Saturday, 28 May 2016

Civil War Special Event: Red Skull & Winter Soldier!

Quick everyone, an update is available!

Finally, we can fight Red Skull & get the chance to recruit Winter Soldier to our Academies! Woohoo! Players must download the latest update and complete the quest "Headmistress of Mayhem, Pt. 3." in order to kick this off!

To recruit The Winter Soldier to Avengers Academy, you must first invite him through the Civil Warehouse. You must then turn in the following items: - 20 Red Hydra Tokens,  20 Cap Trading Cards (Red Skull drops Cap Trading Cards once you reach the third streak) & 4,129 Vibranium. Once you turn in these items, Bucky will join the Academy. For specific information on Winter Soldier, take a look here.

Take out Red Skull by defeating his Guards. Attack each one with a Resistant Recruit or Resistant Prototype, and then use a Resistant Recruit or Resistant Prototype to fight him! He must be defeated before his guards return.
N.B. You can now upgrade your Resistant Recruits/Prototypes! 3 x Field Gear + 1500 Vibranium for Lvl 2 Prototypes & 3 x Field Communicators +1500 Vibranium for Lvl 2 Recruits.

You will have 24 hours to defeat Red Skull to increase your streak number. If you keep defeating him before the timer runs out, you will earn more rewards!
View the timer by tapping on Red Skull to open the Boss Battle information window. If the timer runs out, your streak will end and you will start back at Streak 1.

The Fall of Hydra! Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Red Skull: Avenger's Academy's warring factions join forces with Hydra's rejects in hopes of defeating the Red Skull. I was planning on hunting you down one by one, but I appreciate you simplifying the process...
Madame Hydra: I absolutely cannot wait to introduce your face to my bullwhip.
Crossbones: After I put my fist through it.
Wasp: You're such a waste of a good leather jacket...
Black Panther: Accept defeat gracefully, Red Skull. I will take no pleasure in clawing you to shreds...
Captain America: We're a team again, Red Skull. No one can stop us when we work together.
Red Skull: We will see about that...
Winter Soldier: Is everybody here for my open mic night? 

Learn About Boss Battles!

Battle Red Skull! Red Guard 900 HP & Blue Guard 900 HP then Red Skull 6500 HP
Once you defeat the guards there is a 1h period during which you can attack Red Skull! So make sure to stock up on the Resistant Troops beforehand.

Rewards: 3 x Hydra Tokens, 10 x ?, 5 x ?, 12 x Field Communicators, 12 x Field Gear

Captain America: Ready to give up?
Red Skull: Never!
Captain America: Good. We aren't done beating on you yet...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

There is a 1 hour cooldown until his next streak...

Streak 2:
Rewards: 5 x Hydra Tokens, 10 x ?, 5 x ?, 32 x Field Communicators, 32 x Field Gear

Streak 3:
Rewards: 10 x Hydra Tokens, 10 x ?, 5 x ?, 1 x Cap Training Cards, 10 x Battle Gear, 10 x Battle Communicators, 40 x Field Gear, 40 x Field Communicators

Streak 4:
Rewards: 15 x Hydra Tokens, 10 x ?, 4 x Cap Training Cards, 30 x Battle Gear, 30 x Battle Communicators, 40 x Field Gear, 40 x Field Communicators

Streak 5:

Rewards: 15 x Hydra Tokens, 1 x ?, 15 x Cap Training Cards, 45 x Battle Gear, 45 x Battle Communicators, 40 x Field Gear, 40 x Field Communicators

Streak 6:

Rewards: 15 x Hydra Tokens, 5 x ?, 54 x Battle Gear, 54 x Battle Communicators, 48 x Field Gear, 48 x Field Communicators

Streak 7: 2 x Red Guard 4500 HP, 2 x Blue Guard 4500 HP, Red Skull 250000 HP

Rewards: 15 x Hydra Tokens, 10 x ?, 68 x Battle Gear, 68 x Battle Communicators, 60 x Field Gear, 60 x Field Communicators

What If I Fail to Beat Red Skull?
If Red Skull's timer runs out before you beat him, you have the option to pay 100 Shards to have a go at that streak again.
If you don't want to pay, there will be a break of about 1.5h before he reappears again, starting at Streak 1.

The Fall of Hydra! Pt. 2
Winter Soldier starts

Red Skull: Your attempts to thwart Hydra's world domination is cute at best Avengers.
Crossbones: The only thing that you dominate is losing.
Madame Hydra: And there's nothing that is going to be cute about the brutality I will unleash on you. I will make you regret the day that you ever let me go!
Red Skull: Don't tease me, me!
Captain America: Stay focused guys! Remember that he has the Winter Soldier. So the sooner we beat this jerk, the sooner we can bring my best friend home. Let's go Avengers!

Reach Streak 3

Red Skull: When will you imbeciles learn: The Avengers are no match for Hydra.
Madame Hydra: You say that now. But when we release the Winter Soldier from your mind games, Hydra is finished.
Red Skull: If you think one man could change your fate, you are far more foolhearty than I expected.
Madame Hydra: Get ready to eat your words, Skull-face.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

The Fall of Hydra! Pt. 3
Winter Soldier starts

Captain America: Red Skull, you must really like being my punching bag? It feels like a deja vu of victory everytime I see you.
Red Skull: Your banter bores me. I am glad I chose the Winter Soldier to bring under my control over you, Captain America. He is a far better warrior and now a great asset to Hydra.
Captain America: That'll be short-lived. As soon as I beat you to a pulp, I am bringing my best friend home.
Red Skull: I feel so sorry for America. They will have to find a new champion after your downfall.
Captain America: Hit me with your best shot, baldy!

Reach Streak 10

Captain America: Give up Red Skull! You're finished!
Red Skull: Never! It will take more than one fight to stop Hydra. After I destroy you, I will take pleasure in watching my Winter Soldier defeat the Avengers waving the flag of Hydra.
Captain America: Over my dead body!
Red Skull: As you wish, Captain America. As you wish...
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

The Madame Hydra Challenge!
Black Widow starts

Defeat 6 Hydra Thugs Lvl. 11 or Higher
Turn in 27 Combat Gear and 27 Interstellar Communicators to obtain the Bobblehead!

Reward: 10000 Vibranium 
(N.B. If you complete all 4 challenges you will earn the Winter Soldier Bobble Head also!)

Let's Be Civil
Agent 13 starts

Agent 13: I've looked into every possible way of freeing Winter Soldier from Red Skull's brainwashing, but I don't think you're gonna like the solution...
Captain America: I have to fight him. It's okay. He's my best friend. My responsibility. I knew it might come to this...
Agent 13: Actually...Tony's gonna fix it.
Captain America: How?!
Agent 13: He thinks he can tap into a frequency that'll counter whatever Red Skull used. He wants to help.
Captain America: Tony just wants to be the hero. He's too reckless. He might end up doing more damage to Bucky in the process...
Agent 13: We talked about all of that, and he's sure it's safe. Black Widow and I are creating distractions while he works it out. He doesn't want you to fight your friend. He wants to help you, Steve. He's just too proud to say it...

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m
Agent 13 Break and Enter, 30m
Black Widow Activate Stealth Mode, 8h

Iron Man: I can't guarantee that Red Skull doesn't have some kind of secondary mind-control, and I can't guarantee that he'll ever get his memories back, but Winter Soldier should be a lot closer now to the guy you used to know.
Captain America: Thank you, Tony. I never meant for it to go this far...
Iron Man: It's my fault. I was mostly mad that Wasp joined your side, but we've been hanging out every night and gossiping about you guys anyway. Her Cap impersonation is almost better than mine...
Captain America: It's my fault. I should be bigger than all of this. It's just when it involves Hydra, and then when I found out they had Bucky...
Iron Man: Should we hug?
Captain America: No.
Iron Man: I think we should hug.
Captain America: No.
Iron Man: I'm using my new virtual ocular tech to hug you right now. It's pretty heartwarming. You're really missing out...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Great news from Avengers Academy as Captain America and Iron Man have reportedly settled their dispute, and reunited Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Black Panther convinced King T'Chaka to help protect the outside world, and Wakandan warriors have been decimating Hydra bases across the globe with intel provided by Hydra defectors Crossbones and Madame Hydra. The heroes can now turn their attention to defeating Red Skull, and freeing Captain America's brainwashed best friend and fellow war hero, The Winter Soldier. This is good news for everyone, as recent activities at the Academy have apparently drawn the attention of a nefarious crew of young criminals calling themselves The Sinister Six. Good luck, Avengers. I'm pretty sure you could've avoided this whole thing by having a rational conversation, but this made for way better ratings. 


