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Spider-Man Act Two Character Profile: Electro

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades/outfits and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character you can recruit during Act Two of the Spider-Man event... Electro!

Let's Start the Show! Pt. 1
Electro starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Electro! We know you've gotten into some trouble in the past, but we're excited to have you here, and to get you on the path to becoming a hero!
Electro: Where's the juice?!
Pepper Potts: Excuse me?
Electro: The juice! The power! The fuel! The ammo! The energy I need to feed this electriied hype machine!
Pepper Potts: Go ahead and relax for a little bit. I think I know someone who can help...
Electro: Yeah! I need more relaxation! More! More! MORE!

Electro Ride the Lightning! 2h
Wasp Create a Buzz! 3m

Wasp: Hey, Electro! I'm Wasp! Pepper said you need someone to show you around who can match your energy level!
Electro: Yeah! Let's take the tour! That's what I'm talkin' bout! We're about to see the sights! Make some acquaintances! Light this campus up!
Wasp: Totally! I don't know why people think you're bad, you just seem super energetic!
Electro: That's right! Who's got more energy than Electro?! Nobody! That was a rhetorical question! I only said it because I'm obviously the most energetic! I ain't scared to say it! I love saying things!
Wasp: I've never met anyone with more energy than me...
Electro: Don't get down about it! I've been doin' this! No one can match Electro zap for zap! Cover your eyes 'cuz it's time for the light show, baby! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Let's Start The Show! Pt. 2
Electro starts

Electro: Yeah! That's what I'm talking' about! We need a mosh pit!
Spider-Gwen: Do we, though?
Electro: A concert without a pit is like a light socket without a fork! You can see it, but you gotta get in there to feel it! Bang-Zang! You know what I'm sayin'?!
Spider-Gwen: Nope.

Let's Start the Show! Pt. 3
Electro starts

Spider-Man: I'm glad you're here, Electro. I never thought you were a bad guy, you just have this weird thing with electricity. We can help you with it, and get you on the right path...
Electro: Yeah! Redemption! That's what I'm talkin' about! Who can kick the habit better than Electro?!
Spider-Man: Great. We just need to keep you busy. Maybe I can talk J. Jonah Jameson into giving you a job at the Daily Bugle...
Electro: Let's do it! I'll kill it in the news biz! Electro's been making headlines since static cling was a thing! I'll be runnin' that joint! Extra! Extra! Read all about your BOOOYYYYYYY!

Upgrade Electro! 5 Speed Samples, 10 Power Samples, 4 Toxic Samples, 2105 Klyntarites
Electro Let's Start the Show! 2h
Spider-Man Wall-Crawl! 30m

J. Jonah Jameson: What do you think you're doing with my building?!
Electro: Gettin' people hyped, man! Makin' a name for myself! We can't just report the news, we gotta be the news! Let's make some noise!
J. Jonah Jameson: Your little stunt did bring a lot of attention to my paper...
Electro: That's what I'm talkin' about, Triple J! It's time to blow the bugle, baby! HOOOOOOONNNNNNNK!
Reward: 35 Klyntarites 

Get Hyped! Pt. 1
Electro starts

Loki: Greetings, Electricity-Man. They tell me you're searching for more energy...
Electro: You got some?! I need some! Look at me! I'm like a retired tortoise right now!
Loki: Join me in my office. You aren't the only one obsessed with more power... 

Electro Charge Up the Club! 4h 
Loki Master the Dance Floor! 2h

Electro: What happened? I barely even picked my feet up, but I'm all outta juice...
Loki: It is quite mysterious. But perhaps I can help you reclaim your mojo...
Electro: How?
Loki: We locate the biggest source of energy in this world, and we take it all...
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

Get Hyped! Pt. 2
Electro starts

Loki: Can you feel the power hidden somewhere beneath our feet?
Electro: Yeah. Not sure if it's electricity, but it's something big. Real big...
Loki: It's Fury's mystery cache. Can you absorb the power from here?
Electro: I don't know, man. I'm beat. Maybe if I get as hyped as possible, but there's just as much of a chance that I use all the juice I got left, and fall flat on my headband...
Loki: Do your best, Electricity-Man. I'll be here to catch you...

Upgrade Electro! 10 Speed Samples, 20 Power Samples, 5 Toxic Samples, 2785 Klyntarites

Electro Pound Energy Drinks! 45m
Electro Ride the Lightning! 2h

Loki: What happened?
Electro: You talkin' about how I absorbed all that hidden power?! About how you can't suck it out of me like last time?! About how I found out that's how all my juice got zapped in the first place?!
Loki: Yes...?
Electro: I tapped into that power! The real power! I hardly got a shred of it, and it made me stronger than I ever been! Enough to knock out whatever magic you put in me to drain my juice! Electro's back, baby!
Loki: What now...?
Electro: Don't be scared, little man! I ain't mad! I ain't nothin' now but raw energy. And I want more! More! MORE! MORE! MORE!
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Team Evil! Pt. 1
Electro starts 

Nick Fury: If you keep messing with my underground vaults, you're gonna find yourself locked inside of one...
Electro: That's what I'm talkin' about! Lock me in, and throw away the key, baby! The hype machine'll be eatin' for days!
Nick Fury: Let me make myself clear. If you attempt to steal even a drop of power from any one of those vaults, I'm gonna cuff you to a human-size hamster wheel, and make you power my Helicarrier.
Electro: That don't sound like fun...
Nick Fury: Not for you.

Electro Let's Start the Show! 2h

J. Jonah Jameson: I told you to stay away from my building! I don't mind a good publicity stunt, but now it's just old news.
Electro: You got it, Triple J! I'm not tryin' to mess up your spot, I just needed to tap the Bugle's equipment!
J. Jonah Jameson: Why?
Electro: To spread my message, baby! The Electro revolution will not be televised!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Team Evil! Pt. 2
Electro starts

Doctor Octopus: What are you planning in that headful of meat?
Electro: Doc Ock! Long time no see, baby! Gimme forty!
Doctor Octopus: I hate everyone, but I hate you more than anyone.
Electro: It's all good, Doc! The Sinister Six always held Electro back, but I'm gettin' my own team! We're takin' all the power, baby! Then we're takin' more! More! More! MORE!
Doctor Octopus: I don't like you at all.

Upgrade Electro! 15 Speed Samples, 30 Power Samples, 8 Toxic Samples, 3859 Klyntarites
Electro Form Emissaries of Evil! 2hDoctor Octopus: Did you recruit some fools willing to follow an idiot?
Electro: I tried, but all the other guys I used to run with are getting out the game. They all got their domes cracked by some dude dressed like a devil, and figured that was a sign to retire.
Doctor Octopus: I would say I'm sorry, but I don't care.
Electro: But you will, baby! Electro got a brand new plan!

Reward: 20 Credits

It's All Good! Pt. 1
Electro starts

Electro: I need you to harness my power!
Iron Man: Are you hitting on me right now? If you are, that's a weird pick up line. Don't worry about it. I've used way weirder...
Electro: All my life I've been takin', takin', takin'! More! More! More! I'm finally tryin' to give back, man!
Iron Man: If you're giving stuff away, I'll take your headband. I bet it'll accentuate my eyebrows.
Electro: C'mon, baby! This is serious business! You're gonna use your tech to absorb my power, and we're gonna use that power to save the world!
Iron Man: With matching headbands?!
Electro: You know it, baby! 

