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Legends Assemble! Character Profile: Odin

Odin is a new character who you could recruit during the Legends Assemble! Special Event 2017.

The All-Father!

Loki starts

Loki: How could you let them capture mother?!
Odin: Your mother will be fine, Loki. She's stronger than all of us put together.
Loki: If anything happens to her, I will never forgive you...
Odin: I have always done everything in my power to protect your mother. To protect our entire family. That will not change.
Loki: I'll set you free, but you must promise to help me rescue her...
Odin: We will show them that it is a very bad idea to mess with the first family of Asgard...

Free Odin! 100 Tridents

Odin: I will be back for you, my love.
Frigga: Thank you, but I'm more concerned about Loki. He gets himself so worked up...
Odin: He loves you more than anyone. Granted, you're the only person he loves, so...
Frigga: He loves you and Thor more than he likes to admit. But yes, he definitely does love me most.
Reward: 10 Tridents

Get Odin!
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: What is this?
Odin: The key to my personal vault beneath the campus. You've been wondering what it holds for so long, it seems only right that you should be the first one to go inside.
Black Widow: Why do you want me to go in there?
Odin: We find ourselves at war, and it remains my most powerful weapons cache outside of Asgard. Please bring me my spear Gungnir. And feel free to take something for yourself...

Recruit Odin!
- 8 Gold Torpedoes (from Helicarrier combat)
- 44 Dad Mugs
(Special Event Missions)
- 10 Eye Patches (Collect from Odin's Ravens)
- 3890 Tridents

Pepper Potts: I'm so happy you're free again, Odin! Do you need anything to help free the rest of the faculty?
Odin: I am the All-Father. I am the beginning and the end. If I need anything, I will form it from nothing.
Pepper Potts: Awesome! That'll save me a ton of work!
Reward: 10 Tridents

All-Father Knows Best Pt. 1
Odin starts

Odin: Let us spend the day together, Loki!
Loki: Why?
Odin: Because I want to spend some quality time with my son! Or daughter! Or whatever you choose to be at the moment! It'll be fun!
Loki: I suppose...

Odin Odinnap, 5m

Odin: My godly cannonball game remains on point!
Loki: I think half the pool soaked into your beard...
Odin: I'm like the Asgardian Poseidon!
Reward: 10 Tridents 

All-Father Knows Best Pt. 2
Odin starts

Odin: Shall we battle?!
Loki: For fun?
Odin: What's more fun than battle?!
Loki: So many things. But I am curious to see how my growing powers compare to yours...
Odin: I can't wait to see if you can hurt me!

Odin Odinforce, 3m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Loki: And they wonder where I get my ostentatiousness...
Odin: I always say go big or go to Muspelheim!
Reward: 10 Tridents 

All-Father Knows Best Pt. 3
Odin starts

Odin: All of this fun hath worn me out, Loki. I must recharge with the daily Odinnap.
Loki: Have you ever considered that if you were in better shape, you may not get so tired?
Odin: Never!

Upgrade Odin! 10 x Gold Torpedoes, 4130 Tridents
Odin Odinnap, 4m

Loki: Did you have a good nap?
Odin: I feel like a billion suns!
Loki: I have no had a horrible time today. We will always be at odds, but you will always be my father.
Odin: I forbid you to make your All-Father cry, Loki.
Reward: 10 Tridents  

Odinproblems Pt. 1
Odin starts

Thor: Father! I have not seen you this happy since Volstagg invented boneless short ribs!
Odin: Life is good, my son. My family is reunited. Asgard is safe. I'm getting along with Loki. What could possibly go wrong?
Thor: The one question no god should ever ask... 
Odin: I regretted it the second it passed my godly lips...

Odin Odinforce, 5m

Angela: I have bad news, father...
Odin: I should have know. Has King Laufey rallied the Giants of Jotunheim? Has Rimthursar returned? Are Kryllik and his trolls readying for revenge?
Angela: The one called Pepper claims that I'm no longer allowed to store giant monster heads in the dorm.
Odin: Oh. Well, that's not that bad of a problem...
Angela: No, it's not as bad as when you allowed the Queen of Angels to kidnap me as a baby.
Odin: Low blow, daughter. Low blow.
Reward: 10 Tridents

Odinproblems Pt. 2
Odin starts

Sif: I have bad news, All-Father...
Odin: Yes, Sif. I'm aware that you're no longer allowed to keep giant monster heads in your dorm. Just store them in New Jersey.
Sif: It's not that. Although that was a tremendous bummer.
Odin: What is it?
Sif: I have proof that we are much closer to the end of the Ragnarok Cycle than anyone imagined...

