Thursday, 30 June 2016

Spider-Man Character Costume: Symbiote Spider-Man

Hey Spider-Men!

Some of you may have seen the new Symbiote Spider-Chest available to purchase for 95 Shards. One of the prizes available to win is the Symbiote Spider-Man costume!

He deals bonus damage to Lizard and doubles Spider Tech drops!
If you are lucky enough to win this, then you will have to go collect it for free in Van Dyne's!

This costume comes with 2 exclusive actions - Attack the Target (1h) and Reach New Heights (4h).

Grim and Gritty Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Wasp: Awesome outfit!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Thanks! I gotta say, I feel amazing. Stronger. More confident. I've always been shy about showing off, but now I just wanna go out and show people what I can do.
Wasp: That's the power of shopping!

Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h

 Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m

Wasp: That was awesome!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Thanks! I feel good. Like, really good. Like, better than should be possible...
Wasp: That's how I always feel! What do you wanna do next?!
Symbiote Spider-Man: I wanna see what else this suit can do...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Symbiote Spider-Man: I've never been very good at the Blasting Range...
Wasp: You just need to keep practicing!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Maybe. Maybe all I ever needed was this suit...

Spider-Man Attack the Target, 1h
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: We need to talk about that suit...
Symbiote Spider-Man: Pretty great, huh? I thought my old outfit was cool, but now I can't even remember what it looked like.
Black Widow: Because this suit is taking over your brain.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What are you talking about?
Black Widow: It's an alien. It's feeding on your thoughts and emotions, and making you increasingly hostile. The longer it's attached to you, the more it takes control.
Symbiote Spider-Man: You're jealous.
Black Widow: Excuse me?!
Symbiote Spider-Man: If this suit was an evil mind-controlling super alien, do you really think I'd be as afraid of you as I am right now?
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 3
Spider-Man starts

Symbiote Spider-Man: I think you're right about this suit affecting my emotions.
Black Widow: I'm glad you can still recognize it. I'll dig around, and see if I can find out more about the alien, and ways to get it off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: We should go dancing.
Black Widow: Why?
Symbiote Spider-Man: I don't think I should be alone. And I think I should stay away from anything involving fighting until I'm sure I'm in control. But I don't think anything should stop me from dancing with you.
Black Widow: Why are you trying to make your voice sound deeper?
Symbiote Spider-Man: Maybe you just never noticed my natural manliness...

Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h
Black Widow Hack the System, 2m
Spider-Man Conquer Evil, 2h, requires Black Widow

Black Widow: You know what I did to the last guy who tried to put his hand on me while dancing?
Symbiote Spider-Man: Chopped his hand off?
Black Widow: How'd you know?
Symbiote Spider-Man: We're soulmates. Also, it seems like something you would do.
Black Widow: You aren't yourself. You've already lost control. We have to get that outfit off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Now you're talking.
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 4
Spider-Man starts

Loki: Very nice. I can practically feel the evil oozing off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What do you want?
Loki: The Widow Woman is collaborating with that maniac Pym on a sonic flamethrower to fry this alien posing as clothing to a crisp.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What. Do. You. Want?
Loki: I want to tutor you in the ways of controlling evil tendencies. I want to help you hold on to that suit and its amazing powers.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Why?
Loki: I have a kind and generous soul.

Spider-Man Attack the Target, 1h
Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Symbiote Spider-Man: I feel so much better. What did you do?
Loki: Magic.
Symbiote Spider-Man: I'll be able to control the suit now?
Loki: All that's important is that it will no longer be able to control you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Do I need to do anything special?
Loki: Just be yourself. The manipulative mind-control experts will take it from here...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

What do you think of Symbiote Spider-Man? Are you going to try and get him? Like the look of his exclusive actions?


Symbiote Spider-Chest

Hey hey,

Firstly, a quick preview of Episode 2...

And now, let's take a look at the new item added to our stores - the Symbiote Spider-Chest!


You will be prompted to purchase one via this quest, which is completely optional!

Get More Amazing!  (24h timed!)
Iron Man starts

Spider-Man: Oscorp is experimenting with something called Symbiotech. I think I can incorporate it into my suit to give me awesome new powers, but it might be dangerous. What do you think?
Iron Man: I think you're only asking me because you know you want it, and you know I'll tell you to get it because it's cool and I have no impulse control...
Spider-Man: Sometimes you're surprisingly very self-aware.
Iron Man: I think about myself all the time.

Open 1 Mystery Box for a chance at Symbiote Outfit, 95 Shards

Reward: 20 Oscoins
It costs 95 Shards and each try gives you a CHANCE at winning the following prizes:

Symbiote Spider-Man (costume for Spider-Man)
3 Green Goblin Tokens
7 Green Goblin Tokens
150 Shards
200 Shards
Black Cat Bobblehead (deco)
15 Spider-Man Tokens
6 Bugle Exclusives
6 Web-Shooters
2000 Oscoins
The Lizard's Terrarium (deco)
8 Spider-Man Tokens
5 Bugle Exclusives
4 Spider-Man Tokens
4 Web-Shooters
1200 Oscoins
Spidey Balloons (deco)
3 Bugle Exclusives
2 Web-Shooters
600 Oscoins

My Personal Results:

5 Bugle Exclusives
6 Web-Shooters
1200 Oscoins
The Lizard's Terrarium
2000 Oscoins
3 Green Goblin Tokens
6 Bugle Exclusives
200 Shards
150 Shards
Black Cat Bobblehead
8 Spider-Man Tokens
Spidey Balloons
15 Spider-Man Tokens
Symbiote Spider-Man

Hopefully you all had better luck than me!!


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Spider-Man Character Profile: Spider-Man

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main event posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character who you can unlock during the Spider-Man event... Spider-Man! If you want to see some dialogue from the Civil War event character unlock, see here.

Secret Wars Pt. 1

Spider-Man starts

Nick Fury: Last time we talked, I told you to drop the secret identity.
Spider-Man: I thought about it. A lot. But I want to keep my normal life, and I want to make sure the people around me are safe.
Nick Fury: Your call, but we already have enough to deal with without hiding our real selves from the world. Secrets like that will eat you up...
Spider-Man: Is that why your hair fell out?
Nick Fury: Get to work, Parker.

Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m
Spider-Man Work on Your Aim, 1h

Nick Fury: Nice to see you've been practicing...
Spider-Man: I have been. And I've been out there fighting. I just get nervous when I'm here. It seems like everybody's always walking in circles or doing the same thing over and over. I feel like they're spying on me...
Nick Fury: Some of them are.
Reward: 10 Oscoins

Secret Wars Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Wasp: We need to combine our awesome picture powers to expose Oscorp!
Spider-Man: Sounds good. I'll use web fluid to make a camera trap.
Wasp: How'd you get web fluid?
Spider-Man: I found it. On the ground. By my foot...
Wasp: How do you know how to make a camera trap?
Spider-Man: My Aunt May taught me. She loves cameras and spiderwebs...
Wasp: ...
Spider-Man: ...
Wasp: Your Aunt sounds awesome!

Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m
Spider-Man Wall-Crawl! 30m
Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m

Reporter Wasp: I'm afraid Oscorp isn't just making Octobots, but modifying them for different heroes and villains.
Spider-Man: I'm afraid this isn't just about framing Spider-Man, but some kind of dangerous secret experiment...
Reporter Wasp: I'm afraid of chickens and long words...
Spider-Man: ...
Reporter Wasp: It's called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.
Reward: 10 Oscoins

Secret Wars Pt. 3
Spider-Man starts

Loki: So we meet again, Preston Porkchop...
Spider-Man: I knew I should've went the long way...
Loki: You're no god of mischief, Porkchop. Your secrets continue to eat you alive. If you aren't careful, those lies might pull you apart like Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.
Spider-Man: ...
Loki: Two mystical goats that pull my brother's chariot. He's the worst at naming things...
Spider-Man: I don't want to lie, but I have to keep this secret...
Loki: Then I suggest you find a way to relax and have fun. I wouldn't want something unfortunate to happen...