Winter Soldier's Motorcycle, 4 x Battle Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 7), 4 x Long Range Communicator (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 7), 1038 Vibranium
Sleeping Panther, 2 x Combat Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 10), 2 x Interstellar Communicator (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 10), 1927 Vibranium
N.B. Only costs 40 Shards for the combat gear & communicators if you want to rush it & not bother to get the lvl 10 thugs!
Winter Soldier (Grand Prize!) 


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Civil War Special Event: Week 4! (Madame Hydra)

Hey hey, Avengereenos!


There was a new update this morning which fully brought the opportunity to recruit Madame Hydra into the event!
To recruit Madame Hydra to Avengers Academy, you'll need to defeat her three times before you can collect items to unlock her. It seems the requirement to start this may be to complete Lucky 13 Pt. 4.

To defeat Madame Hydra, you have to take out her guards first. Attack each one with a SHIELD Recruit or Iron Robot, and then use a Resistant Recruit or Resistant Robot to fight her! She must be defeated before her guards come back. Note that the timer doesn't start for each phase until your first attack on a thug, so be sure to stock up on robots and recruits beforehand!

Let's have a look at the quests!

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Madame Hydra: We need to reevaluate our strategy. We've lost Crossbones, my henchmen are taking a beating, and the heroes have nearly freed all of our hostages.
Red Skull: Until it's clear that Captain America will survive this attack, there is no reason to reevaluate anything.
Madame Hydra: Don't mistake your agenda for Hydra's. We're here to uncover Fury's secret, and steal his power for ourselves.
Red Skull: Who put you in charge? I've always wondered...
Madame Hydra: No one. I took the power from weak men like you.
Red Skull: Fortunately, Dr. Zola has been making me take my vitamins...

Black Widow Scan the Campus, 5h
Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m
Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Madame Hydra: It's worse than I thought. They're attempting to disable the platform...
Red Skull: Don't worry yourself, Madame. Leading Hydra is no longer your concern.
Madame Hydra: You think you can steal my own organization away from me?
Red Skull: I do. With some assistance from my pawn The Winter Soldier...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Gather Hydra Intel
Black Widow starts

Black Widow Gather Hydra Intel, 30s

Reward: 20 Vibranium

N.B. The amounts shown in the above screenshot are probably an outdated timer & HP as they do not apply in game.

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 2

Beat All Madame Hydra's Henchmen (3 x Thugs with 1000HP each - attack with your regular OR resistant prototypes/recruits)
Craft a Resistant Prototype (requires 1 Arc Reactor & 1 Gold Plating (Special Event Missions) 2h) or Recruit (requires 1 x Battle Plan & 1 x Gold Plating (Special Event Missions), 2h)
Defeat Madame Hydra! (4000HP - attack with Resistant Prototype OR Recruit - after you attack the first Thug, you will have 2d before the Henchmen return!)

Reward: 20 Vibranium  

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Madame Hydra: Feel free to pretend as though you've taken control of Hydra, and continue to obsess over Captain America. My henchmen and I will complete Hydra's mission...
Red Skull: You honestly believe that they'll follow you over the Red Skull?
Madame Hydra: Soldiers follow leaders. Not petty bullies who look like something I left in the microwave.
Red Skull: They follow who they fear. And as much as they enjoy Winter Soldier's sentimental lyrics and dulcet tones, they fear him far more than any pathetic hag...

Defeat Madame Hydra two more times!
2nd Defeat: (6 x Thugs with 1000 HP each + Madame Hydra 10000 HP - after you attack the first Thug, you will have 1d 6h before the Henchmen return!)

3rd Defeat: (6 x Thugs with 1000 HP each + Madame Hydra 15000 HP - after you attack the first Thug, you will have 20h before the Henchmen return!)

Red Skull: That was the first time an Avengers Academy victory has ever brought a smile to my face. I only regret that I allowed you to lead us into a series of repeated failures for so long...
Madame Hydra: This isn't the end...
Red Skull: Correct. This is the beginning of Red Skull's reign over Hydra. You're finished, Madame.
Madame Hydra: Not until I've crushed every single one of you under my heel...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 4
Black Widow starts

Madame Hydra: I'd like to make you an offer...
Nick Fury: Nice to know that getting beat by my students, and kicked out of Hydra by one of your own has you feeling generous. What do you want?
Madame Hydra: I want to share everything I know about Hydra's secrets and operations. I want to teach your students how to free the one they call Winter Soldier, and destroy Hydra once and for all...
Nick Fury: Why?
Madame Hydra: Because I want to see those Hydra betrayers fail, and laugh in Red Skull's face as his dreams turn to ashes right before his sunken eyes...
Nick Fury: Welcome to Avengers Academy...

Recruit Madame Hydra!
- 3 Field Communicators (Defeat Hydra Thug)
- 7 Green Lipsticks (Special Event Missions)
- 3 Venomous Snakes (Collect from Madame Hydra's Classroom, 4h)
- 3049 Vibranium 

Baron Zemo: How the mighty have fallen...
Madame Hydra: Shut up, Zemo!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

If you got ALL 4 of Black Panther, Agent 13, Crossbones & Madame Hydra, you now get 50 Shards!

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 5
Madame Hydra starts

Nick Fury: We set up a classroom for you to teach Anti-Hydra 101. When can you start?
Madame Hydra: Soon. First, I need to release some aggression. I'm afraid of what I might do to your students when I'm this agitated.
Nick Fury: Yeah, there's no way any of my students could ever agitate someone...
Madame Hydra: Who are you looking at?
Nick Fury: Classified.

Madame Hydra Crack the Whip, 6h

Iron Widow: Fury must be getting desperate to let you join the faculty...
Madame Hydra: Nick Fury is more interested in the ends than the means. Not unlike myself. Not unlike you from what I've gathered...
Iron Widow: I'm nothing like you.
Madame Hydra: You're a strong, independent woman who lets nothing stand in her way, and inflicts pain on anyone who dares to defy her...
Iron Widow: Fine. I'm a little bit like you.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 6
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: Can I help you?
Loki: I'm here for the evil secrets.
Madame Hydra: Please have a seat...

Madame Hydra Teach Life Lessons, 1h, requires Loki

Madame Hydra: Do you feel like you learned something?
Loki: Yes, ma'am.
Madame Hydra: Run along, little god. Tell them Madame Hydra is here, and class is officially in session...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Whipped Into Shape Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Captain America: I still can't believe Fury let you in this place...
Madame Hydra: What do you want more than anything, Captain America?
Captain America: To save those prisoners, and get Hydra off my campus.
Madame Hydra: Then our goals are aligned. Although, if I'm being honest, my main desire at this moment is to wrap my whip around Red Skull's throat.
Captain America: I wouldn't mind that either. But I'll believe it when I see it...
Madame Hydra: Then prepare to believe, Captain. Even though Tony Stark will see it first...

Upgrade Madame Hydra! 15 x Hydra Secrets (Defeat Hydra Thug?), 15 x Battle Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug), 5 x Battle Communicators (Defeat Hydra Thug), 4338 Vibranium
Madame Hydra Access Hydra Database, 3m

Iron Man: Did you get the codes?
Madame Hydra: No. Red Skull changed the codes and passwords as soon as I left. Apparently, there is a brain in that burnt buffalo wing of a head...
Iron Man: Don't worry about it. The intel you already gave me is enough to design something that'll not only deactivate the platform, but send a signal to shut down every Hydra device in a ten-mile radius.
Madame Hydra: Why do you trust me, Tony Stark?
Iron Man: I know you hate Hydra as much as we do, and you'll do anything to take down Red Skull. Plus, I believe everybody deserves an opportunity to make up for their mistakes.
Madame Hydra: Thank you. That's very mature of you.
Iron Man: I also really like the idea of having a hot teacher with green lipstick and a whip.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Whipped Into Shape Pt. 2
Madame Hydra starts

Wasp: Madame Hydra! I'm Wasp! I totally don't think you should be allowed at Avengers Academy because you're such a horrible person!
Madame Hydra: I don't know how to react to you...
Wasp: I'm complicated! Since I have to deal with your evil face, you should teach me Hydra stuff so I can go smack Red Skull in his even eviler face!
Madame Hydra: Okay...