Upgrade Odin! 26 x Golden Torpedoes, 5880 Tridents


Odin Odinbrood, 3m

Loki: I thought Thor put an end to the Ragnarok Cycles...
Odin: As did I. But perhaps things changed when...
Loki: When you and your cabal of crazed faculty members changed things! It's been long enough! Tell us what you did!
Odin: To speak of it risks inviting it again...
Loki: To ignore it risks our lives!
Odin: You have always been wise, Loki. I will need your council in the wars ahead...
Reward: 10 Tridents   

Destroyer of Worlds Pt. 1
Odin starts

Odin: I need you to find out who is quickening the Ragnarok Cycle timeline, and what they hope to gain.
Loki: Why me?
Odin: Because you're the most devious liar I know.
Loki: Thank you, father. That means a lot coming from you.

Odin Odinchill, 5m

: Have you discovered anything about the villain behind the advanced Ragnarok Cycle?
Loki: We need to see my sister...
Odin: Angela is responsible?!
Loki: In her own special way...
Reward: 10 Tridents

Destroyer of Worlds Pt. 2
Odin starts

Odin: What do you know of someone tampering with the Ragnarok Cycle?
Angela: I know that someone has been trying to speed up the cycle in hopes of watching the gods of Asgard die.
Odin: Is it you?
Angela: Of course not. It's the goddess I've been trying to watch die...

Upgrade Odin! 58 x Gold Torpedoes, 9720 Tridents
Odin Odinpunch, 3m

Odin: Why didn't you tell me that you've been meddling in the realm of Hel?
Angela: It's personal.
Odin: We're family, Angela. I'm your All-Father.
Angela: My girlfriend is a prisoner of Hel. I believe the only way I can free her is to kill Hel's queen. It's more difficult than it sounds...
Odin: Hela is a difficult and powerful goddess. Hel is the most complicated of realms. But why would the queen of Hel want to bring the end of Ragnarok?
Angela: Perhaps she thinks she can possess our souls. Perhaps she just wants to watch us die...

Reward: 10 Tridents

Ready for Ragnarok Pt. 1
Odin starts

Angela: We're going to travel to Hel to wage war against its queen?
Odin: It's better if we can draw her to another realm. As I said, Hel is complicated.
Angela: And you will help rescue Sera?
Odin: I will offer to spare Hela's life in exchange for your girlfriend's release.
Angela: What if she refuses?
Odin: She will see the wrath of Odin, and it will be the last thing she ever sees...

Odin Odinnap, 4m

Loki: This attack on Hel is a trap.
Odin: How do you know?
Loki: I'm the god of lies, I have a sense for these things. Besides, I feel like I have some connection to this Hela...
Odin: Perhaps it's that you both enjoy wearing the color green...
Loki: That wouldn't explain my hatred for Enchantress...
Reward: 10 Tridents

Ready for Ragnarok Pt. 2
Odin starts

Odin: I've been unable to draw Hela from her realm, so we will travel to Hel to face her forces. If she wants war, she will have it. If she wants death, we will pile the bodies from Hel to Heven.
Loki: That's a little vivid, but sure...
Angela: Finally...
Thor: Verily!
Frigga: This is one of your worst ideas, and that is saying something...

Upgrade Odin! 96 x Gold Torpedoes, 15550 Tridents


Odin Odinproblems, 3m

Odin: I hate Hel...
Loki: She's family, isn't she?
Odin: Hela? Is that why you let her escape?
Loki: Avoiding a question is the weakest form of lying...
Odin: Your instincts are correct, Loki. It is a long and complicated story. One that spans the ages and twists reality itself...
Loki: I don't understand...
Odin: Thankfully, we are immortal, and have time to not only understand, but make things right. More importantly, we have each other...
Reward: 10 Tridents
What do you think of Odin? Were you able to recruit him?


Asgard stands with you.
Do not challenge me.
This is your time.
Prepare for battle.
Be champions.

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