Electro Pow! Zap! Bang! Boom! 2h
Electro Ride the Lightning! 2h
Iron Man Tinker with Tech! 1h

Iron Man: I think I can build something to hold your power, but what are you gonna do with it?
Electro: Light the whole world on fire!
Iron Man: Not literally...
Electro: Most likely not, baby!
Reward: 10 Credits 

It's All Good! Pt. 2
Electro starts

Electro: You sure this little gizmo is holding all my power?!
Iron Man: I'm good at containing a lot of energy in a small package. In case you didn't notice the glowing thing embedded in my chest.
Electro: And you can get me into S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q.?!
Iron Man: Yeah. So you can do what we agreed. You do anything else, and both the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. will come crashing down on your awesome headband.
Electro: I'll leave it to you in my will, baby!

Upgrade Electro! 20 Speed Samples, 40 Power Samples, 10 Toxic Samples, 5201 Klyntarites
OR 107676 Credits

Electro Use Your Power for Good! 8h

Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of Electro? Were you able to recruit him?



Coffee's OK, but I need a real jolt!
Let's make sparks FLY!
Time for some shock therapy!
You're a waste of energy, give it to ME!
Where's an open socket when you need one?!
I want more power! More! MORE!
I hope you paid your electricity bill!
Hit the lights!


Pound Energy Drinks, 45m, Club A
Override J.A.R.V.I.S.! 1h, Stark Tower
Let's Start the Show! 2h, The Daily Bugle
Pow! Zap! Bang! Boom! 2h, Oscorp Lab
Ride the Lightning! 2h
Form Emissaries of Evil! 2h, The Quinjet Hangar
Charge Up the Club! 4h, Club A
Try to Sit Still! 4h, Avengers Dorm
Buy B-Ball Tickets! 4h, The Timeless Archives
Chill Out! 6h, The Timeless Archives
Use Your Power for Good! - Rank 5

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Spider-Man Act Two Premium Outfit: Symbiote Black Widow

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades/outfits and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for an outfit you can win in a Mystery Box during the Spider-Man event... Symbiote Black Widow!

For info on the Sensational Symbiote Crate in which you can win this outfit, see here.

This outfit comes with two exclusive actions - Do Symbiote Gymnastics and Be Bulletproof.
You can also use this outfit for fighting Venom with Black Widow!

Shot of Black Widow fighting:

The Real Black Widow Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Spider-Man: You look awesome...
Black Widow: Thanks. I feel incredible.
Spider-Man: I was about to say you look awesomely terrifying, but I was afraid of what you might do to me...
Black Widow: You should be...

Black Widow Do Symbiote Gymnastics, 2h

Spider-Man Wall-Crawl! 30m

Black Widow: I think I'm gonna like this thing.
Spider-Man: Where'd you find the Symbiote?
Black Widow: I stole an Oscorp crate from one of the Symbiotes and found a Symbiote canister inside. I popped that sucker open, and here we are.
Spider-Man: I'm gonna guess that's the first time you've ever used the phrase "I popped that sucker open." You're also smiling a lot. It's very disconcerting...
Black Widow: I'm happy, Spider-Man. It feels good to know that nothing stands in my way...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

The Real Black Widow Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: You look confused...
Wasp: On one hand, that's one of the coolest looking outfits I've ever seen, and I'm totally jealous that I didn't make it myself. On the other hand, I'm afraid you might rip my head off and eat me.
Black Widow: If you're gonna rip someone's head off and eat them, you might as well look cool doing it.
Wasp: Was that a joke?! Take that alien thing off! Give me back my surly friend!
Black Widow: I'm not allowed to feel good, and have fun every once in a while? C'mon, let's see what this baby can do...
Wasp: Let's see what this baby can do?! I'm so scared right now...

Black Widow Be Bulletproof! 1h

Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Wasp: That coooooooool.
Black Widow: Enough playing around. It's time I solved this timefog mystery once and for all...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

The Real Black Widow Pt. 3

Black Widow starts

Nick Fury: I never thought you were the type to use a crutch.
Black Widow: The manipulation might work better if I couldn't see the fear in your eye. Why don't you just finally tell me your big secret? It'll save you and your S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents a lot of pain and suffering.
Nick Fury: Are you threatening me?!
Black Widow: You and everyone in your organization. What are you gonna do about it?

Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite! 1h

Iron Man: You need to chill...
Black Widow: What?!
Iron Man: You have to calm down. You think you're in control, but you aren't. You're scaring people. You basically told Fury that you're gonna kill everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D.
Black Widow: I was just gonna cripple them...
Iron Man: Right. If you're really in control of the Symbiote, why don't you get rid of it? Put it on again later if you feel like you really need it...
Black Widow: Why don't we just go to your place?
Iron Man: Are you...I'm...erk...that's maybe not a good idea...maybe...
Black Widow: We're going to your place, Tony. Now.
Iron Man: Okay...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

The Real Black Widow Pt. 4
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: What are we gonna do at my place?
Black Widow: What do you think?
Iron Man: Please don't eat me after...
Black Widow: Let's see if you can give me a reason not to...

Black Widow Do Symbiote Gymnastics! 2h
Black Widow Be Bulletproof! 1h
Black Widow Bond! 1h, requires Iron Man

Black Widow: See you around, Tony..
Iron Man: That's it?
Black Widow: I only needed your tech. You were right about the Symbiote starting to control my personality. I'm pretty sure I hit it with enough fire and sonic attacks to show it who's in charge.
Iron Man: You're gonna keep wearing that thing? What if everything you did to it just made it angry?
Black Widow: It might get even more powerful...
Iron Man: But what if it gets too strong for you to control?
Black Widow: Then I'll have to get even stronger...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

What do you think of Black Widow's new outfit? Did you get it from the Mystery Box? Tempted to have a go if you haven't yet?


Sensational Symbiote Crate

Hey everyone,

Well, a new episode is here and with it comes... another crate.

The Sensational Symbiote Crate to be precise.

Each try costs 95 Shards and gives you a CHANCE of winning:

Symbiote Black Widow (Outfit for Black Widow)
12 Sonic Blasters
50 Power Samples
50 Quick Samples
50 Toxic Samples
9 Sonic Blasters
200 Shards
6 Pocket Watches
Mysterio Bobblehead
2000 Klyntarites
12 Sonic Disruptors
6 Sonic Blasters
150 Shards
3 Spider-Gwen Combat Perks Package (3 ATK & 3HP perks)
3 Spider-Man Combat Perks Package (3 ATK & 3HP perks)
6 Vinyl Records
9 Sonic Disruptors
6 Sonic Disruptors
1200 Klyntarites
600 Klyntarites

My Personal Results

2000 Klyntarites
3 Spider-Man Combat Perks Package
600 Klyntarites
Mysterio Bobblehead
12 Sonic Blasters
12 Sonic Disruptors
200 Shards
150 Shards
6 Sonic Disruptors
9 Sonic Disruptors
Symbiote Black Widow outfit!

So it took me 11 tries (95 x 11 = 1045 - 350) = 695 Shards Total

What do you think? Gonna give it a try? Like the look of Widow's new outfit?


Spider-Man Act Two: Episode Six

Morning morning,

Episode 6 is live! To begin the sixth episode of the event, players must complete the quest "End of Illusions! Pt. 2," received after defeating Mysterio 3 times. Players must also have defeated 3 symbiotes and have Spider-Man unlocked. Episode 6 will end Wednesday August 2 at 6pm EDT.

