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Spider-Man: Homecoming Special Event is Live!

Morning Avengers!!

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Special Event is now live in our games! In order to participate, players must download the latest update, be at Academy Level 6, and have placed Van Dyne's Outfits.  Finish the quest "Amazing Fantasy" to fully start the event! The Spider-Man: Homecoming Special Event will end on July 27th at 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT.

Episode 1 of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Special Event ends on July 6th at 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT.
Complete all gold-starred quests to advance!

***DISCLAIMER: This event I may not be able to provide as much dialogue or get info as quickly as previous events. I am not intending on buying more shards at this point in time, so once my current supply has run out, I may not be able to obtain some of the "premium" outfits or actual premium items.***


How do I recruit Spider-Man?

Start the quest "Welcome Home!" to invite Spider-Man! To recruit him to Avengers Academy, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 10 Web Canisters
(Defeat Symbiotes in Borough 1)
- 6 Aunt May's Cookies
(from the Spidey Taxi)
- 12 Cameras
(from the Bushwick Neighborhood)
- 850 Crowns
(Special Event Missions)
Once you turn in these items, Spider-Man will join the Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.
How do I unlock Reporter Wasp?
Reporter Wasp is a special, limited-time outfit for Wasp. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits after starting the quest "Get Reporter Wasp!" by turning in the following items:

- 3 Red-Eyes (Special Event Missions)
- 3 Press Badges (Wasp Obtain Press Credentials at Stark Tower)

The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Asgardian Spider-Man?
Asgardian Spider-Man is a special, limited-time outfit for Spider-Man. You can get it from Van Dyne's for 475 Shards!

This outfit allows Spider-Man to reach combat skill level 20. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the quest's timer or it will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Agent Venom?

Agent Venom is available to recruit for 545 Shards once you start the quest "Get Agent Venom"! Agent Venom is able to fight right away. He also earns combat skills for all episode 1 characters!
He must be unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.
NOTE: Downloading the Spider-Man app will not unlock Agent Venom.

How do I Fight the Giant Octobot?

Begin the quest “Venomverse” to be able to send characters to Fight the Giant Octobot.
Use Signal Jammers earned from the Mission Board to send your characters to Fight the Giant Octobot.
Fighting the Giant Octobot allows you to earn materials to battle Symbiotes.

How do I access Boroughs?

Start the quest "Venomverse" to unlock Boroughs! You can access them through the battle table icon on the right side of the screen.
Collect Energy Drinks from sending your heroes to Fight the Giant Octobot in order to send your heroes to fight Symbiotes in each Neighborhood of a Borough.
Victory in a Neighborhood can yield the following possible rewards:
- Green Disco Balls
- Combat Skills
- Crowns
- Web Canisters
- Cameras
- Foam Fingers
- Sonic Detonators

How do I battle Carnage?

Finish the quest "Venomverse", "Get Spider-Man!" and start the quest "Defeat Carnage" to battle Carnage in Park Slope of Borough 1!
You will need to complete the first 7 Neighborhoods in Borough 1 to fight Carnage using Sonic Detonators. Defeating him rewards Foam fingers and C-Level Security Cards.

How do I recruit Spider-Ham?

To recruit Spider-Ham to Avengers Academy, you'll need to defeat Carnage at streak 7. Once you do so, Spider-Ham will join the Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the quest timer or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I recruit Silk?
To recruit Silk to Avengers Academy, you'll need to collect 25 Red Scarves from the Daily Bugle. One can be collected every 24 hours. Once you turn in these items, Silk will join the Academy.

She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.
She will be unlockable by episode 4.


Homecoming Dance! 545 Shards, drops 4 Green Disco Balls per day 
Spider-Man Party Bus, 245 Shards, drops 300 Crowns every 12h
Spider-Man Homecoming Float, 445 Shards, drops 600 Crowns every 12h
Parker Industry Robot Spider, 345 Shards, drops 4 Energy Drinks per day
Large Lime Energy Drink Pack (x12), 380 ShardsSmall Lime Energy Drink Pack (x6), 240 Shards 



Amazing Fantasy
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: Any news on who's been scavenging our battle sites?
Iron Man: Not yet, but my assistant is on it.
Nick Fury: Spider-Man isn't your assistant, Stark.
Iron Man: Maybe not technically, but someone has to be in charge.
Nick Fury: I'm in charge. I've been in charge since the beginning. This is my school.
Iron Man: And you're doing a great job. Keep it up, and I'll hire you as my assistant.

