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Young Avengers Special Event: Episode 2

Morning, Avengereenos!

Episode 2 of the Young Avengers Special Event is now live! Both Episode 2 and the event end on March 2nd at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.
Note: You must finish recruiting Wiccan before the end of the episode or he will disappear at that time.


How do I recruit Wiccan?
Start the quest "Get Wiccan" to invite Wiccan! He must be completely unlocked by the end of the episode or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I earn Time Bombs?
Use Time Spheres to send Black Widow, Loki, Wasp, or Stinger through the Time Portal to earn Time Bombs! Each trip will take 2 Time Spheres. 

How do I fight Kang?
Once you have finished the quest Race Against Time! and have started the quest "Defeat Kang," you will be able to fight Kang. You will need 2 Time Bombs to send your heroes to attack him.
Wiccan, Hulkling, Stinger, Wasp, Loki, and Iron Man can fight Kang!
Kang drops Anti-Matter for recruiting Wiccan. His health will reset when his timer reaches 0; his streak will not reset.

Will Anti-Matter be spent upon unlocking items?
Anti-Matter will not be spent upon unlocking the Forever Crystal, Armada Ship, Wiccan, or the Displaced Ape. 


Stark Time Machine, 495 Shards, drops 15 Anti-Matter every 12h


Race Against Time!
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I'm working with the Council of Cross-Time Kangs on Anti-Matter weapons to damage Kang's tech.
Nick Fury: Do you think it'll work?
Iron Man: Can't hurt to try.
Nick Fury: Every time you say that, something explodes.
Iron Man: You always tell me that it's fine to blow things up as long as you walk away from the explosion in slow-motion.
Nick Fury: That's what you always tell me.
Iron Man: As long as we're all on the same page.

Get 1 Time Bomb! Black Widow OR Loki OR Wasp OR Stinger ..., 4h (2 x Time Spheres)
Note: Stinger gets 2 Time Bombs, the others get 1

Iron Man: These Anti-Matter Time Bombs are powered by Arc Reactors. Should be more than enough to knock out Kang's tech.
Hulkling: Do they have to be shaped like old alarm clocks?
Iron Man: Yes.
Hulkling: Should I bother asking why?
Iron Man: It depends on how interested you are in rational answers.
Reward: 10 Credits

Defeat Kang!
Iron Man starts

: I told you what would happen if you didn't free my friends...
Kang: I told you that all of you are inconsequential. Or did I? I don't remember now. I'll have to travel back in time and check.
Hulkling: You aren't going anywhere...


Defeat Kang! 2 x Time Bombs

Hulkling: Free Wiccan. Now.
Kang: Maybe I already did. Maybe I trapped him again. Maybe you'll forever be imprisoned in an infinite loop of fighting to free your precious Wiccan.
Hulkling: I'll never stop fighting. How long do you think you can take a beating?
Reward: 10 Credits

Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I'm willing to put off hitting you for a little longer if you let me get a closer look at your Time Chair.
Kang: You never change, Tony Stark.
Iron Man: We fought before?!
Kang: A different version of you. In 1872.
Iron Man: How did I look?
Kang: The same.
Iron Man: That good? You go, 1872 Tony.

Defeat Kang 3 Times!

Iron Man: I thought far-future tech would be so much more powerful...
Kang: My technology is beyond your imagination.
Iron Man: Oh. Then I guess it's just you.
Reward: 10 Credits  

Falcon starts

: Are you from the future?
RoboFalcon: The future of your nightmares.
Kang: That doesn't make sense, but it does sound intimidating.
RoboFalcon: Everything sounds better in a robot suit.

Defeat Kang 5 Times

Kang: In the future, everyone has a jetpack.
RoboFalcon: Really?! I mean, I'm sure I'll still be the best at flying one.
Kang: I doubt it. Everyone is super good at flying jetpacks.
RoboFalcon: At least I can telepathically communicate with birds.
Kang: They teach that in future kindergarten.
RoboFalcon: Why?
Kang: I'm just a conqueror. I don't make the rules.
Reward: 10 Credits

The End of Time
Iron Man starts

: Are you gonna leave this timeline willingly, or do I have to drag you back by your goofy helmet?
Kang: Do you really want to spend the rest of your life dealing with an awkward father of the same age?
Stinger: Back home, I don't have a father at all.
Kang: I'll see what I can do about organizing a family reunion.