UPDATE 30/07 - Shard Offer

Get Great Power! (2 days)
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: If we can find more Infinity Gem Shards, we can hurry to stop these Symbiotes before it's too late.
Spider-Gwen: What are Infinity Gem Shards?
Spider-Man: Pieces of incredibly powerful cosmic gems that can speed up time, and recruit new heroes!
Spider-Gwen: Sounds dangerous...
Spider-Man: Benjamin is my middle name...
Spider-Gwen: ...
Spider-Man: I did it wrong, didn't I?

Buy $19.99 or more of shards!

Spider-Gwen: Let's get back to fighting the Symbiotes.
Spider-Man: Are you in a hurry to leave?
Spider-Gwen: ...
Spider-Man: I mean, it's fine if you are. You have your own life, and your own alternate universe to take care of. It's definitely fine with me. I'm fine. It's fine. I'll be fine...
Spider-Gwen: Let's god, Spider-Man. The quicker we get rid of these Symbiotes, the more time we get to spend togther...
Reward: 1610 Klyntarites, 1610 XP, 30 Sonic Blasters, 20 Med Kits

What's New?

How do I craft Magic Wands?
Craft Magic Wands at Horizon Labs using Window Cleaners and Rabbits from the event mission board!

When does Venom appear to battle?
You must complete the quest "Event Horizon," repairing the Horizon Labs and crafting a wand. Once you complete this quest, Venom will come down to your Academy to take on your team! 

How do I fight Venom?
Use Sonic Blasters crafted from Horizon Labs to take down Venom! Deal more damage, train up your heroes and upgrade their Combat Skills by defeating Symbiotes around campus.
Defeat him 3 times to earn Fog Machines to help invite Mysterio to the Academy! Defeat him 7 times before the end of Episode 6 and you will receive the Armored Spider-Man outfit for Spider-Man.

How do I craft Sonic Blasters?
Craft Sonic Blasters at Horizon Labs using Symbiote Samples acquired by defeating Symbiote grunts!

How do I unlock Armored Spider-Man?
Armored Spider-Man is the prize for defeating Venom's seventh streak. The outfit must be unlocked by the end of episode six or it will disappear from the game at that time.

For info on the new Sensational Symbiote Crate please see here.
For info on Black Widow's new premium outfit please see here. 

New Items in the Shop

6 Sonic Blasters, 153 Shards
9 Sonic Blasters, 190 Shards
12 Sonic Blasters, 216 Shards

Now, on to this week's quests!

Man of Mystery
Spider-Man starts

Pepper Potts: Do you think we should give Mysterio a chance to join the Academy?
Spider-Gwen: Yeah, he seems pretty cool. I like that he's a misunderstood artist.
Pepper Potts: He's weird.
Spider-Gwen: Right. And we aren't...

Invite Mysterio!

Spider-Man: I'm glad you agreed to give up villainy, and join the Academy, Mysterio. I think you'll like it here. This place is full of tricky weirdos.
Mysterio: But there is only one Mysterio!
Spider-Man: That's true. I've always wondered why more people don't walk around with fishbowls on their heads...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Let's Make Some Magic!

Wasp starts

Mysterio: Thanks for the opportunity to attend Avengers Academy, Director Fury. I see now that my time with the Sinister Six was a waste of my talents. I'm looking forward to performing heroic feats on the grandest stage of them all.
Nick Fury: As long as you cool it with the tricks, Mysterio. Loki has that covered.
Mysterio: But just imagine my smoke and mirrors with your secrets and lies. Our enemies won't know what hit them...
Nick Fury: Most of my enemies don't even know they're my enemies...

Recruit Mysterio! (By August 8th 6pm EDT)
- 20 Toxic Symbiote Samples (Defeat Toxic Symbiote Grunt L1 or L2

- 5 Magic Wands (Craft in Horizon Labs)

- 5 Fog Machines (Battle Venom)
- 1839 Klyntarites

Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Event Horizon!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: Have you ever heard of Horizon Labs?
Hank Pym: Have I?! It's one of the greatest advanced science companies ever created, headed by the legendary super-scientist Max Modell! It's also one of the most immutable and consistent aspects of our increasingly wobbly Omniverse!
Spider-Man: I think I can invent something to stop the Symbiotes and their leaders with tech from Horizon Labs. Can you talk Max Modell into moving a Horizon Labs satellite laboratory to Avengers Academy?
Hank Pym: Can I?! I have no idea!
Spider-Man: I'll wait for your catchphrase...
Hank Pym: That's science!
Spider-Man: I'm making us matching shirts that say that.

Build Horizon Labs! 2000 Klyntarites, 3m

Craft Mysterio's Wand, 15 x Window Cleaners (Special Event Missions) & 5 Rabbits (Special Event Missions)

Carnage: Now they're makin' weapons to beat us, and stuff to help their friends? How long you gonna keep lettin' these punks drop deuces in our barbecue?
Venom: Calm down, Carnage. We can lose Symbiotes. We can lose recruits. As long as we assimilate the heroes we want, we can win this world.
Carnage: I'm gonna kill 'em all.
Venom: We will use the ones we need. You can have the scraps.

Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Open Wide!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: You have to fight the Symbiote. You're a man named Eddie Brock. A good man. I'm here to help you...
Venom: We are Venom. You are lunch...

Defeat Venom! 1614 HP

Venom: This means nothing, Spider-Man. We won't stop until the Symbiotes own the Earth...
Spider-Man: No one owns the Earth. I know that's true because I read it on a bumper sticker.
Reward: 20 Klyntarites  

Spider-Man starts

Spider-Gwen: Just give up, Venom. Spider-Man wants to reason with you and help Eddie Brock, but I'm only here to kick your teeth in.
Venom: And what big teeth we have...

Defeat Venom 2 Times!

Venom: You're nothing. We will kill you in this universe just like you've died in the rest...
Spider-Gwen: How do you know that?
Venom: What?
Spider-Gwen: How do you know I died in this universe and others? How many other universes are the Symbiotes in right now?
Venom: We don't have to tell you anything...
Spider-Gwen: Fine. We'll see if you wanna talk more after I drag you around by that nasty tongue...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

We Can Do It!
Spider-Man starts

Venom: This is your last chance, Spider-Man! You and your girlfriend better run while you still can!
Spider-Man: I'm not afraid of...
Venom: What?
Spider-Man: Did you call Gwen my girlfriend?
Venom: Isn't she?
Spider-Man: No. I mean, I don't think so. Not really. It's just so weird. Do you think she likes me?
Venom: Enough of this! We will destroy you!
Spider-Man: Yeah! Let's fight, and pretend like we don't have emotions and stuff!

Defeat Venom 7 More Times!

Venom: You've won. It's over...
Spider-Man: What about Carnage?
Venom: We just meant it's over between us. Carnage is definitely going to murder you, and everyone you love...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Super Attack!
Spider-Gwen starts

Spider-Gwen: If we train hard enough, we'll unlock a special super attack to do more damage against the Symbiote!
Spider-Man: Did you get that from watching Kung-Fu movies?
Spider-Gwen: Kung-Fu cartoons.
Spider-Man: That makes me feel way better about our plan...

Unlock Super Attacks!

