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Daredevil Special Event Live!

Evening, Avengereenos!

The Daredevil Special Event is here!!

Look how pretty it is!

How do I participate in the Daredevil special event?
In order to participate, players must download the latest update, be at Academy Level 5, and have built Van Dyne's Outfits. The first quest is the "If You Can't Stand the Heat..." quest line. Finish it to begin unlocking event content.
When does the Daredevil Special Event event end?
The event ends on September 22 at 6 PM EDT.
How do I unlock the Academy Courthouse?
Finish the quest "The Court is in Session" to repair the Academy Courthouse!
How do I earn Relics?
After you purchase the Sacred Bell from The Devil's Due, you will be able to generate Sacred Keys from the Sacred Bell. These Keys are used to open the Relics that can be found in Hell's Kitchen.
How do I defeat a Ninja?
Higher Quality Relics are guarded by Hand Ninjas. To fight Ninjas you will need Loki's Lawyer Skin, Jessica Jones, or Daredevil. You will also need 6 Anti-Toxins to protect you from the Ninja's weapons.
Why is my generator dropping less items than advertised?

For this event, generators drop in batches. Items are created at specific time intervals and are stored in your generator for 24 hours! Check back regularly to claim your items. 

Drama is once again surrounding Avengers Academy as Director Nick Fury is being pressured to stand trial for the damage done to New York by various invaders who have attacked his school. The so-called Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen wants Director Fury to reveal his secrets, relinquish his power, and transfer his superhuman students to Kingpin's "Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth". Kingpin is a former student of the disciplinary school who seized control by seemingly legal means, and forcibly confined the students who refused to follow his vision for "a safe and orderly world". Only one student agreed to join Kingpin's cause, filling New York's hospitals with battered bullies and villains. The few who don't have broken jaws, and aren't too traumatized to speak, call him The Punisher. Kingpin also blames Avengers Academy for the recent appearance of ninjas in Hell's Kitchen. They reportedly represent a group called The Hand, and have been seen trafficking relics related their ancient occult magic. I can't believe that the most normal thing I've reported on all year still has magic ninjas...
...What happened to Isaiah Bradley? Exclusive report on Project: Rebirth at 11...Bishop Publishing Magnate under investigation, inside source reveals...Lt. Carol Danvers returns to Earth, press conference footage after the break...


Alchemy Lab, 195 Shards - Drops 12 Anti-Toxins per day
Mystical Alchemy Lab, 545 Shards - Drops 36 Anti-Toxins per day
Hand Ninja Dojo, 195 Shards - Drops 360 Ninja Stars per day
Advanced Ninja Dojo, 445 Shards - Drops 1200 Ninja Stars per day
Supreme Ninja Dojo, 745 Shards - Drops 2400 Ninja Stars per day

If You Can't Stand the Heat...
Iron Man starts

Pepper Potts: We're getting killed in the news outlets and social media. Kingpin turned everyone against you and the Academy.
Nick Fury: We'll be fine. We've helped a lot more people than we've hurt. And we're their only hope for what's coming next.
Pepper Potts: Kingpin is demanding that you stand trial to explain the circumstances around the A.I.M., Hydra, Chitauri and Symbiote attacks, and step down as Director of Avengers Academy.
Nick Fury: I'll take care of Kingpin. If not, you'll step in and take care of Avengers Academy...

Learn About the Daredevil Event! (takes you to Event Menu)

Kingpin: The time has arrived, Mr. Castle The pieces are in place, and I'm ready to make my move.
Punisher: Quit talking about it, and do it.
Kingpin: I'm the Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, and you're my Punisher. Together, we'll clean up Avengers Academy just like we did our school, and recruit their students into a properly organized and efficient organization.
Punisher: Just tell me which ones deserve to get hit.
Kingpin: This is a big moment for me...
Punisher: Not as big as it'll be if I toss you off the building. Let's get this show on the road...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Problem at Hand
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: We need to collect clues to find out what Kingpin and the Hand's ninjas are planning.
Iron Man: You're so happy right now.
Black Widow: What are you talking about?
Iron Man: A bunch of tough, street-level heroes. A big mystery to solve. Fury getting called out. Ninjas hiding in the shadows...
Black Widow: Fine. It's the best day ever.