Madame Hydra Observe Student Behavior, 6h
Madame Hydra Teach Life Lessons, 1h, requires Wasp

Madame Hydra: I had some strange disciples at Hydra School, but these students are something else...
Hank Pym: I think they're well within the normal range of normal!
Madame Hydra: What are you so excited about?
Hank Pym: Science!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Bad Teacher Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: You were always the one that got away...
Spider-Woman: You're talking about as a recruit, right?
Madame Hydra: Of course. I was fine with Taskmaster leaving. I strongly considered throwing a parade when Zemo left. But you. I was devastated when we lost you...
Spider-Woman: You were a great teacher. I just got sick of the subject matter.
Madame Hydra: I think it's time I stole some of Hydra's recruits for Avengers Academy. Hopefully, I'll find the next Spider-Woman...

Upgrade Madame Hydra! 20 x Hydra Secrets (Defeat Level 6 Hydra Thug), 5 x Field Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug), 5 x Field Communicator (Defeat Hydra Thug), 9173 Vibranium

Madame Hydra Find Underworld Recruits, 2h

Winter Soldier: You aren't supposed to be here.
Madame Hydra: I've been hearing that a lot lately. My whole life, actually.
Winter Soldier: It's too bright out here for spiders. Come chill in the darkness of my heart...
Madame Hydra: What are you talking about?
Winter Soldier: I'm writing a song for that girl. It's called "A Buck for a Widow".
Madame Hydra: Join Avengers Academy. My underworld connections will no longer speak to me, but you're the only recruit we need to overthrow Red Skull, and finish Hydra.
Winter Soldier: Maybe when my song is finished. Maybe when Captain America is finished. Maybe when Red Skull is finished with me...
Madame Hydra: I just hope there's something left...
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

Bad Teacher Pt. 2
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: I know some of you don't like me. Some of you don't even trust the regular faculty. I've been searching for a way to defeat Red Skull, but the answer is right here. We'll take down Hydra ourselves. Together...
Pepper Potts: Who doesn't trust the regular faculty? 
Wasp: Let's punch somebody!
Maria Hill: Did you clear this with Director Fury?
Enchantress: Shouldn't Loki be here?
Quake: I don't wanna hurt anyone...
Ms Marvel: I hope I don't get in trouble, but I can't miss all this girl power!
Iron Widow: Just get me on that platform, and I'll take care of the rest...
Spider-Woman: I'm in.
Madame Hydra: Good. Let's get to work...

Madame Hydra Crack the Whip, 6h
Black Widow Scan the Campus, 5h
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m

Iron Widow: I have to give it to you. You're a natural leader.
Madame Hydra: And it's time to remind Red Skull that I also have a talent for destruction...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Plan Ahead Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: Everyone else has their orders, but I'd like you to help me design the ideal campus layout for maximum efficiency, and defense against future attacks.
Wasp: I love designing things!
Madame Hydra: Yes, and you're quite good at it. To be clear though, this isn't about aesthetics, it's about preparing to decimate our enemies...
Wasp: I love looking good when I send bad guys to the hospital!

Madame Hydra Plan the New Campus Order, 4h
Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m

Wasp: Do you think my new campus design ideas will help us fight Red Skull and the new Hydra?
Madame Hydra: Your designs are...
Wasp: Fun and bubbly?!
Madame Hydra: And shockingly violent...
Wasp: Thanks!
Reward: 25 Credits

Plan Ahead Pt. 2
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: I'd like to access the information you've gathered from the timefog...
Nick Fury: Why?
Madame Hydra: Because Wasp has some very interesting ideas about ways to potentially use the timefog as both a shield and a weapon, and I'd like to explore the viability of either option.
Nick Fury: And get inside my building and database while you're at it...
Madame Hydra: Are you afraid of what I might find?

Upgrade Madame Hydra! 40 x Civil War Badge (Mission Board)
Madame Hydra Study Timefog Findings, 8h

Nick Fury: Find anything helpful in my database?
Madame Hydra: Did you really think I wouldn't notice that you'd transferred half the files?
Nick Fury: I didn't care if you noticed.
Madame Hydra: I suppose a better question is, did you really think I wouldn't be able to track down the transferred files, view them, and download them to my personal device?

Reward: 25 Credits

Always Dominate Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: I believe everything is in place, and everyone is aware of what they need to do. It's time to finish your training...
Iron Widow: Training for what?
Madame Hydra: For crippling Hydra.

Madame Hydra Crack the Whip, 6h
Madame Hydra Teach Life Lessons, 1h, requires Black Widow

Red Skull: I always knew you were a traitor...
Madame Hydra: You're scared, aren't you? If you had lips they would be quivering...
Red Skull: On the contrary, Madame. I'm looking forward to watching you suffer.
Madame Hydra: And I'm looking forward to watching tears fall from that dehydrated meatball you call a face...
Reward: 25 Credits

Always Dominate Pt. 2
Madame Hydra starts

Madame Hydra: Red Skull thinks this is personal, but I only want to burn Hydra down around him. Wakandan forces are targeting their major bases. You and I will take care of the rest...
Iron Widow: The smaller bases?
Madame Hydra: Hydra's creatures and machines that are too gigantic to fit into any of the major bases...

Upgrade Madame Hydra! 50 x Civil War Badge (Mission Board)

Madame Hydra Test Deadly Venoms, 5h
Black Widow Eliminate Hydra Targets, 3h, requires Madame Hydra

Madame Hydra: Nice work, Black Widow. We haven't eliminated all of Hydra's most powerful weapons, but enough to cripple their operation, and leave Red Skull vulnerable...
Black Widow: Don't you feel kind of bad about crushing the operation you used to run?
Madame Hydra: Feel bad? Girl, I am bad.
Reward: 25 Credits

Madame Hydra's Classroom, 50 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug), 14 x Bullwhips (Special Event Missions), 1039 Vibranium

Power Up!
Black Widow starts

Iron Widow: We should grab more Infinity Gem Shards to help fight Hydra, and free the prisoners faster.
Black Panther: How did Avengers Academy acquire a cache of Infinity Gem Shards? It's one of the few materials more valuable than Vibranium...
Iron Widow: I've been trying to solve that mystery since I got here. Just one more reason why we need to get rid of Hydra as fast as we can...

Buy a Crate of Shards or bigger & get Bonus Rewards

Iron Widow: Let's hurry up and free these prisoners, so we can get back to uncovering the mystery.
Black Panther: You're an impressive warrior, Black Widow. Wakanda has many mysteries of its own...
Iron Widow: Are you hitting on me right now?
Black Panther: Perhaps...
Iron Widow: Our first date will be taking down Hydra. Don't be late...
Reward: 2000 Vibranium


Headmistress of Mayhem Pt. 1 (was pt.5)
Madame Hydra starts

Nick Fury: We set up a classroom for you to teach Anti-Hydra 101. When can you start?
Madame Hydra: Soon. First, I need to release some aggression. I'm afraid of what I might do to your students when I'm this agitated.
Nick Fury: Yeah. there's no way any of my students could ever agitate someone...
Madame Hydra: Who are you looking at?
Nick Fury: Classified. 

Madame Hydra Crack the Whip, 6h

Reward: 25 Credits

Whipped Into Shape Pt. 1
Madame Hydra starts

Captain America: I still can't believe Fury let you in this place...
Madame Hydra: What do you want more than anything, Captain America?
Captain America: To get Hydra outta my city, for good.
Madame Hydra: Then our goals are aligned. Although, if I'm being honest, my main desire at this moment is to wrap my whip around Red Skull's throat.
Captain America: I wouldn't mind that either. But I'll believe it when I see it...
Madame Hydra: Then prepare to believe, Captain. Even though Tony Stark will see it first...

Upgrade Madame Hydra!
Madame Hydra Access Hydra Database, 3m
Iron Man Tinker With Tech, 1h

Iron Man: Did you get the codes?
Madame Hydra: No. Red Skull changed the codes and passwords as soon as I left. Apparently, there is a brain in that burnt buffalo wing of a head...
Iron Man: Don't worry about it. The intel you already gave me is enough to design something that'll not only shut down Hydra School, but send a signal to shut down every Hydra device in a ten-mile radius.
Madame Hydra: Why do you trust me, Tony Stark?
Iron Man: I know you hate Hydra as much as we do, and you'll do anything to take down Red Skull. Plus, I believe everybody deserves an opportunity to make up for their mistakes.
Madame Hydra: Thank you. That's very mature of you.
Iron Man: I also really like the idea of having a hot teacher with green lipstick and a whip.
Reward: 25 Credits

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Premium Character Spider-Woman


Secret Mission Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Wasp: I got a secret message from a secret agent to text her when the coast is clear!
Falcon: Maybe you're getting catfished...
Wasp: No way. It's impossible to trick me on the internet. And nobody says 'catfished' anymore.
Falcon: Sure they do. There's a whole show where people get fooled online, and at the end somebody runs in and slaps them with a catfish.
Wasp: Whatever. We'll ask the secret agent when she gets here...

