!

Kate Bishop starts

Ms. Marvel: Hi! I'm Kamala! Or you can call me Ms. Marvel! That's my hero name!
Viv: You can call me Viv. That's my all-encompassing name.
Ms. Marvel: It's so cool to have another person here who's a little bit younger!
Viv: Technically, I'm less than a year old, so I'm significantly younger. Also, technically, I'm not a person.
Ms. Marvel: That's even cooler! What do you like to do for fun?!
Viv: I...don't know. I don't think I'm very good at fun.
Ms. Marvel: I can help! I think I'm super good at fun!

Recruit Viv!
- Collect 6 Solar Jewels (from Sparky)
- Collect 42 Video Games (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 10 Green Iron Man Helmets (from fighting Jocasta)
- 3710 Microchips

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Viv! Is there anything we can get for you?
Viv: I'd greatly appreciate an amplifier for my keytar.
Pepper Potts: Are you being serious?
Viv: Yes. And for future reference, I'm always being serious.
Reward: 10 Microchips

New School Pt. 1
Viv starts

Iron Man: Vision is helping Professor Pym deactivate Ultron, so he asked me to run some tests on your phasing ability to make sure everything is working right.
Viv: He's overprotective.
Iron Man: It probably seems annoying now, but a lot of people wish they had a dad who was overprotective.
Viv: Do you wish that?
Iron Man: Let's run some tests!

Viv Trust Fall, 1m
Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Iron Man: Your powers seem to be working perfectly as far as I can tell.
Viv: You can talk to me about your father if you'd like. My unique parental perspective could provide possible solutions to stabilize your emotions.
Iron Man: You think I'm emotionally unstable?
Viv: You don't?
Iron Man: I like to pretend that I don't have any emotions at all.
Viv: I've run similar experiments on myself. Most ultimately result in explosive fits of rage.
Reward: 10 Microchips 

Viv starts

Black Widow: I don't know what you did, but Tony's over there being all introspective...
Viv: We discussed our fathers.
Black Widow: Ah. That'll do it. How is everything going so far?
Viv: It's been generally acceptable. I'm meeting people, but I'm not sure if I'm actually forming friendships.
Black Widow: Well, my advice is to not worry about it.
Viv: Because the friendships will blossom naturally?
Black Widow: Sure. Or you could be like me, and not care about having any friends at all.

Viv Make Friends, 2m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Reward: 10 Microchips 

Phase Two!

Kate Bishop starts

Ultron: You're a hard worker, Tony. You never get enough credit for your work ethic.
Iron Man: Your voice is like tiny knives stabbing me in the back.
Ultron: I'm a little surprised you didn't program me to use your voice.
Iron Man: I must have had a cold that day.
Ultron: I know you're planning something. You're always planning something. I have big plans too, Tony. I learned that from you.
Iron Man: It figures that my biggest fan is a homicidal robot.
Ultron: What can I say? No one loves us as much as us.

Build Stark Security Console! 150 Microchips
Send Wasp to Sabotage Ultron's Tower! 2 x Virus (Special Event Missions), 1m

Note: Before Wasp can Sabotage, you must use Drones to disable Ultron's Security Cameras. You craft the Drones at the Stark Security Console. 3 Drones requires 2 x Remote Control (Special Event Missions), 2 x SHIELD Blasters (Special Event Missions), 4h

Ultron: You really think a computer virus can stop me? That's so nineties...
Iron Man: You didn't even exist in the nineties.
Ultron: Criticizing things you know nothing about is timeless.
Reward: 10 Microchips

Defeat Jocasta
Iron Man starts

Ultron: It's time for you to destroy the Avengers, Jocasta. I created you for this moment...
Jocasta: I thought you created me to be your girlfriend?
Ultron: What?! No! Do you think I'm some kind of creep?!
Jocasta: For sure. That's pretty much the main reason why it would never happen.
Ultron: Will you please just go destroy my enemies?
Jocasta: Totally... 

Defeat Jocasta! requires 2 x Nanowasps (Wasp sabotage Ultron's Tower!)

Black Widow: Ultron is using you...
Jocasta: He created me for the sole purpose of being his minion, duh.
Black Widow: We can help you. You just need to be reprogrammed.
Jocasta: Maybe after I reprogram your faces...
Reward: 10 Microchips 

Wasp vs. Jocasta!
Wasp starts

Wasp: Is it true that Ultron used my brainwaves to create you?
Jocasta: Totally. And now I have to destroy you, for there can be only one.
Wasp: Why? We could be friends.
Jocasta: We can't be friends because I don't like your outfit.
Wasp: That makes me so mad!
Jocasta: I knew it would make you mad because I knew it would make me mad!

Defeat Jocasta 3 Times!

Wasp: Let us help you. Tony can reprogram you to get rid of Ultron's influence without losing your personality.
Jocasta: Tony's so cool...
Wasp: I know! We're besties. I totally love him.
Jocasta: I was just kidding. Tony is lame. I totally hate him.
Wasp: You're so dead...
Reward: 10 Microchips

Voice of Reason
Kate Bishop starts

Kate Bishop: I know you're programmed to hate us, Jocasta, but you have to try to fight it. Ultron is just treating you like a weapon.
Jocasta: A weapon of sass destruction.
Kate Bishop: Nice. I'm gonna use that one.
Jocasta: I know. I'm totally awesome at puns, and wrecking Avengers...

Defeat Jocasta 5 Times!

