Thursday, 25 August 2016

Daredevil Special Event Live!

Evening, Avengereenos!

The Daredevil Special Event is here!!

Look how pretty it is!

How do I participate in the Daredevil special event?
In order to participate, players must download the latest update, be at Academy Level 5, and have built Van Dyne's Outfits. The first quest is the "If You Can't Stand the Heat..." quest line. Finish it to begin unlocking event content.
When does the Daredevil Special Event event end?
The event ends on September 22 at 6 PM EDT.
How do I unlock the Academy Courthouse?
Finish the quest "The Court is in Session" to repair the Academy Courthouse!
How do I earn Relics?
After you purchase the Sacred Bell from The Devil's Due, you will be able to generate Sacred Keys from the Sacred Bell. These Keys are used to open the Relics that can be found in Hell's Kitchen.
How do I defeat a Ninja?
Higher Quality Relics are guarded by Hand Ninjas. To fight Ninjas you will need Loki's Lawyer Skin, Jessica Jones, or Daredevil. You will also need 6 Anti-Toxins to protect you from the Ninja's weapons.
Why is my generator dropping less items than advertised?

For this event, generators drop in batches. Items are created at specific time intervals and are stored in your generator for 24 hours! Check back regularly to claim your items. 

Drama is once again surrounding Avengers Academy as Director Nick Fury is being pressured to stand trial for the damage done to New York by various invaders who have attacked his school. The so-called Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen wants Director Fury to reveal his secrets, relinquish his power, and transfer his superhuman students to Kingpin's "Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth". Kingpin is a former student of the disciplinary school who seized control by seemingly legal means, and forcibly confined the students who refused to follow his vision for "a safe and orderly world". Only one student agreed to join Kingpin's cause, filling New York's hospitals with battered bullies and villains. The few who don't have broken jaws, and aren't too traumatized to speak, call him The Punisher. Kingpin also blames Avengers Academy for the recent appearance of ninjas in Hell's Kitchen. They reportedly represent a group called The Hand, and have been seen trafficking relics related their ancient occult magic. I can't believe that the most normal thing I've reported on all year still has magic ninjas...
...What happened to Isaiah Bradley? Exclusive report on Project: Rebirth at 11...Bishop Publishing Magnate under investigation, inside source reveals...Lt. Carol Danvers returns to Earth, press conference footage after the break...


Alchemy Lab, 195 Shards - Drops 12 Anti-Toxins per day
Mystical Alchemy Lab, 545 Shards - Drops 36 Anti-Toxins per day
Hand Ninja Dojo, 195 Shards - Drops 360 Ninja Stars per day
Advanced Ninja Dojo, 445 Shards - Drops 1200 Ninja Stars per day
Supreme Ninja Dojo, 745 Shards - Drops 2400 Ninja Stars per day

If You Can't Stand the Heat...
Iron Man starts

Pepper Potts: We're getting killed in the news outlets and social media. Kingpin turned everyone against you and the Academy.
Nick Fury: We'll be fine. We've helped a lot more people than we've hurt. And we're their only hope for what's coming next.
Pepper Potts: Kingpin is demanding that you stand trial to explain the circumstances around the A.I.M., Hydra, Chitauri and Symbiote attacks, and step down as Director of Avengers Academy.
Nick Fury: I'll take care of Kingpin. If not, you'll step in and take care of Avengers Academy...

Learn About the Daredevil Event! (takes you to Event Menu)

Kingpin: The time has arrived, Mr. Castle The pieces are in place, and I'm ready to make my move.
Punisher: Quit talking about it, and do it.
Kingpin: I'm the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, and you're my Punisher. Together, we'll clean up Avengers Academy just like we did our school, and recruit their students into a properly organized and efficient organization.
Punisher: Just tell me which ones deserve to get hit.
Kingpin: This is a big moment for me...
Punisher: Not as big as it'll be if I toss you off the building. Let's get this show on the road...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Problem at Hand
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: We need to collect clues to find out what Kingpin and the Hand's ninjas are planning.
Iron Man: You're so happy right now.
Black Widow: What are you talking about?
Iron Man: A bunch of tough, street-level heroes. A big mystery to solve. Fury getting called out. Ninjas hiding in the shadows...
Black Widow: Fine. It's the best day ever.

Collect 50 Ninja Stars (Mission Board/Quests)

Kingpin: The Punisher and I will keep them occupied and distracted. Protect the relics at all costs.
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Are you quiet because you don't understand me or because you're being stealthy?
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Just protect the crates or you'll find yourself inside of one.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Iron Man starts

Loki: I'm quite interested in seeing what these ninjas are hiding...
Jessica Jones: Whatever we have to do to free Luke, Hellcat, Elektra, and Iron Fist.
Loki: Their weapons are lace with poison. Armor-Man is trying to create a more modern anti-toxin, but in the meantime, we'll just have to use the few traditional anti-toxins we can find.
Jessica Jones: We should probably just try not to get stabbed.
Loki: Yes. That's obviously the ideal scenario. 

Learn About Power Attacks!

Defeat 1 Ninja! requires 6 x Anti-Toxin
Fight with Jessica Jones OR Lawyer Loki OR Daredevil OR a combination thereof

Daredevil: Nice work.
Jessica Jones: Thanks. Do you think Elektra is still working with the Hand?
Daredevil: No. That's in the past. She wouldn't do that anymore...
Jessica Jones: Elektra does whatever she wants whenever she wants. That's my favorite thing about her.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

Give Them a Hand!
Loki starts

Jessica Jones: I could use your help fighting these ninjas to free my friends.
Loki: I'm extremely sympathetic to your concerns, but I'll continue to do whatever I please while ignoring everything that you say.
Jessica Jones: That's fine. I'll just continue calling you a punk.

Defeat 5 Ninjas!

Jessica Jones: We can't take out an army of magic ninjas all by ourselves...
Daredevil: We don't have a choice.
Jessica Jones: Maybe, but Luke never shuts up about asking for help when you need it.
Daredevil: He's right. Keep fighting while we find a way to get more of our friends into the fight...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

First Shot
Wasp starts

Wasp: Jessica Jones!
Jessica Jones: You know who I am?
Wasp: For sure! You take the best candid celebrity pics. Who's a cheater? Who's a bad tipper? Who jogs on the beach shirtless even when it's way too cold out? Only Jessica Jones knows!
Jessica Jones: Yeah, well, I got bills to pay. Can you get me out of this school turned prison or what?
Wasp: I can do anything! But I have a friend who does this stuff even better. This is right up her alley!
Jessica Jones: Great. Tell her to hurry.
Wasp: Get it?! Because Hell's Kitchen has a bunch of dark alleys?
Jessica Jones: It would be funnier if I wasn't currently imprisoned.

Wasp Take Selfies! 1m

Jessica Jones: You're the one who's gonna get me out of here?
Black Widow: Yeah. What do you know about Kingpin?
Jessica Jones: Besides that he's a jerk? He's smart. Strong. Ruthless. He thinks he runs Hell's Kitchen.
Black Widow: Is he working with The Hand?
Jessica Jones: Probably. I can help you find out if you can get me free. I think more clearly when I'm not being held captive.
Black Widow: I like you already.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Crack the Case! (24h)
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: Black Widow hacked into your school's security. It's a little more advanced than we expected, but I should be able to make something to bypass the system.
Jessica Jones: Thank you. Hurry up and get me out of this place before I lose my mind.
Iron Man: I'm on it. Maybe afterwards I can show you Stark Tower...
Jessica Jones: I have an invulnerable boyfriend.
Iron Man: If I had an Arc Reactor for every time someone told me that... 

Recruit Jessica Jones! 415 Shards

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Justice is Blind
Iron Man starts

Kingpin: I hope you realize this isn't personal, Director Fury. The public is simply frightened by the dangers surrounding Avengers Academy, and believes new leadership could be the solution.
Nick Fury: And you wanting to put me on trial has nothing to do with you trying to poach my recruits. You're just a concerned citizen...
Kingpin: I realize that admitting your mistakes and revealing your secrets is unpleasant, and that no one can force the great and powerful Nick Fury to face trial, but the public only wants to feel safe.
Nick Fury: I'll go on trial.
Kingpin: You will?! I mean, of course you will. It's the only option. I'll give you time to prepare your case, and arrange for representation.
Nick Fury: I want Matt Murdock.
Kingpin: But he's just a law student. You have all the money and connections in the world. You could hire any lawyer you want. You could hire all of them. It doesn't make any sense...
Nick Fury: I'll see you in court.

Free Daredevil! 100 Ninja Stars

Daredevil: Thanks for getting me out of there, Director Fury. I'll do everything in my power to clear your name, defend Avengers Academy, and free the rest of the students from Kingpin's school.
Nick Fury: Are you getting better with those powers?
Daredevil: The power of attorney...?
Nick Fury: I know who you are, Daredevil. I've been tracking your story since you finished your training with Stick. You're gonna represent me, but you're also gonna help me figure out what Kingpin is doing with The Hand.
Daredevil: How many other people know?
Nick Fury: Just me.
Daredevil: That's a relief. I literally just got a shirt made that says, "I'm Not Daredevil".
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Man Without Fear!
Iron Man starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Matt! We're excited to have you here, and so happy you'll be defending Director Fury.
Daredevil: I'm happy to be here. I was a little nervous at first, but you have a very soothing voice. Ms...
Pepper Potts: Potts. Pepper Potts. You can call me Pepper. Can I show you to your dorm?
Daredevil: I was actually hoping you could give me a tour of the entire campus, Pepper. It'll help me get my bearings, and hopefully keep me from stumbling around too much. If you wouldn't mind taking my arm... 
Pepper Potts: Of course. It would be my pleasure...