Spider-Man: Do you feel tougher?
Spider-Gwen: Tougher than you.
Spider-Man: That's not saying much...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

A Web of Wonders Pt. 5
Wasp starts 

Place Mysterio's Magic Trunk! 50 Power Samples, 40 Toxic Samples, 2281 Klyntarites

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 50 Klyntarites 

A Web of Wonders Pt. 6
Wasp starts

Place the Symbiote Meteorite! 40 Toxic Samples, 40 Quick Samples, 2363 Klyntarites

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 50 Klyntarites 

A Web of Wonders Pt. 7
Wasp starts

Place the Iron-Spider Prototype! 65 Power Samples, 90 Quick Samples, 3030 Klyntarites

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 50 Klyntarites   

Bobblehead Challenges! Pt. 1

Defeat 10 Morphing Symbiotes
Place the Spider-Gwen Bobblehead

Reward: 10 Shards, 150 Klyntarites   

What do you think of Episode 6 so far? Excited to get Mysterio? Gonna have a go on the crates?


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Spider-Man Act Two Character Profile: Spider-Gwen

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character who you can unlock during Act Two of the Spider-Man event... Spider-Gwen!

Kicks and Stares Pt. 1
Spider-Gwen starts

Wasp: Spider-Gwen! I'm Wasp! Welcome to Avengers Academy!
Spider-Gwen: You're Janet van Dyne. I know who you are...
Wasp: Because you follow me on Omniversal social media?! Don't believe those rumors about my friendly pig kiss with Spider-Ham. Pretty much everyone is my type, but not him. And don't tell him I said that. He's sensitive...
Spider-Gwen: No, I mean I really know you. Or a version of you, I guess. You're the one who gave me my Web-Shooters.
Wasp: Are you saying I kick butt in every single universe?! I'm not surprised, but it's totally nice to know!
Spider-Gwen: Do you wanna hang out and train?
Wasp: I'm so excited to blow stuff up with my alternate universe bestie! 

Spider-Gwen Do Kung-Fu! 2h
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Spider-Gwen: Have you seen Peter Parker, er, Spider-Man?
Wasp: I saw him watching you from behind Stark Tower, but he hid every time you turned around. He's shy...
Spider-Gwen: I guess he always is. This whole thing is really weird for both of us...
Wasp: But it's gonna be so good after it's so weird!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Kicks and Stares Pt. 2
Spider-Gwen starts

Black Widow: Tell me everything you learned about the Symbiotes when you were trapped...
Spider-Gwen: They're gross.
Black Widow: Thanks for your help.
Spider-Gwen: I wish I could tell you more, but they grabbed me the second I walked through the portal, and trapped me in that goop. All I know is the main two argue like an old monster married couple.
Black Widow: Do you now anything about searching for clues?
Spider-Gwen: My dad's a cop, so I know a thing or two about clues. Let's get to the bottom of this Symbiote mystery...

Spider-Gwen Crack the Case, 2h
Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Black Widow: This is about more than revenge for the Symbiotes. They're gonna feed off every person on the planet until we're extinct.
Spider-Gwen: I think our best chance is to turn them against each other. The two called Venom and Carnage are just waiting to tear each other apart. We just nee to make one throw the first punch...
Black Widow: Let me talk to Tony and Spider-Man. We'll need to stock up on gadgets and weapons, and have everybody strike at once.
Spider-Gwen: And the girls will throw the first punch?
Black Widow: You think I'm gonna leave it to these boys?
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Kicks and Stares Pt. 3
Spider-Gwen starts

Loki: Welcome to Midgard, Spider-Greg.
Spider-Gwen: Who are you supposed to be?
Loki: Loki Laufeyson. The Prince of Lies. The Son of Secrets. The God of Mirth and Mischief.
Spider-Gwen: I like a little mirth and mischief. I'm waiting for Black Widow to kick the plan into action, and I've been dying to play some music. Where's a girl go to kill it on the drums around here?
Loki: Make yourself at home, Spider-Greg. I'll see about making you something else altogether... 

Upgrade Spider-Gwen! 20 Toxic Symbiote Samples, 720 Klyntarites
Spider-Gwen Drum Solo! 2h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Winter Soldier: Not ever death could keep us down. Our lives passed by without a sound. You were frozen, I was drowned. We both were lost, but now we're found.
Spider-Gwen: Are those lyrics?
Winter Soldier: More like cold memories locked in a prison of poetry.
Spider-Gwen: I'm not really into emo...
Winter Soldier: What's an emo?
Reward: 30 Klyntarites 

Tiger Beat Pt. 1
Spider-Gwen starts

Mary Jane: Gwen?
Spider-Gwen: Mary Jane.
Mary Jane: You know me?
Spider-Gwen: I know a Mary Jane. One who is almost exactly like you, but almost completely different. I'm guessing that makes sense to you too...
Mary Jane: Yeah...
Spider-Gwen: Why do you and Peter look at me like I'm a ghost?
Mary Jane: You should probably ask him... 

Spider-Gwen Practice Tiger Style! 15m
Spider-Man Sling Some Webs! 30m

Spider-Gwen: What happened to the Gwen you knew?
Spider-Man: ...she died.
Spider-Gwen: How?!
Spider-Man: She fell. And I didn't save her...
Spider-Gwen: My Peter died too.
Spider-Man: What happened?
Spider-Gwen: I couldn't save him either...
Spider-Man: I guess we should probably avoid each other...
Spider-Gwen: I was thinking we should save each other.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

Tiger Beat Pt. 2
Spider-Gwen starts

Spider-Gwen What kind of music do you like?
Spider-Man: Rap.
Spider-Gwen: Really?
Spider-Man: I'm not allowed to like hip-hop? I'm from New York.
Spider-Gwen: No, it's cool. It's great, actually. I'm gonna take you to a show. 
Spider-Man: Now?! In case you forgot, there's an alien invasion going on...
Spider-Gwen: The Avengers can hold down the fort. If there's a chance we both might die again, I'm gonna make sure I have some fun with Peter Parker... 

Upgrade Spider-Gwen! 25 Toxic Samples, 25 x ?, 1091 Klyntarites

Spider-Gwen Order Concert Tickets! 4h
Spider-Gwen See a Show! 1h, requires Spider-Man

Spider-Gwen: That was amazing!
Spider-Man: Yeah. My Gwen loved music too, but she never cussed that much.
Spider-Gwen: You got a new Gwen now. Get used to it...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Spider-Women Pt. 1
Spider-Gwen starts

Spider-Woman: Spider-Woman.
Spider-Gwen: Spider-Woman.
Spider-Woman: Are you mad they're all calling you Spider-Gwen? There's really no reason they can't call me Spider-Jess. Except that I would hate it.
Spider-Gwen: I don't mind. Having a new name makes me feel a little less weird about living in a new universe.
Spider-Woman: We need your help to get some intel about Venom and Carnage. I'm gonna go see some of my sources, but touch base with Black Widow. She's good at this kind of thing.
Spider-Gwen: And she was smart enough to avoid anymore Spider-Lady awkwardness by namin herself after a specific spider.
Spider-Woman: That too.

Spider-Gwen Crack the Case! 2h
Spider-Gwen Do Kung-Fu! 2h
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite!

Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Spider-Gwen Rank 4: 35 Toxic Samples, 1267 Klyntarites
Spider-Gwen Rank 5: 45 Toxic Samples, 6 x Vinyl Records (Collect from the Iron Spider Prototype), 1323 Klyntarites

What do you think of Spider-Gwen? Have you recruited her yet?