Upgrade Spider-Man!
Spider-Man Test the Waters, 30m
Loki Master the Dance Floor, 2h

Loki: You look plain and bookish as usual, but much more relaxed.
Spider-Man: Yeah, that was fun. I feel way better. Thanks for the advice.
Loki: Don't thank me. Just know that you're in my debt...
Reward: 10 Oscoins 

Too Many Geniuses Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Spider-Man: There's so many great scientists t the Academy, and so many big problems like the timefog and Octobots, that I thought it would be cool to start our own think-tank.
Iron Man: We need a name. Every club needs a name. It should be something with "Stark" in it...
Spider-Man: I propose The Illuminati.
Black Knight: Ancient Wisdom.
Captain Britain: Her Majesty's Masterminds!
Hank Pym: That's Science!
Vision: Unique Vision.
Leader: The Supreme Intelligence! 
Spider-Man: Where'd you come from?
Leader: The door was open... 

Spider-Man Invent Something, 3m
Iron Man Talk To J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Spider-Man: I thought a think-tank was a good idea, but you can't get super-scientists to agree on anything...
Iron Man: And it was a total sausage fest.
Spider-Man: Can we outsmart Oscorp by ourselves?
Iron Man: I don't know, but we should definitely act like we can.
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Too Many Geniuses Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Black Widow: Quite worrying about the other scientists, and stop Oscorp yourself. J.A.R.V.I.S. can get you everything you need....
Spider-Man: Last time I saw you, you tricked me into going on a fake interrogation date...
Black Widow: Good idea. Let's go on another fake date, and compare intel. This campus is crawling with bugs.
Spider-Man: Good one!
Black Widow: What are you talking about?
Spider-Man: Nothing... 

Upgrade Spider-Man!
Spider-Man See Who's Funnier, 1h
Spider-Man Secret Rendesvous, 2h, requires Black Widow

Spider-Man: Thanks. I should have everything I need to take out Oscorp.
Black Widow: Don't let them bug you.
Spider-Man: Right. I'll build a small audio jammer into my clothes to counter their surveillance.
Black Widow: I was making a bug joke.
Spider-Man: Good one. I mean, okay one if we're being honest...
Black Widow: It's funny because I'm Black Widow and you're Spider-Man.
Spider-Man: I'm--
Black Widow: I actually wasn't positive until I saw your reaction. Don't worry, Spider-Man. Your secret's safe with me.

Reward: 20 Oscoins 

Rogues Gallery Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

The Lizard: Peter Parker! I haven't ssseen you sinccce I tutored you in advanccced chemissstry.
Spider-Man: Is Oscorp treating you okay, Curt? You don't look so good. Or sound so good. Or smell so good. No offense.
The Lizard: I'm fantassstic! They're giving me everything I need to further my experimentsss.
Spider-Man: Tell me if you ever need any help. I've heard a lot of shady things about Oscorp...
The Lizard: Shady? Wait until you ssse the real darknessssss...

Spider-Man Sling Some Webs, 30m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m
Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Green Goblin: The Daily Bugle and Academy students are doing everything they can to uncover our secret experiment. We need to hurry up and capture Spider-Man.
Doctor Octopus: Please relax, Norman. The lat thing we need at this juncture is another one of your episodes.
Green Goblin: Relax?! Episodes?! I am what I choose to be! What I need to be! I'm in complete control! HA! HA! HA! TRICK OR TREAT!
Doctor Octopus: This is all going downhill very quickly...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Rogues Gallery Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Green Goblin: You may want to check on your Aunt May... 
Spider-Man: Why?!
Green Goblin: I don't want to ruin the surprise... 

Upgrade Spider-Man! 15 x Spider-Tech, 5 x Spider-Man Tokens, 4053 Oscoins
Spider-Man Check on Aunt May, 2h

Reward: 20 Oscoins

Spider-Man Rank 5: 20 Bugle Exclusives, 25 Spider-Man Tokens, 6080 Oscoins

What do you think of Spider-Man? Did you have him already or recruit him this event?


Friday, 24 June 2016

Spider-Man Premium Character: Spider-Ham

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main weekly posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character who you can buy during the Spider-Man event... Spider-Ham!

Ham It Up Pt. 1

Spider-Man: Hey, I'm Peter Parker...
Spider-Ham: I'm Peter Porker, but everybody calls me Spider-Ham!
Spider-Man: That's gonna make it really hard to maintain my secret identity...
Spider-Ham: Don't worry. I'll use my web slinging abilities to help clear Spider-Man's name!
Spider-Man: I have honestly never been so excited to see something in my entire life...

Spider-Ham Defy the Laws of Hamity! 4h

Spider-Man: That was amazing!
Spider-Ham: Thanks! I used to be really clumsy, but I've found that talking all the time while I'm doing my thing calms me down, and makes it easier.
Spider-Man: I always talk all the time! Usually because I'm nervous, but sometime I think I'm funny, but it's usually kinda corny, but it makes the bad guys distracted, and...but I'm not Spider-Man, and I don't fight bad guys, and I'm just a normal guy, and I should stop talking, but I can't, so you should stop me because--
Spider-Ham: Just be yourself, Peter Parker.
Spider-Man: You're the wisest anthropomorphic pig I've ever met...
Reward: 20 Oscoins  

Ham It Up Pt. 2
Spider-Ham starts

Nick Fury: It's great to have you at Avengers Academy, but I'm gonna need to evaluate your fighting skills to see where you're at.
Spider-Ham: I knew you'd say that. In my world, you're Nick Furry, Agent of S.H.E.E.P.
Nick Fury: In this world, you're just another wannabe Avenger who needs to show me why he deserves to stay at my school.
Spider-Ham: You're less intimidating when you look like a teddy bear...
Nick Fury: I'm gonna tell Nick Furry you said that.

Spider-Ham Go Ham! 4h
Iron Man Fire Repulsors, 15m
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Wasp: Nice fighting, Spider-Ham!
Spider-Ham: Thanks! I wanna show everyone why I belong...
Wasp: Just be yourself! You're totally awesome just the way you are!
Spider-Ham: Can we be friends?
Wasp: For sure!
Spider-Ham: Can we be more than friends?
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Ham It Up Pt. 3
Spider-Ham starts

Spider-Ham: I'm sorry if I made it weird by sort of asking you out...
Wasp: Yeah. I'm just not interested. Sorry...
Spider-Ham: Is it because I'm a pig?
Wasp: Yeah. It's pretty much because you're a pig...
Spider-Ham: It's okay. I had to at least try to get a date with the coolest, prettiest girl here...
Wasp: I'm gonna give you such a big friend hug right now!

Upgrade Spider-Ham! 14 x Ham Tracers (Special Event Missions), 14 x ?, 1698 Oscoins
Spider-Ham Give it a Whirl! 4h, requires Wasp
Spider-Ham Banter Battle! 1h

Spider-Ham: This has been the best day. I made a new friend, got a kiss on the cheek, and got to banter it up with J.A.R.V.I.S.! He's really good at pig puns...
Wasp: What should we do now?
Spider-Ham: It's time for this pig to punch some bad guys...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

The Hero We Deserve Pt. 1
Spider-Ham starts

Spider-Ham: Everybody says you're the best spy here, so I was hoping you'd help me clear Spider-Man's name by searching the campus for clues to whatever Oscorp is planning.
Black Widow: Sure, I've been looking into them since they got here. Let's compare intel when I get something solid.
Spider-Ham: You're not weirded out by me being a pig?
Black Widow: I've been here for months. My tolerance for weird is really high at this point...

Spider-Ham Defy the Laws of Hamity, 4h
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

J. Jonah Jameson: What were you doing on my building?!
Spider-Ham: Washing the windows?
J. Jonah Jameson: Don't expect to get paid for it.
Reward: 20 Oscoins 

The Hero We Deserve Pt. 2
Spider-Ham starts

Black Widow: Looks like portals are just one of the things Oscorp is working on. I'm guessing that they found something in one of them that they're trying to exploit.
Spider-Ham: Yeah. I got a view from above, and there's definitely something bigger going on behind the scenes...
Black Widow: You okay? You're usually just as smily as Wasp and the other Peter...
Spider-Ham: I'm fine. Homesick maybe...
Black Widow: Do you want to talk about it?
Spider-Ham: No, but thanks. I just need to be alone for a little bit. Figure out my next move...