Collect 50 Ninja Stars (Mission Board/Quests)

Kingpin: The Punisher and I will keep them occupied and distracted. Protect the relics at all costs.
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Are you quiet because you don't understand me or because you're being stealthy?
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Just protect the crates or you'll find yourself inside of one.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Iron Man starts

Loki: I'm quite interested in seeing what these ninjas are hiding...
Jessica Jones: Whatever we have to do to free Luke, Hellcat, Elektra, and Iron Fist.
Loki: Their weapons are lace with poison. Armor-Man is trying to create a more modern anti-toxin, but in the meantime, we'll just have to use the few traditional anti-toxins we can find.
Jessica Jones: We should probably just try not to get stabbed.
Loki: Yes. That's obviously the ideal scenario. 

Learn About Power Attacks!

Defeat 1 Ninja! requires 6 x Anti-Toxin
Fight with Jessica Jones OR Lawyer Loki OR Daredevil OR a combination thereof

Daredevil: Nice work.
Jessica Jones: Thanks. Do you think Elektra is still working with the Hand?
Daredevil: No. That's in the past. She wouldn't do that anymore...
Jessica Jones: Elektra does whatever she wants whenever she wants. That's my favorite thing about her.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

Give Them a Hand!
Loki starts

Jessica Jones: I could use your help fighting these ninjas to free my friends.
Loki: I'm extremely sympathetic to your concerns, but I'll continue to do whatever I please while ignoring everything that you say.
Jessica Jones: That's fine. I'll just continue calling you a punk.

Defeat 5 Ninjas!

Jessica Jones: We can't take out an army of magic ninjas all by ourselves...
Daredevil: We don't have a choice.
Jessica Jones: Maybe, but Luke never shuts up about asking for help when you need it.
Daredevil: He's right. Keep fighting while we find a way to get more of our friends into the fight...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

First Shot
Wasp starts

Wasp: Jessica Jones!
Jessica Jones: You know who I am?
Wasp: For sure! You take the best candid celebrity pics. Who's a cheater? Who's a bad tipper? Who jogs on the beach shirtless even when it's way too cold out? Only Jessica Jones knows!
Jessica Jones: Yeah, well, I got bills to pay. Can you get me out of this school turned prison or what?
Wasp: I can do anything! But I have a friend who does this stuff even better. This is right up her alley!
Jessica Jones: Great. Tell her to hurry.
Wasp: Get it?! Because Hell's Kitchen has a bunch of dark alleys?
Jessica Jones: It would be funnier if I wasn't currently imprisoned.

Wasp Take Selfies! 1m

Jessica Jones: You're the one who's gonna get me out of here?
Black Widow: Yeah. What do you know about Kingpin?
Jessica Jones: Besides that he's a jerk? He's smart. Strong. Ruthless. He thinks he runs Hell's Kitchen.
Black Widow: Is he working with The Hand?
Jessica Jones: Probably. I can help you find out if you can get me free. I think more clearly when I'm not being held captive.
Black Widow: I like you already.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Crack the Case! (24h)
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: Black Widow hacked into your school's security. It's a little more advanced than we expected, but I should be able to make something to bypass the system.
Jessica Jones: Thank you. Hurry up and get me out of this place before I lose my mind.
Iron Man: I'm on it. Maybe afterwards I can show you Stark Tower...
Jessica Jones: I have an invulnerable boyfriend.
Iron Man: If I had an Arc Reactor for every time someone told me that... 