Spider-Man Act Two Character: Green Goblin

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character who you can unlock during the Spider-Man event... Green Goblin!

To recruit Green Goblin, you needed to collect 100 Green Goblin tokens, via various methods during Act 1. After that, you could invite & recruit him to your Academy.

New Beginnings Pt. 1
Green Goblin starts

Green Goblin: I'd like to apologize for everything, Spider-Man. Framing you for my crimes. Endangering your friends...
Spider-Man: Trying to murder me a bunch?
Green Goblin: Everything. I lose control sometimes. I become someone else, something else. I'm not proud of what I am, and what I've done. It's a sickness. I'm honestly afraid of what I might do next...
Spider-Man: Everyone deserves a second chance. We can help stabilize your personality. You can be a good person, Norman. You just have to stay away from that Goblin Formula...
Green Goblin: Thank you, Spider-Man. I finally have a chance at a new beginning...

Green Goblin Drink Goblin Formula! 25m

Spider-Man: How are you feeling?
Green Goblin: Immortal.
Spider-Man: Did you get that from Loki? Guy loves bragging about being immortal...
Green Goblin: I hear the witches whispering, the crows cackling, the pumpkin's innards sizzling in the flame...
Spider-Man: Did you drink some of the Goblin Formula?
Green Goblin: It's a new day, Spider-Man. I think I'll drink the whole world in...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

New Beginnings Pt. 2
Green Goblin starts

Iron Man: Norman! I wanted to tell you how I'm not sorry that your company blew up in your face.
Green Goblin: You won, Tony Stark. You truly are the better man.
Iron Man: It's not fun crushing your spirit if you admit I'm better...
Green Goblin: I said you were the better man. I've become something more...

Green Goblin Have a Ball! 2h
Iron Man Fire Repulsors! 15m
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Iron Man: Nice moves! Maybe I won't make fun of your purse anymore...
Green Goblin: It's a Bag of Tricks.
Iron Man: Earlier, you said it was a satchel...
Green Goblin: Earlier, I was Norman Osborn...
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

New Beginnings Pt. 3
Green Goblin starts

Spider-Man: I'm worried about you, Norman. I think you're slipping back into being the Green Goblin...
Green Goblin: I built something fun...
Spider-Man: That's great. Is it dangerous?
Green Goblin: I think they're one and the same. I can't wait to see what J. Jonah Jameson thinks... 

Upgrade Green Goblin! 10 Green Goblin Tokens (Special Event Missions)
Green Goblin Goblin Glide! 1h 30m
Spider-Man Get a Good Shot! 30m

J. Jonah Jameson: You think you can just fly around throwing bombs at my building?
Green Goblin: I made a mistake. I was angry for all of the nasty stories you've published about the Green Goblin. More like he was angry. I couldn't stop him. I'm sorry...
J. Jonah Jameson: You think you're sorry now?! Wait until I sue you and Oscorp for everything you're worth!
Green Goblin: I'm already worthless...
J. Jonah Jameson: You haven't hit rock bottom yet, Osborn. When you do, it'll make for one heck of a headline...
Reward: 20 Oscoins/Klyntarites

Face Off Pt. 1
Green Goblin starts

Loki: I simply could not wait any longer to meet the Emerald Gremlin...
Green Goblin: Green Goblin. And I'm not him. I'm just Norman Osborn.
Loki: Don't get discouraged, Gremlin. I actually almost admire your ability to lose yourself in your darkest desires.
Green Goblin: My only desire at this point is to stay away from the Goblin Formula, and prove I belong...
Loki: Then I suggest joining me in pure mirthful behavior. You've been too focused on your business and your enemies. All work and no play makes men become Gremlins...

Green Goblin Dance Like Crazy! 4h
Loki Master the Dance Floor! 2h

Green Goblin: I feel better. More like myself. Thank you, Loki.
Loki: Don't thank me. I only want to see you reach your full potential...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Face Off Pt. 2
Green Goblin starts

Loki: Continue to relax, and try to enjoy yourself. I have a plan to help control your inner gremlins...
Green Goblin: Shouldn't I be doing something to help the Academy?
Loki: You will. Trust me... 

Upgrade Green Goblin! 15 Green Goblin Tokens (Special Event Missions)

Green Goblin Cheers Yourself, 2h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Loki: You already look like a new man...
Green Goblin: I feel fantastic. Relaxing with that drink calmed the voices, and made everything clear.
Loki: Magic may have helped. I devised my own recipe for your Goblin Formula. One that will allow me to summon the Emerald Gremlin to serve me when I need him...
Green Goblin: I knew you would. And I always knew the Green Goblin was the real me. I just needed that one missing ingredient to get him under control...
Loki: You tricked me?
Green Goblin: Trick or treat!
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Let's Get Crazy! Pt. 1
Green Goblin starts

Wasp: Hey Norman! I wanted to see how you're doing at Avengers Academy since you have some super crazy eyes!
Green Goblin: I'm amazing! I love it here! I want to make it my own! All mine!
Wasp: Now your words are crazy too. Maybe you should just chill for a second...
Green Goblin: A spectacular idea! I'll get on the computer, and visit every social network!
Wasp: Cool! That's how I wind down too! Just don't--
Green Goblin: And I'll read all the comments!
Wasp: Nooooooooooo! 

Green Goblin Read the Comments! 3h

Wasp: Did you really read every internet comment?
Green Goblin: It was sensational! So much hatred! Insanity! Scams! Speculation! Gibberish! Kittens! Nonsensical power struggles! A hidden world of War Goblins waiting for their one true leader!
Wasp: I think you should talk to someone...
Green Goblin: I'm constantly talking to myself!
Wasp: I think you should talk to one person in particular...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

Let's Get Crazy! Pt. 2
Green Goblin starts

Hank Pym: Norman Osborn! I couldn't be more excited to meet an equally unstable super-scientist!
Green Goblin: Speak for yourself. I'm in complete control...
Hank Pym: I was just like you! We're just like each other! We will be what the seemingly chaotic, but potentially predetermined universe transmutes us into!
Green Goblin: No one defines my destiny.
Hank Pym: But you can visit someone who undeniably knows all of our destinies!

Upgrade Green Goblin! 20 Green Goblin Tokens (Special Event Missions)
Green Goblin Start Something New! 2h
Green Goblin Drink Goblin Formula! 25m

Green Goblin: We won't speak about what I saw. showed me...
Hank Pym: We don't have to! I can see the message irrevocably inscribed on every fibre of your seemingly realistic existence!
Green Goblin: I don't understand what happened. What exactly it means. How it's even possible...
Hank Pym: But you've eliminated every other option, and understand the necessary next step to our only viable solution to the problem?!
Green Goblin: Yes.
Hank Pym: That's Science!
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

The Real Heroes Pt. 1
Green Goblin starts

Green Goblin: Who are you?
Ares: Ares. You finally found out war is coming, so I figured you should meet the man himself.
Green Goblin: You think I can't win a war? I've been fighting one with myself since the day I was born. I can get people ready to fight with me. To follow me. We can win this...
Ares: War always wins, kid.