Learn about the Spider-Man: Homecoming Event!
Get 5 Crowns!

Nick Fury: I'm sending a Quinjet to pick up Spider-Man. We're getting reports that whoever is scavenging our tech is turning it into more powerful weapons aimed at S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Academy.
Iron Man: Man, it must be touch knowing so many people hate you.
Nick Fury: I'm also getting reports of a group of international armored villains who teamed up for the sole purpose of killing you.
Iron Man: You don't have to change the subject, Fury. You can talk to me about your feelings.
Reward: 10 Credits

Tangled news from Avengers Academy as a mysterious villain continues to scavenge superhuman battlegrounds across the globe, repurposing the tech into villainous weapons of war. World News is also receiving reports of the first widespread Symbiote sightings since last year's attack on New York City. It's unclear whether the villain Carnage is once again leading the charge, but Spider-Man is reportedly gathering his amazing friends for whatever comes next. Is my Spider-Sense tingling, or is it the pot of coffee I just chugged?

Welcome Home!
Iron Man starts

Wasp: I thought Spider-Man already went here?
Pepper Potts: He does, but he's also enrolled in the Midtown School for Science and Technology to protect his secret identity.
Wasp: Is that the school with the teleporting dog?!
Pepper Potts: No, that's Attilan Academy.
Wasp: When are we getting a teleporting dog?
Pepper Potts: I'm working on it.

Invite Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: It's good to be back at Avengers Academy. How are you doing, Mr. Fury? You look tired. No offense.
Nick Fury: What did you find out about our scavenger?
Spider-Man: He calls himself the Vulture. He's hit every superhuman battleground, lab, and warehouse from here to Jersey. I don't know exactly what he's making, but it's big. And dangerous. And maybe it'll have a beak or bird wings. Since he's called Vulture. That's what I would do.
Nick Fury: You have any luck contacting more Spider-Heroes?
Spider-Man: Yeah, but non of them can be here right away. Spider-Verse stuff. Some of them have already been captured by Vulture's machines. But that's not the biggest problem...
Nick Fury: What are you talking about?
Spider-Man: The homecoming dance is next week. Should I ask MJ or Gwen or Black Cat? I can't even afford a tux. Even if I could, should I wear a cummerbund? Aunt May says I should just wear my best sweater because it's what's inside that counts, but that's what Aunt May always says. She's the best, but--
Reward: 10 Crowns

Get Spider-Man!
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: Welcome back!
Spider-Man: It's great to be back. I missed your lab. And your hot tub. And your cheese fridge. Mostly your cheese fridge. I might have a cheese problem...
Iron Man: Let's get to work. We can't let this Vulture guy ruin the reputation of scientists everywhere by using his tech to fly around, blowing stuff up.
Spider-Man: Isn't that what you do?
Iron Man: Yeah. There can be only one.

Recruit Spider-Man!
- 10 Web Canisters (Defeat Symbiotes in Borough 1)
- 6 Aunt May's Cookies
(from the Spidey Taxi)
- 12 Cameras
(from the Bushwick Neighborhood)
- 850 Crowns
(Special Event Missions)

Pepper Potts: Welcome back to Avengers Academy, Spider-Man! Is there anything we can get for you?
Spider-Man: Can you teach me how to talk to girls?
Pepper Potts:
Spider-Man: That's the way to talk to girls?! That's the way I talk to girls right now!
Reward: 10 Crowns

New School, New Problems Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Loki: You're hiding something, Preston Porkchop.
Spider-Man: Hiding?! I'm not hiding anything! About anything!...Did you just call me a porkchop?
Loki: Perhaps.
Spider-Man: That's weird.
Loki: Is it, though?
Spider-Man: Yeah, it's definitely what I would classify as strange behavior.
Loki: You can't keep secrets from the prince of lies...
Spider-Man: Is that you? You're the prince of lies? Is that a literal thing? Like there's a lie kingdom, and you're part of its royal family? You know what, I don't want to know. It's my first day, so I'm just gonna pretend like this never happened...

