Friday, 30 December 2016

A-Force Special Event: Episode 4

Hi there, Avengers!

Episode 4 of the A-Force Special Event is now live! It will end on January 5th at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.


How do I recruit Angela?

Start the quest "The Wild Hunt" to recruit Angela! She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I fight Malekith and his Dark Elves?

You must take out Malekith's Dark Elf guards before you can fight Malekith. Beware: you must defeat them in one shot or they will return to full health!
Once you defeat the Dark Elf guards, you will be able to fight Malekith. You will need Iron Cannons from Episode 4 Sleigh Cycles to battle both Malekith and his guards.
Rogue Spider-Woman, Healer Singularity, Archer Wasp, She-Hulk, Blacksmith Iron Man, Paladin Thor, Huntress Angela, Lady Loki, and Captain Marvel can fight Malekith and the Dark Elves!

How do I access Episode 4 Sleigh Cycles?

You will need 5 Iron Cannonballs from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles and 2 Iron Ore from fighting Frost Giants to access Episode 4 Sleigh Cycles.
Use Episode 4 Sleigh Cycles to collect Iron Cannons to battle Malekith and his guards, Power Attacks, and combat skills!

How do I unlock Huntress Angela?
Huntress Angela is a special, limited-time outfit for Angela. You can get it from Van Dyne's.
Blades of Ichor will not drop from Dark Elves until after you have recruited Angela to your Academy.
The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the timer for the quest "Get Huntress Angela" or the end of the event or it will disappear at that time.
This outfit is required for Angela to participate in boss battles.

How do I unlock Captain Marvel?

Complete up to Episode 4 objectives to unlock Captain Marvel! The requirements to start the process are:
- Recruit: Thor, Singularity, America Chavez, and Angela
- Unlock: Blacksmith Iron Man, Archer Wasp, and Lady Loki
- Complete all gold-outlined quests
- Start the quest "Get Captain Marvel"
Once you have completed these requirements, you will be able to recruit Captain Marvel! To recruit Captain Marvel to Avengers Academy, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 4 Astronaut Helmets (from Captain Marvel's Space Station)
- 11000 Odin Treasures

Once you turn in these items, Captain Marvel will join the Academy. She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I obtain Malekith's Cell?

Get Malekith's Cell from Winter Wonders! To obtain Malekith's Cell, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 66 Gold Ornaments (from defeating Malekith)


Holiday Food Fight, 175 Shards, 10s, drops 3 Gold Ornaments every 24h
Nick Fury Snowman, 1000 Odin Treasures, 10s (deco)


The Wild Hunt
Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): I'm going to get you out of here, Angela.
Angela: I can free myself. I think I've finally decided.
Thor(f): Decided what?
Angela: Who I should kill first...

Free Angela, 500 Odin Treasures

Odin: It's good to see you, daughter.
Angela: I told you we should have destroyed Malekith before he ever got his hands on the Casket.
Odin: We will. You have to be patient.
Angela: Patience is for cowards.
Odin: Like All-Father, like daughter. This truly is the best holiday ever.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get Angela!
Thor(f) starts

Lady Loki: Welcome to Avengers Academy, sister.
Angela: I'm only here to finish my hunt of Malekith. I have business in other realms.
Lady Loki: If that business involves eliminating the rules of those realms, I would be happy to assist...
Angela: Hmm. I suppose I could find some use for a snarky sidekick. 

Recruit Angela!
- 7 Gold Ornaments (from defeating Malekith)
- 6 Demon Skulls
(from Angela's Trophy)
- 12 Red Ornaments
(from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles)
- 10000 Odin Treasures


Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Angela! Is there anything we can get for you?
Angela: Weapons.
Pepper Potts: Any kind in particular?
Angela: The deadly kind.
Pepper Potts: I'll show you what we have in lost and found...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Hevenly Pt. 1
Angela starts

Angela: There are abominable beasts about...
Pepper Potts: Snow monsters?
Angela: Worry not. I will decorate my dormitory with their bones, and wear their flesh for warmth.
Pepper Potts: Yeah, that's not worrying at all...

Angela Hunt Beasts, 1m

Angela: The beast is wily, but I don't give up so easy...
Pepper Potts: What if it's nice?
Angela: You mean, as a throw rug?
Pepper Potts: No.
Angela: Of course. You mean it'll make a nice meal.
Pepper Potts: No! I mean, maybe it's a nice creature that's just minding its own business.
Angela: We won't know for sure until I kill it.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Hevenly Pt. 2
Angela starts

Angela: Where's the Academy slaughterhouse?
Pepper Potts: We don't have one. Why would you want one?
Angela: Isn't this the time of lunch?
Pepper Potts: Yeah, but we don't eat lunch in a slaughterhouse. We have a shawarma stand, and the club serves food.
Angela: I only eat what's been recently slaughtered, or what I've just slaughtered with my own hands.
Pepper Potts: You use the word 'slaughter' more than anyone I've ever met.

Angela Grab a Snack, 1m15s

Lady Loki: Were you seriously going to eat that creature?
Angela: I was, but I threw it back for being too small. I have the same policy on siblings.
Lady Loki: I was ready to embrace you as my sister, but you've been aggressive and rude from the beginning. I'm the only one who's allowed to act like that.
Angela: Whatever you say, Karaoke.
Lady Loki: How dare you use dismissive nicknames?! I invented that! Ask anyone!
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Hevenly Pt. 3
Angela starts

Angela: I've been giving you a hard time, Loki, but I only wanted to test your mettle. I can't have a sibling who lacks fight.
Lady Loki: I suppose I can forgive your behavior. I'll still probably do something horrible to you when you least expect it.
Angela: Let's share a drink. You can tell me all about your Asgardian upbringing.
Lady Loki: Where to begin? Have you met Thor yet? He's the worst... 

Upgrade Angela! 7 x Red Ornaments, 2 x Gold Ornaments, 3300 Odin Treasures
Angela Force Bonds, 55s, requires Loki
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Lady Loki: You aren't absolutely awful, sister. Be sure to call on me when you make your move on the throne of Hel.
Angela: Likewise for your pursuit of the throne of Asgard. I refuse to fight father, but I'm sure he won't mind me killing a couple hundred of his guards.
Lady Loki: We'll make it a holiday tradition.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Siblings Pt. 1
Angela starts

Thor: Sister! I've been waiting forever to meet you even though I just found out you exist!
Angela: That doesn't make sense...
Thor: Verily! Usually, when things don't make sense, I bash them with the mighty Mjolnir!
Angela: Perhaps we are related... 

Angela Discuss Targets, 1m

Thor: You look disturbed. Has Loki bothered you? He means well, but can't help himself. I love him, but sometimes I lose my patience, and throw him into space.
Angela: We get along fine. I'm just distracted by the feeling that there are monsters looming. My instincts are rarely wrong.
Thor: You should speak with the Lady Sif! She's the finest monster hunter in all the Nine Realsm!
Angela: Ten Realms.
Thor: Are you certain?
Angela: Yes. I'm from the tenth.
Thor: My mind hath been blown...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Siblings Pt .2
Angela starts

Angela: Thor said I should speak to you about the monsters being unleashed upon Midgard.
Sif: No one believes me. Someone is using Malekith's distraction to free and even create these creatures. Some seem to be dormant, but that won't last long.
Angela: We should hunt these monsters down before it's too late.
Sif: Monster hunter bros!
Angela: I don't understand what you're doing...
Sif: It's a Midgardian thing...