Green Goblin Have a Ball! 2h
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite! 1h
Loki Study Arcane Lore! 3m

Green Goblin: I hear you started something called the Thunderbolts.
Crossbones: If we're being real, it was Baron Zemo's idea. I just made it better.
Green Goblin: And I'm your new leader.
Crossbones: How much are you willing to pay?
Green Goblin: My fortune. My destiny. My sanity. My life. And I'll expect the same from everyone in my army...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites 

The Real Heroes Pt. 2
Green Goblin starts

Green Goblin: They say we're crazy. We're evil. We're villains. We're the worst of the worst. I say we become their new heroes. We save this world. And we take it for ourselves...
Crossbones: If you got money, I got your back.
Doctor Octopus: As long as you remember that Doctor Octopus will always be superior.
Loki: I knew you had it in you, Emerald Gremlin.
The Lizard: We mussst sssave the world by any meansss necccesssary.
Enchantress: Why do I always find myself aligned with hideous men?
Green Goblin: Because we know how to get the job done...

Upgrade Green Goblin! 25 Green Goblin Tokens
Green Goblin Lead the Thunderbolts! 6h
Green Goblin Drink Goblin Formula! 25m

Reward: 20 Klyntarites

What do you think of the Green Goblin? Were you able to recruit him?




Let's see what's in my bag of tricks...
Trick or treat!
You're mine!
Behold! Your worst nightmare!
More money, more pumpkin bombs.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Spider-Man Act Two: Episode Five

Evening Spider-Men!

Act Two of the Spider-Man Special Event is now live and Mysterio is planning to attack the Academy! Act Two ends on Monday, August 8 at 6 PM EDT!

Not pictured: Spider-Gwen's Portal, Electro Bobblehead and... Venom??


A couple of notes on characters:

Firstly, if you didn't recruit Spider-Man in Act One, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 25 PressPasses
- 10 SpiderTracers
- 45 Newspapers
- 200 Klyntarites (Special Event Missions)

Secondly, if you defeat Mysterio 7 times before the end of Episode 5, you will be able to recruit Electro immediately. Episode 5 ends on July 27 at 6pm EDT.

Finally, for information on Spider-Man 2099 and his associated quests, please see here.

New Items in the Shop

Sonic Detonator Producer, 295 Shards - Drops 4 Sonic Detonators every 12h
Huge Sonic Detonator Producer, 795 Shards - Drops 12 Sonic Detonators every 12h
Klyntarite Segment, 195 Shards - Drops 150 Klyntarite every 12h
Klyntarite Slab, 295 Shards - Drops 250 Klyntarite every 12h
Klyntarite Meteor, 495 Shards - Drops 600 Klyntarite every 12h 


Who Let the Symbiotes Out?!
Iron Man starts

Spider-Man: Oscorp has been using portals to experiment on alien Symbiotes. I'm gonna break into their labs, and send the Symbiotes back to their home planet before they can escape, and conquer Earth.
Iron Man: You need any help?
Spider-Man: Yeah, I need you to shut down their security long enough for me to get in and out.
Iron Man: Fine, but I told you that when someone asks if you need help, you're supposed to say no. The more you need help, the more annoyed you act when they ask. Sometimes I wonder if you really memorized Tony Stark's rules for super-scientists...

Iron Man Do Super-Science,
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

A Piece of Klyntar
Iron Man starts

Iron Man
: Oscorp was keeping meteors from the Klyntar home planet in the tub with the Symbiotes, and you exploded them all over the place. We can figure out how to defeat them if we collect enough Klyntarites.
Spider-Man: Klyntarites?
Iron Man: You have a better name?
Spider-Man: Symbeteors?
Iron Man: ...
Spider-Man: I combined Symbiotes and meteors.
Iron Man: I'm looking at you, but I'm no longer listening.

Collect 70 Klyntarites!

: The superhumans are gathering their forces, and searching for our weaknesses. We need to feed off of their emotions and bodies, and use their powers to conquer this planet.
Carnage: I told you we need to just run on down there and kill 'em all.
Venom: We heard you the first twenty-five times you said it...
Carnage: Hey, don't be blamin; me 'cuz I'm a slick-looking remorseless murder machine, and you're just a dumb slobber-tongue chuck o' charcoal.
Venom: We should end you before you do something to interfere with out plans. We're still hungry. We're always hungry...
Carnage: A killin' contest?! Now you're talkin' my language, slobber tongue! Yeeeeeeeee-haw!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Get Off My Quad!
Spider-Man starts

: From what I can tell, the Symbiotes are vulnerable to fire and intense sounds. I'll see if I can find some Sonic Detonators to help us get rid of them...
Spider-Man: ...
Wasp: Was that intense enough to destroy 'em all?
Spider-Man: No, but it did hurt my ears.
Wasp: Order some cute earmuffs, Spider-Man. This is war...

Learn about Hero Traits! 

Defeat a Symbiote Grunt! 

Requires 3 x Sonic Detonator (Special Event Missions)

: Nice work! Your Sonic Whatevers worked even better than my battle cries!
Spider-Man: It didn't stop you from constantly screaming...
Wasp: Avengers don't give up. They just keep screaming ever louder.
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Symbiote Assault!
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I'm gonna help you get rid of these Symbiotes.
Spider-Man: I don't need your help.
Black Widow: Did Tony Stark tell you to always act like you don't need anyone's help?
Spider-Man: Maybe...
Black Widow: It's the one thing we have in common. Don't worry though, I'm gonna help you whether you like it or not.
Spider-Man: Thanks. I was freaking out on the inside...

Defeat 3 Symbiotes!

Carnage: They're wrecking our gang, slobber-tongue. I'm about to take this into my own hands...
Venom: Be patient, you bloodthirsty toddler. We have a plan.
Carnage: You wanna let me in on this plan, or are you and your alien just gonna whisper it all tenderly in each other's ears?
Venom: We'll let you know when you're no longer necessary...
Reward: 30 Klyntarites

Made You Look!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: Mysterio!
Mysterio: A standing ovation would be more appropriate, but I'll accept your shocked expression. It's always important to make a dramatic entrance. 
Spider-Man: What are you doing here?
Mysterio: Taking advantage of my opportunity to step into the spotlight. Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin have always held me back. If they've given up on the Sinister Six, then I'll be the one to destroy Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: If you don't help us, the Symbiotes are gonna destroy everyone here...
Mysterio: Perhaps. Or perhaps I was never here at all. Maybe I'm just an illuuuuuuuuusion!
Spider-Man: Congratulations. You're officially the weirdest guy in the weirdest rogues gallery ever. 

Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Black Widow: Who's your new weirdo?
Spider-Man: Mysterio. He's a special effects guy who became a wannabe actor who became a wannabe magician who became yet another person who enjoys trying to kill me.
Black Widow: It's tough being Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: I say that all the time!
Black Widow: How do we get rid of him?
Spider-Man: I'll figure something out to block the hallucinogenic gas he uses. In the meantime, just try to keep your eye on him. He's creep sneaky.
Black Widow: Then I guess we have to fight creepy sneaky with creepy sneaky...

Reward: 10 Klyntarites

The Magnifient Mysterio!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: Give up, Mysterio. I invented special gas masks to filter out your hallucinogenic gas. You'll have to fight us straight up, and even you aren't delusional enough to think that's gonna work out well for you...
Mysterio: Can your gas masks stop my holograms? My spring-loaded boots? My lasers? My hypnotic aids? My cape's electric coils?
Spider-Man: Are those rhetorical questions, or are you genuinely curious?
Mysterio: It's a mystery!

