Saturday, 30 April 2016

There Can Only Be One Enchantress

Hey there, Avengereenos!
In this next part of the game we get to unlock Enchantress! Also, we'll be building Van Dyne's, which represents an important turning part in the game, namely that you'll soon be able to participate in events, like the Guardians of the Galaxy! Excited?! Let's get started...

Mean Girl
Wasp starts

Pepper Potts: I found an Asgardian who can make Hydra tell us everything they're planning!
Loki: As long as it's not my brother...

Invite Enchantress to the Academy

Wasp: Hi Enchantress! Welcome to Midgard! We're getting you everything you need so you can help us disable this weird Hydra device, and save the Academy!
Enchantress: You're so kind! And so fashionable!
Wasp: Thanks!
Enchantress: I'd never think to dress like that, but I suppose a girl like you needs to do whatever she can to get attention.

Recruit Enchantress
- Collect 15 Asgardian Jewelry
Enchantress: Thank you. I'd wear Midgardian jewelry, but I have standards.

- Collect 20 Avengers Textbooks
Enchantress: Books without spells are like boys without brains. Occasionally useful, but not particularly interesting.

- 1013 Credits
Enchantress: I feel like you need these more than me...

- Have Iron Man Practice Pick Up Lines, 4h
Enchantress: Your pick up lines are amusing, but the fact that you think you have a chance with me is hilarious.

Wasp: You need to hurry and make a Hydra guy tell us how to disable their device before it destroys the Academy!
Enchantress: Of course! I can tell it's urgent by all of the sweat on your face!
Wasp: I'm gonna leave now before I rip out your eyelashes.
Reward: 110 Credits

Grand Opening Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Wasp: Tony! I need your help spreading the word about Van Dyne's grand opening!
Iron Man: I don't even know what that means...
Wasp: Shut up and do it! I'm freaking out!

Wasp Break The Internet, 3m

Iron Man: I think you'll get a great turnout. Even though I still don't know what your store is gonna sell...
Wasp: Outfits that look incredible, and give you new abilities!
Iron Man: Okay. That sounds amazing. I think you can relax...
Reward: 73 Credits

Grand Opening Pt. 2
Wasp starts

Iron Man: You look a lot less stressed now that your store is about to open.
Wasp: I'm bottling it in. I think I might be internally combusting...
Iron Man: That's not good.

Build Van Dyne's Outfits! 640 Credits, 4h

Wasp: Van Dyne's Outfits is open for business!
Iron Man: This place is amazing! You're so talented, and all the outfits are great. I can always use a new business suit. It's even giving me ideas for new armors...
Black Widow: Nice work, Wasp! Now I know where to go when I need that special something for an infiltration operation...
Loki: Impressive. I'm interested in a look that fully reveals my true majesty...
Captain America: This place is great. Do you make WWII uniforms?
Wasp: For you, I'll make anything...
Reward: 73 Credits

Study Up!
Wasp starts

Wasp: You inspired me to be a better hero, Tony! I already blast and fly like a champ, but imagine if I was an awesome tactician too!
Iron Man: I have a really good imagination, but I can't imagine that...
Wasp: You think I became an amazing designer without putting in work? I'm gonna study strategy like an even cuter Captain America, and tactics like a less boring Black Widow!
Iron Man: I know you can do it. I'm just surprised you want to...
Wasp: I'm full of surprises!

Upgrade Wasp! 545 Credits
Wasp Try To Study, 30m

Wasp: Studying makes me totally energetic!
Iron Man: And it makes you snore. I thought somebody parked the Helicarrier in the Archives.
Wasp: I have obstructed nasal airways! 
Reward: 82 Credits


Think About It Pt. 1

Falcon starts

Madame Hydra: I don't think they appreciate your talents here, Mr. Wilson...
Falcon: Madame Hydra?!
Madame Hydra: I'm still disappointed you chose to attend Avengers Academy over Hydra School. I don't handle rejection well...
Falcon: I wanted to go somewhere to make myself better. Not ruin other people's lives...
Madame Hydra: At least at my school, we're forthright with our villainy. I can't say the same for your Fury and Pym. Take a closer look into their files, Mr. Wilson. Tell me who's worse...

Falcon Punch, 30m
Falcon Study Flight Paths, 3m

Madame Hydra: Am I wrong?
Falcon: In general, yes. But not about Fury and Pym. Even Odin...
Madame Hydra: I'm sure you've wondered how this so-called timefog got here, and what may be hidden inside, but ask yourself who benefits from having it around. And how far they'd go to protect it...
Falcon: Why are you telling me all this?
Madame Hydra: Best case scenario, you see Avengers Academy for what it is, and bring your considerable talents to Hydra School. Worst case, all of the mistrust in this place destroys it without me lifting a finger...
Reward: 54 Credits

Think About It Pt. 2
Falcon starts

Wasp: What are you doing, Falcon? We need to be worrying about Hydra...
Falcon: I am. Sort of. I'm starting to worry about everything...
Wasp: What are you talking about?
Falcon: Come check out the timefog with me. I'll tell you exactly what to look for. You tell me if I'm crazy...

Falcon Survey The Timefog, 3h
Wasp See If Falcon's Crazy, 3h

Falcon: Fury could've built this school anywhere, but he put it right next to this stuff. I think there's something he wants to get out of the timefog, or something he wants to trap inside...
Wasp: I mean, yeah, things appear and disappear in there, but that's just what it does. Doesn't mean Mr. Fury snuck it out or put it there on purpose.
Falcon: Doesn't mean he didn't. I found footage and erased messages between him, Odin, and Pym. All about trying get certain things out of the timefog. Tony's smashed helmet was one of them...
Wasp: Whoa. We have to try and figure out what's going on. Now I know what it's like to be Black Widow...
Falcon: Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Wasp: I know!
Reward: 54 Credits

Hydra's Revenge! Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I still can't tell exactly what the device is, but it's electronic, so I should be able to send a signal to shut it down.
Nick Fury: What's the risk?
Iron Man: Exactly. I love your attitude.
Nick Fury: What's the risk to my school, Stark?!
Iron Man: Medium...ish?

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Wasp:Tony! You fixed the Wi-Fi!
Iron Man: Yes. I did. That is the good news...
Wasp: What's the bad news?
Iron Man: The device is a tectonic weapon. It can create an earthquake strong enough to drop us and all of New York into the bottom of the ocean. I accidentally activated it.
Wasp: Oh. I doubt they have Wi-Fi down there...
(The device starts lasering the ground...)
Reward: 49 Credits

Hydra's Revenge Pt. 3
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: Intel says the old S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters just showed up in the timefog. I need you to clear it to access the equipment and classified training you'll need to disable this device, and go get Hydra.
Iron Man: I don't think so, Fury. That stuff weirds me out. What if there's more of my smashed armor in there?
Nick Fury: You don't hurry up and do it, there will be a whole lot of your smashed armor right here.
Iron Man: You're right, it's a great idea. Not you murdering me, but the other thing...

Iron Man Supercharge Satellite, 8h

Nick Fury: Nice work, Stark. I'm sorry I'm hard on you, but I just want to keep you motivated, so you can reach your potential.
Iron Man: No problem. Should I keep trying to disable the Hydra device?
Nick Fury: No, you already messed that up.
Iron Man: Should I find a Hydra guy to interrogate for intel?
Nick Fury: No, I'll have Black Widow do it so you don't mess it up.
Iron Man: Thanks for keeping me motivated.
Reward: 162 Credits

New land is now unlocked - S.H.I.E.L.D. Zone! This is to the west of the Quad and includes Shield H.Q.

Hydra's Revenge! Pt. 4
Black Widow starts

Nick Fury: We're gonna repair S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q., and open it up for classified courses. I need to get you guys ready to infiltrate a Hydra base, and find out how to shut down these devices.
Black Widow: And we aren't gonna talk about why it's wretched, and the whole area looks like a warzone?
Nick Fury: No, we're gonna stay focused on Hydra, so that we can protect the Academy, and save the world.
Black Widow: That works out well for you...

Nick Fury: Things usually do...

Repair S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q.! 840 Credits, 6h 15m
Black Widow Test Invisibility Tech, 30m
Loki Practice Brainwashing, 1h 

Black Widow: Did this campus used to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. base?
Nick Fury: Can you please just worry about Hydra, Black Widow?
Black Widow: I think it did. I think it protected something powerful, and there was a war for it. And I think you lost.
Nick Fury: I think you're being paranoid. I think you want to be right more than you want to be a hero. And I think you've got way too much time on your hands.
Black Widow: You're right. When I'm finished with Hydra, I'll have plenty of time to deal with you.
Reward: 71 Credits

Hydra's Revenge! Pt. 5
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Fury's agents tracked a Hydra enforcer to a hideout in the city. I'll get us in, but it'll be your job to get in his head, and find out how to disable the device.
Loki: Remind me again why I'm taking orders from you?
Black Widow: Because if you don't, they'll destroy the world, starting with the Academy. And I'll beat you so badly you'll wish I let them destroy you too.
Loki: Fair enough.