Recruit Daredevil!
- Collect 4 Bandages (Get from the Daredevil Pinball Machine in The Devil's Due)
- Collect 63 Law Books (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 6 Katanas (Get from fighting various Hand Ninjas)
- Collect 5096 Ninja Stars

Iron Man: I heard Pepper's been showing you around...
Daredevil: Yeah, she's really friendly, and...helpful. Are you two dating?
Iron Man: I don't know what we are. Honestly, even if we were, it wouldn't be fair because I've been hitting on everything that moves. Just treat her right...
Daredevil: We're only friends, Tony.
Iron Man: Yeah well, I saw the look in her eye, and that's not what she thinks. Just appreciate how lucky you are to have her look at you like that. And don't make me have to punch a blind guy.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Bend the Truth!
Loki starts

Kingpin: I have a proposition for you, Loki.
Loki: Please. You look like a mountain of mashed potatoes.
Kingpin: A business proposition. I'd like you to be my lawyer in the case against Nick Fury.
Loki: Do you realize that I'm genetically and morally opposed to truth and justice?
Kingpin: Do you know anything about Midgardian lawyers? I think you may find it to your liking.
Loki: What's in it for Loki?
Kingpin: Wealth. Power. Fame. The opportunity to showcase your cleverness, and expose Nick Fury's secrets to all the Nine Realms...

Get the Lawyer Loki outfit!

- 3 x Hair Gel (Have Loki Gussy Up, 4h)
- 28 x Fancy Ties (Special Event Missions)
- 4 x Money Clips (Collect from the Loki's Justice - get it in The Devil's Due)
- 1783 Ninja Stars

Daredevil: I hate to say it, but you do look like a lawyer.
Lawyer Loki: Even a blind man knows true majesty when he sees it. Prepare to be humiliated in the court of law and public opinion.
Daredevil: Do you even know anything about the law?
Lawyer Loki: I know that the essential ingredient for success as a prosecuting attorney is the ability to manipulate the jury and the accused. Loki is the greatest manipulator to ever exist.
Daredevil: Thor is better.
Lawyer Loki: What?!
Daredevil: ...
Lawyer Loki: I see what you did there. Nice lawyering.

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Prepare for Punishment
Black Widow starts

Punisher: Your samurais can't stop the Avengers.
Kingpin: Ninjas.
Punisher: Nobody can fix this but me.
Kingpin: Respect our agreement. I promised to deliver the people who threaten Hell's Kitchen, and you promised to punish them. But not until I say it's time.
Punisher: Your agreement don't mean nothing to me. And you're all running out of time... 

Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Kingpin: You promised me you'd be capable of protecting the Relics until I was ready to enact the next phase of my plan.
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Are you too weak to honor your part, or are you incapable of respecting a gentleman's agreement?
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: I know you understand me, so know that when you refuse to speak, I take that as an apologetic admission of your continued failure, and a renewed dedication to our agreed upon plan...
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Stay quiet. Just remember that I never accept failure. And I have ways to make you speak...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Court is in Session!
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: I need your help building an Academy Courthouse, Stark. Staff it with your surveillance robots.
Iron Man: I can't believe you're really going through with this...
Nick Fury: And give the robots the ability to broadcast everything live.
Iron Man: What are you planning?
Nick Fury: Kingpin made his play. Now it's our turn... 

Get the Academy Courthouse! 100 Ninja Stars

Nick Fury: Nice work, Stark. I sort of imagined the robots just standing around the courtroom, but this is much more creative. The judge's wig is a nice touch.
Iron Man: Wasp's idea. She really does have the best ideas. Most of them involve wigs. 
Nick Fury: I guess it's time to take my seat...
Iron Man: You're pretty calm for a guy who's about to go on trial live in front of the entire universe.
Nick Fury: Nick Fury's got nothing to hide.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

Ring the Bell!
Loki starts

Loki: I need to discover what these ninjas are trafficking, but I'll need one of their artifacts to access their Relics. I can sense that they're involved in something distinctly magical.
Wasp: That's so cute!
Loki: Not magical as in your misguided description of fluffy puppies and sappy relationships. Literally magical, as in they're associated with powerful sorcery.
Wasp: Magic is everywhere! 

Get the Sacred Bell! 8 x Bonsho Striker (Special Event Missions), 812 Ninja Stars

Kingpin: They may access the Hand's Relics faster than I anticipated. You'll need to be prepared to dispose of them.
Punisher: Why do you think I've been cracking my knuckles for the past five hours?
Kingpin: I assumed it was a nervous habit.
Punisher: You know what happens when you assume...
Kingpin: Enlighten me.
Punisher: Same thing that happens when you do anything else. You get your teeth knocked out by the Punisher.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

The Plot Thickens
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I need to know everything you know about Kingpin and the Hand. Loki thinks the Hand is moving something involving sorcery, and I'm almost positive Kingpin is orchestrating the whole thing.
Daredevil: Who do you trust more? Loki or Kingpin?
Black Widow: Is there a third option?
Daredevil: Director Fury.
Black Widow: And people wonder why I have trust issues...

Collect 1 Key! Collect from the Sacred Bell (1 per hr, up to 24 max)
Open 1 Relic!

Black Widow: I'm no magic expert, but some of what they're moving is ancient. It would be nice if I could fully trust at least one person here who uses magic.
Daredevil: I don't wanna get in your personal business...
Black Widow: So don't.
Daredevil: When Loki says your name, I can sense that he cares. When you said his name earlier, I didn't sense anything. You should be honest with him. Something tells me he doesn't deal well with having his feelings hurt.
Black Widow: You're right.
Daredevil: Good.
Black Widow: You don't wanna get in my personal business.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Relic Raider
Loki starts

Loki: I need your assistance...
Enchantress: In so many ways.
Loki: The sorcery in these relics is different from anything in Asgard. Different even from the curse that embodies the Black Knight's Ebony Blade.
Enchantress: I simply need to handle the Relics myself. This is why you never send a sorcerer to do a sorceress's job...

Collect 10 Keys!
Open 10 Relics!

Enchantress: The Relics have something to do with necromancy. They're likely attempting to raise someone from the dead.
Loki: Good. I can prepare an appropriate spell to find out exactly what they're planning.
Enchantress: You could say thank you.
Loki: I could, but why start now?
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Law and Order
Loki starts

Loki: I understand you've taken over as ruler of Avengers Academy while the Patch-Man awaits his punishment.
Pepper Potts: You really do have the worst way of phrasing things. I'm the acting Interim Director until Director Fury is finished with this ridiculous trial.
Loki: You'll deny it, but I can tell you enjoy the power.
Pepper Potts: Director Fury is still in power. The truth will come out soon enough. Justice will be served.
Loki: No one appreciates truth and justice more than Loki...

Get the Loki's Justice! 4 x Hand Seal (Get from Uncommon Hand Relic OR Get from Common Hand Relic), 8 x Fancy Ties (Special Event Missions), 8 x Briefcases (Special Event Missions), 910 Ninja Stars

Loki: Feel free to admit that the statue is magnificent.
Daredevil: I'll take your word for it.
Loki: Lies are my lifeblood, Blind-Man. I appreciate you deceiving everyone else, but please don't humiliate us both by acting like you can't see better than the other Midgardians.
Daredevil: Fine. The statue's nice. You look good in a dress.
Loki: Loki looks good in everything.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Pinball Wizard
Loki starts

Kingpin: My associates are going to deliver a pinball machine to the Academy.
Punisher: You're giving 'em games?
Kingpin: Violence is a simple, yet admittedly effective solution to most problems. Distractions will keep them from focusing on my true agenda.
Punisher: I'll stick with violence.
Kingpin: That's exactly why I need you by my side until the endgame...

Get the Daredevil Pinball Machine! 52 x Boxing Gloves (Special Event Missions), 45 x Hand Seal (Get from Common Hand Relic OR Get from Uncommon Hand Relic), 2992 Ninja Stars

Loki: What is this contraption?
Falcon: Pinball! You should give it a shot. It's fun.
Loki: Does it involve lying?
Falcon: No, but you can cheat a little bit by shaking the machine.
Loki: Then Loki will be the one true ruler of all things pinball!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Deadly Weapons 
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: I can analyze the poison the ninjas are using if you can get me some of their weapons. Wait. Why are you smiling?
Black Widow: I don't need an extra reason to want awesome ninja weapons.

Get The Hand's Weapons! 64 x Hand Seal (Get from Common Hand Relic OR Get from Uncommon Hand Relic), 7 x Katanas (Get from fighting various Hand Ninjas), 2710 Ninja Stars

Black Widow: Did you find out anything about the poison the ninjas are using from their weapons?
Iron Man: No. Chemistry isn't really my wheelhouse. I tried Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man 2099, but they're all busy with their own stuff. I'd ask Professor Pym, but he's acting weird.
Black Widow: ...
Iron Man: Weirder.
Black Widow: Let me know if you find something. The threat of getting poisoned is half the...challenge.
Iron Man: You almost said fun.
Black Widow: Keep that between us. I have a reputation to uphold.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Daredevil Challenge!
Loki starts

Get the Daredevil Bobblehead for 80 Katanas!