Upgrade Angela! 10 x Red Ornaments, 2 x Gold Ornaments, 4000 Odin Treasures


Angela Train for the Hunt, 45s
Angela Hunt Beasts, 1m

Angela: I never thought Hela would send her forces to Midgard...
Sif: I'll hunt down the monsters. You worry about the Helspawn that's been sent here to destroy you.
Angela: Hela is the one who should be worried...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Guardian Angela Pt. 1
Angela starts

Angela: I want my weapons back.
Yondu: I ain't got the slightest idea what you mean.
Angela: I stashed my weapon cache at the Conservatory when Thanos made his play on the school. You went back and stole them. I need them back. Now.
Yondu: What you gonna do for me?
Angela: Not flay your flesh, and feed you to a horde of Helspawn. 
Yondu: That sounds agreeable...

Angela Grab a Snack, 1m15s

Yondu: You got your weapons back. We square now?
Angela: For now, but I may need more. Conquering Hel is only the beginning...

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Guardian Angel Pt. 2
Angela starts

Odin: When were you planning on telling me that Hela had sent her Helspawn her to hunt you down?
Angela: Never.
Odin: Being strong doesn't mean you can never ask for help, Angela.
Angela: Is that what you would do?
Odin: No. I'm almost as stubborn as you.

Upgrade Angela! 15 x Red Ornaments, 3 x Gold Ornaments, 4700 Odin Treasures
Angela Hunt Helspawn, 1m

Odin: Are you alright?
Angela: I'm fine. Now that the Helspawn are done, it's time to finish their queen...
Odin: Let me help you. I thought I'd lost you the first time. I swore to myself I would never let it happen again.
Angela: This is my fight, father. At least if I die, I'll already be in Hel...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Hel and Back Pt. 1
Angela starts

America Chavez: You shouldn't do this alone...
Angela: I already told you I'm spoken for.
America Chavez: I'm not hitting on you. Why do you always think everyone is hitting on you?
Angela: Why wouldn't they be?
America Chavez: I'm already regretting it, but I want to help you. You can't run into Hel to kill the queen, and save your dead girlfriend all by yourself...
Angela: I appreciate your bravery and friendship, America Chavez, but only one of us belongs in Hel...

Angela Hunt Beasts, 1m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Lady Loki: You were supposed to tell me when you made your move on Hela's throne...
Angela: I wanted more time to prepare. She's not giving me a choice.
Lady Loki: Let me help you. She certainly won't be prepared for the both of us.
Angela: I've told enough people that this is something I must do alone.
Lady Loki: That's not what I'm offering. You think I would step foot in Hel? Please. I have standards...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Hel and Back Pt. 2
Angela starts

Lady Loki: Hela knows you're coming. She knows you'll be looking for your girlfriend. It will be nearly impossible for you both to escape her realm.
Angela: If I wait, she'll continue to send her forces after me. I have to face her there. I have to save Sera.
Lady Loki: You're so lucky to be related to Loki. Place this amulet around your girlfriend's neck. It will make her appear as one of Hela's Draugr warriors. If nothing else, she'll be able to escape without you.
Angela: Thank you, Loki. I will not forget this. I owe you.
Lady Loki: I know you do. I won't forget either...

Upgrade Angela! 16 x Red Ornaments, 3 x Gold Ornaments, 5400 Odin Treasures


Angela Visit Hel, 1m
Angela Forge Bonds, 1m, requires Loki

Lady Loki: What happened?
Angela: The disguise from your amulet worked, but Sera couldn't move past Hel's gates. Her soul belongs there now Hela's hordes pushed me from the gates, and she somehow transported the entire realm.
Lady Loki: Don't worry, sister. We will find a way to rescue your girlfriend.
Angela: And a way to get my revenge on Hela...
Lady Loki: I'm sure we can figure out something...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Save the Holidays!
America Chavez starts

Malekith: You're too late! The Casket of Ancient Winters can no longer be closed. Midgard is doomed!
America Chavez: Is it too late to punch you in the face?
Malekith: ...No?
America Chavez: Then I'm right on time. 

Defeat Malekith!
Dark Elf 1731 HP (requires Iron Cannons) + Malekith 1731 HP (requires Iron Cannons)

N.B. Guard returns after 16h

Odin: Where's the Destroyer?!
Malekith: What are you talking about?
Odin: Your Elves broke into the Temple of Darkness, and stole my enchanted Destroyer armor! It could destroy us all!
Malekith: Hence the name.
Odin: Where is it?!
Malekith: I have no idea. You have many enemies, Odin. Some of them live right under your beard...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Asgard's Assassin
Loki starts

Angela: It's time we finished this...
Malekith: You're the one who's been following me. Odin's lost daughter. Asgard's assassin.
Angela: I'm glad that it took us so long to come face to face. It gave me time to decide where to put your head in my trophy case.

Defeat Malekith 3 Times!

Dark Elf: You don't look so good, boss.
Malekith: That's strange. I wonder if it's due to the fact that you're worthless, so I've had to fight A-Force and the Avengers myself, and they've pummeled me countless times over the past two weeks.
Dark Elf: Yeah, it's been a pretty big blow to my self-esteem.
Malekith: I'm sorry your feelings are hurt.
Dark Elf: Thanks, Malekith. It helps to know that you have my back.
Malekith: I'm being sarcastic. I hate you.
Dark Elf: Bummer. Looks like my only real friend is Rock Bottom...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Captain's Orders
Black Widow starts

Captain Marvel: Shut up.
Malekith: I never said anything.
Captain Marvel: I know, but you seem like the villainous speech type, and I don't wanna hear it.
Malekith: I'm Malekith the Accursed! Ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim! Master of the Hounds! The greatest wielder of--
Captain Marvel: You probably can't hear me over your own screaming, but I'm doing a big exasperated sigh right now.

Defeat Malekith 5 Times!

Malekith: This can't be possible. Everything was going according to plan...
Captain Marvel: Your plan or Thanos's plan?
Malekith: You know him?
Captain Marvel: I went to school with him. My locker was right next to his. It sucked.
Malekith: He'll destroy us all...
Captain Marvel: We'll see. He said the same thing before I beat him in arm wrestling.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Great news from Avengers Academy as A-Force and the Avengers have managed to turn the tide against the Frost Giants and Dark Elves, and are in the process of imprisoning Malekith. Angela and the Mighty Thor are returning the Casket of Ancient Winters to Odin's vaults in Asgard as we speak. Meanwhile, the reclusive hero Hawkeye is gathering a team of this closest allies to deal with a potentially apocalyptic situation he describes as, "robots and stuff." Like many of our viewers, World News has been experiencing technical difficulties, but I can assure you that our new slogan is not, "We are Ultron." At first, I thought it said, " We are Awesome." The logo could be me riding a motorcycle over a volcano while playing the saxophone. My sidekick could be an alligator with sunglasses. Yeah. That would be awesome. 

Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): It only seemed right that I should be the one to strike the final blow.
Malekith: I have one more trick up my sleeve...
Thor(f): Then perhaps I'll start by tearing your arms off... 

Defeat Malekith 7 Times!

Lady Loki: When will you learn to stop challenging Asgard and its allies?
Malekith: When I've danced in its ashes.
Lady Loki: Never disrespect the sanctity of dance!
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Hawks and Bots

Loki starts

Odin: Malekith is nearly finished. Can I trust you to seal and secure the Casket of Ancient Winters?
Lady Loki: Can you, or should you?

Odin: Loki...
Lady Loki: I'l take care of it, father. You go Odinsleep off your holiday feast.
Odin: Did you steal the Destroyer armor?
Lady Loki: Everyone knows it's impossible for someone to break into the Temple of Darkness.
Odin: Then it must not have been someone. It had to be some thing...

Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Lady Loki: The Casket of Ancient Winters is closed and secure. Father wants you to return it to the vaults in Asgard.
Thor(f): It's still open next to Malekith's ship...
Lady Loki: I crafted a fake to keep them here until we're able to imprison Malekith.
Thor(f): How do I know the one you just gave me isn't a fake?
Lady Loki: I like you, Thorita. My brother never thinks to ask those type of questions.
Thor(f): You didn't answer...
Lady Loki: No. I didn't.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

First Place
Singularity starts

Angela: I need somewhere to place my latest trophy.
Singularity: Neat! Is it shiny?! Is there a tiny bowling man?!
Angela: It's a gigantic, decapitated monster head.
Singularity: Let's go bowling!

Get Angela's Trophy! 4 x Red Ornaments, 3 x Gold Ornaments (Defeat Malekith!), 2800 Odin Treasures, 10s

Sif: Nice giant monster skull.
Angela: Nice giant dragon skull.
Sif: What sword do you use?
Angela: Xiphos the Sword of the Stars. How about you?
Sif: Sword of Sif. It's enchanted by Odin. It cleaves passageways between dimensions by a spacial pattern of swinging motions.
Angela: My jealousy knows no bounds.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Extra Space
Iron Man starts

Captain Marvel: I had my team build a scaled-down version of the Alpha Fight Low-Orbit Space Station. It's weaponized, has some of the same functionality, and keeps a direct link to our main station.
Iron Man: My own space station...
Captain Marvel: It's my space station. I'm the captain.
Iron Man: I've always wanted my own space station...
Captain Marvel: You can't have my space station, Tony.
Iron Man: Can I at least see inside?
Captain Marvel: Of course. I could use a good engineer.

Get the Space Station! 6 x Red Ornaments, 11 x Gold Ornaments, 3000 Odin Treasures, 10s

Rocket Raccoon: What's this hunk of hunk supposed to be?
Captain Marvel: My satellite space station. You're one to talk with your garbage ship.
Rocket Raccoon: My ship'll outrun this piece of crap any day!
Captain Marvel: Space stations aren't for racing, idiot.
Rocket Raccoon: I know that! I'm mad so I'm yelling things!
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Beast Mode
Loki starts

Winter Soldier
: We hunted them, they found us first. You're an angel, I'm the worst. They called us blessed, but we were cursed. Death is coming, I'll go first.
Angela: Is this witchcraft?
Winter Soldier: It's a lyrical assassination.
Angela: Who are you?
Winter Soldier: You can't have winter without Winter Soldier.
Angela: What do you want? I'm busy hunting a Jotunheim beast.
Winter Soldier: Bring it to my open mic night. Mythical creatures like my vibe.

Get the Jotunheim Beast! 18 x Gold Ornaments, 50 x Blue Ornaments, 50 x Red Ornaments, 15000 Odin Treasures, 10s

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

You can also now get Malekith's Cell, 66 Gold Ornaments, 10s


Note: After completing the bobblehead challenges, the bobblehead you won will be available for free in the shop!

America Chavez Bobblehead Challenge
America Chavez starts

Collect 4 Power Attacks from Episode 4 Sleigh Rides!

Reward: 100 Odin Treasures

Angela Bobblehead Challenge
Angela starts

Open 50 Asgardian Chests!

Angela: Well done!
Reward: 100 Odin Treasures

Captain Marvel Bobblehead Challenge
Thor starts

Collect all 4 Bonus Prizes! (from the Winter Wonders tab)

Reward: 100 Odin Treasures 

She-Hulk Bobblehead Challenge
She-Hulk starts

Defeat Episode 4 Malekith Streak 6!

She-Hulk: Sensational!
Reward: 100 Odin Treasures 

What do you think of Episode 4 so far? Excited to get Angela? What about Captain Marvel?


Monday, 26 December 2016

A-Force Special Event Premium Character Outfit: Rogue Spider-Woman

Get Rogue Spider-Woman! (Quest only time limit 2d)
Wasp starts

Rogue Spider-Woman: Thanks for the outfit, Wasp! I love it!
Wasp: You're totally welcome! It was Odin's idea because he said it fits your skills, and Tony made special goggles! They have infrared, and X-Ray, and other awesome stuff I stopped listening to!
Rogue Spider-Woman: This'll be perfect for getting intel on Malekith, and finally finding out what the faculty is hiding.
Wasp: And stabbing and stealing!

Get Rogue Spider-Woman! 345 Shards

Black Widow: I'm not jealous.
Rogue Spider-Woman: You shouldn't be. You get awesome outfits all the time.
Black Widow: I'm a little bit jealous.
Rogue Spider-Woman: You should be. It's amazing!

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Stealth Mode Pt. 1
Spider-Woman starts

Rogue Spider-Woman: I'll get as close to Malekith and the Frost Giants as I can without being noticed.
Black Widow: I'll check the campus for clues to their next move.
Rogue Spider-Woman: We should work together more. Team Mysterious Spider Spy Ladies
Black Widow: That's the worst team name I've ever heard, but sure.

Spider-Woman Scout the Perimeter, 2m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: There's a lot of weird computer activity on the campus, but I don't think it's coming from Malekith. Not sure what's going on...
Rogue Spider-Woman: I don't know, but Malekith's ship is transmitting everything that's happening. Someone is watching everything we do.
Black Widow: Can you tell where the signal is going?
Rogue Spider-Woman: Space.
Black Widow: That's not very specific.
Rogue Spider-Woman: I told you I was mysterious.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Stealth Mode Pt. 2
Spider-Woman starts

Rogue Spider-Woman: Malekith is working with someone in space, and I think it might be related to what the faculty is hiding at the Academy. 
Wasp: You think they're working together?!
Rogue Spider-Woman: No, I just think the two are related somehow. Can you cause a distraction?
Wasp: I'm super distracting!

Spider-Woman Pick Pockets, 1m
Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m

Wasp: Did you find anything in Mr. Odin's pockets?
Rogue Spider-Woman: Too many things. I'm most worried about his list...
Wasp: He's probably just checking it twice to find out who's naughty and nice.
Rogue Spider-Woman: It's a list of every villain we've fought in the exact order we fought them, but it was clearly written before any of that happened...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Stealth Mode Pt. 3
Spider-Woman starts

Rogue Spider-Woman: I need your help.
Punisher: Ask somebody helpful.
Rogue Spider-Woman: Odin has an old list of every villain we've fought in the order we've fought them. Somehow the faculty knows what's going to happen before it happens.
Punisher: Good for them.
Rogue Spider-Woman: The list ends with Thanos. Tell me how to punish him to the point that he can't make it here. Ever. I don't know how they know he's the endgame, but I have a feeling they don't know how to stop him...
Punisher: You should always open with something about punishing.

Spider-Woman Spider Glide, 1m

Punisher: Did you find out exactly where Malekith's signal is going?
Rogue Spider-Woman: Yeah, but I don't understand how you know he's transmitting to Thanos...
Punisher: I know people. They tell me things.
Rogue Spider-Woman: I never pictured you having friends...
Punisher: I never said they were friends. I got other was of making people tell me things.
Rogue Spider-Woman: And you found a way to stop Thanos from getting here?
Punisher: We'll need to get into some tough places. Steal some things that never belonged here in the first place. Should be enough to keep him busy.
Rogue Spider-Woman: We?
Punisher: We wear black and hurt people. Might as well do it together.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

What do you think of Rogue Spider-Woman? Did you purchase this outfit?


A-Force Special Event: Episode 3!

Hi there, Avengers!

Episode 3 of the A-Force Special Event is now live! It will end on December 29th, 3 pm PST/6 pm EST. (Apologies for the lateness of this post - Christmas time is very busy!)


How do I recruit America Chavez?
Reach the quest "Born Free" to start recruiting America Chavez! She must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Lady Loki?
Lady Loki is a special, limited-time outfit for Loki. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits. The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time.
Lady Loki is not required to progress on to Episode 4.