Black Widow Infiltrate Hydra, 30m, requires Loki

Hydra Enforcer: ...
Black Widow: Why won't he talk?
Loki: I've tried everything. These Hydras are terrible dressers, but their brainwashing is exquisite.
Black Widow: We need to find someone who can manipulate him into disabling the device. Enchantress doesn't seem to be in any hurry, and I don't trust her anyway...
Loki: Try the Bug-Woman. Her network is as endless as her babbling...
Reward: 88 Credits

Hydra's Revenge! Pt. 6
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: We can't trust Enchantress. I need your help recruiting a hero who can get inside this Hydra guy's head, and make him disable the device...
Wasp: Awesome! Odin has the Archives set up to tap into networks throughout the Nine Realms! That's what he calls the universe since he's Asgardian! I'll have Falcon help so it'll go even faster! Did you know--
Black Widow: I don't care. Just hurry.
Wasp: You just hurry!
Black Widow: What are you talking about?
Wasp: I forgot!

Upgrade The Timeless Archives! 863 Credits, 8h
Wasp Post Everywhere, 2h

Wasp: You'll be happy to know that Falcon and I found the perfect person to make Hydra do whatever we want. Actually, I take it back. I think your superpower is not being happy.
Black Widow: Who is it? And don't say Enchantress...
Wasp: I don't like her either... 
Reward: 132 Credits   

Second Shot Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I heard you aren't a very good shot.
Iron Man: Yeah, well I heard you...actually, I hardly know anything about you...
Black Widow: I'm not criticizing you, Tony. I just want to help you with your aim. We're teammates.
Iron Man: Or are we something more?
Black Widow: Nope. Just teammates.

Black Widow Test Widow's Bite, 1h
Iron Man Fire Repulsors, 15m

Iron Man: Not bad, huh?
Black Widow: Yeah. Not good, but not bad. You'd be a lot better if you cut the flashy stuff. I didn't even spin and twirl that much when I did ballet.
Iron Man: You were a ballerina?!
Black Widow: It's a Russian thing. You wouldn't get it.
Iron Man: From now on, I'm just gonna call you mean ballerina...
Reward: 44 Credits

Second Shot Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Wasp: You should be nice to Tony. He's sensitive.
Black Widow: He's also annoying.
Wasp: You love it. He's all obsessed now with improving his tech to be a better shot. He just wants to impress you.
Black Widow: He called me mean ballerina.
Wasp: You were a ballerina?!

Wasp Have A Blast! 2m
Iron Man Tinker With Tech, 1h

Iron Man: Where's Black Widow? I want to show her I'm a better shot than she is now.
Wasp: It's cute that you like her so much, but you need to stop trying so hard to impress her.
Iron Man: What?! We're just teammates...
Wasp: C'mon, Tony. This is Wasp you're talking to...
Iron Man: Did you hear she was a ballerina?
Wasp: Mean ballerina!
Reward: 44 Credits 

Love Spell
Black Widow starts

Enchantress: Fetch me a Hydra boy, and I'll tell you everything they're planning.
Nick Fury: They aren't exactly known for being forthcoming with their intel. How do you plan on doing that?
Enchantress: A goddess never tells...

Enchantress Cast Spells, 1m

Enchantress: Are you prepared to tell me everything you know?
Hydra Enforcer: I'll do anything you ask, Enchantress!
Enchantress: The best sentence in all the Nine Realms...
Reward: 44 Credits 

Happy Ending
Enchantress starts

Black Widow: Your Hydra guy told me the deactivation code to disable the device using Stark's tech. Took him forever because he couldn't stop blabbering about how much he loves you.
Enchantress: Can you blame him?
Black Widow: I blame everyone. Where did he go?
Enchantress: I asked him to run some errands. Don't worry your bitter little mind. Just finish the task to save Midgard while I bask in my beauty.
Black Widow: How come I don't hate you as much as I should?
Enchantress: Everyone loves Enchantress.

Enchantress Judge Everyone, 3m
Upgrade Black Widow! 960 Credits
Black Widow Access Stark Tech, 45m  

Welcome back to World News... A lone Hydra Enforcer was seen using a stolen Hydra jet to travel around the globe, removing each of the mysterious Hydra devices one by one. He inexplicably set off every device simultaneously near one of Hydra's largest bases, sending the stronghold floating into the ocean where it eventually sank. No one is sure exactly what motivated the rogue Hydra Enforcer, but Hydra blames Director Nick Fury, promising to finish him and Avengers Academy once and for all.

Reward: 117 Credits

Girl Crazy Pt. 1
Enchantress starts

Enchantress: I think I'll cast a spell to make the boys crazy for me.
Wasp: They're already crazy for you.
Enchantress: I mean literally crazy. I won't be happy until they make me gifts out of hair and fingernails.

Enchantress Work Your Magic, 2h

Wasp: Ewwwww. They're all groaning and stumbling after you like zombies. Tony's even drooling all over that thing in his chest.
Enchantress: I know, it's disgusting. I didn't even have to cast a spell on him. That's just what he does.
Wasp: I shouldn't be supporting this, but I can't stop watching. Let's see what else they'll do...
Reward: 58 Credits

Girl Crazy Pt. 2
Enchantress starts

Enchantress: Let's see what else my puppet-boys can do...
Wasp: I think the Academy is making you mean.
Enchantress: Midgard didn't know what mean was before me.

Falcon Dance Like Crazy, 3h, requires Iron Man

Falcon: Enchantress, did you see me dancing for you? Did you do something with your hair? Can I buy you anything expensive?
Wasp: What happens to them when the spell wears off?
Enchantress: Who said it wears off?
Wasp: I tried, but I can't be your friend anymore.
Enchantress: Of course not. Look at you.
Reward: 74 Credits 

Cap's S.H.I.E.L.D. Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Pepper Potts: Director Fury is missing!
Black Widow: ...
Pepper Potts: He never tells me exactly where he's going, but he always tells me when he's leaving. I think he's in trouble...
Black Widow: ...
Pepper Potts: Go find him!
Black Widow: I think I'll take the opportunity to find what you two are hiding instead. But if I bump into him, I'll let you know...

Black Widow Pocket Secret Files, 1h

Reward: 53 Credits

Possible Solution Pt. 1
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: What would you say if I asked you on a date?
Black Widow: Yes.
Iron Man: Seriously? I thought you'd say something degrading. I'm a little disappointed.
Black Widow: What can I say? You grew on me. Like a horrible mold.
Iron Man: That's more like it. 

Black Widow Tolerate Tony, 2h, requires Iron Man 

Iron Man: You know that I know that you're just using me to help you solve this mystery...
Black Widow: I figured you knew, but I don't usually give you that much credit.
Iron Man: You wanna do it again sometime?
Black Widow: No.
Iron Man: I love you.
Reward: 58 Credits

Possible Solution Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Black Widow: I need your help examining this weird liquid I found.
Iron Man: If you want another date, just say so.
Black Widow: ...
Iron Man: Fine. Give it to me...

Iron Man Play With Particles, 45m
Upgrade Avengers Dorm! 1221 Credits, 10h 30m
Black Widow Solve The Mystery, 2h

Iron Man: I'm pretty sure it's fuel, but it's unlike anything I've seen. And it's swimming with timefog particles.
Black Widow: I found it in near the wrecked S.H.I.E.L.D. building. Fury's hiding whatever really happened there...
Iron Man: His secrets are as deep as our love.
Black Widow: I hate you.
Iron Man: Why do all my dates end like this?
Black Widow: It's not a date!
Reward: 149 Credits 

Future Problems Pt. 1
Iron Man starts
Black Widow: We need to work on this mystery, Tony.
Iron Man: I know. I also need more time to build stuff. And explore our romance. And I haven't washed this shirt since I got here.
Black Widow: That's disgusting.
Iron Man: That's why they make family-size cologne. And ROBOTS!

Iron Man Design Robots, 10m

Reward: 62 Credits

What do you think of Enchantress? Like the look of Van Dyne's? Are you excited to get to take part in the special events, or do you prefer concentrating on the main game?


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy Ending Soon!

Hey Guardians!

Just a short post regarding the end of the event...

Firstly, some of you may have noticed the pop up extending the event!

This means the event will now end on Friday 29th April at 6pm GMT.

On top of the extension, there's also a free gift of 100 Shards! So make sure to log into your game and claim those!

Finally, you can get a present from Director Fury for the cost of 250 Energy Crystals. This is a one time only offer! The S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Combat Boost will net you 5 Attack and Health Skill Points for Star-Lord, Gamora, Iron Man and Wasp!