Upgrade Spider-Ham! 12 x Vegetarian Hoagies (Special Event Missions), 20 x Ham-Cams (Special Event Missions), 1812 Oscoins

Spider-Ham Find Where You Fit In, 4h
Black Widow Hack the System, 2m

Loki: Hello, Peter Porker.
Spider-Ham: How'd you know my name?
Loki: That's actually your real name?!
Spider-Ham: What do you want?
Loki: I wanted to warn you to avoid my father. I can hear his massive stomach grumbling from here...
Spider-Ham: Great. Thanks.
Loki: Spend some time with me, Peter Porker. The last thing this Academy needs is another mopey swine...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Great Responsibility Pt. 1
Spider-Ham starts

Loki: Everyone needs to have fun, Peter Porker. From cunning, powerful, exquisite gods like myself, to whatever you are.
Spider-Ham: I just wanna help clear Spider-Man's name, and be the best hero I can be.
Loki: Mischief and mirth make us stronger. Ask anyone here. I have the most fun, but I've saved this Academy more times than you could count on your stubby little pig fingers.
Spider-Ham: That's funny because everybody says you usually just whine and make a fool out of yourself on the dance floor...
Loki: My dancing is immaculate!

Spider-Ham Go Ham! 4h
Loki Master the Dance Floor, 2h
Spider-Ham Defy the Laws of Hamity! 4h

Spider-Ham: Thanks, Loki. I feel a lot better after relaxing and having fun.
Loki: You're welcome. Follow me, my swine disciple, our journey has just begun...
Spider-Ham: Yeah, I don't think so.
Loki: What do you mean?
Spider-Ham: I'm not like you, and I'm definitely not anyone's sidekick. I'm a hero, and it's about time I proved it...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Great Responsibility Pt. 2
Spider-Ham starts

Falcon: I was gonna warn you about hanging out with Loki, but it looks like you figured it out for yourself.
Spider-Ham: He's not that bad. He is a really bad dancer though...
Falcon: I like to get my groove on too, so I try not to judge...
Spider-Ham: I wanna check out some of the crimes Spider-Man's being blamed for. Can you fly around campus, and see if you find any clues to what Oscorp is up to?
Falcon: For sure, but be careful. New York makes this place look like a picnic.
Spider-Ham: ...
Falcon: I swear that wasn't a hot dog joke.

Upgrade Spider-Ham! 28 x Ham Tracers (Special Event Missions), 26 x Earth-8311 Brochures (Special Event Missions), 2291 Oscoins
Spider-Ham Take Great Responsibility, 2h
Falcon Blast Off! 1m

Falcon: What happened?
Spider-Man: I found more Oscorp portals. One of them led to my world, and things are really bad. I have to get back home to Larval Earth. And I need you to come with me...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Spectacular Spider-Ham! Pt. 1
Spider-Ham starts

Spider-Ham: The Swinester Six have been trashing Larval Earth ever since I left. I need a team of heroes to help me save the day...
Wasp: My squishy little hero! I'm totally giving you a kiss for good luck!
Falcon: You know I got your back, Spider-Ham.
Spider-Man: Of course I'll help, but I'm kind of nervous about how I'll act around a bunch of animal people. I ramble when I'm uncomfortable. Do we talk about how they're animals? Is it okay to stare? I shouldn't stare. Just punch me if I stare too much...
Cosmo the Spacedog: Cosmo is likink this secret mission.
Iron Man: I can't wait to see what's in Iron Mouse's cheese fridge!
Loki: This sounds far too amusing to refuse...
British Bulldog: Woof! Woof!
Rocket Raccoon: I guess. Not like I'm doing anything anyways...
Spider-Ham: Let's get ready to fight. It's Spider-Ham time...

Spider-Ham Go Ham! 4h
Iron Man Fire Repulsors, 15m
Spider-Ham Give it a Whirl, 4h, requires Wasp

Falcon: You think we're ready?
Spider-Ham: We were born ready.
Falcon: You're the coolest dude I know!
Reward: 20 Credits

Spectacular Spider-Ham! Pt. 2
Spider-Ham starts

Union Jack: The portal should be ready, mate. Agent 13 and I shut down S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q.'s security, but you'll have to hurry.
Spider-Ham: Thanks, Union Jack. Larval Earth won't forget this...
Union Jack: Take this secret gadget. It looks like an ice cream cone, but it transforms into a personal helicopter.
Spider-Ham: Why do you think I'll need that?
Union Jack: You probably won't, but it's still pretty cool...

Upgrade Spider-Ham! 24 x Vegetarian Hoagies (Special Event Missions), 32 x Ham-Cams (Special Event Missions), 2510 Oscoins

Spider-Ham Recruit Warriors of the Great Web, 8h
Spider-Ham Access Earth-8311! 3h, requires Loki

Spider-Ham: Thanks for all your help, Spider-Man. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help you clear your name...
Spider-Man: No problem. It was worth it just to see the Swinester Six. I'll be set on banter material against my own bad guys for a year at least.
Spider-Ham: You ever think it's weird that there are so many universes out there where things are so different, but so close to being the same?
Spider-Man: Yeah. I think it's probably the weirdest thing about anything ever.
Spider-Ham: I was thinking the same thing...
Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of Spider-Ham? Did you buy him? Any favourite actions or phrases?


Spider-Ham's Actions

Go Ham! 4h, The Robo Dojo
Defy the Laws of Hamity! 4h, The Daily Bugle
Give it a Whirl, 4h, The Daily Bugle
Banter Battle! - Rank 2
Find Where You Fit In - Rank 3
Recruit Warriors of the Great Web - Rank 5
Take Great Responsibility - Rank 4 

Spider-Ham's Phrases

What's a BLT?
One pig knuckle sandwich coming up!
Let's eat!
I can do anything a Spider-Ham can!
You act like you've never seen a pig with spider powers.
Oink oink, losers!
It's your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Ham.
I'm the sporktacular Spider-Ham.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Spider-Man Special Event!

Hey friendly neighbourhood Spider-Men!

The Spider-Man Special Event is here (kind of)!

The event is divided into two distinct parts. Part 1 ends on 19 July at 6pm EDT.
Episode 1 ends on 29 June at 6pm EDT.

New event area:

Characters in the Web:


Event Menu:

Not pictured: New York Newsstand and Statue of Liberty Replica

Wrestling Poster requires:
4 x Evidence (Special Event Missions), 1078 Oscoins
Hot Dog Stand requires:
6 x Evidence (Special Event Missions), 1348 Oscoins
New York Newsstand requires:
3 x Bugle Exclusive (Create in Spider-Man's Workshop), 8 x Evidence (Special Event Missions), 1618 Oscoins
Statue of Liberty Replica requires:
5 x Bugle Exclusive (Create in Spider-Man's Workshop), 10 x Spider Tech (Special Event Missions), 2157 Oscoins
N.B. Don't forget to unlock and claim your free 5 Green Goblin Tokens after you get the statue!

New Shop Items

Oscoin ATM, 195 Shards - Drops 150 Oscoins every 12h
Oscoin Station, 445 Shards - Drops 450 Oscoins every 12h
Oscoin Generator, 745 Shards - Drops 1000 Oscoins every 12h
Spider-Signal, 195 Shards - Drops 1 Web-Shooter every 12h
Spider-Spotlight, 545 Shards - Drops 3 Webs-Shooters every 12h

Let's take a look at the quests!


Iron Man starts

Doctor Octopus: I continue to question the sanity of moving our operation to Avengers Academy...
Green Goblin: It's rude to question someone's sanity. Just respect my right to be insane.
Doctor Octopus: Our experiments will provide us with limitless power. Moving the laboratory here only introduces unpredictable elements...
Green Goblin: Tony Stark will respect my genius. The Avengers will feat the Sinister Six. It's not good enough to succeed, Doctor. I need to seem the fail.
Doctor Octopus: And if Spider-Man interferes again?
Green Goblin: I'll finally introduce him to the Green Goblin...

Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air, 1m

Iron Man: Norman Osborn! Remember when we were at that super-science fair, and you talked trash to me, and then I won, and you cried, and you did that weird laugh, and everybody thought it was sad and scary?
Green Goblin: I moved Oscorp's labs here to work alongside you, and the other great super-scientists at Avengers Academy. I believe we can use our collective genius to make the world a better place.
Iron Man: What's in your purse?
Green Goblin: It's a satchel.
Iron Man: What's in your satchel?
Green Goblin: Explosives.
Iron Man: You don't have to cry about it.
Reward: 10 Oscoins 

Exciting news from Avengers Academy as ingenious entrepreneur Norman Osborn has relocated his Oscorp facilities to work with Tony Stark, and the Academy's assortment of young super-scientists. They'll attempt to stop the hero-turned-villain known as Spider-Man as he continues to commit crimes throughout New York City, capturing heroes, and covering entire buildings in gross, gooey webs. Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson also plans to establish a satellite office at the Academy to "get close to the action, expose the Spider-Menace, and yell at kids about old-school journalism." In related news, a spider tried to crawl in my ear once, and I'm still creeped out about it.

Wasp starts

Green Goblin: I'm developing a new form of currency called Oscoin. It's fast, it isn't inflationary, and there's no need to trust in banks or central government.
Wasp: Awesome idea! Sounds like something Tony would invent, but if he made his own money, he'd put his face on it for sure!
Green Goblin: I don't have Tony Stark's ego.
Wasp: Or his fun personality! Or his underappreciated heroism! Or his perfect eyebrows! I'm super jealous of his eyebrows, but I can't spend as much time on mine as he does...

Learn about the Spider-Man event! (Takes you to the event menu)
Get 50 Oscoins from the Mission Board!

Green Goblin: We're surrounded by idiots. After we've completed our experiments, and framed Spider-Man for our crimes, I'll turn Avengers Academy into the new Oscorp parking lot.
Doctor Octopus: If I was afraid to interact with idiots, I would never be able to step outside.
Green Goblin: Now that you mention it, I've never seen you go outside...
Doctor Octopus: My skin is exceptionally delicate.
Reward: 10 Oscoins

Old-School News
Iron Man starts 

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Mr. Jameson! We're so excited to have a journalistic legend like yourself here to teach our students about the news business!
J. Jonah Jameson: Who are you?
Pepper Potts: Academy Administrator, Pepper Potts!
J. Jonah Jameson: Here's hw this is gonna go, Potts. You'll show me where to put my building, and stay out of my way so I can do my job. I'm here to expose the Spider-Menace, but I'll expose you, Director Fury, and anyone else who gets in my way as his criminal accomplices.
Pepper Potts: No. This is my school, so here's how this is gonna go. I'll allow you to keep your Daily Bugle satellite office here as long as you teach our students about journalism in a kind and respectful manner.
J. Jonah Jameson: Or what?
Pepper Potts: Or tomorrow's headline will be "Girl Drags J. Jonah Jameson Back to New York by his Mustache."

Get The Daily Bugle! 100 Oscoins

J. Jonah Jameson: What do you know about the villain calling himself Spider-Man?
Nick Fury: Classified.
J. Jonah Jameson: How do you justify inviting villains like ex-Hydra School students and known mercenaries to attend your school?
Nick Fury: Classified.
J. Jonah Jameson: What do you have to say about this timefog, and rumors that you're hiding something dangerous and extremely powerful at this campus?
Nick Fury: Classified.
J. Jonah Jameson: The public deserves the right to know what's going on at Avengers Academy! Answer the question, and don't say "Classified!"
Nick Fury: Confidential.
Reward: 15 Oscoins

Pig Out!
Iron Man starts

Spider-Ham: Oscorp has been opening portals to other dimensions, and trapping Spider-Verse heroes! We need to expose their evil experiments, and clear Spider-Man's name!
Iron Man: You're making me feel really bad about my choice for breakfast...
Spider-Ham: You're just like Iron Mouse!
Iron Man: Okay...
Spider-Ham: He's an awesome super-scientist who always says something inappropriate!
Iron Man: I do really like cheese...
Spider-Ham: You're furless Iron Mouse! You gotta be the one to help me save the day!
Iron Man: If I hadn't already met a talking raccoon this would be way weirder... 

Iron Man Talk to J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Iron Man: I'm not sure if Spider-Man is innocent, but Oscorp has definitely been working on interdimensional travel..
Spider-Ham: They're using Spider-Man as a scapegoat for their evil experiments! The Swinester Six tried to do the same thing in my world!
Iron Man: And Iron Mouse saved the day?
Spider-Ham: Iron Mouse helped, but Captain Americat was the real hero!
Iron Man: Of course he was...
Reward: 10 Oscoins  

What a Ham! (24h timer!)
Wasp starts

Wasp: You're so cute and squishy!
Spider-Ham: Oh, thanks. I'm here to help stop Oscorp, and clear Spider-Man's name...
Wasp: I bet you totally look cute, but knock bad guys out when you have to!
Spider-Ham: How'd you know?
Wasp: Because I totally look cute, but knock bad guys out when I have to too! 

Recruit Spider-Ham! 495 Shards

Reward: 70 Shards  
N.B. The timer is to get the shards; you can still recruit Spider-Ham after that if you want) 


Welcome the Web-Head!
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: Spider-Man is a good guy. I think these Oscorp geeks are the ones covering everything in webs to frame him, but I need an assistant to prove it. Can you contact Peter Parker?
Pepper Potts: Last time I asked you about him you said, and I quote, "he's a good kid, but he was way too dumbfounded by my awesomeness to get any work done."
Iron Man: I knew you were hanging on my every word... 

Invite Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: Mr. Stark, er, Tony, it's great to see you again. Pepper told me you needed my help...
Iron Man: You know Pepper loves to exaggerate...
Spider-Man: Well, I'll help however I can even though you don't need it.
Iron Man: What do you know about Spider-Man?
Spider-Man: Me?! No...none..nothing...
Iron Man: Start studying. I wanna see if we can replicate his web fluid to prove that's what Oscorp is using to frame him...
Reward: 15 Oscoins  

Amazing Spider-Man!
Black Widow starts

Spider-Man: Hey, Mr. Jameson. I'm interning at Tony Stark's lab, but I was hoping you'd let me work as a freelance photographer for the Bugle. It's my Aunt's favorite paper, and I think I'm a pretty good photographer...
J. Jonah Jameson: Can you get me photos of the Spider-Menace?
Spider-Man: So we can clear his name, and let everyone know that he's a selfless hero doing the best he can?
J. Jonah Jameson: So I can put him behind bars, turn the world against him, and sell a ton of papers in the process.
Spider-Man: I'll do my best...

Recruit Spider-Man!
- Collect 18 Spider-Tracers (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 25 Film Rolls (Open the Photo Class!)
- Collect 25 Web Cartridges (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 2099 Oscoins

Spider-Man: There's a lot of people who think Spider-Man is a hero. He's the only one out there fighting The Sinister Six.
J. Jonah Jameson: Don't take this the wrong way, Parker, but you're a dumb kid who doesn't know anything about anything.
Spider-Man: Is Spider-Man even that big of a deal? Seems like this weird timefog is a bigger problem...
J. Jonah Jameson: Time and fog are two of the most boring words in the English language. Menace! Catastrophe! Hurricane! War! Celebrity plastic surgery gone horribly wrong! Those are the words that sell papers.
Spider-Man: Menacing Hurricane Causes Catastrophic War with Nosejob Gone Horribly Wrong?
J. Jonah Jameson: That's a heck of a headline.
Spider-Man: Thanks?
J. Jonah Jameson: Now get out of my office.
Reward: 100 Oscoins

Get Evidence!
Wasp starts

Reporter Wasp: I'm totally gonna collect some photographic evidence to clear Spider-Man's name!
Spider-Man: That's awesome. I'm a pretty good photographer, so just let me know if you need some tips...
Reporter Wasp: Oh, Peter. I've been taking pictures of myself flying upside-down with one finger while firing bio-electric energy blasts since before you were born!
Spider-Man: How old are you?
Reporter Wasp: Never ask a lady her age!

Get Spider-Man's Photo Lab! 3s, 350 Oscoins
Collect 1 Film Roll from the Photo Lab!