How do I fight Malekith?

Once you begin the quest "Defeat Malekith," you will be able to fight Malekith. You will need Iron Catapults from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles to fight him!
Blacksmith Iron Man, Archer Wasp, Paladin Thor, Healer Singularity, Lady Loki, Rogue Spider-Woman and Knight America Chavez can fight Malekith. He will drop Odin Treasures and Red Ornaments needed to unlock America Chavez and Lady Loki.
At later streaks, he also drops Red Hoodies to unlock Knight America Chavez. You will need to defeat his 8th streak to obtain enough Red Hoodies to unlock the outfit.

How do I access Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles?

You will need 5 Iron Boulders from Episode 2 Sleigh Cycles and 3 Iron Ore from fighting Frost Giants to access Episode 3 Sleigh Rides.
Use Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles to collect Iron Catapults to battle the Dark Elf, Norn Stones to unlock Lady Loki, and combat skills to upgrade your characters' health and attack!

How do I raise my characters' combat stats?
Once you have obtained combat skills from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles, you will be able to upgrade your heroes' health and attack.
Open the Combat Skills Menu to make your characters stronger!

How do I unlock Knight America Chavez?
Knight America Chavez is a special, limited-time outfit for America Chavez. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits.
The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the timer for the quest "Get Knight America Chavez!" or it will disappear at that time.
This outfit is required for America Chavez to participate in boss battles.
How do I unlock Rogue Spider-Woman?
Rogue Spider-Woman is a special, limited-time outfit for Spider-Woman. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits for 345 shards!
This outfit allows Spider-Woman to participate in combat for this event. The outfit is available until the end of the event!

How do I recruit Sif?
Sif is available to recruit for 545 Shards! You can find her in the Shop.
Having Sif at your Academy allows health packs to drop from the A-Force Special Event Mission Board and increases the rate of Bubblegum drops. She also increases the drop rate of Norn Stones from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycles!
If you already have Sif from Civil War, she will also receive these benefits. She is available until the end of the event!


Holiday Gift Exchange, 395 Shards, 10s, drops 6 Red Ornaments every 24h


Born Free
Singularity starts

She-Hulk: We're getting you out of here, America.
America Chavez: I would say thank you, but I've been in a block of ice for three weeks, so all of my thanking parts are dead and frozen.
She-Hulk: You still wouldn't say thank you.
America Chavez: I hate that you know me so well.

Free America Chavez! 500 Odin Treasures

: America Chavez is here!
America Chavez: You only like me for my star aesthetic...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Get America Chavez!
Thor(f) starts

America Chavez
: Help me get what I need so we can take it to Malekith and the Frost Giants...
Thor(f): What's your plan?
America Chavez: Punch everyone.
Thor(f): A plan fit for a Thunder Goddess!

Recruit America Chavez!
- 6 Sharks (from America's Shark Tank)
- 20 Red Ornaments (from defeating Malekith)
- 72 Bubblegum (Special Event Missions)
- 8000 Odin Treasures

Malekith: Do you honestly think you can stop me?
America Chavez: All I know is that when I punch a Frost Giant in the face, its head explodes into a cloud of snowflakes. I wonder what yours does...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Take a Swing Pt. 1
America Chavez starts

Singularity: Where are you going?!
America Chavez: Home. The Utopian Parallel. My moms want me to check in if I'm in a different dimension for more than a month.
Singularity: Been there! Cool ladies!
America Chavez: Yeah, it's pretty decent... 

America Chavez Kick into Dimensions, 1m

Singularity: Cool portals!
America Chavez: Anybody can create a portal. I like to put my own spin on it.
Singularity: Teach me kicks!
America Chavez: I could teach you how to kick, but nobody kicks like me.
Singularity: Moms taught you?
America Chavez: Yeah, but they spent a lot more time telling me what not to kick.
Singularity: Wish I had moms...
America Chavez: You don't need moms. You have friends.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Take a Swing Pt. 2
America Chavez starts

Lady Loki: Creating portals to travel between realities is quite the talent. The star shapes seem a little desperate, but perhaps that's just me...
America Chavez: Do you usually just walk up to people, and start talking to them about their personal portals?
Lady Loki: I usually challenge them to a dance battle.
America Chavez: I haven't been dancing since I danced away a universal hole. Only seemed right to retire my dancing boots after that.
Lady Loki: Between your portals and extra dimensional powers, and my cunning and devastating grace, we could achieve amazing things...
America Chavez: There's only one thing standing in our way...
Lady Loki: Tell me.
America Chavez: Lunch. I'm starving. Move.

America Chavez Eat in Peace, 2m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

America Chavez: Tell your crew to stay away from my food.
Squirrel Girl: You snoozed and losed, America. A squirrel's gotta eat.
America Chavez: Do you know how far I could throw a squirrel?
Squirrel Girl: How far?!
America Chavez: I don't know exactly. Pretty far. I'm strong.
Squirrel Girl: Tippy Toe has her own Iron Man armor. Let's see if she'll let you throw her to the moon!
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Take a Swing Pt. 3
America Chavez starts

Singularity: Let's have fun!
America Chavez: That actually sounds good. I need a break from the squirrels and the Lokis.
Singularity: What do we do?!
America Chavez: Break something. Something big.
Singularity: America, no!
Singularity: America, yes... 

Upgrade America Chavez! 4 Blue Ornaments, 18 Red Ornaments, 2900 Odin Treasures
America Chavez Take a Swing, 1m
Singularity Slide! 3m

Singularity: Fun!
America Chavez: Yup. You're alright, Singularity.
Singularity: Yay! What now?!
America Chavez: It's time I got down to business...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Problem Solving Pt. 1
America Chavez starts

Lady Loki: I'll be having that dance now...
America Chavez: You're even pushier than Angela.
Lady Loki: And infinitely more fabulous.
America Chavez: Are you hitting on me, or trying to work with me, or trying to trick me? Seriously. What's your deal?
Lady Loki: Why are mortals always so interested in transforming multiple possibilities into one? It's terribly limiting.
America Chavez: I just like to know who I'm dealing with...
Lady Loki: You're dealing with Loki. And when you deal with Loki, you dance...

America Chavez Kick It, 1m
Loki Master the Dance Floor, 2h

Lady Loki: Was that so horrible?
America Chavez: Only if you're trying to trick me. I'll be really mad at myself for not punching you sooner.
Lady Loki: I think we can make a fair trade, Asparagus Chavez. Your dimensional travels give you access to something I've been wanting for a very long time...
America Chavez: I'm supposed to run your errands?
Lady Loki: I told you it was a trade. Get me what I want, and I'll tell you how to keep your home dimension from dying...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Problem Solving Pt. 2
America Chavez starts

America Chavez: My home dimension is dying?
Lady Loki: It's not dying. It's about to die. At the moment, everything seems fine. Sometime very soon, your home and everyone in it will be smeared across the Multiverse.
America Chavez: How?!
Lady Loki: Get me what I need, and I'll tell you. I may even tell you how to stop it...
America Chavez: If you're lying, I'm gonna rip that smirk out of your jaw...
Lady Loki: I'm almost always lying, Asparagus. Almost... 