Daredevil: Great job!
Reward: 100 Ninja Stars

What do you think of the Daredevil event so far? Are you gonna buy Jessica Jones? Don't you just love the skyline?!


In-Game Update! Gamma Zone

Hey hey, Avengers!
TinyCo finally released a story update, woohoo!

Bring the Thunder! (2d)
Loki starts

Loki: I haven't seen you this excited since you discovered that the Midgardians had invented all-you-can-eat buffets...
Odin: We've finally located your brother Thor trapped within the timefog! Will extra Infinity Gem Shards provide you enough power to free him with your sorcery?
Loki: I suppose...
Captain America: Do it, Loki. Thor is exactly the kind of warrior Avengers Academy needs.
Wasp: I can't wait to fight Frost Giants with him! And stare at his hair! And touch his muscles!
Black Widow: We could learn a lot from someone who's actually been inside the timefog...
Ms Marvel: Are we talking about the real Thor? Like with the lightning? And the magic hammer? And the crazy cool helmet?
Loki: And so it begins...

Recruit Thor Early! 1495 Shards

Reward: 100 Shards

Academy's Next Top Model Pt. 1
Wasp starts 

Wasp: Hey Tony! I need your help. I really wanna recruit a--
Iron Man: Aspiring supermodel?!
Wasp: ...Yeah. To model my upcoming line of heroic high-fashion outfits. How'd you know?
Iron Man: I didn't! I'm on this thing where you verbalize your hopes and dreams, and sometimes life just makes it happen.
Wasp: Pandas made of ice cream!
Iron Man: Yeah, that probably won't happen.

Wasp Post Everywhere, 2h
Wasp Text Everybody, 45m
Iron Man Search for Models, 3m

Wasp: I found a few good candidates, but nobody committed yet. How about you?
Iron Man: I contacted a bunch of girls, but they mostly just thought I was hitting on them, which I mostly was. What about Enchantress?
Wasp: Nope.
Iron Man: I know you don't like her, but you have to admit, she looks like a model. Plus, she's from Asgard. It could open up a whole new market for you.
Wasp: I'll give her a chance. But if she makes fun of me or my clothes, she's going down...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Academy's Next Top Model Pt. 2
Wasp starts

Wasp: Do you want to model my outfits, or what?
Enchantress: Absolutely. It would be my pleasure to elevate your drab designs.
Wasp: ...
Enchantress: Calm yourself, little insect. I'll prove my good intentions by parading my beauty through campus to dazzle mortals, and inspire excitement around our partnership.
Wasp: Thanks.

Enchantress Remain Stunning, 25m
Enchantress Steal The Spotlight, 45m

Enchantress: You made a wise choice, little insect. No one cares about your clothing, but they're excited to see anything that touches Enchantress.
Wasp: Awesome.
Enchantress: When should I model your wares? I'd like to prepare a protective spell to make sure the fabric doesn't sully my flesh.
Wasp: Oh, don't bother. I found someone more professional. And prettier...
Reward: 386 Credits

Academy's Next Top Model Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Enchantress: You're a fool, little insect. This new girl can't possibly match the beauty of Enchantress.
Wasp: Maybe. Either way, it's fun to watch you get jealous.
Enchantress: I don't get jealous. I get revenge...

Wasp Text The New Girl, 45m

Enchantress: Unbelievable. If I'd known, I would've treated you to a mouse.
Tigra: If you don't move, I'll treat you like a runaway.
Enchantress: I came here to hurt you. To let you know that I will always rule this Academy. But you aren't even worth my time. If the bug wants her clothes covered in cat hair, so be it.
Tigra: You're pretty. Maybe too much makeup, but pretty. All that hate makes you real ugly though.
Enchantress: Be careful, hairball. You need to remember that Avengers Academy is a dangerous place, and the Enchantress is a dangerous enemy.
Tigra: All I need to do is stay fierce and focused. And the name is Tigra. Remember that.
Reward: 386 Credits

The Claws Are Out
Pepper Potts: Wasp found us an aspiring supermodel who will bring both strength and beauty to Avengers Academy!
Wasp: And make Enchantress so jealous!

Invite Tigra!

Wasp: Tigra! Thanks so much for coming! I can't wait to have you wearing my outfits at the Academy!
Tigra: My pleasure. I adore your designs, and Avengers Academy is the spot right now. It's time to take my modelling career to the next level.
Wasp: Mr. Fury gave me the list of everything you need to get started. I'm kind of disappointed. I thought for sure you'd ask for diva things like a diamond-crusted runway.
Tigra: The world is my runway.
Wasp: Whoa. Super diva!

Recruit Tigra!
- Wasp Keep It Cute, ?h x 3 (requires Wasp Rank 5)
- Collect 50 Protein Bars (Mission Board)
- 11109 Credits
- 35 Avengers Textbooks

Wasp: What do you wanna do first?!
Tigra: Find Enchantress, and squash our drama. I can't have her blocking my shine, and taking my eyes off the prize.
Wasp: Whoa. I've never seen a real catfight.
Tigra: You're about to see what happens when you add a tiger...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Tigra starts

Tigra: I know we got off to a bad start, but I didn't come here to make enemies. That won't do anything but distract me from my goals.
Enchantress: Making an enemy of Enchantress will cause you far more harm than any distraction.
Tigra: Right. Well, I'm about to work on my runway walk. Do you wanna join me?
Enchantress: No, thank you. I don't have any interest in walking on all fours.
Tigra: Well, it can't hurt to watch. Actually, I take it back. It'll probably hurt your feelings...

Tigra Make It Work, 3h

Enchantress: Congratulations. Should I find you a can of tuna?
Tigra: We should be able to coexist, but I don't think you wanna play along.
Enchantress: I'm allergic to cats.
Tigra: That's too bad. I'm allergic to girls who get threatened by beautiful, confident women. So, I guess we'll just avoid each other. Unless you wanna ruin that pretty face...
Reward: 386 Credits

Cat Nap
Tigra starts

Pepper Potts: We're so happy to have you at Avengers Academy, Tigra! How's everything going so far?
Tigra: Everything is fabulous. Everything except Enchantress.
Pepper Potts: I'm sorry. Director Fury believes in giving...difficult students a chance to be heroes. Do you want me to talk to her?
Tigra: Thanks, but I just need some time to myself. Enchantress and I will most definitely be having a little talk when the time is right...

Tigra Take a Cat Nap, 3h

Black Widow: How can you sleep in all this chaos?
Tigra: My secret power is the ability to completely ignore people.
Black Widow: That's the first time I've ever been jealous of someone's powers...
Reward: 386 Credits

Normal Heroes Pt. 1
Ms Marvel starts

Ms Marvel: You're late!
Captain America: I'm seven minutes early...
Ms Marvel: But you're always exactly ten minutes early to everything, so by Captain America standards, you're a little late. It's totally cool, I just got kind of worried...
Captain America: I was trying to convince Maria Hill to train with us, but she said she's training for a markmanship competition at the Blasting Range. You ready to go?
Ms Marvel: Yes, sir!
Captain America: You know I get really uncomfortable when you call me sir...
Ms Marvel: I know, but it's still way too weird to call you Steve...
Captain America: Cap is fine...

Ms Marvel Give 'Em A Hand, 1h, requires Captain America
Captain America Use Necessary Force, 1h
Maria Hill Take Your Best Shot, 1m

Captain America: I'm running out of things to teach you when it comes to combat training. You're already so much stronger than me...
Ms Marvel: Imagine if you had stretchy-growy powers too! You'd be like Super Cap!
Captain America: I kind of like American Marvel.
Ms Marvel: That's the perfect ship for you and Captain Marvel!
Captain America: I don't know what that means...
Ms Marvel: You and Captain Marvel would be the best couple ever! She's like you, but with powers! Or you're like her, but with a shield. Whatever. I love you both. You shoul totally go to space and make it happen!
Reward: 386 Credits

Normal Heroes Pt. 2
Ms Marvel starts

Falcon: Don't tell him I told you, but you got Cap really curious about Captain Marvel. I even saw him using the internet...
Ms Marvel: American Marvel!
Falcon: I think you're more excited about their fake relationship than our real one...
Ms Marvel: I am!
Falcon: Do you still wanna hang out at the stadium?
Ms Marvel: For sure! Let's build it up, and do something new! I need to work off all this American Marvel energy before I let out all this inside screaming!

Upgrade Avengers Stadium! 12322 Credits, 1d 5h
Ms Marvel Play Soccer, 1m
Falcon Run Like a Falcon, 10m

Falcon: How'd you get so good at soccer?
Ms. Marvel: Practice. I needed extra work on my coordination after I turned all stretchy...
Falcon: What do you wanna do now?
Ms. Marvel: Captain America says I've learned almost everything I can about fighting. I wanna see if he's right...
Reward: 386 Credits

Normal Heroes Pt. 3
Ms Marvel starts

Ms. Marvel: I need your help on a super-secret mission to take out a bunch of new A.I.M. robots!
Maria Hill: Why me? Why would I follow you? Did Director Fury authorize this mission? I ask a lot of questions. I like to know exactly what's going on.
Ms. Marvel: I asked you because you're tough. You should follow me because I've already successfully led a mission to infiltrate the A.I.M. Institute. Mr. Fury authorized the whole thing. He even said, "Go get 'em, Kamala." in his extra serious voice!
Maria Hill: Alright, Ms. Marvel. You're trustworthy, and I can tell you're detail-orientated. I'm in... 