Wasp Be Super Secret! 10m

Spider-Woman: Thanks for replying to my message. I was afraid you might think you were getting catfished.
Wasp: ...Yeah, no. Who are you?
Spider-Woman: Call me Spider-Woman. I need your help on a classified mission to fight Hydra.
Wasp: I love punching Hydra guys! How'd you find out their plan?
Spider-Woman: I used to work for them...
Wasp: Double. Secret. Agent?!
Reward: 49 Credits

You will now get a pop-up to purchase Spider-Woman for 250 Shards. Premium characters are completely optional, but will give you bonus mission credits as well as extra storylines, so I'd recommend investing in one at some point...

Secret Mission Pt. 3  (There doesn't seem to be a Pt. 2...)
Wasp starts

Spider-Woman: I need you two to create a distraction while I use this S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stark tech to find Hydra's exact plan.
Falcon: I will pretty much do anything you say...
Wasp: Don't be a Tony, Falcon. Even though she does have a really cool style. And an intriguing backstory. And the prettiest hair I've ever seen. And she's a way nicer spy than Black Widow... 

Falcon Put On An Air Show, 2h
Wasp Look At Me! 2h

Spider-Woman: You both were amazing, but we have to hurry. Hydra is building a chemical weapons lab off the coast, but we still have time to destroy it before it's operational.
Falcon: Let's do it!
Wasp: Secret double agent spy attack mission!
Spider-Woman: You two are much more enthusiastic than Hydra guys. This is fun.
Reward: 74 Credits 

Secret Mission Pt. 4
Wasp starts

Spider-Woman: You and Falcon take the Quinjet, and I'll disable the defenses from one of their hideouts in the city.
Wasp: Can we Spy-Five first?
Spider-Woman: Yeah, of course.
Wasp: If me and Black Widow had a supermodel-superhuman-double-secret-agent-spy baby she'd be just like you, but less cool.
Spider-Woman: ...Thanks?

Falcon Save The Day! 6h, requires Wasp

Spider-Woman: You two were incredible. Hydra's lab was destroyed, and along with everything Avengers Academy is doing, there's no way they'll last much longer.
Wasp: I really, really, really want you to come to school with us.
Spider-Woman: I'll think about it.
Wasp: And Falcon really wants to ask you out.
Spider-Woman: Oh, I've already thought about that...
Falcon: ...
Reward: 81 Credits

Another pop-up encouraging you to buy Spider-Woman will appear. Doesn't appear to have any offers linked to it.

Civil War Premium Character: Sif

So with this Week 3 update we see the release of a new premium character for Civil War - Sif!

Note: Sif was re-released during the A-Force Special Event (Dec '16) 

Sif is available in the Shop for 495 Shards! She drops Field Gear and Field Communicators. She will also drop items to help progress towards the Winter Soldier - Hydra Tokens & Golden Armor!
Firstly, here's the pop-up regarding Sif:

She is introduced into the game by the following quest...

The Ultimate Warrior
Loki starts

Odin: The Academy continues to find itself in constant peril, so I've invited a true Asgardian warrior to help battle Hydra and the forces of evil.
Loki: Not...
Odin: No, Loki. As much as I would love to invite your brother, he remains missing.
Loki: I wasn't frightened of course. I just shudder to imagine the damage Thor would do to the food court and restrooms...
Odin: I'm glad you're frightened because in his absence I've decided to invite Lady Sif.
Loki: Uh oh...

Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Sif: I've been hunting for you, Loki.
Loki: Hunting sounds...aggressive.
Sif: I'm aggressive with little tricksters who try to steal my enchanted sword, and trick me into kissing Volstagg. Violent might be a better choice of words...
Loki: Yes, well, you look as ravishing and deadly as ever. If you'll excuse me, I'm late for an important meeting. Somewhere. With someone...
Sif: Run far away, Loki. It makes things far more interesting...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Charge Into Battle!
Black Widow starts

Iron Widow: I hear you're the toughest warrior in Asgard...
Sif: I hear you're the toughest warrior at Avengers Academy...
Iron Widow: ...
Sif: ...
Iron Widow: Let's do some damage.
Sif: Verily!

Recruit Sif! 495 Shards

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Monster Hunter Pt. 1
Sif starts

Odin: Thank you for joining Avengers Academy, Sif. I can't tell you how pleased I am to welcome a true warrior, and an honorable Asgardian.
Sif: I'll do my best to make you proud. Just point me in the direction of whatever monsters need to be slain.
Odin: There are no monsters here. I mean, I suppose there are some. It's complicated...
Sif: I'll stay ready. Monsters have a way of finding the sharp end of my sword...

Sif Master Swordswomanship, 15m

Odin: You've been practicing...
Sif: It's amazing how much easier it is to concentrate when Loki isn't around...
Odin: I like to think that he keeps things interesting...
Sif: I just think he's annoying.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Monster Hunter Pt. 2
Sif starts

Loki: I'd like to make amends for my behavior back in Asgard, Sif. I should have never attempted to steal your sword.
Sif: I doubt you could even pick it up.
Loki: You and your three idiot friends watched me lift the mighty Mjolnir.
Sif: We paid a Dwarf to make a replica out of aluminium. The handle was a chopped off broomstick...
Loki: I knew that!

Sif Punk the Trickster, 2h, requires Loki

Sif: Would you like to finally sincerely apologize for everything you've done to me?
Loki: Not particularly.
Sif: Good. I'll have plenty of more opportunities to toss you around...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Monster Hunter Pt. 3
Sif starts

Nick Fury: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Sif. I heard you're interested in hunting monsters...
Sif: You know where they dwell?
Nick Fury: I've been tracking monsters for a long, long time. I've just been waiting for the right hunting partner...

Upgrade Sif! 8 x Field Communicators (Have Sif Prepare for Battle OR Defeat Hydra Thug), 6 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug), 6 x Field Gear (Have Sif Engage Fellow Warriors OR Defeat Hydra Thug), 5173 Vibranium
Sif Track Midgardian Monsters, 2h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Sif: What were those things?
Nick Fury: A Golem, A Living Colossus, a pack of werewolves, two swamp monsters, a soul broker, and Dracula. Now that you know where they are, happy hunting. That's just the tip of the iceberg...
Sif: As in Frost Giants?
Nick Fury: Sure. We have a few of those too.
Sif: I love Midgard!
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

A Whole New World Pt. 1
Sif starts

Sif: Let's greet our fellow warriors! I'm eager to share tales of bloody battles and conquered monstrosities!
Iron Widow: You're saying you want to talk to people?
Sif: You don't share a warrior's bond with your classmates?
Iron Widow: I like them. Some of them. Sometimes. You go ahead. If you can deal with Loki and Enchantress, the rest of them will be a piece of cake...
Sif: Soft and sweet?
Iron Widow: Pretty much.

Sif Engage Fellow Warriors, 4h
Sif Control Your Strength, 15m
Loki Master the Dance Floor, 2h

Wasp: Lady Sif! You're so awesomely Asgardian sporty! Can you teach me how to slay a dragon?!
Sif: Of course.
Wasp: But I really like dragons...
Sif: That could be a problem...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

A Whole New World Pt. 2
Sif starts

Captain America: It's great to meet you, Sif. Odin has done nothing but rave about how you're such a brave and capable fighter.
Sif: He says the same about you.
Captain America: Me and Falcon and Ant-Man are about to go watch some football. Want to join us?
Sif: A sport played with the severed feet of your enemies?
Captain America: No! It's a game. It's a little bit violent, but it's fun.
Sif: I would like to learn more about this football...