Spider-Man Sling Some Webs, 3m

Reward: 10 Crowns

Get Reporter Wasp!

Wasp starts

Reporter Wasp: I'm totally reporting for duty, Mr. Jameson!
J. Jonah Jameson: Snap to it, van Dyne! We got vultures poaching tech! Symbiotes running reckless! I counted at least three Thors out there! It's all the fault of the Spider-Menace! Papers will be flying off the newsstand!
Reporter Wasp: I totally forgot that you're the only person who can match my energy level!

Get Reporter Wasp!
- 3 Red-Eyes (Special Event Missions)
- 3 Press Badges (Wasp Obtain Press Credentials at Stark Tower)

Reporter Wasp: What should I do first, Mr. Jameson?
J. Jonah Jameson: Bring me coffee!
Reporter Wasp: Get your own coffee!
J. Jonah Jameson: Fine! Bring me pictures of the Spider-Menace!
Reporter Wasp: I'm a reporter, not a photographer!
J. Jonah Jameson: You're the one who asked me what you should do!
Reporter Wasp: YOU'RE FIRED!
J. Jonah Jameson: YOU'RE FIRED!
Reward: 10 Crowns

Get the Scoop! Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Wasp: Hey, Mr. J. Jonah Jameson! Can I call you JJJ?!
J. Jonah Jameson: No.
Wasp: Cool! I want to be a reporter for the Daily Bugle! I'm a super hard worker, I have a ton of connections, and I can totally help you solve all this mystery stuff!
J. Jonah Jameson: No.
Wasp: Why not?
J. Jonah Jameson: This isn't some playtime internet fashion blog about who wore what, and where they wore it, and who wore it better. This is real news. Old-school journalism. We get our hands dirty. We drink coffee 'til our bellies burn. We expose threats like the Spider-Menace, and punks like the Sinister Six.
Wasp: You don't think I can play dirty?! I'll start my own news site! I'll bury your stupid tree-wasting, inky finger making paper, and you'll be begging for a job from me!
J. Jonah Jameson: I like your spirit. You can start immediately.
Wasp: It's totally the outfit!

Wasp Get the Scoop! 5m

Reward: 10 Crowns


Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Do you know where all of these new Symbiotes came from?
Agent Venom: No. Osborn swears he didn't have anything to do with it, so I'm thinking they must have hitched a ride from space with Ayesha or Collector.
Black Widow: You're the only one who can control your Symbiote. Can you control the others too?
Agent Venom: I thought you controlled your Symbiote?
Black Widow: I tried, but it made me aggressive and violent.
Agent Venom: ...
Black Widow: More aggressive and violent than usual.

Battle the Giant Octobot, 4h
Defeat Symbiotes! Lime Energy Drink (Battle the Octobot OR Parker Industry Robot Spider)
Build Spider Gwen's Punk Palace! 50 Crowns

Carnage: The Symbiotes are back, man! This is our time to shine!
Venom: I'm a good guy now.
Carnage: Don't try to tell me you don't miss eatin' people. What else you gonna do with that big ol' monster mouth?
Venom: I'm trying to get on the crab eating team.
Carnage: People eat those?! Man, I've been sittin' on a gold mine! Yeeeeeeeee-haw!
Reward: 10 Crowns

Trouble on the Horizon
Iron Man starts

Doctor Octopus: Have you seen this?! It's an absolute travesty.
Spider-Man: Your haircut? Of course. I see it in my nightmares.
Doctor Octopus: Not my impeccable hairstyle, you fool. This charlatan the Vulture has stolen my Octobot designs, and used discarded technology to construct an unwieldy manifestation of mass destruction.
Spider-Man: We better build a Horizon Labs extension to craft inventions to counter his tech!
Doctor Octopus: My laboratory is superior.
Spider-Man: Because it has a frozen yogurt machine?
Doctor Octopus: Precisely.
Spider-Man: I can't argue with that.