Ms. Marvel Save the World! 3h, requires Maria Hill

Ms. Marvel: You did awesome!
Maria Hill: Thanks. That was actually my first real mission...
Ms. Marvel: Maybe now you won't feel like you have to prove yourself so much!
Maria Hill: Maybe you're right...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Super Wasp Pt. 1

Wasp starts

Wasp: I'm finally ready to work on my ultimate Super Hero outfit!
Black Widow: Good.
Wasp: What's that supposed to mean?
Black Widow: I need you help on a new Hydra mission. And I don't like the way people look at me when we hang out. Like I'm all fun and friendly...

Wasp Study Fashion, 1h
Wasp Study Entomology, 3m

Wasp: I decided on the cut, but not the color...
Black Widow: Black. A couple of brainy Hydra students aren't happy about not getting invited to A.I.M.'s science far, so they're developing their own science base. We need to sneak in and shut it down.
Wasp: I don't know about wearing all-black. I don't want me, you, and Mr. Fury to look like triplets...
Black Widow: Good point, Wasp. You're always thinking.
Reward: 386 Credits

Super Wasp Pt. 2
Wasp starts

Wasp: I'm finally ready to make my full-on super-suit!
Black Widow: Good because we need to hurry up and take out this Hydra science base. I'm proud of you, Wasp. All you used to care about was taking selfies.
Wasp: I know! I better get some pictures to remember these times!

Upgrade Wasp! 25 Avengers Textbooks, 70 Party Hats (Mission Board), 14295 Credits
Wasp Take Selfies! 1m

: What do you think?!
Black Widow: I like it.
Wasp: Do you love it?!
Black Widow: I like it.
Wasp: I love it too! Let's go break in my new shoes by stomping on Hydra!
Reward: 386 Credits

Super Wasp Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Wasp: You mind if I get J.A.R.V.I.S. to help with my new suit design?
Iron Man: What about me?
Wasp: Yeah, you should definitely get his help too.

Wasp Gossip With J.A.R.V.I.S. 15m

Iron Man: How'd things go with your new best friend, J.A.R.V.I.S.?
Wasp: Amazing! He automatically knew how to improve my design, so we just spent the rest of the time looking at your baby pictures.
Iron Man: What?!
Wasp: So many cute pics of chubby little Tony staring at himself in the mirror...
Reward: 386 Credits

Super Wasp Pt. 4
Wasp starts

Black Widow: We need to be ready for anything. From what I've gathered, one of their student scientists found a way to transfer people's consciousness into robot bodies.
Wasp: You think they'll like my new outfit?
Black Widow: I don't think they'll care.
Wasp: Let's go make 'em care... 

Wasp Crash Hydra's Science Base! 1h, requires Black Widow

Nick Fury: Nice work, Wasp. You and Widow destroyed Hydra's science base right before they could make an army of robotic soldiers. That new suit must be working.
Wasp: Thanks, Mr. Fury! My new motto is "Look good, feel good, fight good."
Nick Fury: I guess I can support that.
Wasp: Of course you can. You aren't fooling anybody with that fancy jacket.
Reward: 386 Credits 

Love And War Pt. 1
Loki starts

Black Widow: I think you need to work on your combat training.
Loki: Please. I've been battling a thunder god since the day I was born.
Black Widow: And losing every time. I know you're a powerful sorcerer, but if our plan against Fury works, we're gonna have to be ready to fight. And I don't even wanna think about what will happen if it doesn't...
Loki: If you're frightened, and seeing my expertise helps put your mind at ease, I suppose I'll demonstrate why I'm a more than capable protector...

Loki Put Up A Fight, 1h, requires Black Widow

Black Widow: You've gotten by on tricks and magic for so long that you've never worked on your technique.
Loki: I don't have to prove anything to you.
Black Widow: No, you don't. You can just keep doing what you've always done. But I know you can do better...
Reward: 386 Credits

Love And War Pt. 2
Loki starts

Ares: Well, that was embarrassing. No shame in getting beat up by a girl, but when you're an all-powerful god, and she's a non-powered human, it's not a good look.
Loki: What do you care?
Ares: You care as much as I do, you're just too much of a coward to admit it, and too prideful to try and get better. You think you'll never be the warrior your bother is, so you stopped trying.
Loki: You're nothing to me. None of you are. I could unleash destruction on this campus.
Ares: I'd like to see you try...

Upgrade Loki! 35 Avengers Textbooks, 70 x ? (Mission Board), 13703 Credits
Loki Unleash Destruction, 30m

: Not bad. Your focus and technique could use some work, but I appreciate the ferocity. I think Black Widow would be impressed.
Loki: You think I care about that nagging Midgardian?
Ares: Love and war are forever intertwined, little god. I can make you more powerful than you ever imagined, and maybe even help you get the girl, but to do it you'll have to go through me...

Reward: 386 Credits

Love And War Pt. 3
Loki starts

Ares: Pep talk time is over. I'm sick of seeing you weak. Sick of you disrespecting Odin's legacy, and giving gods a bad name. You're gonna get stronger or you're gonna get finished.
Loki: You said this was about a girl...
Ares: This is about war! Get ready for it, or get ready to die...

Loki Use A Force Field, 4h, requires one other superhero

Loki: Why didn't the force field protect me?
Ares: It did, or else you wouldn't be breathing. I'd suggest training to make it stronger if you're really thinking about freeing that monster from the timefog. He's not so big on self-control...
Loki: ...
Ares: Oh, you think I don't know about your master plan? Well, I'm not done with you yet, little god. I got plans of my own...
Reward: 386 Credits

Love And War Pt. 4
Loki starts

Ares: No more games. No more training. It's time for you to reach your full potential, and prove it by defeating me.
Loki: Why are you so interested in making me stronger?
Ares: War is coming to Avengers Academy. I hear it knocking, but I need you to open the door...

Loki Beat A Lesser God, 25m

Ares: Now you look like a real god. You almost even fight like one.
Loki: What did you mean about me bringing war to the Academy?
Ares: It's your destiny. We took a little dimensional detour, but you're finally finding your way back to the road.
Loki: I'm not sure I understand.
Ares: I told you love and war are the same. Mysteries that none of us ever completely understand. I think you're ready for both now. You just have to be brave enough to make the first move...
Reward: 386 Credits

Fight Club Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Wasp: Let's do something fun!
Black Widow: I don't have time for fun.
Wasp: I'm Black Widow. I don't have time for fun. I only have time for work and hiding in shadows. I'm so serious even my jewelry shoots at you...
Black Widow: You're terrible at impressions. Let's go.

Black Widow Have Fun, 1h
Iron Man Make A Scene, 2m
Loki Ruin All The Fun, 2m

Wasp: See, that was fun!
Black Widow: Sure, if your idea of fun is listening to Loki and Tony argue about who has better cheekbones.
Wasp: No, that was dumb. It's totally Loki. But Tony has way better eyebrows. What's up with you and Loki anyway?
Black Widow: What? nothing. I don't thin. I don't know. Forget it. Let's just go. I'll show you how I have fun...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Fight Club Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Now we do something I think is fun...
Wasp: Point out people's flaws?
Black Widow: Punch each other's faces.
Wasp: I'll grab my face punching shoes!

Upgrade Black Widow! 14878 Credits
Wasp Fight For Fun, 1h, requires Black Widow

Black Widow: See? It's training, stress release, and bonding at the same time.
Wasp: I feel like we're better friends already.
Black Widow: We should get more people to spar.
Wasp: Yay! Fight Club! I'll make evites! You stop being a shy little baby, and tell Loki you like him!
Reward: 386 Credits

Fight Club Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I wanted to see if you had time to talk. About our plans. For finding Fury's secrets.
Loki: Uh, yes. Of course. I always have time for our...plans.
Black Widow: Good. Maybe we should also spar together. You know, to get ready for the big battle if it comes to that...
Loki: Absolutely. That sounds both logical and appropriate. I look forward to fighting you. For practice. And we'll see what happens...
Black Widow: Yes we will...

Black Widow Make Plans, 1h, requires Loki
Black Widow Study Linguistics, 1m
Black Widow Work it Out, 1h, requires Loki

Loki: I think our plan is strong. For uncovering Fury's lies.
Black Widow: Yeah, I feel good about it. Thanks for all of your help.
Loki: Why are you studying linguistics?
Black Widow: The Archives has books on languages I never even knew existed. I'm studying different dialects from Asgard and across the Nine Realms. I think it's important for our plans going forward...
Loki: Our plans for uncovering Fury's secrets?
Black Widow: Yeah. For all of our plans...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Catfight Pt. 1
Tigra starts

Tigra: Save your sorry cat jokes. I'm busy.
Enchantress: Visiting your family at the pound?
Tigra: Visiting various feline dimensions. Professor Pym built a portal in S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q., and asked me to explore them.
Enchantress: You're serious?
Tigra: When Tigra's involved, you know it's serious.

Tigra Visit Feline Dimensions, 1h

Tigra: I thought the Prince of Wakanda was hot, but there is just something about a cat-man with a tail...
Enchantress: Everything about you is disgusting.
Tigra: I'm disgusting? You smell like rotten frosting.
Enchantress: You don't belong here.
Tigra: Are you gonna make me leave? Because I would love to see you try...
Reward: 386 Credits

Uncivilized Pt. 1

Captain America starts

Captain America: I know we don't always get along, Tony, but I want to settle our differences. We have enough enemies without fighting each other.
Iron Man: So, you're ready to admit I'm right?
Captain America: About what?
Iron Man: Everything. All the time. Forever and ever.
Captain America: How about we train together? We can talk things through while we work.
Iron Man: Thanks, but I have my own training regimen. But come see me after, and I'll tell you everything a real Class President would be doing to fix this place...