Hopefully these will all help you with defeating Ronan and getting Groot in your games!

For those of you thinking, what's next? Well, it's likely that the Civil War event will be released soon after the GotG event ends. So keep your eyes peeled!


Friday, 22 April 2016

Fighting Ronan

Hey there Guardians,

Just thought I'd provide some basic information on attacking Ronan in its own post. Hopefully this can answer some of your queries...


In order to access Week 4 content, you must have recruited Drax and reached The Destroyer Pt. 3. After you get the Animal House questline to recruit Rocket, Star-Lord starts the Like A Boss questline... (See Week 4 main post for dialogue)

(Ronan emerges! This starts his first 24h countdown...)


To attack Ronan you will need a good team, preferably at least Level 6 to start, and increasing up to Max Level 9 for the later streaks.
You will also need 3 Cosmic Disruptors per fight. These can be obtained through Special Event Missions on the Mission board or from battling the Chitauri.

TIP: Don't forget to dismiss long Heroic missions with a Cosmic Disruptor reward as you can get much shorter options, such as 2h30 for Pepper combined with 2h for  or 5h for Quake or a combo of 4h and 2h (total 6h) for Falcon and Captain America. Better than 8h missions for sure!

Don't know how to dismiss missions? When you tap on the mission on the mission board it appears on the left of your screen. Tap on the mission area there to expand it so you can read the text. There should be a little rubbish bin in the top left. Click on it to bring up the option to dismiss the mission.
Refresh time for a new mission is 5m on the Special Event Missions or 20m on normal missions.


The Ronan battle uses the streak system and consists of 7 streaks. What this means is that each time you fully defeat Ronan (take him down to 0 HP), his difficulty/HP will increase for the next battle. This occurs up to 7 times. You can see in the below picture an example of the first Ronan battle when he is on Streak 1. If you click on the pictures of Rocket/Drax etc. below the countdown timer, it will have a popup example of rewards you can get from each streak.


Basically Ronan will remain at this HP for 24h. If you defeat him during that time, his HP will increase, in this case to 4207HP and the next battle will be Streak 2. Each increasing streak is more difficult and will net you different rewards, such as items required to upgrade Rocket or Gamora etc.
Here is an example reward for Streak 1:

An example reward for Streak 2:

You do NOT have to take out all his HP in one go. You can attack him several times during the 24h period and his health will not reset until the 24h is up.

If you do NOT defeat Ronan fully within the 24h period, his health will reset and your Streak will be broken, meaning you have to start again.


Once you have defeated Ronan, a crystal mine will appear for you to send 2 heroes to. I've been able to send any heroes I wanted such as Ms Marvel, Falcon, A-Bomb, Red Hulk, Quake, Black Widow etc. and it takes 20 mins. You have 1 hour before Ronan comes back on his next 24h timer so you can easily mine twice within this time. You can even send them for a third time and collect after the 1h timer is up.

Hope this helps a bit.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy! Week 4

Hey hey, Galactic Guardians!
Week 4 is finally here, and now we can recruit Rocket Raccoon, and try to defeat Ronan and hopefully, eventually... get Groot! In order to free Rocket, you must have recruited Drax and reached The Destroyer Pt. 3. So, let's take a look at this week's questlines!
N.B. In order to free Groot, you must get everything from the Galactic Pawn Shop!

Animal House Pt. 1
Star-Lord starts

Drax: It's time, Quill...
Star-Lord: Are you sure?
Drax: I am sure. That's why I said it aloud.
Star-Lord: Why don't we wait a little bit? I'm getting cool with some of these Chitauri. I just need some more time to reason with Ronan...
Drax: The time for reasoning has passed, Quill. It's time to free Rocket Raccoon...

Free Rocket Raccoon! 3s, 50 Energy Crystals

Rocket Raccoon: Where's Quill?
Drax the Destroyer: He ran away like a surprisingly fast baby.
Rocket Raccoon: Hurry up and heal me so I can find him. Me and that punk got a score to settle...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals 

Animal House Pt. 2
Star-Lord starts

Retro-Futuristic Wasp: You're so cute!
Rocket Raccoon: Who are you supposed to be?
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: I'm Wasp! Ms. Janet if you're into first names!
Rocket Raccoon: Only thing I'm into right now is clawing Quill's face off.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: Just because you're all cuddly doesn't mean you can hurt my friends! You mess with Star-Lord, you're messing with The Wasp!
Rocket Raccoon: Fine. I like your style, so I'll only claw half his face off..

Recruit Rocket Raccoon!
- 12 x Swear Jars (Have Gamora Rock the Mic, 5h OR Collect from Rocket's Weapon Rack, 4h)
- 6 x Wrenches (Defeat Ronan the Accuser)
- 29213 Energy Crystals
- 6 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser)

Star-Lord: Hey, Rocket. It's so nice to see you. I was just remembering the time I talked the Ravagers out of stealing your bike. Or the time I stopped Captain Marvel from caving your face in. Or the time--
Rocket Raccoon: Or the time you double-crossed us, and tried to snag the Infinity Gauntlet, and almost got us all killed?!
Star-Lord: What, that old thing? Nah. I try to live in the moment...
Rocket Raccoon: If you wanna live any more moments you're gonna listen real close, and do exactly what I tell you...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Animal House Pt. 3
Rocket Raccoon starts

Rocket Raccoon: Gimme one good reason why I shouldn't blow your head off...
Star-Lord: I'm fun. I'm funny. I can help you save the galaxy. I'm good at puzzles. I'm a decent dancer...
Rocket Raccoon: You can't dance...
Star-Lord: Oh, and you can?! Don't be mad just because you're afraid to ever go to the club...
Rocket Raccoon: That's it! Dance-off! Me and you!

Rocket Raccoon Break It Down, 15m
Star-Lord Dance-Off! 15m

Star-Lord: Fine. You're better than me at both dancing and murdering...
Rocket Raccoon: And you're the best at forgetting what's good for you...
Star-Lord: I know it was your plan. And I know it might've worked, but I messed it up. I just thought I had a clean shot at the glove...
Rocket Raccoon: Anyone can get a clean shot, Quill. You gotta know when to take it...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Animal House Pt. 4
Rocket Raccoon starts

Gamora: We need you to start work on a vessel that can get us back to the Conservatory, Rocket. Drax and I will handle Ronan and the Chitauri.
Rocket Raccoon: We should have Quill take on Ronan.
Gamora: ...
Rocket Raccoon: I'm just kidding, you green goof! I wouldn't let that idiot pick ticks off me.
Gamora: Just do your job, Rocket. Leave the fighting to the real warriors...

Rocket Raccoon Hate On These Idiots, 4h
Gamora Punish Targets, 15m
Drax Destroy the Drums, 3m

Rocket Raccoon: What are you?
Intergalactic Iron Man: I'm Tony Stark. I'm good at everything.
Rocket Raccoon: Everyone I've met who says they're good at something either isn't, or wants to use you for the one they're good at.
Intergalactic Iron Man: I just want to help you build your spaceship, and learn whatever I can about the tech you've seen...
Rocket Raccoon: I don't need any help. Even if I did, I wouldn't take it from a pretty boy who doesn't know what real work even means...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Like A Boss
Star-Lord starts

(Ronan emerges! This starts his first 24h countdown...)

Rocket Raccoon: You're done, Ronan.
Ronan: Soon enough, mongrel. We're about to transport the remaining Energy Crystals back to the Conservatory. Then I'll reduce this campus to ashes, and forget I ever stepped foot on this wretched planet.
Rocket Raccoon: I don't like it much either if we're being honest. But I like you even less.
Ronan: You're starting a fight you cannot win...
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, that's kind of my thing...

Learn About Boss Battles

Defeat Ronan! (Requires 3 Cosmic Disruptors to attack (Special Event Missions)

Rocket Raccoon: Ready to give up?
Ronan: Not until you and every one of your friends have tasted The Universal Weapon.
Rocket Raccoon: They aren't my friends. We just work together sometimes...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

A crystal mine will now appear for you to send 2 heroes too. I sent Ms Marvel & Black Widow and it takes 20 mins. You have 1 hour before Ronan comes back so you can easily mine twice within this time. You can even send them for a third time and collect after the 1h timer is up.

One Woman Army Pt. 1
Gamora starts

Gamora: This is your last chance, Ronan. Crawl back to Thanos while you still can...
Ronan: I'll be walking back to Thanos with my arms full of Energy Crystals, and this Academy in ruins...
Gamora: If you continue this fight, I will beat you back to space with your own weapon...
Ronan: You dare threaten Ronan the Accuser?!
Gamora: It's not a threat, Ronan. It's a promise...

