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Civil War Special Event!

So, I just woke up and it looks like Civil War has come to the Academy!


First up, some basic event FAQ.
The event will end on Tuesday 7th June at 6pm EDT. In order to participate in events, you must be at Academy Level 6 and have built Van Dyne's Outfits.
There is a Special Event Mission Board again, where you can earn stuff like Vibranium (event currency). Annoyingly dismissing missions appears to take 30m this time around, so think carefully if you want to wait for a new one. You can also earn Arc Reactors for Iron Prototypes, Battle Plans for S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits and S.H.I.E.L.D. Sanctions which you'll need for training and fighting, so keep using your Mission Board as much as possible!
I recommend you focus on getting the Iron Widow outfit for Black Widow as soon as possible and don't forget to buy the items in the Civil Warehouse which is located on the event tab.
Lastly, you may have noticed Bucky/Winter Soldier is available in this event, but don't worry if you don't get him as he will be available for normal recruitment later in the main game... This is just a special opportunity to get him early on!
Now, on with the quests!

Civil Disagreement
Iron Man starts

Captain America: We need a better way to protect the Academy, Tony. That attack by Ronan and the Chitauri is just another sign that we still aren't ready to defend the world...
Iron Man: Have I told you about my plan to build an army of robots?
Captain America: You tell everybody all the time. Yesterday I asked you what you were having for lunch, and you said and army of robots. It didn't even make sense...
Iron Man: Would things make more sense to you if everybody talked like old-timey radio announcers? I don't mind asking everyone to do that...
Captain America: All I want you to do is work on a strategy that doesn't involve us relying on robots...
Iron Man: You're right, Cap. I'll have my robots figure something out...

Iron Man Do Super-Science, 3m

Captain America: I don't even wanna hear your plan for protecting the Academy if it involves the word robot. You can say it's about the future, but I say it's about you not wanting to do the work yourself.
Iron Man: What's your plan, Cap? Should we all throw flag-themed shields? Should we spend all day doing the Charleston, and hope the bad guys are afraid of outdated dancing?
Captain America: We should teach recruits how to fight as a team. To understand the value of hard work and discipline. To basically be everything you aren't...
Iron Man: You get so fired up about fighting. I love it. It brings your personality from a zero to a solid three.
Captain America: I'm Class President, so we'll follow my plan. I'll build a camp to train incoming S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits to protect the Academy, and a superhuman strike force for going after the enemy...
Iron Man: I'll make my own camp with my own team, and my robots. Maybe I'll have them finally take out Hydra. Or maybe I'll have them battle TeamBoring. That's my sassy nickname for you now. I just made it up...
Captain America: I'd like to see you try, Tony. Matter of fact, I'm counting down the seconds...
Reward: 20 Credits

War Games

Iron Man: What do you think about my camp?
Captain America: I think it's exactly what I expected.
Iron Man: Now you know how I feel when you do anything...
Captain America: Just get to work, Tony. All that matters is we find the best way to keep this school, and the rest of the world safe. I don't care which side makes that happen.
Iron Man: Good luck getting anybody to join your side. Your place looks like the place people go to do their homework before they come to my place.
Captain America: Wasp already joined my team.
Iron Man: What?!

Learn about the Civil War event! (takes you to the event tab. You can access this anytime by tapping the Civil War symbol on the bottom right of the screen next to the Outfits symbol.
Learn how to fight the Hydra threat!

Iron Man: You seriously joined TeamBoring?
Wasp: You know my team can't be boring, Tony. It's literally impossible.
Iron Man: I thought we were best friends?
Wasp: We are, but I'm not getting caught up in your stupid boy war. They say Hydra is gonna launch their biggest attack ever, so I wanna train to fight, and nobody knows more about training than Cap.
Iron Man: I'm building robots that can take out Hydra, Cap, and anything else that stands between us.
Wasp: Nothing is gonna get between us, you big baby. You go make your robots, and I'll go get buffer and tougher, and later we'll hang out and make Loki memes.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

There's even more drama than usual at Avengers Academy as Captain America and Tony Stark have reportedly split the school into two camps based around the best strategy for defending the world. Madame Hydra believes this is continued proof of the Academy's faulty ideals and ineffectual leadership, and plans to exploit the rift to destroy the would-be Avengers once and for all. Hydra School's star pupil Red Skull promises revenge against Captain America and Director Fury for their continued defiance and disrespect, and promises to unleash Hydra's ultimate weapon... The Winter Soldier. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm totally Team Cap.