Upgrade Sif! 5 x Battle Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 7), 20 x Field Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug), 10 x Field Communicators (Defeat Hydra Thug), 10274 Vibranium

Sif Study Midgardian Sporting, 45m

Sif: Midgardian football is incredible! Such a fantastic bloodsport of camaraderie and collisions!
Captain America: Bloodsport might be a little extreme, but yeah, it's great. You should join our fantasy league.
Sif: With wizards and unicorns?
Captain America: More like frustration and friendly wagers. Your version sounds better...
Sif: Why doesn't Avengers Academy have a team?
Captain America: We've talked about it, but it's hard enough to get everyone organized to fight. And I don't even know who we'd play. Someday hopefully...
Sif: Perhaps if Thor ever arrives. This is the type of game we would both enjoy...

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Time and Space Pt. 1
Sif starts

Loki: Have you managed to use your enchanted sword to visit other dimensions?
Sif: Not yet. The movements required to open the portal are too precise for even a skilled swordswoman like myself.
Loki: I believe I can help you...
Sif: Oh, can you? Out of the goodness of your heart?
Loki: What is it about this Academy that inevitably infects everyone with sarcasm? You are correct, Lady Sif. I can help you unlock your destined abilities, but I will definitely be expecting something in return... 

Sif Punk the Trickster, 2h, requires Loki
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Sif: Why are you such a glutton for punishment?
Loki: My intentions were borderline pure at first, but I can't resist getting my hands on that sword. It's a glorified knife in your hands. I can make it a gateway beyond the Nine Realms...
Sif: Then I'll save every other dimension from your annoyance by never letting you get your hands on it.
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

Time and Space Pt. 2
Sif starts

Hank Pym: Lady Sif! How are you enjoying Midgard?!
Sif: I like it a great deal, but I'm also interested in exploring dimensions far beyond the Nine Realms. They tell me you're the alchemist for the job.
Hank Pym: That's the first time in this timeline that anyone has referred to me as an alchemist!
Sif: You've visited other timelines?
Hank Pym: You will too! Science! Alchemy! 

Upgrade Sif! 20 Battle Gear, 5 Field Gear, 10 Field Communicators, 13576 Vibranium
Sif Study the Fabrics of Infinity, 8h
Sif Master Swordswomanship, 15m

Sif: Amazing. I'll be able to transverse time and space, and travel faster than the speed of thought...
Hank Pym: What's even more amazing is that you don't even need the sword!
Sif: What?
Hank Pym: You have the innate ability to pierce the fabrics of infinity, and travel to any destination you choose! The sword simply helps visualize the most accessible interdimensional portals!
Sif: How is that possible?
Hank Pym: Science! Alchemy! Magic! Destiny! Infinity! All are theoretically possible and potentially identical!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Sif and Sorcery Pt. 1
Sif starts

Sif: Why didn't you ever tell me that the power to teleport between dimensions was my birthright, and had nothing to do with the sword?
Odin: Swordplay is an honorable pursuit, and you have a natural gift for it. Meddling with time and space created this accursed timefog, and transformed the Nine Realms into what they are today.
Sif: And what exactly are they?
Odin: Dangerous. Unstable. Vulnerable...
Sif: Then I should be visiting them all, and protecting those who can't protect themselves.
Odin: I cannot argue. But if you're intent on visiting the distant dimensions, I would first focus on getting even better with your sword...

Sif Discuss Past Adventures, 1h
Sif Master Swordsmanship, 15m

Sif: I need your help, Enchantress.
Enchantress: Obviously.
Sif: Director Fury alerted me to monsters lurking on Midgard, and I believe at least some of them were born from experiments performed by these Hydras. Will you search their minds for the locations of all known creatures?
Enchantress: Have you taken a role as a Midgardian pest control expert?
Sif: No, but I need to rid this world of monsters before I move on to the next...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Sif and Sorcery Pt. 2
Sif starts

Sif: Black Widow has agreed to help me hunt down this world's monsters. I'd like to join us.
Loki: Why?!
Sif: Because many of them are masters of deception. I'd like a known liar at my side...
Loki: I never knew you had such a way with words...
Sif: You'll join me?
Loki: I thought you were obsessed with Midgardian athletic endeavors?
Sif: I was, but then I found out about interdimensional monster hunting...

Upgrade Sif! 5 x Long-Range Communicators, 5 x Combat Gear, 15937 Vibranium
AFTER EVENT: 119010 Credits


Sif Hunt Monsters! 3h, requires Black Widow & Loki

Reward: 20 Vibranium

What do you think of Sif? Are you planning on picking her up, or done so already? If you're interested in her actions and phrases, take a look below!


Sif's Actions

Master Swordswomanship, 15m, Avengers Dorm
Punk the Trickster, 2h, Avengers Dorm, requires Loki
Prepare for Battle, 4h, Cap's Obstacle Course - Rewards 1 x Field Communicator
Engage Fellow Warriors, 4h, Club A - Rewards 1 x Field Gear
Design Asgardian Armor, 4h, Stark Tower - Rewards 1 x Gold Plating
Revolutionize Dancing, 6h, Tony's Training Arcade - Rewards 1 x Hydra Token
Control Your Strength - Sif Rank 2
Discuss Past Adventures - Sif Rank 4
Play Midgardian Games - Sif Rank 5
Return Home - Sif Rank 5
Study Midgardian Sporting - Sif Rank 3
Study the Fabrics of Infinity - Sif Rank 4
Track Midgardian Monsters - Sif Rank 2
Wield the Hammer - Sif Rank 3

Sif's Phrases

You'd be a fool to fight me.
Don't give up.
Has anyone seen Thor?
When's the next battle?
I'm proud to fight by your side.
I refuse to lose.
Midgard is strange.
I fear no-one.
Keep fighting!
Let's fight!

Civil War Week 3: Sif & Capbuster Iron Man!

Hey hey,

Sorry this post is slightly late up today - been at work! :S The new update brings a new character and new outfit to the event! Sif is available in the Shop for 495 Shards! She drops Field Gear and Field Communicators. She will also drop items to help progress towards the Winter Soldier! The Capbuster is a special, limited-time armor for Iron Man - you can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits by reaching the second episode.
Let's have a look at the new quests!

Firstly, here's the pop-up regarding Sif:

I'll be making a separate post on her later today, so keep an eye out if you're interested in her tasks & phrases, as well as her storyline!

Now, for The Capbuster! Unlocking this will get you two exclusive actions - "Make an Entrance" and "Promote Team Tony!"

Capbuster Pt. 1
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: You remember how I told you I'd designed unique armors specifically made to take out each one of our enemies, and even our classmates if I had to?
Iron Widow: You finished the Hulkbuster?
Iron Man: Better. The Capbuster.
Iron Widow: What kind of modifications could make your armor any better at fighting Captain America?
Iron Man: It's more powerful, and protected. It's designed to be everything Cap is, but better, while getting on his nerves more than ever...

  Unlock Capbuster Iron Man
- 10 x Apple Pies (Special Event Missions)
- 10 x Sparklers (Collect from the Iron Man's Armor Display Case)
- 50 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug)
- 5 x Field Communicator (Sif OR Defeat Hydra Thug)
- 4917 Vibranium

Iron Widow: It's making my eyes hurt...
Capbuster Iron Man: You're just blinded by the glory of the Capbuster.
Iron Widow: You're gonna go fight him in that thing?
Capbuster Iron Man: I'm just gonna show off what this suit can do. After that, he'll probably want to fight me...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Capbuster Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Black Panther: That armor appears to be extremely impractical for battle...
Capbuster Iron Man: It's not really for fighting. It's more about getting under Cap's skin.
Black Panther: Why not include claws? It's well-known that they're the best method for tearing away flesh.
Capbuster Iron Man: It's a saying. I just want to bother him. I don't literally want to rip his skin off...
Black Panther: I see. It seemed extreme, but after watching your reality television, I'm no longer sure what you Americans consider normal behavior...

Iron Man Make an Entrance, 30m

Captain America: Is this supposed to be a joke?
Capbuster Iron Man: It's supposed to be like you, but bigger. So yeah, it's basically a big joke.
Captain America: I'm glad you have so much free time to play with your toys while the rest of us are out here defending the Academy.
Capbuster Iron Man: My Iron Legion is defending the Academy, Cap. You're just giving speeches to recruits who keep getting in their way.
Captain America: I wouldn't expect you to understand the value of an inspirational speech. It would involve you caring about someone besides yourself.
Capbuster Iron Man: If you wanted to have a debate competition, you should've just said so...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Capbuster Pt. 3
Iron Man starts

Capbuster Iron Man: You really think you're a better speaker than me?
Captain America: I don't care, Tony. I'm just trying to get my guys ready to fight.
Capbuster Iron Man: You know what's the most important part of giving a good speech?
Captain America: Speaking loudly and clearly.
Capbuster Iron Man: I was gonna say yelling and fireworks, but close enough...