Upgrade America Chavez! 6 x Blue Ornaments, 24 x Red Ornaments, 3600 Odin Treasures
America Chavez Order Delivery, 4m
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Lady Loki: Did he have what I want?
America Chavez: I barely know the guy. You can ask him yourself when he gets here. Says you're welcome to visit his whole collection.
Lady Loki: You've played your part, Asparagus. Now is the time when I either do as I promised, or stay true to my nature...
America Chavez: You'll either keep breathing, or you won't.
Lady Loki: Your home dimension is about to be ripped into the common Multiverse. It may destroy both, but will certainly destroy yours. It's only a matter of time. And yes, that's the truth.
America Chavez: How do I stop it?
Lady Loki: I only promised to tell you what was happening. I said I might tell you how to stop it, but I honestly have no idea. And yes, that's also the truth...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Defy Expectations Pt. 1
America Chavez starts

America Chavez: I hear you're the science guy...
Hank Pym: Amazing!
America Chavez: Loki says the Utopian Parallel is about to be destroyed. I need to know if it's true, and how to stop it.
Hank Pym: If you can get me firsthand information from their scientists, I'm sure we can save your dimension!
America Chavez: What makes you so sure? 
Hank Pym: My extradimensional super-science senses are tingling!

America Chavez Kick into Dimensions, 1m

NOTE: The following four lines are paraphrased, my netbook crashed, apologies.

Hank Pym: Were you able to contact the Utopian Parallel?
America Chavez: Yes, but you'd better fix this soon. My moms are talking about sacrificing themselves to help us.
Hank Pym: Don't worry, I won't let that happen again.
America Chavez: Again?
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Defy Expectations Pt. 2
America Chavez starts

Hank Pym: The danger to your home dimension stems from the fact that multiple black holes are pulling it in multiple directions, attempting to rip it into the common Multiverse.
America Chavez: How do we stop it?
Hank Pym: I've built a handheld transdimensional teleportation amplifier. Combined with the power of an Arc Reactor, it could be enough to transport the surrounding black holes to a different location.
America Chavez: Where?
Hank Pym: Wherever I want them to go.
America Chavez: That sounds weirdly ominous...
Hank Pym: These are ominous times, America Chavez. I'm usually weirdly giddy. 

Upgrade America Chavez! 8 x Blue Ornaments, 30 x Red Ornaments, 4300 Odin Treasures
America Chavez Don't Use the Quinjet, 5m

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

The Night Before
America Chavez starts

Singularity: We did things!
America Chavez: Yeah, any week when you defeat an evil elf king, and get a shark for a pet is a win in my book.
Singularity: Party!
America Chavez: We should probably wait until we close the Casket of Ancient Winters, but I am gonna take a well-deserved lunch break.
Singularity: You're the best at breaking things!
America Chavez: Thank you for noticing. 

America Chavez Eat in Peace, 8h

Malekith: Put out the call to every Dark Elf. We have to hold off the Avengers and A-Force until this entire planet is frozen.
Dark Elf: Yes, Malekith.
Malekith: Actually, tell everyone except Gurmil. I hate that guy.
Dark Elf: He's really not that bad when you get to know him...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Defeat Malekith!

Singularity starts

Malekith: Sometimes I wonder why I bother with minions...
Singularity: Power trip!
Malekith: What exactly are you?
Singularity: I'm a hero!
Malekith: This is a very bad day to be a hero...

Defeat Malekith! requires 1 Iron Catapult per fighter (Get from Episode 3 Sleigh Cycle)

Singularity: We beat you up!
Malekith: You did nothing. And when the Casket of Ancient Winters freezes this planet, you'll spend all of eternity in frozen nothingness...
Singularity: I'll ice skate!
Malekith: You can't ice skate if you're dead.
Singularity: I can't die!
Malekith: Oh. Well, if that's true I'll need to brainstorm more on a cool sounding threat...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Thor(f) starts

Thor(f): Close the Casket of Ancient Winters, Malekith. You cannot win.
Malekith: You Thors and your self-assured declarations. There are plans in motion that you couldn't begin to comprehend.
Thor(f): It isn't complicated. Leave now or be destroyed.
Malekith: It's incredibly complicated. The reality is, we may both be destroyed... 

Defeat Malekith 3 Times!

Odin: Who are you working with?!
Malekeith: You don't have to pretend like you don't now, Odin. Your precious students aren't close enough to have their dreams shattered...
Odin: I could finish you now.
Malekith: I'm sure you could. How did that work out for you the first time?
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Write Your Own Story
Loki starts

Lady Loki: You are so boring...
Malekith: Because I don't give people condescending nicknames?
Lady Loki: Yes, but also because you came into possession of one of the most powerful artifacts in all the Ten Realms, and chose to waste it on Midgard.
Malekith: Ten Reams?
Lady Loki: We recently found out there's a tenth. Apparently, my sister lives there.
Malekith: Your sister?!
Lady Loki: It's a whole new world, Mannequin. Too bad you won't be alive to see it... 

Defeat Malekith 5 Times!

Lady Loki: You're a disgrace to enemies of Asgard everywhere...
Malekith: I'm Asgard's only hope...
Lady Loki: Please. My family could swat away anyone who attempted to threaten our home.
Malekith: Everyone thought you could. Until you couldn't...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Darkest Hour
Thor(f) starts

Malekith: This isn't your fight. You aren't even from this dimension...
America Chavez: I know, but I've always wanted to punch an elf. 

Defeat Malekith 7 Times!

Malekith: You have no idea what you're doing. If I fail, it will only be worse for this school...
America Chavez: What's worse than frozen to death?
Malekith: Ask Odin and Fury. I'm sure they remember...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures  

Queen of Cats
Loki starts

Lady Loki: I need an appropriately majestic pet to sit at my side when I assume the throne.
Black Panther: You're asking my opinion because I'm a prince?
Lady Loki: Because I assume you own a lot of cats.
Black Panther: Wakandan felines are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. They are also very hard on living room furniture.
Lady Loki: Exactly how many cats do you own?
Black Panther: Let's just say that the Black Panther is no stranger to kitty litter.

Get Lady Loki's Cat! 2 x Blue Ornaments, 6 x Red Ornaments (Defeat Malekith), 2000 Odin Treasures, 10s

Black Cat: Nice cat.
Lady Loki: I know.
Black Cat: Is that real gold?
Lady Loki: Better. Asgardian gold.
Black Cat: My cat has a diamond collar, but I never considered giving her a crown...
Lady Loki: Are you seriously thinking about stealing my cat's jewelry?
Black Cat: If it makes you feel any better, I'm also thinking about stealing yours.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures 

Shark Tank
Singularity starts

Singularity: Shark!
America Chavez: Ever since I threw one, I've really been wanting one of my own.
Singularity: It's nice?
America Chavez: It's a shark. They don't really do nice and mean. Just swim and bite.
Singularity: And hug.
America Chavez: Huh?
Singularity: Shark and Hulk are friends.
America Chavez: Hulk! What do you think you're doing?! Go hug somebody else's shark!

Get America's Shark Tank! 6 x Blue Ornaments, 18 x Red Ornaments (Defeat Malekith), 2200 Odin Treasures, 10s

Crossbones: I always wanted a shark.
America Chavez: Touch my shark, and I'll rip out your skeleton for real.
Crossbones: That's violent, heartfelt, absurd, and inappropriate. You're gonna fit in just fine around here...
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Wolves of Winter
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I got a wolf!
Doctor Strange: This isn't just any wolf, Tony. This is a Winter Wolf. They create an immediate bond with their masters as protectors, allies, and potential vessels for ancient magic.
Iron Man: I got a polar bear and a wolf in the same month! Best invasion ever!
Doctor Strange: These creatures are extremely rare. They're loyal and heroic, but almost always appear as a harbinger of doom...
Iron Man: I'm gonna name him Ultron! 

Get the Winter Wolf! 70 x Silver Ornaments, 40 x Blue Ornaments, 90 x Red Ornaments (Defeat Malekith), 12500 Odin Treasures, 10s

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

What do you think of Episode 3 so far? Excited to get America Chavez? What about the return of Sif? Or did you have her already?