Recruit Jessica Jones! 415 Shards

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Justice is Blind
Iron Man starts

Kingpin: I hope you realize this isn't personal, Director Fury. The public is simply frightened by the dangers surrounding Avengers Academy, and believes new leadership could be the solution.
Nick Fury: And you wanting to put me on trial has nothing to do with you trying to poach my recruits. You're just a concerned citizen...
Kingpin: I realize that admitting your mistakes and revealing your secrets is unpleasant, and that no one can force the great and powerful Nick Fury to face trial, but the public only wants to feel safe.
Nick Fury: I'll go on trial.
Kingpin: You will?! I mean, of course you will. It's the only option. I'll give you time to prepare your case, and arrange for representation.
Nick Fury: I want Matt Murdock.
Kingpin: But he's just a law student. You have all the money and connections in the world. You could hire any lawyer you want. You could hire all of them. It doesn't make any sense...
Nick Fury: I'll see you in court.

Free Daredevil! 100 Ninja Stars

Daredevil: Thanks for getting me out of there, Director Fury. I'll do everything in my power to clear your name, defend Avengers Academy, and free the rest of the students from Kingpin's school.
Nick Fury: Are you getting better with those powers?
Daredevil: The power of attorney...?
Nick Fury: I know who you are, Daredevil. I've been tracking your story since you finished your training with Stick. You're gonna represent me, but you're also gonna help me figure out what Kingpin is doing with The Hand.
Daredevil: How many other people know?
Nick Fury: Just me.
Daredevil: That's a relief. I literally just got a shirt made that says, "I'm Not Daredevil".
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Man Without Fear!
Iron Man starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Matt! We're excited to have you here, and so happy you'll be defending Director Fury.
Daredevil: I'm happy to be here. I was a little nervous at first, but you have a very soothing voice. Ms...
Pepper Potts: Potts. Pepper Potts. You can call me Pepper. Can I show you to your dorm?
Daredevil: I was actually hoping you could give me a tour of the entire campus, Pepper. It'll help me get my bearings, and hopefully keep me from stumbling around too much. If you wouldn't mind taking my arm... 
Pepper Potts: Of course. It would be my pleasure...

Recruit Daredevil!
- Collect 4 Bandages (Get from the Daredevil Pinball Machine in The Devil's Due)
- Collect 63 Law Books (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 6 Katanas (Get from fighting various Hand Ninjas)
- Collect 5096 Ninja Stars

Iron Man: I heard Pepper's been showing you around...
Daredevil: Yeah, she's really friendly, and...helpful. Are you two dating?
Iron Man: I don't know what we are. Honestly, even if we were, it wouldn't be fair because I've been hitting on everything that moves. Just treat her right...
Daredevil: We're only friends, Tony.
Iron Man: Yeah well, I saw the look in her eye, and that's not what she thinks. Just appreciate how lucky you are to have her look at you like that. And don't make me have to punch a blind guy.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Bend the Truth!
Loki starts

Kingpin: I have a proposition for you, Loki.
Loki: Please. You look like a mountain of mashed potatoes.
Kingpin: A business proposition. I'd like you to be my lawyer in the case against Nick Fury.
Loki: Do you realize that I'm genetically and morally opposed to truth and justice?
Kingpin: Do you know anything about Midgardian lawyers? I think you may find it to your liking.
Loki: What's in it for Loki?
Kingpin: Wealth. Power. Fame. The opportunity to showcase your cleverness, and expose Nick Fury's secrets to all the Nine Realms...

Get the Lawyer Loki outfit!

- 3 x Hair Gel (Have Loki Gussy Up, 4h)
- 28 x Fancy Ties (Special Event Missions)
- 4 x Money Clips (Collect from the Loki's Justice - get it in The Devil's Due)
- 1783 Ninja Stars

Daredevil: I hate to say it, but you do look like a lawyer.
Lawyer Loki: Even a blind man knows true majesty when he sees it. Prepare to be humiliated in the court of law and public opinion.
Daredevil: Do you even know anything about the law?
Lawyer Loki: I know that the essential ingredient for success as a prosecuting attorney is the ability to manipulate the jury and the accused. Loki is the greatest manipulator to ever exist.
Daredevil: Thor is better.
Lawyer Loki: What?!
Daredevil: ...
Lawyer Loki: I see what you did there. Nice lawyering.