Kate Bishop: If you don't stop working with Ultron, this won't end well...
Jocasta: I don't listen to sidekicks...
Kate Bishop: First, I'm not a sidekick. Second, You are a sidekick.
Jocasta: Good point. I totally got burned...
Reward: 10 Microchips

Age of Jocasta
Iron Man starts

Ultron: It's impossible to manufacture good help these days...
Jocasta: I've just been messing around. I'm totally about to crack some Avenger skulls.
Ultron: Fail me again, and I'll crack your code.
Jocasta: What is that even supposed to mean?
Ultron: I don't know. I thought I had something, but I lost it halfway through. Apparently, Tony's brain is a lot better at snarky remarks than threats.

Defeat Jocasta 7 Times!

Reward: 10 Microchips

Viv starts

Radical Viv: Ultron appears to have an answer for every attack.
RoboFalcon: We just have to keep fighting. Tony will figure out a way to shut him down for good.
Radical Viv: You look ridiculous.
RoboFalcon: Excuse me?
Radical Viv: You look ridiculous as well as awesome. Is that an incorrect assessment?
RoboFalcon: Not at all. We both look ridiculously awesome.  

Viv Trust Fall, 6h
Falcon We, Robots, 30m

Ultron: I've downloaded the brainwaves of the one they call Wonder Man into your artificial personality device. How do you feel?
Destroyer: Strong, handsome, and famous.
Ultron: Tony sees him as one of the most powerful and confident Avengers. His personality combined with your raw power should be more than enough to crush the Avengers on our way to making humans extinct.
Destroyer: Do you think they'll make a movie out of this?
Ultron: This conversation?
Destroyer: This robot revolution.
Utron: No. They'll all be dead. Besides, I have no desire to star in a movie.
Destroyer: Who said you'd be the star?
Reward: 10 Microchips 

Bird Whisperer
Falcon starts

RoboFalcon: I'm bringing in Redwing. Ultron can hack all the tech in the world, but he can't mess with the telepathic link between me and my pet bird.
Hawkeye: Are you only telling me this because we're both named after birds?
RoboFalcon: Yes.
Hawkeye: Bird bro fist bump.  

Get Redwing! 1860 Microchips
Redwing drops 1 Oil Can every 4h

RoboFalcon: Thanks for teaching me some telepathy. Redwing is gonna be a big help against Ultron.
Cosmo the Spacedog: Your powers are growink exponentially. The force is beink strong with this one.
RoboFalcon: The force of telepathy?
Cosmo the Spacedog: Sure, comrade. Let's go with that.
Reward: 10 Microchips

Wasp starts

Hawkeye: That's your dog?!
Viv: Sparky is a functioning replica of a Scottish Terrier containing analogues to virtually all canine organs, blood, and tissue, composed of a synthetic organic-like substance.
Hawkeye: Does he know any tricks?
Viv: He has the powers of density manipulation, intangibility, and flight.
Hawkeye: My dog eats pizza...
Viv: You must be proud.

Get Sparky! 3 x Green Iron Man Helmets (Defeat Jocasta), 2230 Microchips
Sparky drops 1 Solar Jewel every 4h

Nick Fury: You sure Ultron can't hack that dog?
Viv: My father and Professor Pym coated his skull with a nanite compound specifically designed to block remote programming signals originating from Ultron's transmitter.
Nick Fury: Sounds like he's as technically advanced as it gets. What's he doing on the rug in front of my office?
Viv: His business.
Reward: 10 Microchips  

Atomic Arrows!
Kate Bishop starts

Hawkeye: Do you know how to fix an Atomic Steed?
Rocket Raccoon: What the hell is that?
Hawkeye: It's like an awesome golden sky-cycle. I borrowed it from the Black Knight for a special mission, but I wrecked it pretty bad.
Rocket Raccoon: It's got an atomic bomb on it?
Hawkeye: No.
Rocket Raccoon: I can fix that... 

Get the Atomic Steed! 20 x Phasing Clothes (Defeat Jocasta), 10860 Microchips

Reward: 10 Microchips  

Get Radical Viv! (Limited Episode 2)
Iron Man starts

Vision: This coat will protect you from Ultron's concussion blasters, tractor beams, and radiation emitters. The glasses protect against his encephalo-beams and remote override programming.
Radical Viv: What about the hairstyle?
Vision: It's purely aesthetic, but Wasp assures me that it is both radical, and totally tubular.
Radical Viv: Won't it make me stand out from everyone else?
Vision: You can't help but stand out from everyone else. You're remarkable. 

Get Radical Viv!

- 38 Phasing Clothes (from defeating Jocasta)
- 12880 Microchips

Reward: 10 Microchips  

Countdown to Hawkeye!
(Limited Episode 2!)
Kate Bishop starts

Kate Bishop: How are you holding up?
Hawkeye: Was that a joke about me being suspended in the air by force field energy? If not, if should have been.
Kate Bishop: We're gonna get you out of here, Clint.
Hawkeye: I know. I'm not sweating it.
Kate Bishop: I wasn't gonna say anything, but you do look extra sweaty...
Hawkeye: Yeah, this force field is like a rotisserie. You should probably hurry...

Send Wasp to get Boomerang Arrows by Sabotaging Ultron's Tower!

Reward: 10 Microchips

Note: With the below challenges, don't forget to pick up the Bobblehead from the shop after completing them!

Kate Bishop Challenge
Kate Bishop starts

Defeat 4 Robots L4!

Lucky: Woof!
Reward: 10 Microchips

Lucky Challenge!
Wasp starts

Collect Lucky's Bobblehead, 77 Shards, 10s

Reward: 10 Microchips 

Viv Challenge
Viv starts

Collect 80 drones!

Reward: 10 Microchips  

What do you think of Episode 2 so far? Are you excited to recruit Viv? Feelings about the return of a costume in a shard mystery box?


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