Iron Man Use Stark Initiative, 25m
Captain America Sprint A Marathon, 45m
Captain America Use Necessary Force, 1h

Captain America: If you thought you'd be a better Class President than me, then why didn't you run? Aside from the fact that it requires a little bit of responsibility...
Iron Man: I don't want to be Class President, Cap. You said yourself that we have a lot of enemies, but all I see you doing about it is running extra laps.
Captain America: What's your plan, genius?
Iron Man: I'm glad you asked...
Reward: 386 Credits

Uncivilized Pt. 2
Captain America starts

Captain America: If you want me to take your plans serious, then get them down on paper. I want details, and timelines, and proof that all this just isn't another petty attempt to get under my skin.
Iron Man: Have you figured out how to open an email yet, or do I literally have to use paper? I can send a pigeon if that makes it easier.
Captain America: Pigeons are too smart to follow orders from you.

Upgrade The Timeless Archives! 14262 Credits, 1d7h
Captain America Plan for Victory, 3h
Iron Man Talk To J.A.R.V.I.S., 2h

Captain America: Why am I not surprised that your plan involves more robots?
Iron Man: Not just more, but better. Smarter. Stronger. More adaptable. They'll not only make the Academy more advanced and efficient, but defend against our rivals so we can focus on becoming better heroes.
Captain America: I can't believe we're going down this road again...
Iron Man: A hero's journey takes many paths...
Reward: 386 Credits

Uncivilized Pt. 3
Captain America starts

Iron Man: Why are we going to the Archives ? I thought you said we're putting my plan into action?
Captain America: You don't have a plan, you have an idea. A self-serving one at that. You have to consider every contingency, and how what you do might not only impact us, but the rest of the world.
Iron Man: Sounds like a waste of time.
Captain America: No, it sounds like work. But don't worry, I'll do the heavy lifting.

Captain America Plan For Victory, 3h
Captain America Find A Compromise, 1h, requires Iron Man

Captain America: Sorry, but the risks outweigh the rewards. I'd still rather put my trust in our teammates than your robots.
Iron Man: It's fine. I didn't expect you to get it anyway.
Captain America: Don't take it personal, Tony. I just think we should solve this the old-fashioned way...
Reward: 386 Credits

Uncivilized Pt. 4
Captain America starts

Iron Man: You really think punching each other is gonna solve all of our differences?
Captain America: Can't hurt to try. Although, I guess it might hurt you a little bit...
Iron Man: You should talk trash more often, Captain America. It makes me feel a lot less guilty about beating on you.

Captain America Learn to Get Along, 1h, requires Iron Man

Captain America: Not bad, Tony. I can see you've been working hard on your technique.
Iron Man: Thanks, but don't tell anyone. I have a reputation to uphold.
Captain America: I'm glad we agreed to put your plan on hold. We'll work together on more ways to make the Academy better that don't involve super-robots.
Iron Man: Is that what we agreed on? I thought we just agreed that you didn't agree with me.
Captain America: Do we need to fight again, Stark?
Iron Man: No, I think we've had enough of that for a while...
Reward: 386 Credits

Head of Security Pt. 1
Maria Hill starts

Maria Hill: Do you think you can steal some information from Stark Tower?
Ant-Man: Is this a trick question? Can anything I say be held against me in the court of S.H.I.E.L.D.?
Maria Hill: Since he arrived at Avengers Academy, Tony Stark has hacked multiple S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites, activated Hydra's tectonic device, and compromised our communications systems. He's a threat.
Ant-Man: He seems cool to me, but I'll study what it would take to get into his files, and any secret rooms. You can pay me back with some intel of your own...

Maria Hill Mark Potential Threats, 6h
Ant-Man Study Famous Heists, 3m

Ant-Man: I can get Stark's intel, but it'll have to be an inside job. Shouldn't be too hard to play off his ego.
Maria Hill: What do you want in return?
Ant-Man: Dirt on Professor Pym. I've always gotten a weird feeling around him, but he seems even weirder. I think he might want to kill me...
Maria Hill: Seems a little over-dramatic, but I'll check for reports pointing to changes in his behavior. Anything else?
Ant-Man: Find out what Wasp thinks about me. Like, if she likes me...
Reward: 386 Credits

Head of Security Pt. 2
Maria Hill starts

Ant-Man: What do you think about me designing a new security system for Stark Tower?
Iron Man: You're a tech expert?
Ant-Man: No, but I am an expert thief. I know the tricks of getting in, so you can keep people out. It's like if I wanted to stop people from getting girls, I'd hire you because you're such a ladies man.
Iron Man: Good point. I'm actually heading out for a date with Maria Hill right now.
Ant-Man: You are?! Well, that's perfect timing. I can check everything out while you're gone...

Upgrade Maria Hill! 20891 Credits
Iron Man Get To Know Each Other, 1h, requires Maria Hill
Ant-Man Visit Friends, 1m

Ant-Man: I checked everything out, but it looks like I'll need to test with an outside computer to see what would happen if somebody tried to get into your secure files.
Iron Man: Great. I told Maria you're improving my security. She thinks I shouldn't trust you, but I've made a bunch of mistakes, and I'm always thankful when somebody gives me a second chance.
Ant-Man: Thanks, Tony. I appreciate that.
Iron Man: Of course, Scott. We're friends...
Reward: 386 Credits

Head of Security Pt. 3
Ant-Man starts

Ant-Man: I have everything hooked up, so just do all of the things you usually do at Stark Tower, and I'll see if I detect any weaknesses.
Iron Man: All the things?
Ant-Man: Just the tech things, Tony. Let's keep it professional.

Ant-Man Crack Codes, 2m
Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m
Iron Man Talk to J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Ant-Man: You know how easy it would be for me to hack this whole place, and take control of every weapon and piece of armor you have?
Iron Man: How easy?
Ant-Man: It's not a joke, Tony.
Iron Man: Then it's a missed opportunity, and you just made the world a little more boring. I'm messing with you anyway. There are layers of hidden security. Not even you could steal from me...
Reward: 386 Credits

Head of Security Pt. 4
Ant-Man starts

Iron Man: You ready to try and break into Stark Tower?
Ant-Man: I don't wanna steal anything from you, Tony.
Iron Man: I don't think you can, but I won't know how good my security is until you try. And I'll let you keep whatever you get...

Ant-Man Visit Friends, 1m

Iron Man: Told you my security is impenetrable.
Ant-Man: ...
Iron Man: You took something?
Ant-Man: Just your digital diary. You should just be honest with Black Widow about how you really feel. She puts up a tough front, but she might be into you if she knew you were serious...
Reward: 386 Credits

Head of Security Pt. 5

Maria Hill starts

Ant-Man: Stark's clean. A little goofy maybe, but I'm pretty sure that's just part of being a rich genius. Everything he did was with good intent, and the only thing he's planning is more robots.
Maria Hill: I guess I'll mark him off my list. Pym, on the other hand, is definitely losing it. He's obsessed with building portals, and visiting what he calls, "the other Academys". We should keep an eye on him.
Ant-Man: Is Fury on your threat list?
Maria Hill: Of course not. Director Fury makes unpopular decisions, and keeps things from us, but only to make sure the world is safe. You'd need a lot of evidence to make me believe he's a threat.
Ant-Man: I can get inside S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q., and show you proof that he's the biggest threat to this Academy.
Maria Hill: I'm visiting S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. as soon as I get my clearance. Let's see what we find...

Maria Hill Meet Legendary Agents, 15m
Ant-Man Case The Joint, 2h

Ant-Man: This locking mechanism is pure Vibranium. There's vaults under the campus holding who-knows-what, and Fury replaced them with this because he knew it would block the energy and sound from my guys.
Maria Hill: What do you think is inside?
Ant-Man: No idea. But the Vibranium is worth more than just about anything that could be inside, so I'm guessing it's something that should be real high on your threat list.
Maria Hill: I told him you probably didn't know what's inside, but it's nice to know for sure.
Ant-Man: You set me up?!
Maria Hill: I did my job as a future Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. by making sure the Director's secrets are safe. I also got to see exactly how you broke into S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. Don't worry. Just don't do it again.
Ant-Man: Man, who's a thief supposed to trust around here?
Maria Hill: On the bright side, Wasp thinks you're cute...
Reward: 386 Credits

Catfight Pt. 2
Tigra starts

Enchantress: I need your guidance, All-Father. Only an Asgardian, and a legendary combatant like you can show me how to reach the peak of my powers.
Odin: So you can attack Tigra? So you can be beaten again? And break another oath? I suppose I should be should be grateful that you were wise enough not to use the artifacts you stole from me...
Enchantress: You knew?
Odin: I'll build an advanced combat facility allowing you to holographically battle any foe. It's the least I can do for Avengers Academy after all of the pain and disgrace you've brought upon it.
Enchantress: Thank you, All-Father
Odin: You'll thank me by returning what you stole, and by obeying my lessons, and by not using your newfound power to further humiliate our homeland. Otherwise, I'll also be building you a dungeon...