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Prepare for Punishment
Black Widow starts

Punisher: Your samurais can't stop the Avengers.
Kingpin: Ninjas.
Punisher: Nobody can fix this but me.
Kingpin: Respect our agreement. I promised to deliver the people who threaten Hell's Kitchen, and you promised to punish them. But not until I say it's time.
Punisher: Your agreement don't mean nothing to me. And you're all running out of time... 

Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Kingpin: You promised me you'd be capable of protecting the Relics until I was ready to enact the next phase of my plan.
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Are you too weak to honor your part, or are you incapable of respecting a gentleman's agreement?
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: I know you understand me, so know that when you refuse to speak, I take that as an apologetic admission of your continued failure, and a renewed dedication to our agreed upon plan...
The Hand: ...
Kingpin: Stay quiet. Just remember that I never accept failure. And I have ways to make you speak...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Court is in Session!
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: I need your help building an Academy Courthouse, Stark. Staff it with your surveillance robots.
Iron Man: I can't believe you're really going through with this...
Nick Fury: And give the robots the ability to broadcast everything live.
Iron Man: What are you planning?
Nick Fury: Kingpin made his play. Now it's our turn... 

Get the Academy Courthouse! 100 Ninja Stars

Nick Fury: Nice work, Stark. I sort of imagined the robots just standing around the courtroom, but this is much more creative. The judge's wig is a nice touch.
Iron Man: Wasp's idea. She really does have the best ideas. Most of them involve wigs. 
Nick Fury: I guess it's time to take my seat...
Iron Man: You're pretty calm for a guy who's about to go on trial live in front of the entire universe.
Nick Fury: Nick Fury's got nothing to hide.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

Ring the Bell!
Loki starts

Loki: I need to discover what these ninjas are trafficking, but I'll need one of their artifacts to access their Relics. I can sense that they're involved in something distinctly magical.
Wasp: That's so cute!
Loki: Not magical as in your misguided description of fluffy puppies and sappy relationships. Literally magical, as in they're associated with powerful sorcery.
Wasp: Magic is everywhere! 

Get the Sacred Bell! 8 x Bonsho Striker (Special Event Missions), 812 Ninja Stars

Kingpin: They may access the Hand's Relics faster than I anticipated. You'll need to be prepared to dispose of them.
Punisher: Why do you think I've been cracking my knuckles for the past five hours?
Kingpin: I assumed it was a nervous habit.
Punisher: You know what happens when you assume...
Kingpin: Enlighten me.
Punisher: Same thing that happens when you do anything else. You get your teeth knocked out by the Punisher.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  

The Plot Thickens
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I need to know everything you know about Kingpin and the Hand. Loki thinks the Hand is moving something involving sorcery, and I'm almost positive Kingpin is orchestrating the whole thing.
Daredevil: Who do you trust more? Loki or Kingpin?
Black Widow: Is there a third option?
Daredevil: Director Fury.
Black Widow: And people wonder why I have trust issues...

Collect 1 Key! Collect from the Sacred Bell (1 per hr, up to 24 max)
Open 1 Relic!

Black Widow: I'm no magic expert, but some of what they're moving is ancient. It would be nice if I could fully trust at least one person here who uses magic.
Daredevil: I don't wanna get in your personal business...
Black Widow: So don't.
Daredevil: When Loki says your name, I can sense that he cares. When you said his name earlier, I didn't sense anything. You should be honest with him. Something tells me he doesn't deal well with having his feelings hurt.
Black Widow: You're right.
Daredevil: Good.
Black Widow: You don't wanna get in my personal business.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Relic Raider
Loki starts

Loki: I need your assistance...
Enchantress: In so many ways.
Loki: The sorcery in these relics is different from anything in Asgard. Different even from the curse that embodies the Black Knight's Ebony Blade.
Enchantress: I simply need to handle the Relics myself. This is why you never send a sorcerer to do a sorceress's job...