Upgrade Gamora! 15 x Tracking Devices (Special Event Missions OR Collect from the Dark Aster Model, 6h), 3 x Guitar Picks, 10 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 20 x Daggers (Collect from the WANTED: Nebula Poster), 12489 Energy Crystals
Defeat a Chitauri Champion! 

Star-Lord: Why are you antagonizing Ronan? We said we'd keep playing it cool until Rocket can build a ship...
Gamora: I'm done playing...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

One Woman Army Pt. 2
Gamora starts

Star-Lord: I need your help with Gamora. We all agreed that there's no sense in fighting Ronan until we have a ship ready to take out Thanos, but her crazy eyes tell me she's sick of waiting...
Drax: You aren't a warrior, Quill. You don't understand what it feels like when vengeance consumes your soul...
Star-Lord: If she jumps the gun on our plan, neither one of you will get your revenge...
Drax: I'll speak to her. But don't worry, I don't believe she has any intention of jumping on your guns. 

Gamora Face the Fire, 1m
Gamora Punish Targets, 15m

Drax: Quill is concerned that your quest for vengeance may be interfering with our plan.
Gamora: He doesn't understand what it feels like to need revenge...
Drax: I told him the same thing. He's also afraid that you want to jump on top of his weapons.
Gamora: Terrans are so weird...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

The End of Infinity
Rocket Raccoon starts

Star-Lord: You sure about this Rocket?
Rocket Raccoon: Oh yeah. Me and Stark made the baddest bomb I've ever seen. Guy's a goof, but he knows how to blow stuff up. I almost sorta kinda like him...
Star-Lord: I mean about going right at Thanos. About going by yourself...
Rocket Raccoon: It's the only way. We blow up the whole Conservatory before he ever sees us coming, and grab the glove on our return trip. No reason I can't do it myself. You'd just annoy me the whole time...
Star-Lord: Well be careful...
Rocket Raccoon: Do you want a kiss goodbye or somethin'? Get out of here! If I don't come back, you need to take care of Groot. He's just a stupid tree that doesn't know nothin'...
Star-Lord: I will. And I'll wait for my kiss until you come back...

Rocket Take Out Thanos! 4h

Congratulations to the Avengers Academy students and the Guardians of the Galaxy for defeating Ronan, his Chitauri army, and the mysterious mastermind pulling their strings. Rocket Raccoon piloted his Milano Starship on a collision course with the intergalactic school-turned-evil-fortress known as the Cosmic Conservatory. The brave little raccoon unleashed a weapon built by himself and Tony Stark, which reduced the fortress to rubble, and eliminated the threat of the cosmic conqueror at its helm. We're still detecting massive amounts of energy from the remains, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about...
U.N. proposes new rules for processing Asgardian immigrants ... Vibranium prices hit an all-time high ... Video captures what appears to be a red Tyrannosaurus Rex ... Simon Williams to host "America's Next Wonder!" ... A.I.M. teases "mind-expanding" project codenamed M.O.D.O.K.

Star-Lord: Did it work?
Rocket Raccoon: Hell yeah it did. Conservatory's blown to bits, and Thanos is as dead as that creepy chick he's always drooling over.
Star-Lord: Awesome! I mean, not awesome that you murdered someone, but he was always talking about murdering us, so...yeah. Great job!
Rocket Raccoon: Now we keep pounding on Ronan's face-painted dome until he admits he's beat...
Star-Lord: Like a team?
Rocket Raccoon: ...I guess.
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

The Home Team
Star-Lord starts

Iron Man: Thank you guys again for all your help. I'm working with Cosmo to get Knowhere back into orbit, so everybody can get back to normal.
Star-Lord: Yeah, that's great. We'll make sure to help get rid of Ronan too...
Iron Man: What's wrong?
Star-Lord: I'm gonna miss you guys, man. I'm gonna miss Earth. We had a good thing going...
Iron Man: Nobody ever said you had to leave. Actually I'm pretty sure Loki said you have to leave, but don't worry about him...

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Star-Lord: You're probably wondering why I called you here...
Rocket Raccoon: Cuz you're gonna stay on Earth.
Star-Lord: How'd you know?
Rocket Raccoon: You've obviously been wanting to stay since you got here. You don't hide your feelings well, Quill. You're like a huge, hairy toddler.
Star-Lord: You guys aren't mad that I'm breaking up the team?
Rocket Raccoon: We're all staying, idiot. None of us got anything to go back to anyways. We'll still be the Guardians of the Galaxy. We'll just be doing it from Avengers Academy for a while...
Star-Lord: Gamora is staying too?
Rocket Raccoon: Yes, your wish-she-was-your-girlfriend is staying too. We like it here. They got places to train. Shawarma stand. A pool table. Even though you can only play one at a time for some dumb reason...
Star-Lord: I'm so happy right now. And I'm pretty sure you owe me a celebratory kiss...
Rocket Raccoon: Stay away from me weirdo. See, I'm already regrettin' this decision...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystal

Rocket's Weapon Rack
Star-Lord starts

Get Rocket's Weapon Rack from the Galactic Pawn Shop! 9 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 15 x Thermal Grenade (Special Event Missions), 2728 Energy Crystals, 3s

Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Beware of Spacedog
Star-Lord starts

Rocket Raccoon: Well if it isn't Cosmo the Spacedog...
Cosmo the Spacedog: Greetinks, comrade Raccoon.
Rocket Raccoon: You come all the way from space to make a mess of the lawn?
Cosmo the Spacedog: Cosmo is comink to do his duty as Knowhere Chief of Security. Puttink end to Ronan and Chitauri. They are beink bad boys. Severe breachink of proper conducts.
Rocket Raccoon: A whole team of us ain't been able to stop 'em yet...
Cosmo the Spacedog: Da, but Cosmo is beink different. Will use telepathy to be speakink reasons in heads. If that not workink, will use telepathy to make them go to sleep. Desperate times callink for desperate measures...

Get Cosmo the Spacedog from the Galactic Pawn Shop! 12 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 5473 Energy Crystals, 3s

Enchantress: They tell me you excel at getting inside people's minds...
Cosmo the Spacedog: Da, Cosmo is masterink both the telepathy and the telekinesis.
Enchantress: The Enchantress is already a master manipulator.
Cosmo the Spacedog: You smell like cupcakes, and be speakink in the third person. This is good. Cosmo is likink Enchantress.
Enchantress: Let's go for a walk, Cosmo. I believe we have a lot to telepathically talk about.
Cosmo the Spacedog: Cosmo like goink for walks. This is good...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Cage Match!
Gamora starts

Drax the Destroyer: I need to make sure I'm prepared for Thanos when we meet again. I'm building a suitable fighting cage to spar with the toughest warrior here...
Gamora: Why are you telling me?
Drax the Destroyer: Because I believe that warrior is you.

Get Drax's Cage from the Galactic Pawn Shop! 15 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 6325 Energy Crystals, 3h
Drax Destroy Each Other! 3h, requires Gamora

Drax: You are as formidable as I expected...
Gamora: You're pretty tough yourself. Although, if we're being honest, Thanos hits harder. And he has the Infinity Gauntlet...
Drax: Yes, but we have a team...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

We Built This City
Star-Lord starts

Rocket Raccoon: Alright Stark, me and you are gonna build a spaceship...
Iron Man: Nice! Can I fly it?!
Rocket Raccoon: Hell no.
Iron Man: ...
Rocket Raccoon: Fine. I'll let you press all the buttons...

Get the Milano Starship from the Galactic Pawn Shop! 20 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 2 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 10725 Energy Crystals, 3h
Iron Man Engage! 4h, requires Rocket Raccoon

Iron Man: That was amazing!
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, you did alright. Adding plasma actuators was a pretty decent idea. Sorry I won't let you fly, but last time I let somebody fly one of my ships, Quill about ran us into a black hole.
Iron Man: What should we build next?
Rocket Raccoon: The last thing we need to finish both Ronan and Thanos for good. A big ol' bomb...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Rocket's Hot Rod, 25 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 6 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 6105 Energy Crystals, 2h 33m

Groot's Grove
Star-Lord starts

Get Groot's Grove from the Galactic Pawn Shop! 71 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 20 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 13458 Energy Crystals, 3h

Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Get Groot!
Rocket Raccoon starts

Rocket Raccoon: It's time to bust Groot out of his escape pod.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: You're so excited to see you best friend!
Rocket Raccoon: Do I look excited to you?
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: For sure! Your beady little eyes are dilated, and your hackles are all hackly!
Rocket Raccoon: Just 'cuz it's freezing on this dump of a planet...