Reporter Wasp: Are you Oscorp guys copying Spider-Man's web fluid, and making these creepy Octopus robots latch onto our photo stations?!
The Lizard: Of courssssse not.
Reporter Wasp: ...
The Lizard: Are you sssad becaussse your accsssationsss are falssssse?
Reporter Wasp: No, your hissing reminds me of my favorite balloon. Rest in peace, Ballooney Sandwich. My birthday's over, but you will not be forgotten...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Attack of the Octobots!
Wasp starts

The Lizard: Wasssp is aware of our ssscheme. If she knowsss about the sssynthetic web fluid, it'sss only a matter of time before she discoversss our mossst important experimentsssss.
Doctor Octopus: Let her snoop. My Octobots are operational, and more than capable of thwarting the attempts of some amateur detective.
The Lizard: Do you purposssely set out to make every sssingle one of your inventionsss look like an octopusssss?
Doctor Octopus: This from a man whose car looks like a lizard...
The Lizard: I'll have you know that the Lizard-Mobile getsss excccellent gasss mileage.

Learn how to attack the Octobots!

Green Goblin: Not bad, Dr. Octavius. I may have to put my own spin on these Octobots...
Doctor Octopus: One should never mess with perfection. It's the same philosophy I apply to my hairstyle.

Reward: 20 Oscoins

Photo Pro!
Wasp starts

Spider-Man: I need to upgrade my photo lab to make it more productive, and find out who's framing Spider-Man.
J. Jonah Jameson: Why don't you use the Bugle's lab?
Spider-Man: There's nowhere to sit, and it smells like an ashtray full of burnt coffee. It's like living inside of your mustache...

Add a Photo Station! 700 Oscoins

Green Goblin: I don't believe we've met...
Spider-Man: No! We definitely have never met. Why would we have met? That's crazy. Not saying you're crazy. There's no actual reason for me to think you're actually an actual crazy person...
Green Goblin: I knew you'd be nervous.
Spider-Man: You know who I am?!
Green Goblin: You're Peter Parker. You're a reasonably talented scientist hiding in Tony Stark's cologne-drenched shadow. You're obviously a fan of mine.
Spider-Man: Obviously...
Green Goblin: Stop by the Oscorp labs sometime, Peter Parker. You might be surprised by what you find...
Reward: 30 Oscoins

That's a Wrap
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I think we need to get you your own lab, Peter.
Spider-Man: Did I do something wrong?
Iron Man: Yeah, all the time. You're really clumsy, and you leave all my stuff feeling sticky. You should probably wash your hands more...
Spider-Man: Sorry, Tony.
Iron Man: Don't worry about it. I like having another messy genius around. Now let's figure out a way to stop these Octobots...

Get Spider-Man's Workshop! 10s, 500 Oscoins
Craft a Web-Shooter! 2 x Web Fiber (Special Event Missions), 2h
Catch an Octobot! 1 x Web-Shooter

Iron Man: Nice work! Smart thinking to use the web fluid Oscorp copied from Spider-Man against them!
Spider-Man: I know, right? That's exactly how everything happened...
Iron Man: You're too humble. How's everyone gonna know how smart and talented you are if you don't rub it in their faces all the time?
Spider-Man: I don't care about people knowing who I am. I just wanna do my best.
Iron Man: My sweet child. You have so much to learn...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Truth Bomb
Wasp starts

Reporter Wasp: Hey, Peter! Let's use your messy lab to combine our photos and awesome investigating, and make a story that'll impress Mr. J. Jonah Jameson!
Spider-Man: Is it even possible to impress that guy?
Reporter Wasp: I always do the imWaspible.

Craft a Bugle Exclusive!

J. Jonah Jameson: You expect me to believe that Oscorp is responsible for the New York crime spree? They buy more ad space in the Bugle than anyone.
Reporter Wasp: What's that have to do with anything?
J. Jonah Jameson:You really don't understand the first thing about the paper business.
Reporter Wasp: The first thing is to always blame everything on Spider-Man?
J. Jonah Jameson: You might have a future at the Bugle after all...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Get the Scoop! Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Wasp: Hey, Mr. J. Jonah Jameson! Can I call you JJJ?!
J. Jonah Jameson: No.
Wasp: Cool! I want to be a reporter for The Daily Bugle! I'm a super hard worker, I have a ton of connections, and I can totally help you solve all this webby spider stuff!
J. Jonah Jameson: No.
Wasp: Why not?
J. Jonah Jameson: This isn't some playtime internet fashion blog about who wore what, and where they wore it, and who wore it better. This is real news. Old-school journalism. We get our hands dirty. We drink coffee 'til our bellies burn. We expose threats like the Spider-Menace, and punks like the Sinister Six.
Wasp: You don't think I can play dirty?! I'll start my own news site! I'll bury your stupid tree-wasting, inky finger making paper, and you'll be begging for a job from me!
J. Jonah Jameson: I like your spirit. You can start immediately.
Wasp: First I need to find the right outfit!

Get Reporter Wasp!
- 35 x Cappuccinos (Special Event Missions)
- 35 x Undercover Sunglasses (Special Event Missions)
- 12 x Film Roll (Unlock Spider-Man's Photo Lab)
- 3 x Notepads (Have Wasp Get the Scoop! 4h) 
- 2242 Oscoins (Special Event Missions) 

J. Jonah Jameson: Are you trying to be as conspicuous as possible?
Reporter Wasp: I'm just being amazing like always!
J. Jonah Jameson: Get to work on the Spider-Menace. You'll get me something I can publish, or you'll get out of my building for good.
Reporter Wasp: I won't let you down, Mr. J. Jonah Jameson! I totally don't wanna contribute to your high blood pressure!

Reward: 50 Oscoins

Get the Scoop! Pt. 2
Wasp starts

J. Jonah Jameson: Learn your way around the office, and be quick about it. The Daily Bugle is a news machine that never sleeps, and I don't have the time or patience to tell somebody something more than once.
Reporter Wasp: Should I start now?!
J. Jonah Jameson: You should've already started.
Reporter Wasp: I'm fashionably late!

Wasp Be a Busy Bee! 4h

J. Jonah Jameson: That was...pretty good.
Reporter Wasp: Thanks! I wrote twenty-three stories, drank seven pots of coffee, and shampooed the carpet twice since it's totally disgusting!
J. Jonah Jameson: Just get me something on the Spider-Menace for the morning edition...
Reporter Wasp: I just counted every hair in your mustache!
Reward: 10 Oscoins 

Get The Scoop! Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Reporter Wasp: I need your help to find out the real story behind Spider-Man! I'm pretty positive somebody framed him, but Mr. J. Jonah Jameson totally thinks he's guilty, but I also drank all the coffee, but I think I'll go buy more!
Black Widow: ...
Reporter Wasp: Move it! The Daily Bugle is a news machine that never sleeps!

Wasp Get The Scoop! 4h
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: I think Oscorp's scientists found a way to replicate Spider-Man's web fluid, and they're the ones capturing the heroes, and covering everything in webs to set him up.
Reporter Wasp: Awesome! I found out the backstory of every single person that's ever worked for Oscorp, and where Mr. Pym keeps his secret portals, and where Mr. Ares keeps his ancient weapon stash! I even got Crossbones to make a coffee run so I can stay on my toes!
Black Widow: Are you sure that's a good idea? Seems like you've had enough...
Reporter Wasp: I'm the Queen of the World! 
Reward: 10 Oscoins

Spectacular Spider-Crate
Requires 1 x Bugle Exclusive per opening

Spider-Ham Bobble Head
Spider-Man's Darkroom
1 Spider-Man Token
5 Spider-Man Tokens
10 Spider-Man Tokens
15 Spider-Man Tokens
1 Green Goblin Token
2 Green Goblin Tokens
3 Green Goblin Tokens
5 Green Goblin Tokens
500 Oscoins
650 Oscoins
800 Oscoins

My personal results:
Spider-Ham Bobble Head
1 Green Goblin Token
500 Oscoins
Spider-Man's Darkroom
2 Green Goblin Tokens
650 Oscoins
10 Spider-Man Tokens
3 Green Goblin Tokens
15 Spider-Man Tokens
1 Spider-Man Token
800 Oscoins
5 Spider-Man Tokens
5 Green Goblin Tokens


Spider-Man Special Event Prologue

Morning all!