There is now a new recruitment area (Hydra platform) behind the Academy where you can see characters waiting to be unlocked. To the right of the map is where you'll find Team Stark and Team Cap's team bases.

Winter is Here
Iron Man starts

Winter Soldier: What are we doing here?
Red Skull: You're here to do as you're told. To do what I trained you to do. To destroy Captain America.
Madame Hydra: As a means to destroying all of the Avengers, capturing the faculty, and uncovering their hidden power source to finally secure Hydra's mission of world domination.
Red Skull: But mostly to destroy Captain America.
Madame Hydra: Let go of your petty rivalry, Red Skull. You are not bigger than Hydra.
Red Skull: Nothing about the Red Skull is petty! Hydra is nothing without the Red Skull! Nothing matters except destroying Captain America!
Winter Soldier: You guys argue a lot.

Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: This place is swarming with Hydra. I've heard rumors about Winter Soldier, but I've never seen him in person. Unfortunately, I've met Crossbones. He's as dumb as he is tough.
Captain America: ll that matters is freeing those prisoners. We need to clear out enough Hydra guys to set them free, but I don't have enough recruits to train yet. Tell Tony to start making robots as fast as he can.
Black Widow: Why don't you tell him yourself?
Captain America: We're not getting along.
Black Widow: I hate agreeing with Enchantress, but she's right. Boys are dumb.
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Iron Widow Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Cap wants me to tell you to make robots, but I want you to make me a suit. Something undetectable so I can get close enough to that Hydra platform to see what they're planning, and free the prisoners.
Iron Man: Sure, I've already designed a Mark 1.7 stealth armor. Has radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer. I was making it for me, so I'll need to take your measurements...
Black Widow: I'm pretty sure you've spent enough time staring at me to know my measurements.
Iron Man: Good point. You want it in hot pink, right?
Black Widow: ...
Iron Man: I'm kidding! I'll see if I can add a sense of humor while I'm at it...

Unlock Iron Widow!
- 8 x Spy Cameras (Special Event Missions)
- 6 x Widow Stars (Special Event Missions)
- 5 x Smoke Bombs (Collect from the #TeamIronMan Poster, 4h)
- 3 x Cloaking Devices (Have Black Widow Search For Cloaking Devices, 4h)

Iron Man: I'm so glad I'm not a Hydra guy right now.
Iron Widow: The armor's great, Tony. Thank you.
Iron Man: So you're Team Tony now?
Iron Widow: I'm Team Make Hydra Wish They Never Messed With Avengers Academy.
Iron Man: That's a horrible hashtag, but I'm glad I'm on your team.

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Iron Widow Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Wasp: Whoa! Tony made you a super-suit?! 
Iron Widow: I asked him to so I could infiltrate the Hydra platform. I'm gonna see what Fury's hiding at the campus while I'm at it.
Wasp: That's cool...
Iron Widow: Are you jealous? You know he'd make you one too...
Wasp: I'm Team Cap now. I don't wanna hurt his feelings.
Iron Widow: I'm pretty sure he can handle it. I'm surprised you're caught up in their drama. You're usually all about everyone getting along.
Wasp: I know, but it's a total soap opera! Who's gonna backstab who?! Maybe they were brothers all along! What if one of 'em is pregnant?! What if they both are?! Who's the father?! These are the days of our lives!