Free GROOT! 3s, 50 Energy Crystals

Recruit GROOT!
- 15 Galactic Pawn Shop Prizes (AKA all the prizes you got already)
- 17 x Bird Seed (Defeat Ronan the Accuser)
- 64 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser)
- 17928 Energy Crystals

Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, sorry it took so long. This place is crazy.
Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket Raccoon: Earth.
Groot: I am Groot?!
Rocket Raccoon: What's reggae?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Just go by yourself. I hate concerts...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Iron Man starts

Ronan: You think you've won?! This is only the beginning! We will decimate this pathetic planet!
Odin: We need you to build a cell to hold Ronan. I'll share designs from the Asgardian dungeons.
Iron Man: You want us to keep this guy on our campus?
Odin: Our only other options are to set him free or destroy him.
Iron Man: You really think he's any worse than Zemo and Enchantress?
Ronan: I will kill you all! Thanos will have your heads! The Kree Empire will rain relentless death upon everything you love!
Iron Man: Yup. Time to build a jail cell...
Build Ronan's Cell & get Ronan as a prisoner at end of event! 25000 Energy Crystals, 3s

Nick Fury: Nice work, Stark. Soon, we'll get the real prison up and running...
Iron Man: Shouldn't we send him to space jail or something?
Nick Fury: No, we need to find out everything he knows about Thanos and his plans.
Iron Man: What if he tries to break out?
Nick Fury: Whoever heard of a Super Villain breaking out of prison?
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals 

The Rocket Challenge! (Rewards the Rocket Bobblehead!)
Iron Man starts

Unlock Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket!

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 50 Energy Crystals

Beat Ronan Streak 1
Star-Lord starts

Battle Ronan and Complete Streak 1

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 3000 Crystals

Beat Ronan Streak 2
Star-Lord starts

Battle Ronan and Complete Streak 2

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 3000 Crystals

Beat Ronan Streak 3
Star-Lord starts

Battle Ronan and Complete Streak 3

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 3000 Crystals

Star-Lord's Dad Pt. 1
Star-Lord starts

Star-Lord: Do you think it's bad that all I want to do is try to find my dad right now? I've never had access to a database like they have here...
Gamora: I think it's understandable, Peter. I'd be looking for my family too if I could.
Star-Lord: You called me Peter...
Gamora: I guess I did. Let's pretend that never happened.

Upgrade Star-Lord! 9 x Kree Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 8 x Fluffy Dice (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 33 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 8 x Arcade Tokens (Collect from the Milano Starship), 12326 Energy Crystals
Star-Lord Search For Dad, 30m

Gamora: Any luck finding your father?
Star-Lord: No.
Gamora: Don't give up. We'll find someone to help...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Star-Lord's Dad Pt. 2
Star-Lord starts

Gamora: May I use your Stark Tower?
Iron Man: Hot tub?!
Gamora: No, I need to speak with the one you call J.A.R.V.I.S. I'm trying to help Quill locate his estranged father.
Iron Man: Oh. Sorry. Yeah, of course. Anything you want...
Gamora: Later, I may also want to enjoy your tub of hot water...
Iron Man: Awesome!
Gamora: To recuperate after battle.
Iron Man: Awesome... 

Gamora Discuss Nothingness, 15m
Star-Lord Search For Dad, 30m

Gamora: J.A.R.V.I.S. and I discussed many things. He's quite wise, and just the right amount of sassy. Most importantly, he thinks he may know how to locate your father.
Star-Lord: Where?!
Gamora: You'll have to travel back to space. Even then there will be no guarantee...
Star-Lord: I have to leave Earth again...
Gamora: You don't have to do anything, but you can always come back.
Star-Lord: I don't wanna leave you...guys. All you guys. And girls. And whatever Rocket and Groot are. Us. The team...
Gamora: When the time is right, we'll go together...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

I am Groot! Pt. 1
Groot starts

Rocket Raccoon: I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. I missed you, Groot.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Don't make it weird. I just appreciate the fact that you're the only one who doesn't get mad when I jump on their head to blow stuff up.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: We'll see about that...

Groot Fight with Friends, 15m, requires Rocket

Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, you did alright. For a big, dumb tree...
Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket Raccoon: Sure. What do you wanna do?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: You know that I hate surprises...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

I am Groot! Pt. 2
Groot starts

Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Seriously?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Fine. Don't say I never did anything for you...

Groot Set the Scene, 15m
Rocket Raccoon Break It Down, 15m
Star-Lord Dance-Off! 15m

Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket Raccoon: I guess. Schooling Quill never gets old.
Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket Raccoon: How would I know?
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, but I don't act like one.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Good point. Sometimes I act like one...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

I am Groot! Pt. 3
Groot starts
Groot: I am Groot?
Rocket Raccoon: Nah, I got stuff to do. Get out of there and meet these people. A couple of 'em aren't as terrible as you'd expect.
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, well, talk to me after you've made the rounds...

Upgrade Groot! 3 Kree Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 8173 Energy Crystals
Groot Be One with Nature, 3m
Groot Stay Hydrated! 15m

Wasp: Oh my gosh! You're so beautiful!
Groot: I am Groot.
Wasp: You're welcome!
Groot: I am Groot?!
Wasp: Why wouldn't I understand you?
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

A Tree of Few Words Pt. 1
Groot starts

Groot: I am Groot?
Wasp: I'd love to go to a concert with you, but I promised Ant-Man I'd make him a super-secret outfit. Why don't you go with Rocket?
Groot: I am Groot.
Wasp: I bet because he can't see over people's heads...
Groot: I am Groot.
Wasp: You're so crazy!

Groot Buy Concert Tickets, 45m

Groot: I am Groot?
Falcon: I'm Sam. Or you can call me Falcon.
Groot: I am Groot.
Falcon: Or you can just keep saying that. That's cool too.
Groot: I am Groot?
Falcon: We're having communication issues, Groot. It's okay though. I think I know someone who can help...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals 

A Tree of Few Words Pt. 2
Groot starts

Groot: I am Groot.
Iron Man: I am Tony Stark, and I am going to design tiny translators to put in our ears so that Wasp and Rocket aren't the only ones who can understand you.
Groot: I am Groot!
Iron Man: You look excited, so I'm gonna assume you're saying thank you, in which case, you're welcome.
Groot: I am Groot!
Iron Man: I'm just gonna pretend that you're repeatedly applauding my genius. Now that I think about it, maybe I don't wanna know what you're actually saying...

Upgrade Groot! 4 x Kree Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 12260 Energy Crystals
Falcon See Some Reggae! 3h, requires Groot & Iron Man

Reward: 20 Energy Crystals 

Moral Combat Pt. 1
Rocket Raccoon starts

Rocket Raccoon: Where do you guys go to blow stuff up around here?
Star-Lord: You need to practice for the battle against Ronan?
Rocket Raccoon: Sure. What you said.
Star-Lord: We built a place called the Cosmic Combat Simulator. Fancy name for a fancy place to blast at Thanos dummies.
Rocket Raccoon: Great.
Star-Lord: Want me to go with you?
Rocket Raccoon: Nope. 

Upgrade Cosmic Combat Simulator! 15 Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 9422 Energy Crystals, 4h
Rocket Raccoon Blow Stuff Up, 15m

War Machine: Nice blasting out there!
Rocket Raccoon: Who are you?
War Machine: War Machine.
Rocket Raccoon: That's good. Seriously though, what's your name?
War Machine: James Rhodes. Rhodey. People call me War Machine.
Rocket Raccoon: Sounds to me like you're overcompensating.
War Machine: That's funny coming from a guy whose weapon is bigger than he is...
Rocket Raccoon: I'll show you funny!
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Moral Combat Pt. 2
Rocket Raccoon starts

Star-Lord: You need to chill out, man. These people are our friends.
Rocket Raccoon: Your friends. And don't say "chill out". It makes you sound even stupider than usual.
Star-Lord: Why do you always have to be such a jerk?
Rocket Raccoon: Why are you such an idiot?!
Star-Lord: Forget it, Rocket. We're trying to be a team, so we can help these guys fight Ronan, and stop Thanos. If you don't want to be a part of it, just stay away...
Rocket Raccoon: Stay away?! We had our chance to get away! To finish Thanos and his punks once and for all! And you ruined it! It was your fault!
Star-Lord: I know it was. That's why I'm trying to make it better...

Gamora Punish Targets, 15m
Star-Lord Practice Your Moves, 15m
Drax Destroy Dummies, 15m

Rocket Raccoon: What were you thinking back at the Conservatory?
Star-Lord: You want to actually talk about it, or just yell at me?
Rocket Raccoon: Both probably...
Star-Lord: When I saw that pile of Power Gem shards, I knew he had a way to visit different dimensions, and I knew if he had activated that machine or whatever it was, he would've...that it wouldn't have been good...
Rocket Raccoon: So you ignored my plan, and about got us killed...
Star-Lord: I acted on instinct, and tried to save us all. While also ignoring your plan. And almost getting us all killed...
Rocket Raccoon: I can't stay mad at you, Quill. You're just a huge, stupid baby.
Star-Lord: Thanks, Rocket. I love you too.
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Rocket Launcher Pt. 1
Rocket Raccoon starts

Star-Lord: You should look into the database here, Rocket. It's the best chance any of us have of finding out where we came from.
Rocket Raccoon: I came from nothin'. Pretty proud of it.
Star-Lord: C'mon, Rocket. We get it. You're tough. You don't need any friends. It's fine if you don't wanna say we're friends, but I say we are. And I say you wanna know as much about your past as I do about mine...
Rocket Raccoon: What if what I find out is worse than what I already know?
Star-Lord: Then it'll be the truth. Good or bad, that's something. Maybe you aren't the only annoying, cannon-carrying raccoon out there... 
Rocket Raccoon: Maybe you're right...