Build The Asgardian Gauntlet! 21744 Credits, 1d 8h

Enchantress Destroy Them All, 3m

Enchantress: It's time to test the Midgardian myth about cats having nine lives...
Taskmaster: You've been barreling down bad decision highway for a while now. I'd lay off the gas...
Enchantress: Excuse me?
Taskmaster: For one, the last thing people like us need around here is an Asgardian dungeon. Two, you still won't win. You're not a brawler, and she's great. Three, you really should've used those cursed artifacts.
Enchantress: I couldn't risk wasting them on some petty squabble. I have plans to rule this world.
Taskmaster: Well, you started that petty squabble, and now you got nothin'. Including no henchman. As much as I enjoyed you besmirching my personal appearance, I follow the power, and it ain't with you...

Reward: 386 Credits

Gamma Time
Iron Man starts

Black Widow: We need to get into the Gamma Zone, Tony. I think if we can figure out how the Hulk got in there, we can finally find a way into Fury's vaults.
Iron Man: I'm doing pretty good, Natasha. How are you?
Black Widow: This is serious.
Iron Man: As serious as things between you and Loki?
Black Widow: You don't have to help. I'll find another way to--
Iron Man: I'll help you. Because we're friends. It's fine that you don't wanna be more than that...

Iron Man Supercharge Satellites, 8h

Iron Man: What's gonna happen when you find what's in those vaults?
Black Widow: I won't know until I know what's inside...
Iron Man: I mean with you and Loki. Don't you think he's using you just to get whatever Fury's hiding?
Black Widow: Maybe I'm using him...
Iron Man: I wish you would've used me...
Reward: 113 Credits


Catfight Pt. 3
Tigra starts

Tigra: You want me to leave? Let's fight. Loser leaves Avengers Academy forever.
Enchantress: You don't have the authority...
Tigra: Are you scared?
Enchantress: Only of you giving me fleas.
Tigra: Then shut up and fight.

Enchantress Catfight! 1h, requires Tigra

Tigra: You gonna leave?
Enchantress: Do you think you can make me?
Tigra: Yes. But I don't even care anymore. Just stay away from me.
Enchantress: I will. Until I come back for my revenge...
Reward: 386 Credits

Catfight Pt. 4
Tigra starts

Enchantress: You ruined my life.
Tigra: Oh, no. You did that all by yourself.
Enchantress: I'll destroy you.
Tigra: I'm done fighting, Enchantress. I'm over it, and I'd really hate to break another claw on you. If you feel like you can't get past this without another battle, I have a better idea.
Enchantress: Name your battle...

Enchantress Dance Battle! 1h, requires Tigra
Captain America Do The Charleston, 8h
Ms Marvel Cut Loose, 8h

Tigra: You feel better?
Enchantress: Slightly.
Tigra: It was fun, right? Dancing with our classmates to all the best DJ Vision tracks. If we have to battle, we can at least keep it positive.
Enchantress: I forgot what it felt like to have real friends.
Tigra: Oh. Ummm. Okay...?
Reward: 386 Credits

Style and Grace Pt. 1

Tigra starts

Captain America: Hi Tigra, I'm Steve. I've been watching you ever since you got to the Academy.
Tigra: ...
Captain America: I just mean, I've been admiring how you carry yourself. Really proud, and positive, and we can always use more of that around here.
Tigra: Do you like to study, Steve.
Captain America: Sure. Some subjects more than others, but I'm always trying to learn something new.
Tigra: Come study with me. I'm trying to learn more about you...

Captain America Get Acquainted, 1h, requires Tigra

Tigra: When I first started modeling, they used to show us pictures of you as an example of perfect posture.
Captain America: Practice makes perfect. I used to work on my salute for hours as a little kid.
Tigra: Why don't you be my coach?
Captain America: I don't know anything about being a model.
Tigra: That jawline says otherwise...
Reward: 386 Credits

Style and Grace Pt. 2
Tigra starts

Tigra: Watch my runway walk, and tell me what you think.
Captain America: I don't know...
Tigra: Just think of it as agility training, Steve. I want you to watch...

Upgrade Tigra! 21843 Credits
Tigra Make It Work, 3h

Tigra: What do you think?
Captain America: Stunning. Amazing. I don't know what to say...
Tigra: You're way too nice. I can't get better if I don't get criticized. Pretend I'm a soldier, and we're working on my march...
Captain America: Alright. Well, you could be more precise. More conscious of where your arms are in relation to your stride. Each step will feel more powerful and determined without losing any of the attitude or rhythm.
Tigra: I knew you didn't just look like a model. Come on, Steve. I'm not done with you yet...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Style and Grace Pt. 3
Tigra starts

Tigra: Believe it ot not, modeling is just my side thing. I want to make sure I maximize my abilities to help as many people as I can, but I need your help.
Captain America: Yeah, of course. That's a little more in my comfort zone.
Tigra: Fury's building an obstacle course to test my specific skillset, but I've always just got by on pure athleticism. I don't do failure, so I need your help with technique to make sure I beat it the first ime.
Captain America: I hope you're ready to work.
Tigra: I've been ready, Steve. How about you? 

Tigra Beat Obstacle Courses, 1h
Captain America Survive A Minefield, 30m

Tigra: I killed it. Thanks to you.
Captain America: You did all of the work. I just...watched.
Tigra: I'll be watching you too, Steve. Next time, I get to be the teacher...
Reward: 386 Credits 

It's Not Easy Being Hulk

Hulk starts

Nick Fury: Give me one reason why I should let you attend Avengers Academy...
Hulk: Hulk smash?
Nick Fury: I don't doubt that. Question is, can you be smart about it?
Hulk: Hulk smart. Brain full of science.
Nick Fury: Then go study with Professor Pym in his lab. Prove you can control your temper, and fit in around here, and I'll think about letting you stay...


Hulk: Hulk get angry. Stupid world too puny for Hulk hands...
Nick Fury: I thought you did great. Pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to use the satellites we had aimed at you. Maybe you are different...
Hulk: Hulk very different!
Nick Fury: I hope so. There's a lot of things I want to smash...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mercenary Pt. 1
Taskmaster starts

Taskmaster: You looking to add another member to your crew?
Ms. Marvel: My crew?
Taskmaster: Yeah, I see you and Falcon together all the time. Thought you might want to add some more muscle in case you need to crack some skulls.
Ms. Marvel: Yeah, we're actually not a crew. We're a couple. Oh my gosh. That's the first time I've ever said it out loud. I'm totally need to start saying it more. It feels awesome.
Taskmaster: Never hurts to have extra backup.
Ms. Marvel: Yeah, but it's just that we don't really spend a ton of time cracking skulls. We were actually about to go dancing. I guess you can come too. If you really want. I'm sure you don't want to...

Taskmaster Be The Dancemaster, 15m
Falcon Make Three A Crowd, 15m

Taskmaster: This crew is really coming together.
Falcon: Yeah, it's just a little weird, man.
Taskmaster: Why?
Falcon: You're asking why it's weird that you want to start a gang with me and my girlfriend?
Taskmaster: Yeah, were you not able to hear me? Sometimes people can't hear me through the skull.
Falcon: No, I heard you, I just think we work better as a duo. Nothing against you. You seem cool. And you can definitely dance. I'm sure you'll find another crew out there...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mercenary Pt. 2
Taskmaster starts

Taskmaster: You got a lot of money, Stark. You wanna pay me to hang around, and have your back?
Iron Man: What?! Let's hang out for free! Wasp and I are about to go flying. Can you fly?
Taskmaster: No.
Iron Man: Well, you should watch. Just don't compliment Wasp. When people compliment her flying, she gets all excited, and goes crazy doing air-punches with her sharp little fists. It's not safe.

Upgrade Taskmaster! 55 Textbooks, 35 x ? (Mission Board), 20336 Credits
Taskmaster Practice Coordination, 8h
Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air, 1m

Wasp: Where'd Taskmaster go?
Iron Man: I bet he got emotional at the majesty of my flight. I was worried it would happen to you.
Wasp: You're ridiculous.
Iron Man: I'm serious. I saw you watching me out of the corner of your eye. I almost put my arm across you like a protective mom with her kid in the passenger seat. It would break my heart to see my baby crash...
Wasp: I hope he finds a new gang. He looks lonely.
Iron Man: Yeah. I'm sure there's someone out there just waiting to hang out with a violent guy who dresses like a psychotic skeleton...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mercenary Pt. 3
Taskmaster starts

Taskmaster: You looking for some backup?
Black Widow: Did Fury send you?
Taskmaster: No.
Black Widow: I'm about to train. If you can keep up, we can talk...

Taskmaster Practice Coordination, 8h
Black Widow Run in Silence, 1m

Black Widow: We can work together. Loki and I have a plan. He says you're tough, and you tell it like it is.
Taskmaster: Sweet. Thank you. I tried hanging out with the bad kids and the good kids, but I'm not like them. I think I'm somewhere in the middle. A loner.
Black Widow: ...
Taskmaster: You ever feel like that?
Black Widow: Yeah. You don't have to get all emotional about it...
Reward: 386 Credits   

There's Still Time Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Ant-Man: I'm gonna break into Pym's Lab, and see what I can find out about the portals he's building. I'm betting they're the reason we get a weird vibe from him...
Wasp: Why break in? We both already have class there, we'll just pretend to study, and do some secret snooping.
Ant-Man: I don't want you to get in trouble...
Wasp: You're sweet, Scott. I was getting in trouble way before I ever met you...