Build Horizon Labs! 3 x Green Disco Ball (Defeat Symbiotes OR Carnage), 450 Crowns, 5m

M.O.D.O.K.: A new place for M.O.D.O.K. to play with his science friends!
Spider-Man: You even have your own lab. It's Doomsday Chair is accessible.
M.O.D.O.K.: Now M.O.D.O.K. only requires a date to next week's homecoming dance! Should M.O.D.O.K. go with MJ or Gwen or Black Cat?! M.O.D.O.K. problems!
Reward: 10 Crowns

Defeat Carnage!

Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: How'd you get out of your prison cell?!
Carnage: I'm crafty, man. I once made a hammock outta nothin' but chicken necks.
Spider-Man: You should really go back inside, Carnage. I think you do better when you don't have the world at your gross, blood-covered fingertips.
Carnage: There ain't no goin' back now, man! It's time for a good ol' classic Carnage killin' spree!


Defeat Carnage! 3 x ? (Defeat Symbiotes invading Williamsburg!)

Spider-Man: Just give this up before you or anyone else gets hurt, Carnage. You can't win this.
Carnage: I'm already winnin', man. I'm happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.
Spider-Man: And Aunt May wonders why I never have an appetite...
Reward: 10 Crowns

Spider-Man starts

Agent Venom: Spider-Man asked me to talk to you. I've been able to control my Symbiote, so he thought I might be able to help with yours.
Carnage: You Spider-Man's secretary or somethin'? You sure are pretty enough.
Agent Venom: I'm trying to help you.
Carnage: I don't want your help, man! I wanna play cornhole with your internal organs!
Agent Venom: You wanna play, psycho? Let's see what you've got...

Defeat Carnage 3 Times!
 The Collector: I see you've managed to escape your cage...
Carnage: They ain't made a cell yet that can hold ol' Carnage.
The Collector: Oh, I have plenty of experience imprisoning everything. How do you think all of your sticky little friends arrived on this planet?
Carnage: If you're so good, how'd they escape from your cages?
The Collector: Who said they escaped?
Reward: 10 Crowns

Spectacular Scavenger
Spider-Man starts

Nick Fury: We should be able to keep Carnage under control. I want you to find out everything you can about Vulture.
Reporter Wasp: I totally would, but I'm working on outfits for Spider-Man and his friends!
Nick Fury: We need to stay focused on Vulture. There are bigger problems than Parker's homecoming dance.
Reporter Wasp: First of all, outfits of any kind are always my top priority. Second, I'm actually totally making them some awesome combat stuff!
Nick Fury: Good. Keep me posted.
Reporter Wasp: I totally post stuff all the time!

Spider-Man Sling Some Webs, 30m
Wasp Get the Scoop! 4h
Upgrade Horizon Labs! 2000 Crowns, 20 x C-Level Security Card (Defeat Carnage)

Spider-Man: I finally got in touch with a few more heroes.
Nick Fury: But...
Spider-Man: Vulture got in touch with them first.
Nick Fury: Go talk to Odin. It's time we pulled out the big guns...
Reward: 10 Crowns 

Asgardian Spider-Man (7d Timer!)
Iron Man starts

Odin: This Uru woven suit will protect you from any foe, Spider-Man. You are now an honorary warrior of Asgard.
Asgardian Spider-Man: So cool! What are the stabby things for?
Odin: Every Asgardian armor must include some stabby things. So says the All-Father.

Get Asgardian Spider-Man!
475 Shards

Reward: 10 Crowns

The Silk Road
Iron Man starts

Place the Daily Bugle
Recruit Silk, 25 Red Scarves (Daily Bugle, every 24h)

Reward: 10 Crowns

Get Agent Venom!
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: Agent. What are you doing here?
Agent Venom: Project Rebirth sent me. They figured that to stop a Symbiote, you need a Symbiote of your own. Besides, nobody messes with Midtown.
Nick Fury: You sure you can control your Symbiote?
Agent Venom: Yes, sir. We're a team.
Nick Fury: Get suited up, soldier. We got a game to win.