Upgrade Rocket Raccoon! 
RANK 2: 3 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 10 x ?, 21 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 8 x Swear Jars (Have Gamora Rock the Mic, 5h OR Collect from Rocket's Weapon Rack, 4h), 5122 Energy Crystals
RANK 3: 13 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 3 x ?, 50 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 10 x Bandana (Collect from the Rocket's Hot Rod), 12862 Energy Crystals
Rocket Raccoon Research Halfworld, 30m

Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Relentless Pt. 1
Drax starts

Gamora: I'm not sure who they are yet, but there are more Cosmic Conservatory students on this planet. I'm sure of it...
Drax: Then I need to find them. If they're followers of Thanos, I have to destroy them.
Gamora: If they follow Thanos, don't you think they'd be here fighting by Ronan?
Drax: I think Thanos has bigger ambitions than what we're facing right now. And more powerful allies than Ronan...

Upgrade Drax! 4 x ?, 4 x Kree Empire Seals (Defeat Ronan the Accuser), 25 x Enhanced Chitauri Armor (Defeat Chitauri Trooper OR Defeat Chitauri Champion), 6 x ?, 14400 Energy Crystals
Drax Look Harder for Thanos, 30m

Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Are you excited for unlocking Rocket and Groot? What about fighting Ronan?


Saturday, 16 April 2016

GotG Premium Character Outfit: Galactic Assassin Gamora

Hi everyone,

Note: This outfit was re-released during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Special Event 2017. Still verifying her abilities this time around. New info in red.

So it seems some new content was added overnight, including a new outfit for Gamora - Galactic Assassin Gamora! It only seems to be available when you go directly to Van Dyne's and I haven't seen a pop up for her yet.
Hopefully will be able to upload a pic soon, but she costs 445 Shards and helps with levelling up your Guardian's health skill. Her double Health Skill boosts for the other characters are only 4 hours each, which is great in comparison to their personal 6 hour tasks.

Space Ace Pt. 1
Gamora starts

Gamora: Everyone says you're the expert at designing new outfits and armors.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: You're so sweet!
Gamora: I need something that will give me extra strength and durability to slice through these Chitauri, and get my revenge on Ronan.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: I can't wait for you to see my new galactic assassin line!

Unlock Galactic Assassin Gamora!

Retro-Futuristic Wasp: You look so amazing!
Galactic Assassin Gamora: This is...exquisite.
Retro-Futuristic Wasp: Just don't get too much guts on it. It's dry clean only!
Reward: 10 Flares 

Space Ace Pt. 1
Gamora starts

Loki: You look frightening.
Galactic Assassin Gamora: Thank you.
Loki: You're welcome. Please decimate these intergalactic ghouls so that I may finally return to tormenting my classmates, and uncovering the faculty's deceit.
Galactic Assassin Gamora: I'll do my best, little liar. But I'll do it for me...

Gamora Punish Targets, 15m
Defeat 3 Chitauri Champions!

Gamora Punish Targets, 15m

Chitauri: Rhe rhounkh whahnk tuk fekh yuk.
Galactic Assassin Gamora: Your only other options are to either retreat or beg for mercy.
Chitauri: Rhe cankh rhue tenk thelkhh...
Galactic Asssassin Gamora: No one ever said they were good options...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

Space Ace Pt. 2
Gamora starts

Odin: I felt the need to introduce myself. I am Odin, King of Asgard.
Galactic Assassin Gamora: I know who you are, Asgardian All-Father.
Odin: Then you know that I appreciate a warrior when I see one. And I hope you know that I'm thankful you're here to help protect Avengers Academy. 

Gamora Stay Sharp, 3m
Defeat 3 Chitauri Champions!

Gamora Stay Sharp, 3m

Nick Fury: You're doing great work out there, Gamora. I hope you consider staying on at the Academy.
Galactic Assassin Gamora: Thank you, but my mission remains in space...
Nick Fury: Your mission to destroy Thanos?
Galactic Assassin Gamora: You know of Thanos?
Nick Fury: I wish I didn't. And I hope you complete your mission...
Reward: 20 Energy Crystals

What do you think of Gamora's new outfit? Are you going to buy it?


Friday, 15 April 2016

Pepper Potts to the Rescue!

Hey hey, just a bit of info here regarding what happened when you were able to recruit Pepper Potts in the Rescue event! So if you weren't able to get her, I'll be recording the dialogue here for you to read!

To the Rescue! (Limited Time!)

Invite Pepper Potts!
Recruit Pepper Potts!
- 225 Holo-Globes
- 2000 Credits

Pepper Potts: This is amazing. I can't believe these rocket shoes!
Iron Man: Thank Wasp for those. I just followed her designs, and tried not to get distracted by her standing over my shoulder making a "squeeeee" sound...
Pepper Potts: Thank you, Tony. I owe you...
Iron Man: We should celebrate...
Pepper Potts: Celebrate?! Can you imagine all the work I can get done in these?!
Reward: 25 Credits

Head of the Class Pt. 1
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: Thanks again, Tony! This is so great!
Iron Man: You want me to show you how to use it?
Pepper Potts: I probably know as much about your armor as you do.
Iron Man: Then you know how many times I've almost killed myself with it...

Try it Out, 2m, requires Iron Man

Pepper Potts: How'd I do?!
Iron Man: ... really, really good.
Pepper Potts: Thanks! I just want to be the best I can be with it. I hope you know I'm trying to outdo you...
Iron Man: Yeah. Like that's possible...
Reward: 37 Credits

Head of the Class Pt. 2
Pepper Potts starts

Nick Fury: You're a force to be reckoned with, Potts. Glad to see Stark is proving himself useful...
Pepper Potts: I think it's time we laid off him a little bit. I know you felt like we needed to break his ego down to get him on board, but he's proven himself to be a team player, and an asset to the Academy.
Nick Fury: You're right. Let's focus on evaluating the rest of the recruits. I wouldn't be so hard on Stark if he hadn't hacked my satellites without my permission, and...
Pepper Potts: Found out about your thing with the clowns?

Pepper Potts Evaluate Recruits, 8h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m
Wasp Have a Blast! 1m

Pepper Potts: Loki is still my biggest concern. As far as the students at least...
Nick Fury: Don't worry about the other thing. We've done as much as can to protect it. We just need to keep bringing in new recruits just in case.

Reward: 37 Credits 

Head of the Class Pt. 3
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: I just want to be open with you, and tell you that I still have my concerns about Loki...
Odin: Weapons and technology are always helpful, Pepper Potts, but your true strength lies in your honesty. I love my son. I trust him. And I trust that he fears my wrath...
Pepper Potts: I don't want our own students to fear us.
Odin: You don't know Loki as well as I do...

Pepper Potts Keep an Eye on Things, 2h
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 2m 

Pepper Potts: Loki seems like he's just going about his studies...
Odin: Loki seems like many things. Few of them are true.
Pepper Potts: You don't worry about our secret?
Odin: I am the All-Father. I am always concerned for my children. And I am always prepared to destroy anything that dares threaten them...
Reward: 37 Credits

Head of the Class Pt. 4
Pepper Potts starts

Iron Man: I'm about to activate Stark Tower's anti-bad-guy-repulsor-protection-system! Where's Wasp?! I need a catchier name for it!
Pepper Potts: You need to respect school rules, Tony. You have to clear anything like this with the administration.
Iron Man: That's what you said right before I improved Pym's Lab.
Pepper Potts: You almost blew up Pym's Lab...
Iron Man: And Pym said it was the best "almostplosion" he's ever seen!

Upgrade Pepper Potts, 1957 Credits
Pepper Potts Put Out Tony's Fires, 1h
Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m 

Pepper Potts: You have to be more careful, Tony...
Iron Man: I know. I also know I never will. You should work for Stark Industries, Pepper. When I graduate and become an official Avenger, I'll need a stern yet sexy voice of reason to keep me in line...
Pepper Potts: Sounds like a lot of headaches. What's in it for me?
Iron Man: Besides the suit of armor I'm making you out of the goodness of my Arc Reactor heart? How about an entire business to boss around, and more money than Odin keeps hidden in his beard?
Pepper Potts: I'll think about it...
Reward: 37 Credits

Top Secret Pt. 1
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: I'm still getting reports of injury-related accidents at your lab, Professor Pym.
Hank Pym: Amazing! So am I!
Pepper Potts: Would you mind if I look around, and suggest some additional safety measures?
Hank Pym: I would love it! Just be careful! It's incredibly dangerous!