Wasp Mess With Chemicals, 30m
Ant-Man Pretend To Study, 30m

Ant-Man: Every portal has a code, but it just seems like random numbers and dashes. 1610. 928. 616. They might match combinations to Fury's secret vaults, but all the locks on those are biometric...
Wasp: You know what this means...
Ant-Man: No, actually. My whole point was that I have no idea what anything means.
Wasp: It means the only way to figure out where the portals go is to use one. We're going teleporting!
Reward: 386 Credits

There's Still Time Pt. 2
Ant-Man starts

Wasp: How are we gonna use the portals in S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. if neither one of us has clearance to get in?
Ant-Man: Getting in is easy. After my guys locate all of the classified portals, we'll find someone with clearance to sneak us in, and hit them all at once...

Upgrade the Arena of War! 
Ant-Man Case The Joint, 2h

Wasp: I need your help.
Black Widow: Not now, Wasp.
Wasp: But this is about the timefog and Fury's secrets. Me and Scott found out that Professor Pym is building a bunch of portals, and we just need help getting into the S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. so we can--
Black Widow: Please don't. Seriously. I have a plan, but if you guys play around and get caught, it'll just bring extra attention, and ruin everything.
Wasp: So you trust Loki and Taskmaster more than me?
Black Widow: It's not like that. Look, we're friends, but this is serious...
Wasp: And I'm not serious enough to be taken seriously. Don't worry, I won't bother you anymore. I have my own plan. And my own friends...

Reward: 386 Credits

There's Still Time Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Wasp: We don't need Black Widow to find out where Pym's portals go. We might not even need to get into S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q.
Ant-Man: I don't get it.
Wasp: Odin has the Archives hooked into every computer network across the universe. It's awesome for shoe shopping, but you can also find just about any information you want...
Ant-Man: Alright. While you socially network with aliens, I'm gonna try to figure out what those portal codes mean...

Ant-Man Crack Codes, 2m
Wasp Post Everywhere, 2h

Ant-Man: Each portal was built to access an alternate universe, and the code number is how Pym labels each one. Problem is, I can't find any clues to the universes, and the numbering seems random.
Wasp: What does that even mean? Are we the main universe, or just another alternate? Or are all of the universes alternates? Does that sound dumb or really smart? I can't tell anymore...
Ant-Man: I don't know. I don't know if anyone knows. That could be what Pym's trying to figure out. Did you find anything on the intergalactic internet?
Wasp: Not really. People just keep telling me that if you have questions about time and space, it's best to ask a god. So, I say we go find a god and make him tell us something...
Ant-Man: This is literally the weirdest conversation I've ever had.
Wasp: Welcome to Avengers Academy!
Reward: 386 Credits

There's Still Time Pt. 4
Wasp starts

Ares: Looks like the time has come for all of the disillusioned mortals to demand information...
Wasp: Why is Professor Pym visiting alternate universes, and what does it have to do with the timefog? Is this an alternate universe?
Ares: Does it matter? Trust me, you'd much rather be in this place than some others...
Wasp: Why can't a god just ever answer a question?
Ares: Because we don't just give answers away, we make you earn them. You're gonna have to beat me in a fight, and to do that, you're gonna have to get a whole lot tougher, bumblebee...

Wasp Float Like A Butterfly, 5m

Ares: Not too shabby, bumblebee. Honestly, I was gonna tell you what you want to know just for being brave enough to step in the ring with me...
Wasp: So tell it.
Ares: Fine. Geez. Yes, this is an alternate universe. I don't know if the last one was the "main" universe, whatever that means, but this one is most definitely an offshoot.
Wasp: Why is Professor Pym visiting all of the others?
Ares: I assume because he wants to try to fix everything that got broke in the last one. Or maybe to make sure who broke the last one doesn't find us here. If you don't trust Pym, ask somebody he visited.
Wasp: But I don't know who he's visited...
Ares: Try a guy named Heimdall out in Asgard. Tell him the god of war sent you...
Reward: 386 Credits

There's Still Time Pt. 5
Wasp starts

Ant-Man: Okay, just so I have this straight. We're gonna take the Bifrost to Asgard to meet somebody named Heimdall that the god of war told us to see because he knows about alternate universes?
Wasp: You skipped the part about me beating up the god of war to make all of this possible, but yeah.
Ant-Man: Do we even know what Heimdall is? What if it's a dragon? Or a half-human-half-animal kind of thing?
Wasp: We're pretty much half-human-half-insect kind of things...
Ant-Man: Good point. Let's go take the rainbow bridge to fantasy land...

Ant-Man Visit Heimdall, 1h, requires Wasp

Ant-Man: Heimdall is cool.
Wasp: Totally. Why'd we get all of the annoying Asgardians?
Ant-Man: I don't know, but we need to keep an eye on Loki. It sounds like everything bad that might happen starts with him.
Wasp: I'm so surprised. I just can't believe Black Widow doesn't see it...
Ant-Man: Maybe she does. Maybe she's playing him.
Wasp: Maybe. But if not, we have to get ready to take out both of them...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mr. Big Shot Pt. 1
Maria Hill starts

Maria Hill: I set up a marksmanship competition to prove I'm the best shot at the Academy.
Black Widow: Must be nice to have a lot of free time.
Maria Hill: I invited Wasp since she's the second-best.
Black Widow: I'll make time...

Maria Hill Take Your Best Shot, 1m
Wasp Have A Blast! 2m
Black Widow Test Widow's Bite, 1h

Maria Hill: ...
Black Widow: I have a mystery to solve.
Iron Man: Wait, is that Tony Stark?! Did he just show up fashionably late to prove that he's the best shot at the Academy? Could he possibly be the best at every single thing?!
Maria Hill: It's on...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mr. Big Shot Pt. 2
Maria Hill starts

Maria Hill: Do you realize I spend more time at the Blasting Range than you spend staring at your reflection?
Iron Man: Impossible.
Maria Hill: I know you're addicted to attention, but why else are you doing this?
Iron Man: Honestly, I'm a competitive person. When I first got here, I was a bad shot, and it bothered me. I've been practicing, and refining my targeting tech. I wanna prove to myself that I can be the best.
Maria Hill: I actually respect that, Stark. Too bad you're about to get crushed...

Upgrade The Blasting Range! 23484 Credits, 1d 11h
Maria Hill Take Your Best Shot, 1m
Iron Man Fire Repulsors, 15m

Iron Man: ...
Black Widow: I don't know why you're so proud of yourself. Your tech did everything.
Iron Man: And I made the tech. All you spies and secret agents can spend your whole lives practicing, but a well-made machine will always win. You'll never find anyone who shoots better than my tech.
Black Widow: I know a guy...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Mr. Big Shot Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: Who's your ringer?
Black Widow: His name's Clint. I have to track him down, but he'll be a good fit for the Academy. He's a little bit of an idiot, but probably the best shot in the world.
Iron Man: What's he shoot? Lasers? Missiles?
Black Widow: Arrows.
Iron Man: Arrows?!
Black Widow: Everybody laughs. Until they get shot with one.

Black Widow Track Down Hawkeye, 1h
Captain America Sling Your Shield, 15m

Hawkeye: I came here to buy my dog a pizza, and hit bullseyes. And this place is all out of pizza.
Iron Man: ...
Hawkeye: I don't know what I'm talking about. I just wanted the first thing I said to be extra cool. I'm Hawkeye.
Iron Man: Tony Stark. I'm sure you've heard of me.
Hawkeye: Yeah, I heard you're a stuck-up geek who thinks he's a marksman because he has fancy gloves. I'm here to make you look stupid.
Iron Man: I'm the only one who makes me look stupid...
Reward: 386 Credits

Mr. Big Shot Pt. 4
Iron Man starts

Hawkeye: You do realize that I'm not gonna be impressed by you using your high-tech targeting systems to hit a bullseye?
Iron Man: What if I use my high-tech targeting systems to blow up the entire Blasting Range?
Hawkeye: That would be impressive...

Iron Man Command Missiles, 15m
Reward: 386 Credits  

The Ultimate Weapon Pt. 1

Black Widow starts

Loki: We have to abandon out plans for uncovering Fury's lies.
Black Widow: What? Why?
Loki: Enchantress was secretly keeping cursed Asgardian artifacts, but my father destroyed them. Ever since, I've sensed something much more powerful hidden near the Bifrost.
Black Widow: Is this a trick?
Loki: Not this time. I don't know if she was purposefully shrouding it, but we need to hurry because it's more powerful than anything at this Academy...

Black Widow Search For Clues, 1m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Loki: That was my father's spear, Gungnir. It's indestructible...
Black Widow: Apparently, it's very destructible.
Loki: It has to be a reproduction, but it feels like true enchanted Uru. And even in that state, its power is undeniable...
Black Widow: Why don't we ask Odin?
Loki: We could, but sometimes I think he's a better liar than I am. I think it's time I showed you where I grew up...
Reward: 386 Credits

The Ultimate Weapon Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Can you try to fix this spear? Or at least try to figure out what it's made of? Loki and I are going to Asgard to see if we can find the original.
Taskmaster: It would help if I'd seen the Dwarves who make these crazy Asgardian weapons, but I've been watching a lot of Kung Fu movies where guys forge samurai swords, so I should be good. 
Black Widow: Let's keep this quiet. And be careful. Loki says that thing's the most powerful weapon on the planet.
Taskmaster: You don't say...