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Free Character Profile: Mockingbird


Birds of a Feather Pt. 1
Mockingbird starts

Falcon: We finally got another bird person!
Mockingbird: Excuse me?
Falcon: We have a bunch of spider people. A few cat heroes. Help me out, Mockingbird. It's lonely out here for a bird-themed hero.

Mockingbird Ride Sky-Cycles! 2h

Falcon: Who taught you how to ride like that?
Mockingbird: I taught myself.
Falcon: I taught myself how to use a jetpack. Taught myself a lot about bandages while I was at it.
Mockingbird: You can't fly if you're afraid to crash.
Falcon: True. I'm really good at both.

Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Birds of a Feather Pt. 2
Mockingbird starts

Mockingbird: Where's the fun stuff around here?
Falcon: Depends on what you like. Tony's got a hot tub. You can fly the Quinjet. Me and Cap like to dance. He says it's the best cardio.
Mockingbird: My idea of fun is punching, and hitting stuff with sticks. 

Mockingbird Stick and Move! 2h30m

Mockingbird: Punching robots sounds fun, but I'm a little worried about the inevitable uprising.
Wasp: I spared myself by promising them outfits!
Mockingbird: You're kidding, right?
Wasp: I think so!
Reward: 20 Credits 

Birds of a Feather Pt. 3
Mockingbird starts

Mockingbird: I think the Super-Soldier Serum has some lingering side-effects. Like anxiety. With a dash of paranoia.
Nick Fury: I wish we would've had another option, but I wasn't gonna let you die.
Mockingbird: Are you sure that's the only reason?
Nick Fury: Are you accusing me of lying?
Mockingbird: Of course not. Everybody knows Nick Fury never lies...

Upgrade Mockingbird! 567 Credits
Mockingbird Infiltrate Avengers Hall! 3m20s

Agent 13: What happened?!
Mockingbird: I tried to get into Fury's office. He's hiding something about my past, and the Super-Soldier Serum.
Agent 13: I told Black Cat to stop going in there. He must have upped his security.
Mockingbird: Then I guess I'll have to up my game too...
Reward: 20 Credits  

Benched Pt. 1
Mockingbird starts

Nick Fury: You still think I'm lying to you?
Mockingbird: I think I'm not getting the whole truth.
Nick Fury: I've been chasing that my whole life...

Mockingbird Ride Sky-Cycles! 2h

Mockingbird: Can I use your tech to research Super-Soldier Serum?
Iron Man: Why don't you just talk to Cap?
Mockingbird: I still don't know who I can trust...
Iron Man: You trust me more than Captain America?
Mockingbird: Is that wrong?
Iron Man: Refreshing is the word I was gonna use. Let me know if you ever want a flying suit of armor...
Reward: 20 Credits 

Benched Pt. 2
Mockingbird starts

Mockingbird: I was hoping I could talk to you about Super-Soldier Serum... 
Captain America: Of course. I don't have any though. Everybody always thinks I just walk around with a thermos of it or something.
Mockingbird: I've already taken it...
Captain America: You don't seem too happy about it...
Mockingbird: Sometimes I am. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time...
Captain America: You and I should talk...

Upgrade Mockingbird, 5 x Avengers Textbooks, 10 x ?, 996 Credits


Mockingbird Do Biochemistry! 1h45m

Mockingbird: Thanks for the talk. I feel like I at least understand Super-Soldier Serum better, even if I'm still not positive what it's doing to me.
Captain America: I'll always be here if you need to talk.
Mockingbird: I'm glad Tony told me that I should trust you.
Captain America: Tony Stark?!
Mockingbird: He said you're the most trustworthy person on campus. And the most boring.
Captain America: Tony Stark...

Reward: 20 Credits

Back in Business Pt. 1
Mockingbird starts

Phil Coulson: I read your file front to back fourteen times. It's totally awesome. It'll be great to have you on the team.
Mockingbird: I've never been very good at teams...
Phil Coulson: I knew you'd be line wolf-y!

Mockingbird Blend In! 4h
Mockingbird Ride Sky-Cycles! 2h

Mockingbird: You don't have to give me the tour, Quake. I've been around S.H.I.E.L.D. Nothing here is gonna surprise me.
Quake: I made earthquakes with my hands. Another guy drives a teleporting demon car.
Mockingbird: That's a tiny bit surprising...
Quake: That's just the beginning...
Reward: 20 Credits

Back in Business Pt. 2
Mockingbird starts

Maria Hill: Director Fury has a mission for you.
Mockingbird: Why can't he tell me himself?
Maria Hill: He's busy.
Mockingbird: Otherwise known as needing plausible deniability...
Maria Hill: I'd grab your passport, and Coulson's space bazooka...

Upgrade Mockingbird, 2172 Credits
Mockingbird Go on a Solo Mission! 5h

Mockingbird: Something doesn't seem right. These assignments are weird, even by S.H.I.E.L.D. standards. I still don't think Fury is telling us everything...
Quake: They're pretty weird, but Coulson trusts Fury, and I trust Coulson. By the transitive property of trust, I trust Fury. It's basic secret agent math.
Mockingbird: You are way too nice for all this...

Reward: 20 Credits

Trust No One Pt. 1Mockingbird starts

Mockingbird: I hear you're the president of the conspiracy theory club...
Black Widow: Who sent you?!
Mockingbird: ...
Black Widow: I'm just kidding. Yes, I am the "Fury is lying to everyone" girl.
Mockingbird: I wanna join the club,
Black Widow: All you need is a love of intel, and a willingness to punch people in the throat...

Mockingbird Research Biology! 4h
Mockingbird Infiltrate Avengers Hall! 3m20s
Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Mockingbird: There's a lot of clues pointing to some unnamed island.
Black Widow: You'll need two people who can fly to get out there. Something small. They'll notice the Quinjet from miles out.
Mockingbird: I can use a Sky-Cycle. Do you know how to fly one?
Black Widow: I do, but I have my own mission to finish. I know a guy who can help.
Mockingbird: I was just thinking the same thing...
Reward: 20 Credits

Trust No One Pt. 2
Mockingbird starts

Hawkeye: Look who's ready to blow the lid off something...
Mockingbird: You're a legend around these parts. The mysterious Hawkeye. Seldom seen, and never captured.
Hawkeye: I pride myself on being intriguing.
Mockingbird: Are you ready to help me infiltrate this mystery island?
Hawkeye: I forgot my sunscreen, but I guess so...

Upgrade Mockingbird, 50 x Textbooks, 60 x Battle Staff (Mission Board), 7874 Credits
Mockingbird Investigate Conspiracies! 8h
Mockingbird Ride Sky-Cycles! 2h, requires another Avenger

Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of Mockingbird? Did you enjoy recruiting her via daily log-in?


Sun, Surf and Mischief! Character Outfit: Beach Humbuggery Loki

Beach Humbuggery Loki is an outfit for Loki originally released during the Sun, Surf and Mischief event!

Throw Shade Pt. 1
Loki starts

Beach Humbuggery Loki: The Bug-Woman has inspired me with her random insanity. I too will take some time for myself.
Black Widow: Your entire life revolves yourself.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: But now I'm in a bathing suit.

Loki Explore the Depths, 3h

Beach Humbuggery Loki: Relaxing on that representation of the Midgard Serpent gave me a newfound appreciation for reptiles and amphibians.
The Lizard: That'sss niccce to hear. Perhapsss you'll ssstop making jokesss at my expenssse.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: I mossst cccertainly won't. I could, however, use your help with an experiment.
The Lizard: Why would I possssssibly help you?
Beach Humbuggery Loki: I just assumed you'd be looking for a distraction from your horrific existence.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Throw Shade Pt. 2
Loki starts

Tigra: I came as fast as I could!
Beach Humbuggery Loki: For what?
Tigra: This fashion emergency.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: I've mostly left you alone to this point due to your unfortunate condition, but now it's on...