Pepper Potts Improve Lab Safety, 5h

Pepper Potts: I know you think the volatile chemistry experiments are essential, but I'm pretty sure removing those is the simplest step to making the lab safer. And what happened to the safety goggles I ordered?
Hank Pym: With slight modifications I've turned them into fantastic timefog goggles! And they're unbelievably easy to mass-produce!
Pepper Potts: You've been entering the timefog?
Hank Pym: I've been doing so many things I've lost track!
Pepper Potts: Why do you need so many pairs of goggles?
Hank Pym: Because leaving all of me with our eyes unprotected would be incredibly rude!
Reward: 37 Credits

Top Secret Pt. 2
Pepper Potts starts

 Pepper Potts: Find a way to sneak into S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. I'm gonna show you everything I know about the timefog...
Black Widow: Why now?
Pepper Potts: Because I'm beginning to realize that there's a lot they aren't telling me...

Pepper Potts Review Timefog Findings, 1h30m
Black Widow Test Invisibility Tech, 30m
Black Widow: So the timefog was caused by an explosion. That explosion somehow reconstituted itself into the most powerful object on Earth. And Fury brought us all here to unknowingly protect it.
Pepper Potts: That about covers it. Wish I knew more because I know that's not the whole story...
Black Widow: Not even the first chapter. What caused the explosion? How does an explosion put itself back together? Why is the timefog filled with things from across time and space?
Pepper Potts: And why is Professor Pym a regular visitor?
Black Widow: I figured Pym had been sneaking in and out of the timefog. It's about time I followed him...
Reward: 37 Credits 

Top Secret Pt. 3
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: When are you following Pym into the timefog?
Black Widow: I'm not telling you. Not because I don't trust you, but because it's better if you don't know. Also, I still don't trust you.
Pepper Potts: I wouldn't trust me either. I thought I was doing what was right by keeping my distance from you guys, and keeping you away from the timefog. Now I'm not so sure...
Black Widow: What are you gonna do now?
Pepper Potts: Maintain appearances while I look for the truth. And get ready to fight for it if I have to...

Upgrade Pepper Potts! 50 x Textbooks (Mission Board), 45 x Tablet (Mission Board), 5096 Credits
Pepper Potts Forge Ahead, 45m
Pepper Potts Practice Your Craft, 6h

Iron Man: What do you think about the partial suit?
Pepper Potts: It's amazing, Tony. Thank you so much.
Iron Man: I'm glad you like it. There's even an outlet on the elbow to plug in your tablet. Perfect for the workaholic Super Hero.
Pepper Potts: I'm sorry I've been so hard on you, Tony. I'm not trying to be mean. I just want you to be the best you can be because I have the feeling someday you might be the one to save us all.
Iron Man: Don't worry about it. I mean, you did make me cry a lot. More like sobbing. A little bit of weeping...
Pepper Potts: Then I guess I'll have to make it up to you...
Reward: 47 Credits

Take Charge Pt. 1
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: I say we start over.
Iron Man: How do we do that?
Pepper Potts: You'll stop bragging all the time, and hitting on me with your cheesy one-liners. I'll stop being mean to you, and shower you with well-deserved compliments.
Iron Man: I didn't hear anything you said after the word shower...
Pepper Potts: Let's just go dancing before I change my mind...

Pepper Potts Start Over, 2h, requires Iron Man

Iron Man: You ever get the feeling that we're meant to be together?
Pepper Potts: Not really.
Iron Man: Oh...
Pepper Potts: But that doesn't mean we can't be...
Reward: 37 Credits

Take Charge Pt. 2
Pepper Potts starts

Iron Man: I got an idea for a way to help you with recruiting! I can set up Fury's drones to deliver admission applications to potential recruits. Save you some travel while still giving it a personal touch.
Pepper Potts: That's a great idea. Let's just make sure we clear it with Director Fury first because he's added anti-hacking measures to attack any system that tries to override his drones.
Iron Man: Right...
Pepper Potts: You already did it, didn't you?
Iron Man: When you say security measures, what exactly does that mean?

Pepper Potts Put Out Tony's Fires, 1h
Iron Man Talk to J.A.R.V.I.S. 2h

Iron Man: I'm starting to think that Rescue might really be a better Super Hero name for you than Pepper Grinder...
Pepper Potts: I'm glad that repeatedly keeping your skyscraper from burning to the ground helped change your mind...
Iron Man: I'm getting more and more convinced that I need you to be my assistant...
Pepper Potts: I'm starting to think it would be better for everyone if I was your boss.
Reward: 37 Credits

Take Charge Pt. 3
Pepper Potts starts

Pepper Potts: I need to take care of a recruiting issue. Will you please keep an eye on Tony? 
Captain America: I always do. What's the problem?
Pepper Potts: One of our potential recruits is...chewing on a building.
Captain America: At least our lives are never boring...
Pepper Potts: When I get back, please give me some tips on staying positive...

Upgrade Pepper Potts! 8650 Credits
Pepper Potts Save the Day Again, 4h

Captain America: Did your recruit eat a building?
Pepper Potts: No, thank goodness. A little girl helped me talk him down. Did Tony accidentally burn down the campus?
Captain America: No, he spent the whole time reading a book about famous historical women.
Pepper Potts: That's...good? Weird? Creepy?
Captain America: That's Tony.

Reward: 37 Credits

Woman of Action Pt. 1
Pepper Potts starts

Nick Fury: I fully support you arming yourself against whatever comes next, Potts, but you need to keep focused on your job...
Pepper Potts: Making this Academy the best it can be will always be my top priority.
Nick Fury: Just don't get distracted. I admitted a lot of these recruits based off of your recommendation, and it's already blown up in my face way too many times.
Pepper Potts: I wish I could control everything, but I can't. We decided that it's better to have some of the more risky recruits here than at Hydra School or the A.I.M. Institute...
Nick Fury: I know we did. Don't make me regret that decision...

Pepper Potts Evaluate Recruits, 8h
Enchantress Judge Everyone, 3m
Taskmaster Annihilate Targets, 1h

Pepper Potts: There are definitely some students we need to keep a closer eye on than others, but I'm still confident that we're stronger with them on our side...
Nick Fury: Just keep the ultimate goal in mind.
Pepper Potts: Hard to do when I don't have all of the information...
Nick Fury: What's that supposed to mean?
Pepper Potts: It means I could make more informed decisions if you told me everything there is to know about the timefog...
Nick Fury: You'll have to trust that it's more than you'd ever want to know. I wish I could forget it myself...
Reward: 37 Credits 

Woman of Action Pt. 2
Pepper Potts starts

Madame Hydra: Hello, Ms. Potts.
Pepper Potts: Talk fast before I repulsor you off my campus...
Madame Hydra: I always appreciate a powerful woman. Do you ever wonder if Fury feels the same? If he'll ever tell you what he's truly planning instead of just growling out orders?
Pepper Potts: I'd suggest talking faster...
Madame Hydra: I'd suggest visiting Hydra School. I could use an intelligent, driven, forward-thinker at my side when Fury's true intentions force us all to fight for our lives...

Pepper Potts Visit Hydra School, 3h

Madame Hydra: What are your impressions of Hydra School?
Pepper Potts: I appreciate your sense of order. Your discipline. Your focus...
Madame Hydra: Good. You're so much more than an Administrator. I see you as a Lieutenant. Potentially a Baroness. I know you envision a new, better order for this world...
Pepper Potts: I do. And it's a world without Hydra. So thank you for giving me direct access to poach your best recruits...
Reward: 37 Credits

Woman of Action Pt. 3
Pepper Potts starts

Ares: You defy Fury. Spurn Madame Hydra. Try to control your unruly peers. You want war, don't you?
Pepper Potts: I just want to protect my friends, and the people who can't protect themselves...
Ares: That means war...
Pepper Potts: Then I guess that's all part of the job...

Upgrade Pepper Potts! 75 x Textbooks (Mission Board), 65 x Tablet (Mission Board), 14659 Credits

Pepper Potts Don't Mess with Pepper, 7h
Pepper Potts Visit Potential Recruits, 6h

Pepper Potts: I'm bringing in even more powerful recruits, and getting myself ready to take down Hydra and anything else that gets in the way.
Nick Fury: You're the only person on this planet who scares me, Potts.
Pepper Potts: Me?! Why?
Nick Fury: Because I know you'll go through me and anything else it takes to get what you want.
Pepper Potts: Then why do you want me working for you?
Nick Fury: Because you're the best there is at what you do. And I like dangerous people. And the only other person I'm afraid of isn't on this planet. And I need your help to stop him...
Reward: 37 Credits

Were you able to get Pepper? What do you think of her if so? Have a look below for Pepper's phrases and actions as well if you're interested!