Collect 10 Keys!
Open 10 Relics!

Enchantress: The Relics have something to do with necromancy. They're likely attempting to raise someone from the dead.
Loki: Good. I can prepare an appropriate spell to find out exactly what they're planning.
Enchantress: You could say thank you.
Loki: I could, but why start now?
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Law and Order
Loki starts

Loki: I understand you've taken over as ruler of Avengers Academy while the Patch-Man awaits his punishment.
Pepper Potts: You really do have the worst way of phrasing things. I'm the acting Interim Director until Director Fury is finished with this ridiculous trial.
Loki: You'll deny it, but I can tell you enjoy the power.
Pepper Potts: Director Fury is still in power. The truth will come out soon enough. Justice will be served.
Loki: No one appreciates truth and justice more than Loki...

Get the Loki's Justice! 4 x Hand Seal (Get from Uncommon Hand Relic OR Get from Common Hand Relic), 8 x Fancy Ties (Special Event Missions), 8 x Briefcases (Special Event Missions), 910 Ninja Stars

Loki: Feel free to admit that the statue is magnificent.
Daredevil: I'll take your word for it.
Loki: Lies are my lifeblood, Blind-Man. I appreciate you deceiving everyone else, but please don't humiliate us both by acting like you can't see better than the other Midgardians.
Daredevil: Fine. The statue's nice. You look good in a dress.
Loki: Loki looks good in everything.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Pinball Wizard
Loki starts

Kingpin: My associates are going to deliver a pinball machine to the Academy.
Punisher: You're giving 'em games?
Kingpin: Violence is a simple, yet admittedly effective solution to most problems. Distractions will keep them from focusing on my true agenda.
Punisher: I'll stick with violence.
Kingpin: That's exactly why I need you by my side until the endgame...

Get the Daredevil Pinball Machine! 52 x Boxing Gloves (Special Event Missions), 45 x Hand Seal (Get from Common Hand Relic OR Get from Uncommon Hand Relic), 2992 Ninja Stars

Loki: What is this contraption?
Falcon: Pinball! You should give it a shot. It's fun.
Loki: Does it involve lying?
Falcon: No, but you can cheat a little bit by shaking the machine.
Loki: Then Loki will be the one true ruler of all things pinball!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Deadly Weapons 
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: I can analyze the poison the ninjas are using if you can get me some of their weapons. Wait. Why are you smiling?
Black Widow: I don't need an extra reason to want awesome ninja weapons.

Get The Hand's Weapons! 64 x Hand Seal (Get from Common Hand Relic OR Get from Uncommon Hand Relic), 7 x Katanas (Get from fighting various Hand Ninjas), 2710 Ninja Stars

Black Widow: Did you find out anything about the poison the ninjas are using from their weapons?
Iron Man: No. Chemistry isn't really my wheelhouse. I tried Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man 2099, but they're all busy with their own stuff. I'd ask Professor Pym, but he's acting weird.
Black Widow: ...
Iron Man: Weirder.
Black Widow: Let me know if you find something. The threat of getting poisoned is half the...challenge.
Iron Man: You almost said fun.
Black Widow: Keep that between us. I have a reputation to uphold.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

The Daredevil Challenge!
Loki starts

Get the Daredevil Bobblehead for 80 Katanas!

Daredevil: Great job!
Reward: 100 Ninja Stars

What do you think of the Daredevil event so far? Are you gonna buy Jessica Jones? Don't you just love the skyline?!


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  1. When fighting the ninjas the fight bare doesn't refill/show back up. I have the your game always so buggy?