Iron Man Promote Team Tony! 30m

Captain America: Honestly, if that convinced anybody to join your team, you can have 'em.
Capbuster Iron Man: Wasp just switched to my side.
Captain America: What?!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Fit for a King Pt. 1
Black Panther starts

Black Panther: I believe it's time to finalize the Wakandan Embassy, assume my throne, and report to my father.
Nick Fury: Ask him to send a boatload of Vibranium while you're at it.
Black Panther: It's highly unlikely that he would send you supplies, Director Fury. He doesn't trust you.
Nick Fury: Then why's he letting his kid attend my school?
Black Panther: For many reasons. One being it makes it much easier for us to monitor your behavior...

Upgrade the Wakandan Embassy! 10 x Field Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug), 10 x Field Communicator (Defeat Hydra Thug), 50 x Vibranium Dagger (Defeat Hydra Thug), 50 x Hydra Intel (Defeat Hydra Thug), 9145 Vibranium, 4h

Black Panther Assume the Throne, 15m

Madame Hydra: The Black Panther has contacted his father in Wakanda. This is exactly what I feared...
Winter Soldier: No one ever asks me how I feel...
Madame Hydra: No one cares.
Winter Soldier: No one should care about me, but I know that someone out there does. We share a bond that can't be broken...
Madame Hydra: Congratulations. Go write a poem about it.
Winter Soldier: I did. I turned it into a song. It's called "Frozen in the Winters of our Past".
Madame Hydra: Sounds horrible...
Winter Soldier: "Winter is horrible, but we'll be fine, 'cuz we'll face it together 'til the end of the line." That's the hook. Sorry if it gave you chills...

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Fit for a King Pt. 2
Black Panther starts

Black Panther: Please enjoy the Wakandan Embassy. We are a private nation, but I've made friends here, and I would like my friends to experience a small piece of what our country has to offer.
Wasp: Thanks so much! Tony and I can rock climb to get our best bud bonding back on track!
Black Panther: Is he still upset that you didn't immediately join his side?
Wasp: Yeah, we're both sort of sensitive.
Black Panther: Sensitivity can be a sign of great strength...
Wasp: Are you hitting on me right now? Because I will totally hit you back...

Black Panther Use Cat-Like Reflexes, 15m
Black Widow Scout Around, 1h
Iron Man Bond Over Rocks, 1h, requires Wasp

Iron Widow: I don't think I would've even noticed without Tony's stealth armor, but this entire jungle is laced with tech, isn't it?
Black Panther: Perhaps...
Iron Widow: Surveillance? Communications? Weapons?
Black Panther: Allow me to give you the tour...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Also, a couple of new items have appeared in the Civil Warehouse:

Iron Man's Armor Display Case, 12 x Baseballs (Special Event Missions), 40 x Vibranium Dagger (Defeat Hydra Thug), 20 x Hydra Intel (Defeat Hydra Thug), 2104 Vibranium

WWII Captain America Statue, 10 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug), 10 x Hydra Intel (Defeat Hydra Thug), 2041 Vibranium

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Civil War Outfit: "Giant-Man" Ant-Man

Hey hey,

So, today saw the release of the Heroic Chest into the event, and with it the chance to unlock the "Giant-Man" Ant-Man outfit!

Once you have won it from the chest, you can get it for free in Van Dyne's!

The outfit does come with its own questline, plus two exclusive actions - Watch Your Step (30m) & Protect the Academy! (30m)!

Giant-Size Ant-Man! Pt. 1
Iron Man starts

Hank Pym: Scott! I've developed capsules that will allow you to grow to incredible heights! You'll no longer only be Ant-Man, but Giant-Man!
Ant-Man: Are you sure I'll be able to control myself?
Hank Pym: You'll be the most powerful being on the planet!
Ant-Man: Is it dangerous?
Hank Pym: It's unprecedented!
Ant-Man: So, I might be out of control, and a giant-size danger to myself and everyone else?
Hank Pym: Don't ask too many questions! That's the first rule of super-science!

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Hank Pym: How do you feel?!
Ant-Man: Cool so far, but I haven't turned into a giant yet...
Hank Pym: What's stopping you?!
Ant-Man: Fear. What if I don't stop growing, and I bust like some gigantic gut-filled water balloon?
Hank Pym: I'm fairly certain that won't happen!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Giant-Size Ant-Man! Pt. 2
Ant-Man starts

Ant-Man: Here we go, I guess. You have any advice for when I'm a giant?
Hank Pym: Have fun! Enjoy the view! Try not to crush your classmates!

Ant-Man Watch Your Step, 30m

Hank Pym: Amazing!
Ant-Man: It was pretty incredible. Even though I was constantly paranoid about squashing people...
Hank Pym: Now they know how the ants feel!
Ant-Man: Was that the point of all this? So people could understand what it's like to be tiny, and respect things that are weaker and smaller than them?
Hank Pym: I just wanted to make a giant! Science!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Giant-Size Ant-Man! Pt. 3
Ant-Man starts

Wasp: The suit looks even better on you than I thought it would!
Ant-Man: You designed it?
Wasp: "If it looks totally badass, it must be a Van Dyne's original!" That's my new shop motto! It's edgy!
Ant-Man: Will you take some pics of me shrinking and growing? I want to see it from another perspective, and see if there's anything pointing to possible side-effects...
Wasp: Potential side-effects may include increased chance of awesomeness!
Ant-Man: You and Professor Pym have a lot in common...
Wasp: I know! It's totally disturbing!

Ant-Man Visit Friends, 1m
Ant-Man Watch Your Step, 30m
Wasp Document Experiments, 1m

Ant-Man: Did you notice anything weird?
Wasp: You turned into a giant!
Ant-Man: Good eye. Anything else?
Wasp: I didn't wanna mention it, but your muscles seemed to stretch and strain in weird ways. I think the extreme shrinking and growing might be wrecking your body...
Ant-Man: I was afraid of that. Considering how Professor Pym acts, I'm wondering if it has the same effect on your brain...
Wasp: Or I could totally be imagining things! One time I went camping, and I swore I saw a sasquatch!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Giant-Size Ant-Man! Pt. 4
Ant-Man starts

Hank Pym: Hydra is launching an airstrike on the Academy! It's the perfect opportunity to put your giant combat skills to the test!
Ant-Man: I'd like to help, but I'm not sure being giant is for me. Not to mention that I'm worried about the long-term side-effects...
Hank Pym: I understand your concerns, but I'm certain I can develop measures to mitigate the damage that the size changes may have on your body.
Ant-Man: You aren't just saying that, are you?
Hank Pym: Of course not! I'm the most honest member of the faculty!
Ant-Man: That is literally the most frightening thing I've ever heard...
Hank Pym: That's science!

Ant-Man Protect the Academy, 30m

Ant-Man: I take it all back. That was the funnest thing I've ever done. I'm never giving up this suit.
Hank Pym: Fantastic! You've literally become Avengers Academy's biggest asset! We'll continue to push the limits to see how high you can reach!
Ant-Man: How will we know when the experiment is getting too dangerous?
Hank Pym: You never know until it's too late!
Ant-Man: That's science?
Hank Pym: An unstable combustible compound of terror and excitement! That's science!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Here's a pic of his Protect the Academy! action:

And... here's a pic of his Watch Your Step action:

What do you think of Ant-Man's "Giant-Man" outfit? Are you going to give the Mystery Box a try? If so, good luck!


Heroic Chests & "Giant-Man" Ant-Man Outfit

Hey there, Avengereenos!

The Heroic Chest has just gone live in the game and with it the chance to win the "Giant-Man" outfit for Ant-Man! Each try of the box will cost 95 Shards.

You can receive one of the following prizes each time you open the Heroic Chest. Each prize can be won once!
  • "Giant-Man" Ant-Man Outfit - GRAND PRIZE
  • Spider-Man Bobblehead
  • Cap's WW2 Jeep
  • Spider-Man's Darkroom
  • 10 Arc Reactors
  • 15 Arc Reactors
  • 20 Arc Reactors
  • 10 Battle Plans
  • 15 Battle Plans
  • 20 Battle Plans
  • 110 Shards
  • 250 Shards
  • 1500 Vibranium
  • 3000 Vibranium
  • 4500 Vibranium
  • 10 Armor Plating
  • 15 Armor Plating
  • 20 Armor Plating


Spider-Man Bobblehead

15 Battle Plans

"Giant Man" Ant-Man Outfit!