Pepper's Phrases
Looks like Pepper to the rescue...
Fire away!
I like being in charge.
I'm always busy...
It's on my list.
That's priority number one.
I can handle it.
It's under control...

Pepper's Actions
Try It Out, 2m, The Blasting Range
Keep an Eye on Things, 2h, Avengers Dorm
Practice Your Craft, 6h, The Blasting Range
Evaluate Recruits, 8h, Avengers Hall
Improve Lab Safety, 5h, Pym's Lab
Don't Mess With Pepper - Rank 5
Evaluate Instructors - Rank 4
Forge Ahead, 45m, The Asgardian Forge - Rank 3 
Play Ball - Rank 4
Polish Your Resume, 2h 30m, The Timeless Archives - Rank 2
Put Out Tony's Fires, 1h, Stark Tower - Rank 2
Review Timefog Findings, 1h 30m, S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q. - Rank 2
Save the Day Again - Rank 4
Stay Focused, 3h, Avengers Stadium - Rank 3
Take a Break, 3h, Club A - Rank 3
Visit Potential Recruits - Rank 5

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Various Quests Post-Falcon Unlock

Hi everybody!
Thought it would be fun to touch on some of the side quests and stuff you'll see after you unlock Falcon! For example, after reaching Academy Level 5, you'll get a lil quest encouraging you to like the Facebook group as seen below. Another change you may notice is that your Mission board quests will now take 15 mins to refresh after dismissal, as opposed to the previous 10 mins. Once you reach Academy Level 7, this will increase again to 20 minutes.
Now, let's take a look at a few of the extra quests...

Like Our Page! (24h)
Wasp starts

Wasp: Have you like our Facebook page?! 
Loki: I've enjoyed the parts with me, but I get more than enough of you and Armor-Man as it is...
Wasp: But have you "liked" it?
Loki: Do you have auditory difficulties? I just said I've thoroughly enjoyed the extra adoration, and the saucy Misgardian commenters...

Like our Facebook Page and get 5 Shards!
(Note: there is a 24h timer on this)

Loki: You'll be pleased to know that I officially like the Academy's Facebook page. Largely because I plan on harnessing the power of the Gem Shards to further my goals...
Wasp: Are you ever gonna accept my friend request?
Loki: Are you going to give me additional Infinity Gem Shards?
Wasp: ...
Loki: Fine. I would rather have you as my internet friend that my real-life enemy...
Reward: 5 Shards

Professor Pym
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I'm stoked class is finally starting. Parties and villains are fun, but science is my thing. I can't wait to see what I can learn from all these amazing teachers.
Wasp: Go for it, Tony. I respect your right to be nerdy.

Build Pym's Lab, 416 Credits, 1h

Iron Man: Hank Pym! I'm a huge fan of your work in quantum physics and bio-energy projection.
Hank Pym: Tony Stark! You've made fantastic advances in repulsor design! I applied them to a laser-cannon schematic, and caused a massive explosion that destroyed my former laboratory!
Iron Man: That's...insane.
Hank Pym: That's SCIENCE!!!
Reward: 38 Credits

Suited Up
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I need to work on my suit. I don't think Natasha and Fury take me serious, and I want to be able to help against Hydra and whatever else comes up...
Wasp: Don't go getting all responsible on me, Tony.
Iron Man: Don't worry, the whole time I'll be bumping loud music, and almost exploding things. My seriousness has its limits. 

Upgrade Iron Man! (Rank 3)
- 5 x Avengers Textbooks, 10 x Science Trophy, 596 Credits
Iron Man Design Armor, 15m

Iron Man: Now I just need to work on my helmet...
Wasp: You're gonna cover your face?
Iron Man: Yeah, but the faceplate will lift up everytime I say something cool.
Reward: 77 Credits 

First Class
Iron Man starts

Hank Pym: How would you rate yourself when it comes to chemistry?
Iron Man: One higher than the highest possible rating.
Hank Pym: Fantastic! We'll skip the easy experiments, and move right into something potentially apocalyptic!

Iron Man Be A Genius, 1h

Hank Pym: Well done! Someday you'll either save the world or destroy us all!
Iron Man: I don't wanna destroy the world...
Hank Pym: We're super-scientists, Tony. We aren't doing our jobs if we aren't almost destroying the world.
Reward: 39 Credits

Punch Out!
Falcon starts

Falcon: Where do you go to practice hand-to-hand combat?
Loki: I don't spend my spare time punching things like some sort of dim-witted Dwarven pugilist. Fighting is for people who lack the talent and intellect to do damage without getting their hands dirty...
Falcon: I heard your brother is one of the best fighters ever...
Loki: My point exactly... 

Falcon Punch, 30m

Loki: Do you feel better after punching that filthy, defenseless bag?
Falcon: I do. I love the exercise, and if I'm gonna hang with you guys, I need to be ready to fight.
Loki: You honestly believe you can fight alongside gods and Super People?
Falcon: I don't know. But at least I'm not afraid to try...
Reward: 49 Credits

Security clearance
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: J.A.R.V.I.S. managed to bypass the security clearance and create a duplicate access card to open the hangar!

Obtain the Access Card

Black Widow: Just wait until I access the Quinjet...
Reward: 3 Credits

Pym Portals Pt. 1

Iron Man starts

Hank Pym: Tony Stark! Are you prepared to perform the improbable?!
Iron Man: Probably.
Hank Pym: Tell me what you think of these experimental particles. I'm looking to incorporate them into my newest invention...
Iron Man: Sounds mysterious.
Hank Pym: And dangerous!

Iron Man Play With Particles, 45m

Iron Man: The liquid is swimming with nanobots. What do they do?
Hank Pym: What don't they do?!
Iron Man: Vote?
Hank Pym: Correct! Voting supports peaceful transitions of power, and we Super People always seem to have problems with that. My nanobots do not vote, but they do travel time and space...
Iron Man: You pulled them out of the timefog?
Hank Pym: Of course not. I send them into the timefog! And I'm going to send you with them!
Reward: 39 Credits

Pym Portals Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I don't want to go into the timefog, Professor Pym. I already found my future smashed helmet in there. I'm pretty sure it used to protect my future smashed face.
Hank Pym: I don't want you to go personally, Tony. I want you to improve my nanobots, so that the timefog can experience your genius!
Iron Man: Oh. Well, when you put it that way...

Iron Man Talk To J.A.R.V.I.S., 2h
Iron Man Tinker With Tech, 1h

Iron Man: I gave your nanobots improved sensors, advanced A.I., and protective armor. What exactly do you do with them?
Hank Pym: I send them through portals to see if they can survive, and find their way back through the timefog to the correct Academy!
Iron Man: The correct Academy?
Hank Pym: Aren't they lucky?! I can't wait to make the trip myself!
Reward: 49 Credits 

(After Avengers Assemble Pt. 7)
Hydra's Revenge Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Nick Fury: Don't worry, Wasp. We know Hydra's sending something our way, but we don't even know what it is yet...
Wasp: They shut off our Wi-Fi!
Nick Fury: I'm guessing it's a little more dangerous than that. A few of you should look around for clues, and try to find out what we're dealing with...
Wasp: What about the internet?
Nick Fury: Do I look like the cable guy to you?
(Cut scene of Hydra device appearing above the city)

Falcon Blast Off! 1m
Black Widow Search For Clues, 1m
Wasp See What's Up, 5m

Black Widow: I didn't find any more devices.
Falcon: We didn't either. And no sign of Hydra. I guess they're keeping their distance so they don't get caught.
Wasp: Or blown up. What're we gonna do?
Iron Man: I'll fix it.
Black Widow: Do you even know what we're talking about?
Iron Man: Nope. But I never let that stop me.
Reward: 73 Credits

This is a World News special report. Outlets around the globe are reporting mysterious Hydra devices at capital buildings, military bases, and popular tourist attractions... C'mon, Hydra. What did tourists ever do to you? Madame Hydra refuses to comment on the devices, saying only that by the time we figure them out, "It will be too late". Avengers Academy Director Nick Fury urges everyone to stay calm, keep away from the devices until his students have assessed the danger, and quit being a baby about it.
Tony Stark names himself Sexiest Man Alive ... Russian engineers preparing for "Armor Wars" ... Wasp considers franchising Van Dyne's ... Poll: Do you trust S.H.I.E.L.D.?

So, lots of stuff happening in the game right now! Next time we'll be looking at unlocking a certain enchantress... and building Van Dyne's! Are you enjoying the game? Looking forward to unlocking more characters?