Black Widow Scan the Campus, 5h

Winter Soldier: Who's the redhead?
Madame Hydra: Red Skull. Your memory is even worse than I thought...
Winter Soldier: Not him. The girl who thinks we don't notice that she's spying on us.
Madame Hydra: They call her Black Widow. The suit is clearly Stark-built. I don't think she needs it...
Winter Soldier: I like her.
Madame Hydra: So do I. Let's see if we can turn her...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Iron Widow Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Loki: You look particularly dark and devious. It suits you.
Iron Widow: I've been getting a lot of compliments.
Loki: This new Hydra invasion and the rift between America-Man and Armor-Man are providing the perfect distraction. We should exploit it. 
Iron Widow: For what?
Loki: Mischief.
Iron Widow: I agree. But I guarantee you won't agree with what I'm planning...

Black Widow Activate Stealth Mode, 8h

Nick Fury: Stark was supposed to be making those suits or my agents.
Iron Widow: He does what you tell him to about as much as I do.
Nick Fury: Good point. Cap's no better. Even after everything with A.I.M. and The Leader and Ronan, and everything Hydra is about to do to this school, you still aren't willing to be a real team.
Iron Widow: Maybe we just don't have the right leader...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

He's Crafty
Iron Man starts

Iron Man: I'm gonna build a Stark Fabricator that can mass-produce robots to battle Hydra, and help us save those prisoners.
Nick Fury: Great idea, but why're you telling me?
Iron Man: Because when I build things at the Academy without telling you, you stand there breathing hard with that crazy look in your eye, and I find it unnerving.
Nick Fury: ...
Iron Man: Not cool, Fury.

Build the Stark Fabricator! 3m, 100 Vibranium
Earn 100 Vibranium

Captain America: I hope you know what you're doing with these robots...
Iron Man: I do. But even if I didn't, you'd have no idea.
Captain America: Cheap shot, but also true...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Prince of Wakanda Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Iron Widow: I'm here to set you free.
Black Panther: Thank you, but I can free myself whenever I please.
Iron Widow: Then why are you still locked up?
Black Panther: We keep prisoners on Wakanda, but I've never known their experience. When I become king, I'll need to understand the experience of all my people.
Iron Widow: You might be too mature for this place...
Black Panther: I've been observing. I cannot say that I disagree.

Free Black Panther! 100 Vibranium

Iron Widow: How did they capture you?
Black Panther: I tried to free the others, but they sent their entire army after me. They lack honor.
Iron Widow: Yeah, that's one of their defining traits.
Black Panther: That's why we must show them the ills of their ways. And I must show them to fear the Black Panther...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Prince of Wakanda Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Iron Man: T'Challa! I'm a huge fan of your work. Wakanda is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.
Black Panther: Thank you, Tony Stark. I know of your work as well...
Iron Man: And you're a fan?
Black Panther: I appreciate your work.
Iron Man: So, you're basically saying you're a big fan of mine?
Black Panther: We should focus on defeating Hydra.
Iron Man: For sure. I'm always happy to help a fan...

Recruit Black Panther!
- Collect 21 Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug)
- Collect 8 Kimoyo Cards (Collect from the Wakandan Embassy, 4h)
- Collect 15 NYC Maps (Have Wonder Man Take the Perfect Shot, 1h OR Special Event Missions)
- Collect 3828 Vibranium

Pepper Potts: We're so happy to have you on the team, T'Challa. You've been one of our most sought after recruits since we opened.
Black Panther: Thank you, but my only allegiance is to Wakanda. I'm here to eliminate Hydra as a potential threat to my country, and gather all of the outside knowledge I can for the betterment of my people.
Pepper Potts: Is there anything we can do to ease your transition?
Black Panther: Thank you for your kindness, but all I ask is that you keep your distance when I engage my captors. And I apologize in advance for the mess...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

For Black Panther's personal storyline and upgrades, please check out the Civil War Character: Black Panther post...

Iron Prototype
Iron Man starts

Captain America: If these robots start to turn on us, I'm taking them down myself.
Iron Man: What is your obsession with robots turning evil?
Captain America: Ms. Marvel had me watch a movie marathon about robots turning on humans. It's our responsibility to prepare for every possible threat.
Iron Man: You realize movies are make-believe, right? I know you don't get out much, but that's not something that's changed over the years. That's always been the case...
Captain America: Just make your stupid robots, Tony... 