  I won't open any more now I got the outfit as I'm not too fussed about decos etc. I'll make a separate post on the "Giant Man" outfit soon!


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Civil War Special Event: Crossbones Update?!

Hey Teammates!
It seems there's been an extra update today, which starts to introduce Crossbones into the game. It isn't very clear whether this was intentionally released, as Crossbones was stated to come in Episode 3 (next week), but either way, let's take a look at the new stuff... Just bear in mind this doesn't all appear to be working/available yet. This includes the supposed 7 day timer on Crossbones which is not counting down fortunately!
Ok, so this is now definitely meant to be out according to the FAQ! To start you need to have completed All New Captain America! Pt. 1 (see Week 2 post for more details). The 7 day timer will start counting down once you reach The Main Event quest.

Game On!
Iron Man starts

Iron Widow: We've almost made enough progress against the Hydra henchmen to take on the bosses. We need to build a place at our camp for serious training.
Iron Man: I agree. With everything except the serious part...

Build Tony's Training Arcade! 3m, 100 Vibranium
Black Panther Beat the Game, 30m
Black Widow Refuse to Lose, 30m

Black Panther: We use many training techniques in Wakanda, but that is not one of them.
Iron Widow: It was actually pretty fun. I haven't danced like that since I was a kid.
Black Panther: Ah! Tony and Wasp have told me about this! You're the mean ballerina!
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Overcoming Obstacles
Wasp starts

Captain America: We're gonna need a better place to train. It's one thing to fight these Hydra thugs, but we'll need to get stronger to take on the bosses.
Agent 13: I remember we used to have lots of fun ways to train...
Captain America: Are you talking about the time we had to do pull-ups from a Hydra helicopter's landing struts while hanging over a lava-filled pit of laser-landmines?! That was awesome!

Build Cap's Obstacle Course! 3m, 100 Vibranium
Wasp Crush Cap's Course, 30m

Wasp: This obstacle course is super cool, Cap! I'm so strong I have to text in all caps now!
Captain America: You don't think it's boring?
Wasp: I think it's important, and important is never boring.
Captain America: That's a great saying.
Wasp: I read it in a book I slept on!

Reward: 20 Vibranium

The Main Event (7d timer starts for collecting Crossbones Tokens!)
Iron Man starts

Odin: You're making a mistake siding with Hydra, Crossbones.
Crossbones: Who are you supposed to be, the Ghost of Christmas Dinner?
Odin: I am your last opportunity to abandon a lost cause, and join the side of righteousness. I realize you're only interested in treasure, but you can't enjoy wealth from a prison cell. Or worse...
Crossbones: You want me to join Avengers Academy?
Odin: You're a powerful warrior. There's some good in you. I'd like you to join our Academy, but only if you prove your worth...
Crossbones: By fighting one of your toughest students?
Odin: By the wrestling of arms! 

Learn about Training!

Pick Your Team!

If you pick Team Iron Man...
- 3 x Black Panther Beat the Game! 4h
- 5 x Iron Widow Beat the Game! 2h
- 2 x Iron Man Beat the Game! 8h

If you pick Team Cap...
- 5 x Wasp Train like Cap! 2h
- 3 x Falcon Train Like Cap, 5h (?)
- 2 x Captain America ...
N.B. If you don't have Cap unlocked yet, you can use Loki instead!

Once one of these characters has completed training, they get a 4h arm wrestling task - "Beat Team Cap" for which you get 11 Crossbones Tokens... After that, they must train again. You'll start to get a nice rhythm going with it hopefully where there is almost always someone arm wrestling.

Recruit Crossbones!

- 145 x Crossbones Tokens (hitting Go! will take you to the training screen with Black Panther etc. - you have 7 days to collect them! There is no timer for the other items...)

When you have enough Crossbones Tokens, hit Go! to Challenge Crossbones!

Crossbones will now appear in your grounds to recruit fully...

Crossbones: I'll join this place, but I'm going with whatever team is best for me...
Odin: All that matters is that you're teaming with the Avengers to defeat Hydra, and free their prisoners.
Crossbones: I've been wanting to punch Red Skull in his skinless face for a while now anyway...
Odin: If you are ever compelled to choose a side, I recommend Team Tony. He keeps an excellent array of fine cheeses... 
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

For further info on Crossbones' quests, phrases & actions, take a look here!

The Crossbones Challenge!
Black Widow starts

Turn in 70 Field Gear to obtain the Crossbones Bobblehead!

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 7000 Vibranium

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Civil War Premium Character: Spider-Man!

Greetings Agents,

Week 2 is now upon is in the Civil War event and there's a new premium character available! You can purchase Spider-Man for 995 Shards, and he'll help you get more arc reactors, armor plating & battle plans (4h task for each). Please find his task list at the end of this article!

Please note, this price is for early release of Spider-Man. He'll be freemium in a later event :) Spider-Man is introduced to the event with this quest from Iron Man...

Amazing Spider-Man!
Iron Man starts

Spider-Man: Thanks so much for inviting me to Avengers Academy, Mr. Stark!
Iron Man: Call me Tony. Actually, go ahead and call me Mr. Stark. Nobody else does. We'll roll with it until it gets weird...
Spider-Man: I just really admire your work, Mr. Stark. When you reached out to me after I won the science fair, I--
Iron Man: Sorry, I'm gonna cut you off, Peter. Not because I don't like you, but because the Mr. Stark thing is already weird. And yeah, I was impressed with you inverter invention. Pretty fancy for a school project.
Spider-Man: Thanks. Believe it or not, I made it mostly out of soup cans. I ate so much soup that month. Please don't offer me any soup...
Iron Man: I'm gonna offer you an internship. Eventually into Stark Industries, but first I need help here at Stark Tower while I deal with Hydra, and Cap, and all these girls who are always chasing me around. You know how it is...
Spider-Man: Yes?
Iron Man: Great. Well, I just remembered that if I don't reset my security system right now, we'll both be sliced to pieces by lasers, so think it over while I pretend to not be in a hurry...

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Iron Man: What do you think, Peter Parker? You wanna be Tony Stark's assistant?
Spider-Man: Will I get sliced to pieces by lasers?
Iron Man: Probably not/
Spider-Man: Can I leave anytime to visit my Aunt May if she needs me?
Iron Man: Absolutely.
Spider-Man: I'll take it! Is that what you're supposed to say when you get a job?
Iron Man: I have no idea.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Team Spidey! (24h applies to quest, you can buy Spider-Man during the whole event)
Wasp starts

Wasp: You're Tony's new assistant!
Spider-Man: And you're Janet van Dyne. The Wasp. Sorry, I'm still not really sure what I'm supposed to call you guys. Every girl in my school wants to be like you...
Wasp: Really?!
Spider-Man: Sure. I mean, you're an awesome designer, you're super confident and tough, you have like a gajillion followers, you're...pretty.
Wasp: You're such a cute little goofball!
Spider-Man: Sorry...
Wasp: I'm a cute little goofball too!

Get Spider-Man! 995 Shards

Reward: 20 Vibranium

New School, New Problems Pt. 1

Loki: You're hiding something, Preston Porkchop.
Spider-Man: Hiding?! I'm not hiding anything! About anything!...Did you just call me a porkchop?
Loki: Perhaps.
Spider-Man: That's weird.
Loki: Is it, though?
Spider-Man: Yeah, it's definitely what I would classify as strange behavior.
Loki: You can't keep secrets from the prince of lies...
Spider-Man: Is that you? You're the price of lies? Is that a literal thing? Like there's a lie kingdom, and you're part of its royal family? You know what, I don't want to know. It's my first day, so I'm just gonna pretend like this never happened...

Spider-Man Sling Some Webs, 30m

Nick Fury: It's a school full of people with powers, Parker. No sense hiding them.
Spider-Man: You knew?!
Nick Fury: Of course. You did some nice work against those Sinister Six kids in Manhattan. I've had my eye on you...
Spider-Man: Do you make a lot of one eye jokes? Since you have one eye? Was that not purposeful wordplay? Should I shut my mouth right now?
Nick Fury: I'm not gonna blow your cover, but take it from me, secrets will eat at you. It's better to be honest. Tell people who you are, and what you know...
Spider-Man: gonna walk away before I get myself in more trouble. Thank you for the advice. I'm sure I'll see you later. The I's in last sentence were just regular I's by the way. Not eye jokes...
Reward: 200 Vibranium 

New School, New Problems Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Iron Widow: I hear you're a photographer.
Spider-Man: How does everyone here know so much about me?
Iron Widow: I need some shots of the quad. Any Hydra pictures would be helpful, but detailed shots of the stonework is also good.
Spider-Man: Can I ask why?
Iron Widow: You could, but I would either lie or not respond.
Spider-Man: I appreciate your questionable honesty.

Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Iron Widow: Nice photos. You should do this for a living instead of following Tony around.
Spider-Man: I sort of do it for a living. Not in the sense that I make enough to pay my bills with it, but in the sense that I'm still alive, and the little bit of money I make off of it is the one of the things that contributes to me still living.
Iron Widow: You talk a lot.
Spider-Man: I get nervous. I ramble. I can't stop myself. It's been described as witty banter.
Iron Widow: You should hang out with Wasp.
Spider-Man: I did for a little bit. She said we're both cute goofballs.
Iron Widow: She's right.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

New School, New Problems Pt. 3
Spider-Man starts

Iron Man: I need to deal with a Hydra thing, so check out my new armor design, and see if you can make any improvements. It's probably not possible since it's already awesome, but at Stark Industries we make awesome more awesome.
Spider-Man: Is that the company slogan?
Iron Man: I don't think so. I think I just made it up. Should it be the company slogan?
Spider-Man: I don't think so.
Iron Man: Fair enough. Put some awesome on that awesome, and I'll be back after I save the world...

Upgrade Spider-Man! 30 x Spider-Tracers (Special Event Missions), 10 x Web Cartridges (Special Event Missions), 30 x Vibranium Dagger (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 1-3), 30 x Hydra Intel (Defeat Hydra Thug Lvl. 1-3), 9496 Vibranium
Spider-Man Invent Something, 3m

Iron Man: Did you come up with any ideas to improve my new armor?
Spider-Man: I think so. I've been working on something I call tracers. You could attach them to an enemy or an object to track its location. They could be modified to effect different alloys or fire out different frequencies.
Iron Man: Fancy bug.
Spider-Man: What?!
Iron Man: A bug. A listening device. But fancier, and more versatile. I like it. Finalize your design, and I'll have them make a million.
Spider-Man: Dollars?!
Iron Man: Tracers. Keep working on the name too...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Spider Senseless Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Nick Fury: You gonna take me up on that advice to reveal your secret identity?
Spider-Man: I'm thinking abou--
Nick Fury: What's wrong?
Spider-Man: My spider-sense is tingling.
Nick Fury: I'm afraid to ask.
Spider-Man: It's a special sense that came with my spider powers. Hence the name. It means I'm in danger...
Nick Fury: Then you better commit to being a full-time hero, and get ready to fight...

Spider-Man Work on Your Aim, 1h

Nick Fury: That was terrible.
Spider-Man: I need more practice. I kind of thought it was so terrible it was good.
Nick Fury: You thought wrong. A positive attitude can take you far in life, but in our line of work, it's more important to be able to hit what you're aiming at.
Spider-Man: Well, the non-terrible news is that my spider-sense stopped tingling, so whatever was lurking around is gone for now.
Nick Fury: It'll be back, and more dangerous than before. That's the way things work around here...
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

Spider Senseless Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Scientist Supreme: Greetings, Peter Parker.
Spider-Man: Scientist Supreme? What are you doing here?
Scientist Supreme: Visiting a fellow genius. They tell me your IQ is well over 250. Seems like a shame to wasting all of that brainpower doing Tony Stark's laundry.
Spider-Man: Robots do his laundry...I deliver it to the robots sometimes...
Scientist Supreme: You deserve your own robots. Your own lab. The A.I.M. Institute can provide what you deserve. As well as financial compensation to ensure that your kind aunt will never have to fret about money again... 

Upgrade Spider-Man! 20 x Past Due Bills (Defeat Hydra Thug), 20 x Press Passes (Defeat Hydra Thug), 20 x Field Gear (Defeat Hydra Thug), 20 x Field Communicator (Defeat Hydra Thug), 19036 Vibranium

Spider-Man Visit the A.I.M. Institute! 3h

Scientist Supreme: Have you decided to leave Avengers Academy for the A.I.M. Institute, and ensure a stable financial future for your family?
Spider-Man: Is it hot in that suit?
Scientist Supreme: It's air-conditioned.
Spider-Man: Does your skin get dried out from the constant air-conditioning? Do you have to moisturize a lot? Exactly how much moisturizer do you go through in a given week?
Scientist Supreme: What is the point of this?
Spider-Man: I was just buying time until I found the right way to tell you that I'm not going to attend your school, and I also wiped all the files with your designs for future inventions.
Scientist Supreme: You did what?!
Spider-Man: Sorry. It's just that you're obviously an evil, horrible person. And those inventions are worse. I mean, the thing with the huge head and the spider leg body? It's gross. Nobody likes spiders...
Reward: 20 Vibranium  

Typical Parker Luck Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Iron Widow: I haven't really seen you go out since you've been here.
Spider-Man: Yeah, I'm still adjusting. I don't wanna bump into the wrong person, and say the wrong thing, and next thing you know I'm getting tossed into the ocean by a Hulk. 
Iron Widow: Let's go on a date.
Spider-Man: ...
Iron Widow: First time you stopped talking since you got here. I'm gonna take your stunned silence as a yes.
Spider-Man: ...
Iron Widow: Okay. Meet me at the Archives when you're done being stunned... 

Spider-Man Date Black Widow?! 1h

Spider-Man: Can we do it again sometime?
Iron Widow: You're a nice guy, Peter. I just wanted to confirm that.
Spider-Man: What do you mean?
Iron Widow: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, but you're hiding something. I had to make sure it wasn't something that could endanger the Academy. I don't know what your secret is, but I'm convinced now that it's harmless.
Spider-Man: You were spying on me?
Iron Widow: Sorry. I didn't have a bad time, but it was more of an interrogation date for me.
Spider-Man: It's fine. I don't care. I date hot Russian spies all the time, so no big deal...
Reward: 20 Vibranium 

Typical Parker Luck Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Iron Man: What happened? 
Spider-Man: Black Widow interrogation dated me.
Iron Man: Oh, man. I've been there. It was still worth it though, right?
Spider-Man: Yes.
Iron Man: Take the day off, Peter. Do something you like to do. I'll handle things at Stark Tower. Or I won't. Either way, you don't worry about it... 
Spider-Man: Thanks, Tony.
Iron Man: No problem. I'm here to help you out, and provide a positive example for the next wave of super-scientists. Just like Professor Pym did for me... 

Upgrade Spider-Man! 30 x Past Due Bills, 30 x Press Passes, 40 x Field Gear, 40 x Field Communicators, 23506 Vibranium
Spider-Man Sling Some Webs, 30m
Spider-Man Get a Good Shot, 30m

Reward: 20 Vibranium 

What do you think of Spider-Man? Are you going to buy him now or wait for his freemium release later on? If you're interested, have a look at his phrases & actions below...


Spider-Man's Actions

Invent Something, 3m, Stark Tower
Get a Good Shot, 30m, Avengers Halll
Sling Some Webs, 30m, Quad
Work on Your Aim, 1h, The Blasting Range
Test Arc Reactors, 4h, The Blasting Range, Rewards 1 Arc Reactor
Improve Troop Armor, 4h, Quad, Rewards 1 Armor Plating
Study Hydra Movements, 4h, Avengers Hall, Rewards 1 Battle Plans
Check on Aunt May - requires Spider-Man Rank 4
Dance Awkwardly - requires Spider-Man Rank 2
Do Your Homework - requires Spider-Man Rank 3
Mingle with S.H.I.E.L.D. - requires Spider-Man Rank 5
Pretend Not to Stare - requires Spider-Man Rank 2
See Who's Funnier - requires Spider-Man Rank 3
Test the Waters - requires Spider-Man Rank 2
Work in the Lab - requires Spider-Man Rank 5

Spider-Man's Phrases

It's your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.
Don't move! This is gonna be the perfect shot.
Have no fear; Spidey is here.
Great, just more typical Parker luck. 
I get no respect.
It's easy being good when things are going good.
This place needs more skyscrapers.
If we're being honest, I can only do some of the things a spider can.
Say "Radioactive Cheese!"
I need to check on Aunt May.
With great power comes great responsibility.
Who are you calling "itsy-bitsy"?
I thought Manhattan was crazy.