Defeat Kang 7 Times!

Odin: Defeated same as before, but this time I never had to lift a finger.
Kang: If I remember the final battle correctly, you lost more than a few fingers.
Odin: If you wouldn't have ran like a coward, you would have lost far more.
Kang: Precisely why I ran. It will happen again, Odin. Then the true monsters will be unleashed...
Reward: 10 Credits

Get Wiccan!

Iron Man starts

Wiccan: Doctor Strange?!
Doctor Strange: I need your help, Wiccan.
Wiccan: How could I help you? You're the Sorcerer Supreme.
Doctor Strange: For now.
Wiccan: What do you mean?!
Doctor Strange: All that's important is that I need your help to find a certain witch before it's too late. A woman who is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, and every Young Master of the Mystic Arts combined.
Wiccan: But why me?
Doctor Strange: Because you're also proficient in Chaos Magic. And she's your mother.


Get Wiccan!
- Collect 240 Anti-Matter! (Defeat Kang!)


Wiccan: Have you seen Doctor Strange?!
Hulkling: This isn't how I pictured our reunion starting...
Wiccan: Sorry, yeah, he just told me that he needs help finding my mom. He said he'd find me when it was time...
Hulkling: We just saw your mom last weekend. She made us those awesome latkes.
Wiccan: I know, but he said I have another mom, maybe my real mom, and she uses Chaos Magic like me. He said she needs help. If she doesn't get it, something crazy could happen...
Hulkling: You believed him?
Wiccan: Yeah. It's hard to explain why. As soon as he said it, I just knew it was true...
Hulkling: That's good enough for me. Let's go find your new Chaos Magic mom...

Reward: 10 Credits

Complete Chaos Pt. 1
Wiccan starts

Wiccan: I'm kind of freaking out about all this stuff with my missing witch mom...
Hulkling: Try not to worry about it. Doctor Strange will let you know when it's time to find her. Just try to take your mind off it...
Wiccan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Hulkling: I hope so...
Wiccan: Tabletop RPGs!
Hulkling: I definitely wasn't thinking what you were thinking... 

Wiccan Roll Play, 1m

Wasp: That was sooooooooo cool!
Wiccan: Thanks! You didn't think it was nerdy?
Wasp: It was sooooooooo nerdy! Instead of fantasy monsters, can you make a Boss Wasprus?!
Wiccan: The wasp walrus hybrid who doesn't take no guff from no one?!
Wasp: You play Monster Hoarder?!
Wiccan: I'm a Level Nine Master Class Hoarder!
Wasp: We're totally nerding out!
Reward: 10 Credits 

Complete Chaos Pt. 2
Wiccan starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Wiccan! Can we get you anything special?
Wiccan: Doctor Strange mentioned the school had a collection of rare magic books. I'm trying to learn everything I can about the history of Chaos Magic.
Pepper Potts: Help yourself! Just to warn you, it can get a little crowded...
Wiccan: I don't think that'll be a problem...

Wiccan Make Miracles, 2m

Loki: Only a Midgardian would conjure furniture...
Wiccan: Loki!
Loki: Yes, yes. Your geeky green boyfriend already made me aware of your Asgardian adoration. You love Asgardians. You love Loki the most because he's obviously the best Asgardian. Blah, blah, blah...
Wiccan: What do you want?
Loki: I want to know what you're doing with my father's archaic tomes.
Wiccan: I'm not sure if I should tell you...
Loki: I'm absolutely certain that you don't have a choice...
Reward: 10 Credits 

Complete Chaos Pt. 3
Wiccan starts

Odin: You'll have to forgive my son, Loki. He believes he's the only one who's allowed to tamper with my personal property. 
Wiccan: Odin...Mr. All-Father...I'm sorry...Pepper said I was allowed to borrow your books... 
Odin: You're more than welcome, Wiccan. This is a place of learning. Mostly fighting and dancing, but also learning.
Wiccan: I'm just trying to learn everything I can about Chaos Magic.
Odin: I'd love to witness a display of your powers! I may even make you an honorary Asgardian!
Wiccan: Whoa...