Defeat Mysterio! 400 HP, requires 1 Gas Mask

Mysterio: You think you've won, but this is only a momentary misdirection. The real magic is yet to come!
Spider-Man: But you don't even do real magic. There are actual sorcerers here doing actual magic. You're just a tricky guy with a fishbowl on his head.
Mysterio: Can you be certain?
Spider-Man: Yes.
Mysterio: Mysterio wears spring-loaded boots. Do your sorcerers wear spring-loaded boots?
Spider-Man: I doubt it.
Mysterio: Then Mysterio is winning.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

End of Illusions!
Spider-Man starts

Mysterio: Who are you?
Spider-Gwen: Where I'm from, they call me Spider-Woman. Here, they call me Spider-Gwen. All that matters is I came all the way from another dimension to kick your dome in.
Mysterio: Duel to the death with a spider hero from an alternate universe? I can't imagine a better way to end my final performance...

Defeat Mysterio 2 times!

Spider-Gwen: I understand wanting to perform, but there's less painful ways to do it. Have you ever though about playing an instrument?
Mysterio: I've thought about every conceivable way to play the world like a fiddle.
Spider-Gwen: Whatever. If you're just gonna say lame Super Villain stuff, I'm gonna leave.
Mysterio: I'm pretty good with an accordion.
Spider-Gwen: For real?
Mysterio: We should jam sometime after I conquer the world.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

End of Illusions! Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

The Light Show!
Spider-Man starts

Electro: Where's the court?!
Mysterio: I just broke you out of jail to help me reestablish the Sinister Six. Why would you want to go back to court?
Electro: Not that kinda court, reflector-head! A B-Ball court! I gotta show these fools my moves! Crossover! BAM! Fadeaway! Boom! Nasty Electro dunk! Pow! I gotta burn off this energy, and get more! More! MORE!
Mysterio: Sometimes I wish you were only an illusion...
Electro: Electro's the real deal, baby! Let's light this place up!

Defeat Mysterio 7 times!

Invite Electro!

Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

Web Warrior! (After A Piece of Klyntar)
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Ham: We need to save Spider-Woman!
Spider-Woman: Do I look like I need to be saved to you?
Spider-Ham: This alternate universe is so confusing. Not you! Her! Up there! In the Symbiote goop! Blond Spider-Woman! White hoodie Spider-Woman!
Spider-Woman: My sources say her name is Gwen. How about we call her Spider-Gwen?
Spider-Ham: Perfect! I fought with her once. She'll know how to stop the Symbiotes for sure! She's the best Spider-Woman in any universe!
Spider-Woman: Don't test me, Spider-Pig.

Invite Spider-Gwen! 100 Klyntarites

Spider-Man: You're...Gwen?
Spider-Gwen: And you're Peter Parker...
Spider-Man: You know me?
Spider-Gwen: Yeah. I mean, a version of you I guess. Do you know me?
Spider-Man: I used to. A different you. I miss that you...Maybe we should just focus on fighting the Symbiotes...
Spider-Gwen: It'll be nice to fight with you, Peter.
Spider-Man: Yeah. And it'll be weird...
Spider-Gwen: We've always been a little weird. We'll figure it out...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

She's Back!
Wasp starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Gwen! We're so glad you're free, and can help us fight the Symbiotes!
Spider-Gwen: Thanks! I'm all about fighting the Symbiotes, but where's the best place for me to play the drums and do Kung-Fu?
Pepper Potts: Honestly, people pretty much do whatever they want wherever they want...
Spider-Gwen: Why didn't anybody tell me about this universe earlier?!

Recruit Spider-Gwen!

- 30 Power Symbiote Samples (Defeat Powerful Symbiote Grunt L1)
- 7 Drumsticks (Get from Spider-Gwen's Drum Set in the Web of Wonders) 
- 30 Band Fliers (Special Event Missions) 
- 600 Klyntarites (Special Event Missions)

Venom: The one they call Spider-Gwen has joined the fight against us. We have to stop them before their forces continue to grow.
Carnage: I know we're evil partners and everything, but don't never tell me what to do, man.
Venom: No one is talking to you.
Carnage: Then why you keep sayin' "we?"
Venom: We're talking about ourselves. Eddie Brock and the Klyntar are one. We are Venom.
Carnage: I usually try not to judge since I'm a hillbilly homicidal maniac with an alien hangin' on him, but you're a weird dude, man.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Super Strong!
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Gwen: We should work on getting stronger to keep beating tougher Symbiotes and Super Villains.
Spider-Man: I know I look scrawny, but I'm actually really strong.
Spider-Gwen: In my universe, you looked like a lizard.
Spider-Man: Did I talk like thisss?
Spider-Gwen: Yes. And please don't ever do that again...

Raise Spider-Man's Attack Skill to Level 2! (Spider-Man Train Attack Skill, 4h x 3)

Spider-Man: Do you wanna fight the Symbiotes while I find a way to send them back to their home planet, or the other way around?
Spider-Gwen: We should go together.
Spider-Man: ...
Spider-Gwen: Because it'll be more efficient...
Spider-Man: I'm all about maximum efficiency.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

A Web of Wonders! Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Unlock Crushed Octobots! 812 Klyntarites, 3s

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

A Web of Wonders Pt. 2
Wasp starts

Unlock Spider-Gwen's Drum Set! 35 x Powerful Symbiote Sample (Defeat Powerful Symbiote Grunt L1 or L2), 10 x Kung-Fu Movies (Special Event Missions), 939 Klyntarites, 3s

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

A Web of Wonders Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Unlock the Electro Tower! 50 x Powerful Symbiote Sample (Defeat Powerful Symbiote Grunt L1 or L2), 20 x Toxic Symbiote Sample (Defeat Toxic Symbiote Grunt L1 or L2), 1076 Klynarites, 3s

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

A Web of Wonders Pt. 4
Wasp starts

Unlock Spider-Gwen's Portal! 20 x Quick Symbiote Sample (Defeat Quick Symbiote Grunt L1 or L2), 1052 Klyntarites, 3s

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites   

A Web of Wonders Pt. 5
Wasp starts

Unlock the Electro Bobblehead! Free (after getting the other 4 decos), 3s

Spider-Man: Amazing!
Reward: 10 Klyntarites 

Sensational! A Spider-Mech!
Spider-Man starts

Place the Spider-Mech (It will be in the shop for free after defeating Mysterio Streak 3)

Spider-Man: Sensational!
Reward: 25 Klyntarites 

What do you think of Act Two so far? Excited to recruit anyone in particular?


Spider-Man Act 2 Premium Character: Spider-Man 2099

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character which you can buy during Act Two of the Spider-Man event... Spider-Man 2099!

Back From the Future!
Iron Man starts

Spider-Man 2099
: Tony Stark. I'm Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man from 2099. I travelled from the future to help save your world from the Symbiotes.
Iron Man: You know me? I must be even more famous in the future...
Spider-Man 2099: You are. You created an artificial intelligence that infected S.H.I.E.L.D.'s computers, took control of the entire internet, and tried to exterminate all human life on Earth.
Iron Man: That's so Tony...

Iron Man Do Super-Science! 3m

Iron Man
: I was thinking about what you said about me creating an artificial intelligence that tries to kill everything in the future. I'm pretty sure it's this thing I'm working on called Vortex. Should be fine after a couple of tweaks...
Spider-Man 2099: You have to destroy it!
Iron Man: Yeah, I don't know. I've spent a lot of time working on it. Do you know I've only thrown myself one party since I got here?
Spider-Man 2099: I know that if you don't destroy it, millions of people might die.
Iron Man: Fine. I'll throw myself a party for saving the future.
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

Embrace the Future! (24h)
Wasp starts

: It's so awesome you're here, Spider-Man 2099! I have so many questions about the future! 
Spider-Man 2099: I'll be happy to answer every question you have as soon as we get rid of these Symbiotes.
Wasp: For sure! Do you have a flying car? Do you eat all of your food in pill form? Do you have a sassy robot maid? Do you know any talking dogs?
Spider-Man 2099: You must watch a lot of cartoons.
Wasp: Future people know everything!