Recruit Agent Venom! 545 Shards


Venom: If we are Venom, and you are Venom...
Agent Venom: It's best if you don't think about it too much.


Reward: 10 Crowns

Flash Point Pt. 1
Agent Venom starts

Spider-Man: Flash?! What are you doing here?
Agent Venom: I'm an agent now. You know, saving the world, that sort of thing.
Spider-Man: Does that mean you're done shoving people in lockers?
Agent Venom: Now I just shove people in lockers when they really, really deserve it.

Agent Venom Play Some Ball, 4m

Reward: 10 Crowns

Shards and Bobbleheads
Wasp starts

Get 21 Stars in Brooklyn
12 Giant Octobot Battles
Raise an Ep. 1 Character's Attack Skill to Lvl 5
: 10 Crowns (Also rewards the Agent Venom Bobblehead - it will be FREE in the shop)


It's Bananas!
Wasp starts

Wasp: Where did you find this monkey?!
Spider-Man: Where did you find this monkey?!
Wasp: I cut through the zoo on the way to my favorite pizza place last week. He followed me home, so I sewed him his own Spider-Suit. Seemed like the logical thing to do.
Wasp: I've always wanted a cute animal in Spider-Man clothes!
Spider-Ham: ...

Get Spider-Monkey! 150 Crowns

Banana Maria Hill: Tell your monkey to stop following me.
Spider-Man: Why are you dressed like a banana?
Banana Maria Hill: Why are you dressed like a spider?
Spider-Man: Because I have spider powers. I got bit by a radioactive spider. My name is Spider-Man. you have banana powers?
Banana Maria Hill: That's classified.
Reward: 10 Crowns
A Sticky Situation
Wasp starts

Reporter Wasp: Sorry I'm late, Mr. Jameson. Some Super Villains threw my taxi, and it took forever to pull the driver from the webbing.
J. Jonah Jameson: Webbing! The Spider-Menace strikes again! How evil did he look?! Did you get a photo?!
Reporter Wasp: Totally! I snapped the perfect pic just as Spider-Man was catching the taxi, and saving our lives!
J. Jonah Jameson: I can't print that.

Get the Spidey Taxi! 12 x Green Disco Balls, 690 Crowns

J. Jonah Jameson: I know you're only doing good deeds to distract the public from your evil schemes.
Spider-Man: You should give Peter Parker a raise.
J. Jonah Jameson: Because he takes the occasional picture of you? Any idiot can do that.
Spider-Man: Any idiot can publish them too.
J. Jonah Jameson: What are you, his agent?
Spider-Man: I just think he's a hard worker who has a lot of talent. And he probably needs some money for the homecoming dance.
J. Jonah Jameson: I already told him he could borrow one of my suits, and the Bugle news van.
Spider-Man: Both those things smell like an old ashtray full of burnt coffee.
J. Jonah Jameson: In the newspaper business, we call that the sweet smell of success.
Reward: 10 Crowns

Go Team!
Wasp starts

Electro: Homecoming is here! WOOOOOOOOO!
Spider-Gwen: So what?
Electro: So what?! So dancing! Football! Decorations! Mascots! It's an important event in the life of a young person! WOOOOOOOOO!
Spider-Gwen: I don't understand how you can be so excited all the time...
Wasp: Homecoming! WOOOOOOOOO!

Get the Spider-Gwen Mascot! 12 x Green Disco Balls, 15 x Foam Fingers (Defeat Symbiotes invading Williamsburg! OR Defeat Carnage), 4000 Crowns

Reward: 10 Crowns

What do you think of the Spider-Man: Homecoming Special Event so far? Excited to recruit Spider-Man? Or do you already have him? Are you going to buy Agent Venom?



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  2. I defeated carnage all seven times. Got the icon for spiderham, but no spiderham. Please help

  3. I defeated carnage all seven times. Got the icon for spiderham, but no spiderham. Please help