It's bright & early & my spider sense is tingling... Luckily though, it's just our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man dropping by with a new event prologue!
Here's the app store info for the upcoming event - make sure to download the latest update :)

Spider-Man is coming to Avengers Academy for a special limited-time event! Our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler faces famous enemies and new adventures in this action-packed update! Spider-Man is being blamed for a rash of crimes throughout NYC, and he’ll need to team with the Avengers to uncover the villainous scheme. Play now, and recruit new Super Heroes to help Spider-Man clear his name and save Avengers Academy before it’s too late!
● New limited-time SPIDER-MAN event begins at Avengers Academy!
● Battle Spidey’s greatest enemies to save your Academy!
● Investigate crime scenes to uncover the big mystery!
● Assist Spider-Man and the Avengers on rescue missions!
● Black Cat, Venom, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Spider-Gwen and many more join the web-slinger’s amazing adventures!

Let's have a look at the event prologue...

The Webs We Weave Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Have you seen the news about Spider-Man committing crimes all over New York, and trapping heroes in spider webs?
Iron Man: You know what they say about heroes who name themselves after spiders...
Black Widow: No, I don't. Please enlighten me.
Iron Man: That we should help clear their names because they're obviously the best, most honorable heroes around...
Black Widow: Smooth save, Tony.

Black Widow Hack the System, 2m
Iron Man Talk To J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Iron Man: I'm guessing somebody found a way to replicate Spider-Man's web fluid to set him up.
Black Widow: Who would do something like that?
Iron Man: Someone I was hoping I'd never see again...
Reward: 10 Credits

The Webs We Weave Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Doctor Octopus: It looks as if Iron Man and his Avengers Academy friends are actively attempting to uncover our plans...
Green Goblin: Good.
Doctor Octopus: I don't understand your logic.
Green Goblin: Framing Spider-Man was only phase one of the plan, Doctor. I won't be happy until Iron Man goes down with him... 

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m
Iron Man Tinker with Tech, 1h
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Doctor Octopus: Your brutish Oscorp employees are manhandling my laboratory equipment.
Green Goblin: They're preparing to move our labs to Avengers Academy.
Doctor Octopus: Why?
Green Goblin: Sot that we can join forces with the Avengers.
Doctor Octopus: That's insane...
Green Goblin: That's the Osborn way.
Reward: 10 Credits 

The Webs We Weave Pt. 3
Wasp starts

Nick Fury: Is there something you wanna tell me?
Spider-Man: No. I mean, I don't mind having a friendly conversation. Actually, I'll probably just tell you whatever you want. If we're being real, I don't think I'd do too well under interrogation.
Nick Fury: If Spider-Man isn't the one covering the city in webs, then why is The Daily Bugle blaming him for everything?
Spider-Man: Maybe you should ask J. Jonah Jameson? 
Nick Fury: Maybe I will... 

Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m
Iron Man Get Some Fresh Air, 1m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Nick Fury: You wanna admit that you're using your newspaper to ruin Spider-Man's name based off nothing but some spiderwebs?
J. Jonah Jameson: No. Do you want to admit that you caused the timefog epidemic, and you're the reason the world is being overrun by costumed freaks?
Nick Fury: No. But I do wanna invite you to move your offices to Avengers Academy.
J. Jonah Jameson: Why?
Nick Fury: As the Director of a learning institution, it would benefit my students to learn from a journalistic legend like yourself.
J. Jonah Jameson: And make it easier for your spies to find out everything I know?
Nick Fury: I'm all about transparency.
J. Jonah Jameson: You got a deal, Director Fury. We'll see who spills their secrets first...
Reward: 10 Credits 

The Webs We Weave Pt. 4
Loki starts

Loki: The Midgardian atmosphere generally makes me nauseous, but it seems to be increasingly filled with delicious lies and mischief...
Odin: There is a sinister storm coming, my son. I suggest you get ready to fight... 

Spider-Man arrives at Avengers Academy soon!

N.B. This says tomorrow, but that probably refers to today by now (23rd June). Fingers crossed!

The Lizard: You should ssspeak to Osssborn. It doesn't make sssenssse to move our operationsss until our sssecret experimentsss are finished.
Doctor Octopus: Don't boss Doctor Octopus, reptile. Speak to Osborn yourself.
The Lizard: He doesssn't lisssten.
Doctor Octopus: Because he's insane.
The Lizard: What doesss that make usss?
Doctor Octopus: I'm the most brilliant scientist this world has ever seen. You're simply a failed experiment...Reward: 10 Credits

Are you excited for the Spider-Man event? Any particular character you're looking forward to?


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

British Invasion Character Profile: Black Knight

Thought it'd be nice to keep the main weekly posts tidy and put the character upgrades and personal missions on a separate page! Let me know what you think... This is the page for a character who you can earn during the British Invasion event... Black Knight!

A Knight's Fail Pt. 1
Black Knight starts

Nick Fury: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Black Knight. I'm happy to have you here as long as you can keep control of the Ebony Blade.
Black Knight: Thank you, Sir Fury. I'm sworn to follow your command, and protect the kingdom of Avengers Academy.
Nick Fury: Just make sure you only stab the bad guys.

Black Knight Divide and Conquer, 30m

Taskmaster: Nice moves! I've never seen anybody swing a sword like that, but thanks to you, now I can swing my sword exactly like that.
Black Knight: Are you a knight?
Taskmaster: Like with armor and a horse?
Black Knight: Yes.
Taskmaster: No. Are you?
Black Knight: I think so sometimes...
Taskmaster: Thanks for the sword lesson, but you're weirding me out.
Reward: 20 Credits

A Knight's Fail Pt. 2
Black Knight starts

Wasp: Hey, Black Knight! I'm Wasp! Remember me from when you were crazy?!
Black Knight: I remember you well. You're a fierce combatant.
Wasp: Thanks! I want to help make sure you're having a great time at Avengers Academy!
Black Knight: Thank you, fair Wasp. I was just about to go on patrol with my steed to ensure the Academy is well protected.
Wasp: I totally love horses!

Black Knight Gallop Onward! 15m
Wasp Take Selfies, 1m

Black Knight: The Academy is safe and secure, but I'll remain vigilant!
Wasp: I haven't seen anyone ride a horse like that before...
Black Knight: You are too kind, fair Wasp!
Reward: 20 Credits 

A Knight's Fail Pt. 3
Black Knight starts

Iron Man: It seems like you're really into the knight thing right now, but I've always admired your work in physics, so I figured we could do some science...
Black Knight: Thanks, Tony. It would be great to get back to science.
Iron Man: Cool. Wasp was a little worried, but I told her you were probably just recuperating from the whole magical curse thing...
Black Knight: Absolutely. I feel better than ever. My heart has always been in the sciences.
Iron Man: Science bros!
Black Knight: Indeed! 

Upgrade Black Knight! 2348 Credits
Black Knight Slay Foul Technology, 15m
Iron Man Talk to J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Iron Man: You know we only have one normal computer for the whole student body...
Black Knight: It kept offering me free security, but the Black Knight is destined to provide the only security our kingdom needs! These computers are clearly possessed by foul demons!
Iron Man: Good work then I guess?
Black Knight: Knight bros!
Iron Man: I have always liked King Arthur...
Black Knight: I know that guy!
Reward: 20 Credits 

Master Swordsman Pt. 1
Black Knight starts

Black Knight: Let's work at the Asgardian Forge. Their magic is fairly comparable to modern science.
Iron Man: Sure. J.A.R.V.I.S. has been nagging me about building so many robots anyways...
Black Knight: Knight bros!
Iron Man: Why do I love catchphrases so much?!

Black Knight Practice Swordsmanship, 15m
Iron Man Drop the Hammer, 1m

Iron Man: That as awesome! I'm gonna make myself a laser sword!
Black Knight: It's been done.
Iron Man: Good point. I'll work on a laser hot tub.
Reward: 20 Credits 

Master Swordsman Pt. 2
Black Knight starts

Hank Pym: Black Knight! I'm always ecstatic to have another ingenious scientist at Avengers Academy!
Black Knight: I hear you're always ecstatic.
Hank Pym: That's science! You wield a magical weapon born from an ancient era, so you mat be our only hope for uncovering the mysteries behind the persistent time anomalies by diving into their existential innards!
Black Knight: That sounds weird and gross and dangerous and insane...
Hank Pym: That's science!
Black Knight: You just said that... 
Hank Pym: An exclamation is only valid if the results can be repeated!