Recruit Spider-Man 2099! 695 Shards

Reward: 50 Shards

Time Travail Pt. 1

Spider-Man 2099
: I'm going to conduct some tests on the Symbiotes in Oscorp Labs. Seeing how they react in the environment where they were kept should be the best way to gauge their response to various stimuli.
Iron Man: Let's science like it's 2099!
Spider-Man 2099: I don't even understand that reference, but I can tell it's terrible.

Spider-Man 2099 Run Symbiote Tests!
Iron Man Tinker with Tech! 1h

Spider-Man 2099: The good news is that these Symbiotes are less evolved that the ones I've come across in 2099. In the future, they'll also have acidic blood and saliva.
Iron Man: What's the bad news?
Spider-Man 2099: We're still hopelessly outnumbered, and they'll most likely take over the planet, and irrevocably affect the future for the worse.
Iron Man: Are there any girl Symbiotes?
Spider-Man 2099: I don't know if the Symbiotes themselves have a gender, but I'm sure they can bond with a female host. Why?
Iron Man: Just curious. Now that I know they don't have acidic saliva...
Reward: 30 Klyntarites 

Time Travail Pt. 2
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Spider-Man 2099
: I asked Tony Stark who to see about getting serious about fighting these Symbiotes, and he sent me to you.
Black Widow: What are your abilities?
Spider-Man 2099: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes. Accelerated vision and healing factor. Retractable talons, venomous fangs, and spinnerets that shoot webs from the back of my wrists.
Black Widow: I guess that'll do.

Spider-Man 2099 Take the Plunge! 2h
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite! 1h

Black Widow: If you can travel through time, why didn't you just arrive a little earlier, and stop all of this from ever happening?
Spider-Man 2099: Time machines are tricky. I didn't really set it to a specific time. I implemented some information about this time period, and hitched a ride on a wormhole when someone else used a portal to get here.
Black Widow: Sometimes I wish super-science was never a thing...
Spider-Man 2099: I know exactly what you mean...
Reward: 40 Klyntarites

Time Travail Pt. 3
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Spider-Man 2099: I'm thinking with so much portal activity at the campus, there's a pretty good chance I can use my time device to arrive before the Symbiotes got free.
Black Widow: Is it dangerous?
Spider-Man 2099: I don't think so. It might just take me a few tries to find the right place and time...

Upgrade Spider-Man 2099! 15 x Speed Symbiote Samples (Defeat Quick Symbiote Grunt L1), 15 x Powerful Symbiote Samples (Defeat Powerful Symbiote Grunt L1), 10 x Toxic Symbiote Samples (Defeat Toxic Symbiote Grunt L1), 1078 Klyntarites
Spider-Man 2099 Travel Through Time! 2h
Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Black Widow: At least it was entertaining...
Spider-Man 2099: I'm glad you find my failures and near-death experiences so amusing.
Black Widow: Yeah, this place does weird things to your sense of humor.
Reward: 50 Klyntarites

One Thing at a Time Pt. 1
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Loki: Hello, Spider-Man-Something-Something. They tell me you're here to help us save the world, but I can't help wondering why you abandoned your own...
Spider-Man 2099: If I don't stop the Symbiotes now, there won't be a future for me to return to.
Loki: That could already be the case. You can't know because you chose to abandon your home.
Spider-Man 2099: Why are you tormenting me for trying to help?
Loki: It's fun.

Spider-Man 2099 Reminisce about 2099! 4h
Spider-Man 2099 Denounce Megacorporations! 1h

Spider-Man 2099: You should shut down Stark Industries.
Iron Man: Comedy is so weird in the future.
Spider-Man 2099: I'm serious, Tony. Megacorporations constantly threaten your era, and have completely ruined 2099. Alchemax, Oscorp, Roxxon, A.I.M., the list goes on and on...
Iron Man: But those guys don't have Tony Stark.
Spider-Man 2099: No disrespect, but in my experience, you make things even worse...
Iron Man: So, you're saying I'm the best at making things the worst?
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

One Thing At a Time Pt. 2
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Hank Pym: Miguel O'Hara! Spider-Man from the year 2099! Crimefighter, social advocate, and supremely gifted geneticist! Welcome to the past!
Spider-Man 2099: Thank you. I'm here to help...
Hank Pym: Amazing! Tony Stark tells me you're questioning the sanity of super-scientific megacorporations!
Spider-Man 2099: I've just seen the damage they can do...
Hank Pym: So have I! It's time to see what kind of damage we can do to them!

Upgrade Spider-Man 2099! 30 Speed Samples, 30 Power Samples, 15 Toxic Samples

Spider-Man 2099 Experiment with Genetics! 5h
Spider-Man 2099 Run Symbiote Tests! 2h

Hank Pym: You will survive this Symbiote attack, Spider-Man 2099. You will return home, and you will use what we made to put an end to the Alchemax corporation.
Spider-Man 2099: Thank you. It will mean a lot to the people of Nueva York.
Hank Pym: My pleasure. It's one of my favorite cities to visit.
Spider-Man 2099: It doesn't exist in this time..
Hank Pym: Neither do you. But here we are.
Spider-Man 2099: Are you saying you also travel through time?
Hank Pym: You shouldn't listen to anything I say. I'm obviously just a crazy old super-scientist...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

A Better Tomorrow Pt. 1
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Wasp: Spider-Man 2099! How's it going for you in the past-present?! Are you getting homesick for the future? Are you getting confused by things like toasters and cell phones? Are you getting annoyed by Loki?
Spider-Man 2099: All those things.
Wasp: You need to relax! You're carrying the weight of the whole future on that awesome outfit's shoulders. It's time to party like it's 2099!
Spider-Man 2099: I still don't get it.

Spider-Man 2099 Order Wrestling Tickets! 4h
Spider-Man 2099 Do Future Moves! 4h

Wasp: Do you feel better after having some fun instead of worrying about killer Symbiotes and evil corporations?
Spider-Man 2099: Yeah, thanks. I even ordered some wrestling tickets. I'm a huge Lucha Libre fan. It's the most popular sport in Nueva York. I'd wrestle myself, but it doesn't seem fair with my powers...
Wasp: I love wrestling!
Spider-Man 2099: You do?!
Wasp: Waspocalypse only cares about the championship belt, brother! You wanna step in the steel cage with me?!
Spider-Man 2099: No, I definitely don't want to do that...
Reward: 10 Klyntarites

A Better Tomorrow Pt. 2
Spider-Man 2099 starts

Spider-Man 2099: It's been fun hanging out, but I have to get serious about saving the future. You guys can protect the campus without me. I need to make sure the Symbiotes don't spread too far around the rest of the world.
Wasp: You're also gonna go watch wrestling, aren't you?
Spider-Man 2099: Maybe...
Wasp: Get a souvenir for Waspocalypse!

Upgrade Spider-Man 2099! 59263 Credits
Spider-Man 2099 Save the Future! 2h

Reward: 20 Credits

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