Loki Freeze Them Out, 6h

Tigra: What did you do to my clothes?!
Beach Humbuggery Loki: Where to begin? I stole them. I cut them up. I singed them on Ghost Rider's head. I covered them in shawarma. I threw them in the water. I froze said water.
Tigra: This isn't over...
Beach Humbuggery Loki: You're right. I forgot that Baby Cthulhu drooled on them, and Hulk used them to wipe his feet. It was complicated, but I take my mischief very seriously.
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

Throw Shade Pt. 3

Loki starts

Mephisto: I've been watching you, Loki. You're a master manipulator, and generally petulant creature, but you need some real competition.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: And you think you're a match for me?
Mephisto: I'll make you a deal. Let me out of this cell, and I'll make you more powerful that you could ever imagine...
Beach Humbuggery Loki: I'll think about it while I relax at the beach.
Mephisto: Please do.
Beach Humbuggery Loki: I won't. I just felt like lying.

Loki Explore the Depths, 3h

Tropical Wasp: Isn't the beach awesome?!
Beach Humbuggery Loki: It's the perfect place to brainstorm ways to torment your peers.
Tropical Wasp: It's supposed to be fun...
Beach Humbuggery Loki: Were you not listening to the part about tormenting my peers?
Reward: 20 Odin Treasures

What do you think of Beach Humbuggery Loki? Do you own this outfit?


Friday, 16 December 2016

A-Force Special Event Character Outfit: High-Fashion Wasp

This is the page for an outfit you can win in the Amazing Outfit Crate during the A-Force Special event... High-Fashion Wasp!

In order to win High-Fashion Wasp, you have to buy at least one Amazing Outfit Crate for 195 Shards during the A-Force Special event. See here for more info on the crates.

This comes with two exclusive actions - Greet The Public, Walk The Red Carpet - and reduces the Study Fashion action by 45m!

Fashionista Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Loki: I hear you're adding high-fashion attire to your little store...
Wasp: I'm trying something new!
Loki: I'll never understand why Midgardians bother dressing up. It's like putting a bonnet on a bilgesnipe.
Wasp: Good thing I don't care what you say because I don't know what you're talking about!

Wasp Greet The Public, 4h

High-Fashion Wasp: I think it worked!
Loki: If you intended to inexplicably make a fool of yourself while being completely ignored, you were wildly successful.
High-Fashion Wasp: I just wanted to get people excited about my shop. But making you jealous is always a fun bonus.
Reward: 37 Credits

Fashionista Pt. 2
Wasp starts

High-Fashion Wasp: Greeting the public helped, but not as much as I hoped. Will you cast a spell to help me promote my store more?
Loki: It would be my pleasure.
High-Fashion Wasp: Really? No insult?
Loki: No. I'm happy to support your misguided initiative.

Loki Magic Fireworks, 1h
Wasp Invite Everybody, 1h

High-Fashion Wasp: What exactly did that spell do?
Loki: I crafted an illusion to make everyone believe they were naked so that they would be more inclined to purchase your clothing.
High-Fashion Wasp: It made everyone run back to their dorms. Except Tony. He's just sitting over there rubbing sunblock on himself.
Reward: 37 Credits

Fashionista Pt. 3
Wasp starts

High-Fashion Wasp: I think I'll pump up the glamour factor by doing a photoshoot on the red carpet...
Loki: What's so glamorous about red carpet?
High-Fashion Wasp: ...I don't know.
Loki: Midgard is strange.

Wasp Walk The Red Carpet, 8h

High-Fashion Wasp: I feel like a movie star!
Loki: How much did your business increase?
High-Fashion Wasp: None. But at least I had fun...
Loki: Fear not, Bug-Woman. Loki has a plan...
Reward: 37 Credits

Fashionista Pt. 4
Wasp starts

Loki: You will make them want your outfits by simply living in the outfit you're wearing. We will promote your store without ever mentioning it. We will draw them to us by completely ignoring them...
High-Fashion Wasp: What will we do?
Loki: We will dance!
High-Fashion Wasp: Dance mission!

Wasp Dance For Van Dyne's! 1h, requires Loki

High-Fashion Wasp: Everybody's posting about my outfit. All I had to do was be myself and have fun. You were right.
Loki: I am very rarely wrong.

Reward: 37 Credits

What do you think of High-Fashion Wasp? Were you able to get this outfit?


Doctor Strange Character Profile: Doctor Voodoo

The Doctor Is In
Doctor Strange starts

Doctor Strange
: Doctor.
Doctor Voodoo: Doctor.
Doctor Strange: I think it's time we introduced Kaecilius and his friends to a different sort of magic.
Doctor Voodoo: The magic of dance?
Doctor Strange: No, we've been trying that for a couple weeks, but I don't think it's working.

Free Doctor Voodoo!

Doctor Strange
: Do you think you can seal the Dark Dimension with voodoo?
Doctor Voodoo: I believe so. I'll need some magic crows...
Doctor Strange: I'm sure Odin will let you borrow his...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Get Doctor Voodoo!
Mordo starts

: We're gathering everything you need to perform your voodoo magic.
Doctor Voodoo: What are you planning, Mordo?
Mordo: What are you talking about?
Doctor Voodoo: I know you. I've spent years studying human behavior. I have a degree in psychology. I can tell you're hiding something...
Mordo: Maybe your mind was warped after spending so much time in the Dark Dimension.
Doctor Voodoo: Maybe. Or maybe there are greater dangers than the Dark Dimension...

- 4 Sacred Rattles (from Doctor Voodoo's Cat)
- 5 Psychology Degrees
(from defeating Kaecilius)
- 13 Voodoo Dolls
(from defeating Eldritch Portals)
- 6201 Arcane Artifacts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Doctor Voodoo! Let me know if there's anything you need.
Doctor Voodoo: I will need many bones. Preferably opposum.
Pepper Potts: Okay...
Doctor Voodoo: And a spirit couch. I sometimes summon my deceased brother Daniel, but he sinks into normal couches. Even better if the spirit couch reclines.
Pepper Potts: I'll see what I can find online...
Doctor Voodoo: And a guitar amp. I play Haitian death metal.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Life and Death Pt. 1
Doctor Voodoo starts

Loki: I've decided to call you Doctor Shabby-Staff.
Doctor Voodoo: Not all sorcerers are obsessed with appearances, Asgardian. The staff of Legba is infinitely more powerful than your precious scepter.
Loki: I'd add some bling.
Doctor Voodoo: I'd get to the point.
Loki: I understand you have the ability to see into someone's future. I'd like to know exactly when I'll come to rule the Nine Realms.
Doctor Voodoo: You may not like what you find...
Loki: I like everything involving me.

Doctor Voodoo Read the Bones! 1m

Loki Wield Sorcery! 1m

Loki: Let's hear it, Doctor Shabby-Staff. When exactly will I take my rightful place as king of Asgard, and ruler of the Nine Realms?
Doctor Voodoo: Never.
Loki: Liar! It's my destiny!
Doctor Voodoo: I take no joy in telling you this, Loki. And I certainly took none in what the bones revealed. You have to stop seeking power. Give up on the throne. Let Fury's secret be...
Loki: Are you telling me that my father will rule Asgard for all eternity?
Doctor Voodoo: No. He will pass the crown down to your sibling.
Loki: Thor?! That idiot can't rule the Nine Realms. He can't even do his own laundry. He just hits his clothes with a hammer to "banish the stink".
Doctor Voodoo: Thor won't rule Asgard, Loki. Your sister will...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Life and Death Pt. 2
Doctor Voodoo starts

Enchantress: Well done, sorcerer. Loki is losing his mind after you lied to him about having a sister. I've been telling him it's probably Wasp.
Doctor Voodoo: I wasn't lying.
Enchantress: I'm the shining star of Asgard. I would know if Thor and Loki had a sister.
Doctor Voodoo: I only know what the bones revealed. I'm honestly much more interested in the evil sorcerer who's trying to unleash the horrors of the Dark Dimension on my friends.
Enchantress: Friends come and go. Juicy gossip is forever.