Upgrade Black Knight! 62 x Avengers Textbooks (Mission Board), 53 x Saddles (Mission Board), 6115 Credits

Black Knight: Thank you for showing me the previous Black Knights. It's good to know that no one is impervious to the sword's curse.
Hank Pym: Insanity is not only relative, but a completely imaginary construct!
Black Knight: Obviously...
Reward: 20 Credits

My Time Has Come Pt. 1
Black Knight starts

Winter Soldier: Knight shines bright, but everything fades. Just like snowflakes on the Ebony Blade.
Black Knight: Did you write that for my sword?
Winter Soldier: I wrote it for the world in these dark times. I know what it's like to question who you really are.
Black Knight: Who are you?
Winter Soldier: Who are any of us? I asked Black Widow the same thing, and she said she would search for clues to help you find your true self.
Black Knight: Maybe she was trying to get rid of you...
Winter Soldier: Do you play the lute?
Black Knight: No.
Winter Soldier: It would be cooler if you did. 

Black Knight Question Your Sanity, 5m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: I don't usually do this, but I wanted to let you know I'm here if you need to talk about anything that happened in your past...
Black Knight: Like when I tried to destroy our classmates?
Black Widow: It's understandable.
Reward: 20 Credits

My Time Has Come Pt. 2
Black Knight starts

Black Knight: Odin! My ancestor always spoke of you when I placed the Ebony Blade in the Brazier of Truth.
Odin: I get that all the time.
Black Knight: I know that I'm not an Asgardian knight, but I would be proud to serve you as my king.
Odin: Form your own kingdom, Black Knight. There are other realms to protect, and someday you will be king...

Upgrade Black Knight! 10382 Credits
Black Knight Organize Euroforce, 8h
Black Knight Divide and Conquer, 30m

Black Knight: I've found worthy warriors outside of the Academy to help me protect those who can't protect themselves, but what can we do that the Avengers can't?
Odin: The Nine Realms are changing. Worlds are colliding. Things are getting weird, as my pupils like to say. We need someone to protect this Weirdworld...
Reward: 20 Credits

King for a Day Pt. 1
Black Knight starts

Black Knight: Odin has charged me with the honor of protecting a realm called Weirdworld. It isn't the safest place, and I recognize that I'm not the most stable leader, but I'd be honored to have you at my side when the time comes...
Winter Soldier: The world is weird, and winter's cold. Our souls are dauntless, our hearts are bold.
Captain America: I guess I'm going if Bucky's going.
Loki: New realms means new opportunities for mischief...
Quake: Does this make us Team Weird or something?
Wasp: We're weirdos!

Black Knight Practice Swordsmanship, 15m
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Ares: Be careful, half-knight.
Black Knight: You know something about Weirdworld?
Ares: No, but I know everything about war. And I know that when they send a soldier someplace, sometimes it's just because they don't want you in this place...
Reward: 20 Credits

King for a Day Pt. 2
Black Knight starts

Odin: I understand your team is formed, so why haven't you used Professor Pym's portal to enter Wierdworld?
Black Knight: I feel like my destiny is here.
Odin: I hope you're right, Black Knight. And I suggest you hold on tightly to the Ebony Blade...

Upgrade Black Knight! 94 Textbooks (Mission Board), 82 Saddles (Mission Board), 17591 Credits

Black Knight Discuss Camelot, 1h
Black Knight Divide and Conquer, 30m

Black Knight: I don't know who to trust. I can't even trust my own weapon...
British Bulldog: ...
Black Knight: I could leave to protect Weirdworld. I could help Black Widow uncover Fury's secrets, I could focus on controlling the Ebony Blade...
British Bulldog: ...
Black Knight: You're right. The Avengers need me. My kingdom needs me. War is coming, and Weirdworld can wait...
British Bulldog: Woof!
Black Knight: Avengers Assemble!
British Bulldog: Woof?
Black Knight: Everything sounds better when Captain America says it...
Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of the Black Knight? Were you able to recruit him? Take a look at his actions & phrases below!


Black Knight's Actions

Practice Physics, 2m, Stark Tower
Question Your Sanity, 5m, Avengers Dorm
Gallop Onward! 15m
Practice Swordsmanship, 15m, The Asgardian Forge
Slay Foul Technology! 15m, The Timeless Archives
Order Another! 25m, Club A
Divide and Conquer, 30m, The Robo Dojo
Investigate Anomalies, 2h, The Quinjet Hangar
Engage in Fisticuffs, 6h, Avengers Dorm
Discuss Camelot - Rank 5
Organize Euroforce - Rank 4
Study Genetic Engineering - Rank 5

Black Knight's Phrases 

The ebony blade is with me.
The academy is my kingdom.
Chivalry is here.
The Black Knight has returned.
Let's get medieval.
Find me a horse!
Don't ever touch my sword.
My honor is in tact.
There can be only one.
I have a tradition to uphold.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

British Invasion Part 2

Good morning, chaps & chapettes,

Part 2 of the British Invasion special event is now live! With it, comes the opportunity to recruit the Black Knight! The second part of the event ends on June 22 at 6 PM EDT.

Collect and turn in 100 Chalices to free the Black Knight from his curse and recruit him to your Academy!

How Do I Fight The Black Knight?

Tap on the Black Knight to pull up the Battle screen. Once you have enough Magic Artifacts, you can select characters for the battle. Press Fight to begin!
Collecting artifacts for the battle works in the same way as the portal from Week 1.

Characters Who Can Get Magic Artifacts

Iron Man, 3h - up to 2 artifacts
Iron Man, 7h - up to 4 artifacts

Black Widow, 4h - up to 3 artifacts
Black Widow, 7h - up to 4 artifacts

Enchantress, 3h - up to 2 artifacts
Enchantress, 4h - up to 3 artifacts

Prize Track

New Store Items

The Sword in the Stone, 100 Credits
Mystical Monument, 650 Shards - Drops 7 Magic Artifacts every 24h
Ancient Pillar, 300 Shards - Drops 3 Magic Artifacts every 24h 
3 Magic Runes, 45 Shards
6 Magic Runes, 70 Shards
9 Magic Runes, 95 Shards

Ancient Wisdom
Iron Man starts

Enchantress: Black Knight's sword is weakened, but remains impervious to magic, and the Starstone is losing its effectiveness...
Iron Man: Maybe I should talk to him. English people love me...
Enchantress: He's American.
Iron Man: Americans. Am I right?
Enchantress: You're all Midgardian to me. We need more powerful artifacts to eliminate the curse, and we need to travel beyond this planet to get them. Loki and I will summon an ancient portal, and you will enter it in search of artifacts.
Iron Man: Is it safe?
Enchantress: It's an interstellar portal made of rocks.

Get an Ancient Portal, 2 x Magic Runes (Mission Board), 1h
Activate the Ancient Portal! 3 x Magic Runes (Mission Board)

N.B. You will need to activate the portal using 3 Magic Runes each time it is used. The portal is open for 1h, during which you can send 2 characters (even though it shows 3 slots...). The missions last longer than 1h, so it is only necessary to start them searching during that time. You cannot open the portal & send characters again until both characters have returned.

Iron Man Search for Magic Artifacts, 3h
Iron Man: That was awesome! Have you ever been to Nidavellir?!
Enchantress: That wretched Dwarven hovel? Of course not...
Iron Man: They're amazing engineers! They made Thor's hammer and Odin's spear and I was helping them with a new weapon called Stormbreaker!
Enchantress: Stormbreaker? Who names these things?
Iron Man: Me and hairy Dwarven dudes!
Enchantress: That figures...
Reward: 20 Credits

Knight Fight!
Wasp starts

Black Knight: Admit defeat, foul demoness! The Black Knight will smite you down, and the Ebony Blade will feed on your powers and eternal soul!
Wasp: I'm totally gonna slap your face so hard...

Learn About Boss Battles

Defeat Black Knight! 22h timer, 310 HP
You can send 3 characters to attack The Black Knight out of Iron Man, Loki, Wasp, Union Jack and Captain Britain. Costs 1 Magic Artifact per character fighting, so if you use 3 at once it costs 3 Magic Artifacts to battle the Black Knight. For those playing during GotG, it works just like fighting Ronan. Awards 20 Chalices for beating him.

