Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Happy Birthday AvAc! (plus Vision sale!)

Omigosh Avengers Academy is 1! How exciting!
TinyCo have dropped a lil present into our game to celebrate - woohoo!

Avengers Academy's First Birthday!
Iron Man starts

Wasp: Tony! It's our one year anniversary!
Iron Man: What should we do?
Wasp: You should build a commemorative statue!
Iron Man: Couldn't we just get a cake?
Wasp: You should totally bake a cake too!

Place the Avenger's Birthday Statue!

Loki: It's nice to see everyone celebrating the anniversary of my arrival at Avengers Academy.
Baby Cthulhu: gllerrkhh...bwaalllmmthk...mrethlkkh...
Loki: No one asked for your opinion, Baby Cthulhu.
Reward: 50 Shards

On top of that, there is a sale on Vision! 995 Shards reduced to 535! So if you were waiting for a chance to recruit him in this event, that time is now!

So there you have it! A cool new deco AND free shards?! Winner!


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