Upgrade Wiccan! 16 x 20-Sided Dice, 3129 Credits
Wiccan Impress Asgardians, 1m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Reward: 10 Credits

Land Before Time

Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I think I figured out a way to reverse engineer Kang's tech to send him back into the timestream.
Nick Fury: What are you waiting for?
Iron Man: A thank you.
Nick Fury: Thanks.
Iron Man: A hug would be nice.
Nick Fury: Me hugging someone is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s signal to launch the nukes.

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Iron Man: Do you want the good news or the bad news?
Nick Fury: First the good news. After that, start to give me the bad news, but take a dramatic pause right before you deliver the most ominous information.
Iron Man: ...Alright. I set one of Kang's portals to pull him back into the timestream. I erased any information on us and this timeline from his tech, so he shouldn't be able to find his way back.
Nick Fury: I'd rather have him in a cage, but I'll take it. What's the bad news?
Iron Man: He already set off some kind of time disruptor in the timefog. I'd say we have less than a week before that thing explodes, and frees...
Nick Fury: Nice dramatic pause. Go on.
Iron Man: The gigantic evil alien space dragon known as Fin Fang Foom!
Nick Fury: If we're fighting giant monsters, you better start building a giant mech.

Great news from Avengers Academy, as the Young Avengers are helping the students battle Kang, and are close to forcing him back in to the timestream. Frightening news from the rest of the world, as giant monsters are running rampant. Director Fury promises to fight back with "powerhouse heroes, renowned hunters, and a couple monsters of our own". Annoying news from me, as our producer Jeff won't admit that he stole my peanut butter sandwich from the work fridge. You aren't fooling anyone, Jeff. I got my eye on you. 
Reward: 10 Credits

Crystals Are Forever
Iron Man starts

Enchantress: What is this magnificent treasure?
Kang: The Forever Crystal.
Enchantress: I want it.
Kang: It houses a miniaturized city I conquered. Millions of enslaved lives are forever trapped inside.
Enchantress: I want it even more now...

Get the Forever Crystal! 58 Anti-Matter

Loki: What is that noise?
Enchantress: The collective screams of millions of tiny prisoners trapped in my new Forever Crystal.
Loki: No, it's the sound of you being ripped off. That thing is faker than your eyelashes.
Enchantress: You're so ugly when you're jealous.
Loki: You love my brother more than me!
Enchantress: You're even uglier when you're yelling obvious things.
Reward: 10 Credits

Ship It!
Loki starts

Odin: I don't know exactly what you're planning, Kang, but I suggest you reconsider before it costs you your life.
Kang: I appreciate the empty threat, but my Armada Ship filled with Scarab fighters has already targeted this timeline. Your fate is sealed.
Odin: Professor Pym shrank your ship.
Kang: What?!
Odin: It will look fine on the shelves of my vault. Unless I decide to jam it down your throat...

Get Kang's Armada Ship! 190 Anti-Matter

Wasp: Look at your tiny ship!
Kang: It used to be big.
Wasp: I totally don't believe you!
Reward: 10 Credits

Gorillas in the Timefog
Wasp starts

Kang: The Avengers have disposed of my army, and nearly uncovered my scheme. I need you now more than ever, Displaced Ape.
Displaced Ape: zzzzzzzzzz...
Kang: Are you sleeping with your eyes open?
Displaced Ape: zzzzzzzzzz...
Kang: It's so lonely in the timestream...

Get Displaced Ape! 630 Anti-Matter

Reward: 10 Credits

Stinger Challenge!
(The bobblehead should be in the shop for free after completion)
Wasp starts

Get Time Machine, Stark Time Machine, and Police Box!

Reward: 10 Credits

Wiccan Challenge! (The bobblehead should be in the shop for free after completion)
Wasp starts

Dance Magic Dance 4 times! 6h each time

Reward: 10 Credits 

What do you think of Episode 2? Looking forward to recruiting Wiccan? What do you think of fighting Kang?


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