Black Knight: You think you've won? As long as the Ebony Blade blazes darkly in my hand, the Black Knight will fight on!
Wasp: I'm not gonna lie, it's a super cool sword for sure...
Reward: 20 Credits

What If I'm Defeated?

Iron Man, Loki, Wasp and Union Jack take 4h 45m to heal whereas Captain Britain takes 9h 45m. You can heal them using Med Packs.

10 x Small Med pack (heals 15%): 15 Shards
5 x Medium Med pack (heals 50%): 45 Shards
5 x Large Med pack (heals 100%): 80 Shards

The Clash
Wasp starts

Union Jack: Be careful. The Black Knight is a crazed warrior with a magical weapon. A single blow from the Ebony Blade could kill you...
Loki: Relax, Flag Man. Everyone in my family is a crazed warrior with a magical weapon...

Defeat Black Knight 2 Times!

Black Knight: I've fought sorcerers like you before. You're formidable from a distance, but you always run away when the fighting gets tough...
Loki: You may have fought sorcerers, but you've never met anyone like Loki.
Reward: 20 Credits

Loki starts

Captain Britain: The Ebony Blade was forged by Merlin. Other Arthurian artifacts could hold the key to removing its curse...
Loki: Who is this Merlin?
Captain Britain: A legendary sorceror.
Loki: I'll be the judge of that...

Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Loki: Your Merlin is a magical fraud. He might as well be my father if he was skinny with a pointy hat.
Captain Britain: He gave me my powers. He forged the Ebony Blade. I once saw him single-handedly defeat an ingenious time-travelling conqueror...
Loki: I've done things!
Reward: 20 Credits

The Fabled Blade
Loki starts

Captain Britain: Loki didn't seem very enthused about the idea, but I believe collecting artifacts tired to Merlin might weaken the Ebony Blade, and increase our charges of defeating the Black Knight.
Enchantress: Loki is a jealous little imp who would rather lose his life than admit his inferiority.
Captain Britain: I can give you the location of the legendary Sword in the Stone located in Otherworld. It's imbued with more of Merlin's magic than any other artifact.
Enchantress: We once found Loki in Odin's throne room with a hammer in his hand and a steel cooking pot on his head. He was jumping up and down saying "I'm the god of thunder!" while making lightning noises.
Captain Britain: Can we please go retrieve the sword in the stone? It's critically important, and may be our punky chance of beating the Black Knight...
Enchantress: Nothing is more important than humiliating Loki...

Get The Sword in the Stone, 100 Credits

Enchantress: What is it with you men having to prove your worth by picking up heavy things?
Captain Britain: I'm secure in my masculinity.
Enchantress: Perhaps, but you still aren't strong enough to pull the sword from the stone...
Captain Britain: I'll show you!
Reward: 20 Credits

The Dark of Knight
Loki starts

Black Knight: Flee while you still can, foul pixie. It's time to finish this battle...
Black Knight: ...
Wasp: I've totally been working on my war cry! 

Defeat Black Knight 4 Times!

Loki: We work surprisingly well together...
Wasp: Our relationship is super complicated!
Loki: Not exactly. I just find you annoying and frequently terrifying, yet periodically useful.
Wasp: You be the good cop! I'll be the bad cop!
Loki: What's a cop?
Wasp: You better start giving me something solid or I'll drag you to the slammer!
Reward: 20 Credits

Wasp starts

Union Jack: It's over, Black Knight. The Starstone and Runes have drained your power. The sword's hold over you is weakening. Fight it, and you can finally be free...
Black Knight: Or I can just fight you, and be free of your prattling...
Union Jack: We've tried reason and magic. Let's see if we can beat that curse out of you for good...

Defeat Black Knight again to Recruit Him! 

Black Knight: Where am I?
Wasp: Avengers Academy! You look a little less scary! Are you back to normal?
Black Knight: I guess so. What happened?
Wasp: Your magic sword cursed you, and made you power crazy! You kidnapped two of England's strongest heroes, and threatened to kill the Avengers! I posted a pic of my lunch, and only three people liked it! I'm trying not to let it bother me!
Black Knight: Am I welcome here?
Wasp: For sure! Avengers Academy is full of crazy people!

Reward: 20 Credits

Avenger's Best Friend
Wasp starts

Wasp: Oh my goooooooooooosh! You're so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
British Bulldog: ...
Wasp: When I ordered a British Bulldog, I totally didn't know he'd come with a crown and everything!
British Bulldog: ...
Wasp: I figure since the Ebony Blade was made in England, having more English things around might distract it! Are you ready for battle, boy?!
British Bulldog: ...
Wasp: Avengers Assemble!
British Bulldog: Woof! 

Get the British Bulldog! 15 Chalices

Union Jack: This is literally the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen...
British Bulldog: Woof.
Union Jack: No offense, mate.
Reward: 20 Credits 

Whispers with Dogs
Wasp starts

Nick Fury: I like you, dog. I can tell you've seen some things.
British Bulldog: ...
Nick Fury: I like Cosmo too, but he creeps me out. Nothing against Russians, I just don't like telepaths talking in my head. You know what I mean?
British Bulldog: ...
Nick Fury: How'd you like to be our new mascot? I'll have some students spread the word, and see if having a dog with a crown around helps with recruiting.
British Bulldog: ...
Nick Fury: While they're doing that, I'll tell you the whole history of Avengers Academy. Why I built it here. What caused the timefog. What I'm hiding in the underground vaults. Everything. It'll feel good to finally get all that off my chest...
British Bulldog: Woof.

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m
Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m
Falcon Blast Off! 1m

Hawkeye: Hey, buddy. You like pizza?
British Bulldog: Woof.
Hawkeye: You're right. Dumb question. Everybody likes pizza.
British Bulldog: Woof.
Hawkeye: If Fury's allowing pets now, I might have to finally join. You and my dog Lucky can run around and poop on the lawn. Seems like everybody here only walks on the sidewalks anyway...
British Bulldog: Woof! Woof!
Hawkeye: I'm excited too, but I can't come here until I train a new Hawkeye to protect the neighborhood...
Reward: 20 Credits

Speak the Truth
Loki starts

Union Jack: I did some snooping around, and discovered that there's an ancient artifact called the Brazier of Truth hidden somewhere in Garrett Castle...
Loki: And this Brazier of Truth is actually a cauldron of lies?!
Union Jack: No. It's how previous Black Knights have cleansed the Ebony Blade to temporarily remove its curse.
Loki: Why would you think I'd want that?
Union Jack: It's not a present. It's a way to ensure that the Black Knight will never again succumb to the curse. It won't only protect him and the Academy, but the entire world.
Loki: Fine. I have been complaining about the lack of magical decor...

Get the Brazier of Truth!

Loki: Placing the Ebony Blade in this magical fire pit temporarily removes all lies and evil intent?
Union Jack: Maybe we should put you in there...
Loki: There isn't enough fire in all of Midgard...
Reward: 20 Credits

Loki starts

Black Knight: Thanks again for breaking the curse, Loki. I'm sure I can control the Ebony Blade now...
Loki: Do you honestly believe it's a good idea to keep using that sword?
Black Knight: I need my sword and my trusty steed to protect Camelot.
Loki: You do realize that this isn't a medieval castle?
Black Knight: Stand aside, miniature wizard! I must protect my kingdom!
Loki: I liked you better when you were evil.

Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m
Black Knight Gallop Onward! 15m

Loki: What are you looking at?
British Bulldog: Grrrrr...
Loki: You actually know, don't you? You're probably the smartest one here. Although that's saying much...
British Bulldog: Grrrrr...
Loki: Anyone who thought I was going to help construct a magic portal without getting something in return clearly hasn't been paying attention. Some of these artifacts aren't quite what they seem to be...
British Bulldog: Woof?
Loki: Believe it or not, my intentions are relatively pure. I'm more interested in revealing Fury's secrets and lies than perpetuating my own, and these artifacts may be the key.
British Bulldog: Woof!
Loki: Follow me, wrinkly beast. I've always secretly wished for my own sidekick...
Reward: 20 Credits

What do you think of part 2 of the British Invasion? Are you looking forward to getting the Black Knight? Thoughts on the event overall?