Upgrade Black Widow! 70 x Textbooks, 70 x ? (Mission Board), 22563 Credits


Taskmaster Be A Blacksmith, 2h
Black Widow Search For Gungnir, 3h, requires Loki

Taskmaster: Sorry, but no dice. I couldn't even bend the thing, and every time I hit it, I swear I heard Odin yelling in my ear.
Black Widow: It's okay. We saw another one in Odin's throne room. There was an army guarding it, but Loki swears it's the original. We're just gonna ask Odin what's going on, and hope he's straight with us.
Taskmaster: You want me to get your back?
Black Widow: No thanks, Taskmaster. But you do have to give me that spear.
Taskmaster: Oh. Yeah. Sure. Of course. What would I want with the most powerful weapon in the world?
Reward: 386 Credits 

The Ultimate Weapon Pt. 3
Loki starts

Odin: Your incessant curiosity will be the end of us all, Loki.
Loki: I'm most interested in what led to the end of Gungnir.
Odin: Something I do not wish to remember, and you could not being to fathom.
Loki: I've done as you asked. I've settled here. Forged relationships. Studied my craft. The least you could do is be honest for once.
Odin: Prove it. Enter the Gauntlet with your partner in crime, and show me why the Prince of Lies suddenly deserves to hear the truth...

Black Widow Fight For The Truth, 1h, requires Loki 

Odin: The spear you saw in my throne room is a fake. I destroyed Gungnir when I realized the danger of it falling into the wrong hands was too great.
Loki: I finally understand why Gugnir has no worthiness enchantment...
Odin: You dare call me a liar?!
Loki: Constantly. Mostly behind your back, of course. I do, however, believe that you would only hide the truth if it were very dangerous, which only makes me want to uncover it even more...
Odin: And how do you plan to do that?
Loki: Not every god loves lying as much as we do, father...
Reward: 386 Credits

The Ultimate Weapon Pt. 4
Black Widow starts

Loki: What cause the destruction of my father's indestructible spear?
Ares: I was...indisposed at the time, so I can't say for sure, but nothing good, I can tell you that. Send the mortal away, so the gods can talk...
Black Widow: Just get on with it. I'm sick of you gods and your games. Quit wasting time like we're all immortal.
Ares: Maybe we all are...
Black Widow: What's that supposed to mean?
Ares: You're probably the toughest one here, but you're in over your head. These aren't games, they're tests. And discovering a truth that will destroy you just proves that it was better left a mystery.
Black Widow: What will destroying you prove?
Ares: That you're ready to play games with the gods...

Black Widow Show War Who's Boss, 25m

Ares: Okay, okay. You don't have to actually destroy me. A solid beating works just fine...
Black Widow: Will you just tell us what's going on? The timefog. Tony's smashed helmet that hadn't even been built yet. An indestructible spear turned to scrap. Fury building this place on top of the Vibranium vaults...
Ares: You aren't ready.
Black Widow: Try me.
Ares: You ever seen The Infinity Gauntlet?
Black Widow: No.
Ares: Fury, Odin, and the rest of this planet hope you never do. Not me though. I love a good war...
Reward: 386 Credits

Bug Connection Pt. 1
Ant-Man starts

Ant-Man: Hey, do you wanna hang out?
Wasp: Are you in love with me, Scott Lang?!
Ant-Man: What? No. I mean, I don't know. I don't even know you. I want to. Know you more, I mean...
Wasp: I never knew you were such a cute stammerer!

Ant-Man Hang Out, 1h, requires Wasp

Wasp: That was super fun!
Ant-Man: ...
Wasp: What's wrong?
Ant-Man: Nothing, I just get this feeling when I'm around you. It happens when I'm around Professor Pym sometimes too, but different. Like everything's a dream or a flashback or something. It's really weird...
Wasp: Oh my gosh, Scott. You are sooooooo in love with me!
Reward: 386 Credits

Bug Connection Pt. 2
Ant-Man starts

Wasp: I should've told you that I get that weird feeling you talked about too. I thought it was because I was crushing on Professor Pym once, but it's something else You think it's because of our bug stuff?
Ant-Man: Bug stuff?
Wasp: I don't know, like maybe our insect powers give us all a weird bug connection. Maybe being around each other is gonna turn us into big, gross bugs. Maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore...
Ant-Man: I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's not that. And I'm definitely sure that I want to keep seeing you...

Ant-Man Get Serious, 1h, requires Wasp

Wasp: Are we like, uh...
Ant-Man: Having a serious bug connection? I think so. Hopefully, we keep it going...
Wasp: This would totally be the worst time to turn into big, gross bugs...
Ant-Man: At least we'll be big, gross bugs together...
Wasp: You're even cheesier than me!
Reward: 386 Credits

Figure It Out Pt. 1
Falcon starts

Falcon: We should see what's going on with the hidden vaults to figure out the timefog, and make sure we aren't in danger. We don't need Black Widow's help...
Ms. Marvel: Why wouldn't she help us?
Falcon: Oh. I mean, I'm sure she would if we asked, but it would probably be weird...
Ms. Marvel: Because you guys used to go out?
Falcon: No, we didn't. And it wouldn't be because of that. Or be weird. I mean, I wouldn't want it to be. I mean...
Ms. Marvel: It's okay, Sam. We'll figure it out ourselves. Maybe I'll even tell you about my spy ex-boyfriend...

Falcon Devise A Plan, 1h, requires Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel: I still think the plan is too risky...
Falcon: That's the beauty of it. Fury would never expect either of us to pull something like this! It's the one advantage we have over Black Widow.
Ms. Marvel: Why do I feel like you're just doing all this to impress your ex-girlfriend?
Falcon: She was never my girlfriend. I mean, she kind of thought we were together, but I didn't even know because she's so hard to read, so...
Ms. Marvel: So whatever. Let's get on with the plan...
Reward: 386 Credits 

Figure It Out Pt. 2
Falcon starts

Falcon: You ready to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q., and solve the big mystery?!
Ms. Marvel: Now? We said we were gona try to get into the database before we went inside...
Falcon: Yeah, but the more I think about it, I think we can catch them off guard, and sneak straight through to the lower levels, and--
Ms. Marvel: And solve the mystery before your ex-girlfriend Black Widow so she'll be so impressed with you?
Falcon: This doesn't have anything to do with her.
Ms. Marvel: Right. Well, now it doesn't have anything to do with me either. I came here to learn and have fun, so I'm gonna do that. I guess we just have different plans...

Upgrade Falcon! 22720 Credits
Falcon Get Shot From Cannons, 1m
Ms. Marvel Beat Some Games, 15m

Falcon: I'm sorry.
Ms. Marvel: Don't be sorry. I beat like three games, and read all about these dragon-aliens who fly spaceships.
Falcon: I made it farther into S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. than ever, and I really want to find what Fury's hiding just because I'm afraid it's dangerous. I have a new plan, Kamala. I want all of my plans to be with you...
Reward: 386 Credits

Figure It Out Pt. 3
Falcon starts

Falcon: I think this plan will work. I just need to raise my rank, so I can get access to more advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. classes, and different areas of the building. Then we'll open a whole new area...
Ms. Marvel: Cool. I'm pretty excited that this plan has me breaking stuff.
Falcon: Just don't break my heart...
Ms. Marvel: That's sweet. And pretty ridiculous. And really cheesy. And I love it!

Falcon Test Hovercrafts, 2m
Ms. Marvel Get Maximum Stretchy! 25m

Falcon: I have to talk to Tony...
Ms. Marvel: What did that even mean? I thought when I broke through the basement wall it would just be a creepy tunnel or something, but that was worse. Way worse...
Falcon: It'll be okay. Tony always thought that something other-dimensional was happening, and that things didn't end well for our alternates. Now we know it's true...
Ms. Marvel: Who could've done that?
Falcon: I don't know, but I think they might try to do it again. And I think Fury knows it too. I don't know why he's hiding it, but now he knows that we know. I have to tell Tony to go forward with his plan...
Reward: 386 Credits

Put In Work Pt. 1
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: How come Black Widow doesn't like me?
Captain America: Why does everyone think I know anything about girls?
Iron Man: Because you're absurdly good-looking, and you're going out with a model. Quit being all shy about it.
Captain America: She likes you, Tony, but I'm not sure she respects you. She's serious, and focused, and goal-oriented. You're...the opposite.
Iron Man: You really think I could've built this armor without a goal in mind?
Captain America: I'm not saying you don't have any goals. I'm saying if you want to change the way Black Widow looks at you, you have to be willing to change everything...

Captain America Plan The New Tony, 1h, requires Iron Man

Captain America: It's a solid plan. I don't know if it'll get Black Widow to fall for you, but it'll give you your best shot.
Iron Man: I'm ready for the new Tony. Hopefully, he's half as charming as the old one.
Captain America: Hopefully, he remembers that part one of the plan is to stop bragging and joking around so much.
Iron Man: Right, I forgot. What if new Tony has amnesia? On with the plan!
Reward: 386 Credits

Put in Work Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Captain America: Black Widow respects hard work. If you're ever gonna have a chance with her, you'll need to dedicate yourself to training with a purpose.
Iron Man: I know we're friends. Most of the time, at least. But why are you helping me so much?
Captain America: Because you asked. And because she's going out with Loki. It would be nice to see her with a guy who's at least a little less evil...

Upgrade The Power Gym! 23648 Credits, 1d12h
Captain America Stay Strong, 25m
Iron Man Stay Sexy, 10m

Reward: 386 Credits

What do you think of the new update? Excited for some main storyline finally? Anyone you're looking forward to unlocking in particular?