Doctor Voodoo Escape the Devourer! 5m
Enchantress Cast Spells! 1m

Enchantress: Your exhibition of power doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your prognostications.
Doctor Voodoo: Voodoo magic is dangerous and complex. I'll be the first to admit that I'm still learning.
Enchantress: I appreciate your honesty. It's quaint.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Life and Death Pt. 3
Doctor Voodoo starts

Loki: We need to have words, Doctor Shabby-Staff. You can't float into my Academy and tell me that I won't be king of Asgard, and that I have a missing sister, and that my hair isn't as luscious as it once was...
Doctor Voodoo: I never said anything about your hair...
Loki: I'm actively ranting!
Doctor Voodoo: No, you've said enough. It's time I showed you why you should watch your words around Doctor Voodoo...

Upgrade Doctor Voodoo! 9 x Sling Rings (Defeat Kaecilius), 7033 Arcane Artifacts
Doctor Voodoo Play With Dolls! 1m, requires Wasp

Loki Study Arcane Lore! 3m

Loki: What did you do to me?
Doctor Voodoo: I gave you an introduction to voodoo.
Loki: You've opened my eyes to a whole new world of magical manipulation...
Doctor Voodoo: You haven't seen anything yet...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

A New Approach Pt. 1
Doctor Voodoo starts

Mordo: Any insights on what Kaecilius is trying to summon from the Dark Dimension?
Doctor Voodoo: Not yet. I've been letting myself get distracted.
Mordo: This palce is very good at distractions. I'd suggest finding somewhere you can be alone.
Doctor Voodoo: I agree. Now and into the future...

Doctor Voodoo Research Rituals! 4m
Doctor Voodoo Read the Bones! 1m

Mordo: Did your latest ritual reveal anything about the Dark Dimension?
Doctor Voodoo: No, but I think I've finally seen the light...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

A New Approach Pt. 2
Doctor Voodoo starts

Doctor Voodoo: I've finally realized that I need help to solve the mysteries of the Dark Dimension. It's time I called my brother.
Mordo: Isn't your brother...?
Doctor Voodoo: Dead? Yes. But he usually takes my calls...

Upgrade Doctor Voodoo! 15 x Sling Rings, 8597 Arcane Artifacts

Doctor Voodoo Contact Your Brother! 3m
Doctor Voodoo Punch for Two! 1m

: Did you contact your brother?
Doctor Voodoo: He's with me now.
Mordo: That's nice. I like to think that my relatives are watching over me.
Doctor Voodoo: You misunderstood. My brother's spirit is literally inside of my body. He augments my strength, and provides guidance.
Mordo: My family was never that close...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Home Cooking Pt. 1
Doctor Voodoo starts

Doctor Voodoo: You've merged with Cthulhu?!
Cthulhu Black Widow: I made a sacrifice to stop whatever's coming through the Dark Dimension.
Doctor Voodoo: Why am I not going insane?
Cthulhu Black Widow: I mostly have that under control. Will making someone insane help the situation? I don't mind making someone insane one more time. I can quit anytime I want.
Doctor Voodoo: I'll find another way.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Alright. I think I'm gonna go make someone insane. Just one. I'll quit tomorrow...

Doctor Voodoo Escape the Devourer! 2m
Doctor Voodoo Merge Magic and Science! 1m
Black Widow Induce Insanity! 8h, requires Doctor Strange

Doctor Voodoo: I'm sorry, but you and the Young Masters of the Mystic Arts will have to battle Kaecilius for the time being. There's an emergency back home.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Can I do anything to help?
Doctor Voodoo: Possibly. Do you know anyone with experience fighting zombies?
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Home Cooking Pt. 2
Doctor Voodoo starts

Doctor Voodoo: A Haitian crimelord called Doctor Friday is using a mystical concoction to turn people into zombies, and sending them after heroes with mystical abilities. Will you help me stop them?
Maria Hill: I'm in. I was first in my class in Zombie Defense 101.
Moon Knight: I'll go grab my undead suit.
Elektra: I was coming back from the dead before it was cool.
Ms. Marvel: I've played so many games like this!
Blade: Let's dust some deadheads.
Zombie Taskmaster: This is awesome. I didn't think I was gonna get to wear this costume again until next Halloween.
Doctor Voodoo: Thanks everyone. It's time to go home...

Upgrade Doctor Voodoo! 24 x Sling Rings (Defeat Bosses), 9968 Arcane Artifacts
Doctor Voodoo Visit Port-au-Prince! 1m

Cthulhu Black Widow: Did you stop Doctor Friday and his zombie army?
Doctor Voodoo: Just barely. We nearly lost Taskmaster, and I would have become a zombie myself if it weren't for Moon Knight. I should have stopped the zombie uprising before it ever happened...
Cthulhu Black Widow: You can't be everywhere at once.
Doctor Voodoo: I can't in my current state. I think it's time I became something more...

Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Beyond Death Pt. 1
Doctor Voodoo starts

Doctor Voodoo: I need to become stronger. I feel like Kaecilius is only the beginning of the mystical threats we'll have to face. Even if we survive the beings from the Dark Dimension, there will always be something worse...
Doctor Strange: You can take anything you need from the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Doctor Voodoo: Thank you, but I don't want to have to depend on artifacts and weapons. I want to see how far I can push my powers...
Doctor Strange: Have you talked to The Ancient One?
Doctor Voodoo: I stopped by her meditation center, but she was busy punching the astral forms out of new students.
Doctor Strange: Just knock on the door, and clear your throat really loud. She can always astral punch them back in... 

Doctor Voodoo Play With Dolls!
1m, requires Wasp
Doctor Voodoo Read the Bones! 2m

Doctor Voodoo: Can you teach me any techniques to increase my powers?
The Ancient One: Nope.
Doctor Voodoo: Why?!
The Ancient One: Because you aren't lacking mystical knowledge, desire, or technique. You're only lacking access.
Doctor Voodoo: Access to what?
The Ancient One: Worlds where the techniques you need are being born every day...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Beyond Dead Pt. 2
Doctor Voodoo starts

The Ancient One: I should tell you that I've never let any of my students enter the realms I'm about to show you. I've only been there once myself, and have no plans of returning.
Doctor Voodoo: Because it's too dangerous?
The Ancient One: Because it's not a place for our special brand of mysticism. You aren't more powerful than Mordo or Stephen Strange, but you have the capacity to understand things that they can't fathom.
Doctor Voodoo: Like what?
The Ancient One: There are many places the living can travel. There are a few places the dead can go. There are only two places I know of that are only accessible to those who are both living and deceased.
Doctor Voodoo: But I'm not deceased...
The Ancient One: But your brother is. And your brother is a part of you...

Upgrade Doctor Voodoo! 37 x Sling Rings (Defeat Bosses), 13879 Arcane Artifacts

Doctor Voodoo Push Mystical Limits! 1m

The Ancient One: I expected you to come back even stronger. I did not expect the outfit change. I like it.
Doctor Voodoo: A new look for a new Doctor Voodoo.
The Ancient One: Did you find what you were looking for?
Doctor Voodoo: I believe so. I believe the dead need my protection just as much as the living...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

What do you think of Doctor Voodoo? Were you able to recruit him?