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Spider-Man Act Two Premium Character: Miles Morales

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades/outfits and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character you can buy during Act Two of the Spider-Man event... Miles Morales!

Miles costs 445 Shards!

Test Your Skills Pt. 1

Spider-Man: How's your Spider-Sense?
Miles Morales: Great! I used to run into stuff all the time looking at my phone, but it hardly ever happens since the spider bit me.
Spider-Man: Cool. Let's head to the quad, and test it out. I'll take some pictures so we can go over your technique.
Miles Morales: We're allowed to use our powers in the middle of the quad?
Spider-Man: Yeah, everybody just does what they want. Might as well since Fury will yell at you either way.

Miles Morales Spider-Sense! 1h
Spider-Man Get a Good Shot! 30m

Spider-Man: Nice job! When I first got my Spider-Sense, all I did was bug my eyes out, and pretend there were little lines coming off the top of my head.
Miles Morales: Thanks! I was kind of afraid I'd freak out being in this new universe, but I'm so glad I'm here.
Spider-Man: Me too. Let's see what else Spider-Man can do...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Test Your Skills Pt. 2
Miles Morales starts

Spider-Man: What do you do for fun?
Miles Morales: I don't know. Normal stuff, just mess around...
Spider-Man: Perfect. Let's take a break.
Miles Morales: Shouldn't we be practicing more?
Spider-Man: Being Spider-Man is supposed to be fun. That's Spider-Man rule number two.

Miles Morales Take a Break! 1h
Spider-Man Test the Waters! 30m

Miles Morales: You have to teach me how to ski like that!
Spider-Man: No problem. I learned it from this surfer I met.
Miles Morales: I think one of the coolest things about being Spider-Man is all the awesome people you get to meet.
Spider-Man: True, but the worst part is that most of these people dedicate their lives to trying to kill you.
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Test Your Skills Pt. 3
Miles Morales starts

Miles Morales: I want to see if you can help me get better with my Venom Blast...
Spider-Man: What's that?
Miles Morales: You know, it's the thing where you put your hand on somebody to electrocute them.
Spider-Man: I can't do that! You can do that?!
Miles Morales: Yeah, I do it all the time. It's awesome.
Spider-Man: I don't know if I'm more jealous or curious. Show me what this Venom Blast can do...

Upgrade Miles Morales! 4 x Asopao (Special Event Missions), 8 x Earth-1610 Intel (Special Event Missions), 5 x Power Samples, 5 x Toxic Samples, 1909 Klyntarites
Miles Morales Venom Blast! 1h, requires Spider-Man

Miles Morales: Are you okay?
Spider-Man: Me? Yeah. Great. Never been better...
Miles Morales: I tried not to release too much electricity. I'm still learning how to use the Venom Blast...
Spider-Man: No, it's great. You did great. I asked for it...
Miles Morales: Do you want me to call an ambulance?
Spider-Man: No, it's okay. My Doctor makes house calls. Hopefully he isn't in another dimension right now...

Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Make Yourself at Home Pt. 1
Miles Morales starts

Loki: I finally meet the new Arachnid-Man, Mikey Marshmallow.
Miles Morales: Huh?
Loki: Tell me about the majesty that is the Loki of your universe.
Miles Morales: I don't think there is one. If there is, I haven't met him...
Loki: That makes sense. There can only be one Loki...

Miles Morales Practice Combat Skills! 6h
Miles Morales Spider-Sense! 1h

Loki: You're wasting your time.
Miles Morales: What are you talking about?
Loki: Combat training and perfecting your powers won't help you save your universe.
Miles Morales: What will?
Loki: Maybe nothing. Or maybe I can show you the way...
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Make Yourself at Home Pt. 2
Miles Morales starts

Loki: Join me in my place of power, Mikey Marshmallow. I'll reveal the fate of your universe.
Miles Morales: Your place of power is some secret ruins or something?
Loki: The dance floor.
Miles Morales: Oh. I guess I don't know that much about magic... 

Upgrade Miles Morales! 6 x Asopao (Special Event Missions), 10 x Earth-1610 Intel (Special Event Missions), 7 Speed Samples, 7 Toxic Samples, 3036 Klyntarites

Miles Morales Join the Party! 4h
Loki Master the Dance Floor! 2h

Miles Morales: That can't be right. My world can't end like that...
Loki: My visions never lie, Mikey Marshmallow. Actually, to be honest for a moment, they lie quite frequently, but this one is indeed genuine.
Miles Morales: How do I stop my universe from being destroyed?
Loki: By destroying everyone in this universe.
Reward: 20 Klyntarites

Joyride Pt. 1
Miles Morales starts

Ms Marvel: Hi! I'm Kamala. You can call me Ms. Marvel. Is it true you're from an alternate universe?
Miles Morales: I'm Miles. You can call me Spider-Man. And yeah, I'm not from around here.
Ms Marvel: How much do you love being at Avengers Academy?! It's so exciting! There's dancing! Alien invasions! Crushing robots! Staring at Cap until he notices, and it gets weird! So many things!
Miles Morales: I like it a lot, but I have to get back to real life a little. My mom only let me come here if I promised to check in, and stay up on my homework. Do you think emails work between alternate universes?
Ms Marvel: For sure! Odin has the Archives hooked up to the Omniversal Internet! Just be careful where you click!

Miles Morales Email Mom! 4h
Miles Morales Study for Class! 1h

Ms Marvel: How's your mom?
Miles Morales: Good, she's just worried abut me. I'm worried about her too. I need to try and help finish off these Symbiotes, so I can get back home, and help save my own universe...
Ms Marvel: Let's save all the universes!
Reward: 20 Credits

Joyride Pt. 2
Miles Morales starts

Ms Marvel: We can use a Quinjet to fly around the world, and round up the rest of the escaped Symbiotes!
Miles Morales: Director Fury lets you use his Quinjets anytime you want?
Ms Marvel: We're gonna steal one!
Miles Morales: I...can't do that.
Ms Marvel: And then return it in perfect condition when we're done! I'll probably apologize even if we don't get caught!

Upgrade Miles Morales! 59263 Credits
Miles Morales Fly a Quinjet?! 1h

Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of Miles? Are you gonna buy him?



Spider-Sense! 1h
Take a Break, Avengers Park, 1h
Practice Inventing, Stark Tower, 1h 15m
Drop Gas Masks/Sonic Blasters/Flame Throwers, Stark Tower, 4h
Raise Spider-Man 2099 Critical Hit Skill, Stark Tower, 4h
Raise Spider-Man Critical Hit Skill, Avengers Dorm, 4h
Raise Spider-Gwen Critical Hit Skill, Club A, 4h 
Raise Black Widow Critical Hit Skill, Avengers Dorm, 4h 
Raise Mysterio Critical Hit Skill, The Timeless Archives, 4h 
Raise Electro Critical Hit Skill, Stark Tower, 4h 
Plan Your Next Move, Avengers Dorm, 4h 
Practice Combat Skills - Rank 2
Join the Party - Rank 3
Fly a Quinjet?! - Rank 4
Email Mom - Rank 3
Study for Class - Rank 3
Test Venom Blast - Rank 2
Raise Venom Critical Hit Skill! - Rank 5
Accept Your Destiny - Rank 5 


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