Craft 1 Iron Prototype, 2h (Needs Iron Widow OR Wonder Man unlocked)
- 1 Arc Reactor (Collect from the Arc Reactor Generator OR Collect from the Arc Reactor Hub OR Special Event Missions)
- 1 x Armor Plating (Have Wonder Man Study Famous Armor, 3h (1 ITEM) OR Have Wonder Man Develop Chemistry, 8h (3 ITEMS) OR Special Event Missions)

Defeat 1 Hydra Thug (You must defeat a RED Thug. Red Thugs require Iron Prototype, plus 1 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Sanction from Special Event Missions)

Iron Man: Pow! How do you like that?! You still wanna waste your time training S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits?
Captain America: Training is never a waste of time.
Iron Man: Neither is either eating cheese and crackers in my hot tub, so I'm gonna go do that while my robots save the world. Have fun training all the little Nick Furys...
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Defend the Academy!
Iron Man starts

Train 5 Iron Prototypes
Defeat 5 Hydra Thugs

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Train Station
Iron Man starts

Wasp: Look like your S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit training center is about to open! I made some awesome designs for every level of recruit!
Captain America: Thanks, Wasp. I really appreciate all of your help.
Wasp: You should work things out with Tony. I know he's stubborn and jealous and sensitive and over-competitive and super-sassy, but he's a good person. We're all friends. We should be on the same team.
Captain America: I'm not his enemy. I just know there's a better way to take down Hydra.
Wasp: If you two can't get it together, I'm taking you both down...

Get Cap's Training Center! 3m, 100 Vibranium

Wasp: This is cool! Actually, I don't know if cool is the right word. But it's totally Cap-cool!
Captain America: Thanks. I think...
Wasp: It's not supposed to be cool anyway, right? It's a place for S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits to learn important things about tactics and strategy from a guy who's seen it all!
Captain America: I guess you really are Team Cap...
Wasp: I already made a bunch of shirts so there's no going back now! 
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Defend the Academy! Pt. 2
Iron Man starts

Falcon: You really think these guys will be able to hang with Hydra?
Captain America: I hope so. You never know for sure until you do it...
Falcon: You should sit this one out. They've got their whole force, and all their strongest students out here. We need somebody overlooking everything. Let us handle the fighting for once...
Captain America: You're saying you're Team Cap?
Falcon: I'm not even gonna dignify that with an answer...

Train 1 S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit! 2h (Needs Black Panther OR Wonder Man unlocked)
- 2 x Battle Plans (Collect from the Battle Plan Base OR Collect from the Battle Plan Console OR Defeat Hydra Thug OR Special Event Missions)
- 1 x Armor Plating (Have Wonder Man Study Famous Armor, 3h (1 ITEM) OR Have Wonder Man Develop Chemistry, 8h (3 ITEMS) OR Special Event Missions)

Defeat 1 Hydra Thug with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit! (You must defeat a BLUE Thug. Blue Thugs require S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit, plus 1 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Sanction from Special Event Missions)

Captain America: Nice work, soldier!
S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit: Thanks, Cap. I just tried to remember everything you taught us.
Captain America: You can help me train the new recruits. We're all Team Cap, and we're all gonna take down Hydra together.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit: Yes, sir. Do you think we can get some cheese and crackers like Team Tony?
Reward: 20 Vibranium

Real World Experience
Iron Man starts

Train 5 S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits!
Defeat 5 Hydra Thugs with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Fight The Battle Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Train 10 Iron Prototypes
Defeat 10 Hydra Thugs with Iron Prototypes

Reward: 10 Vibranium

Fight The Battle Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Black Widow Activate Stealth Mode, 8h

Reward: 10 Vibranium

Fight The Battle Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Train 15 Iron Prototypes
Defeat 15 Hydra Thugs with Iron Prototypes

Reward: 15 Vibranium   

Win The War Pt. 1
Wasp starts

Train 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits
Defeat 10 Hydra Thugs with S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits

Reward: 10 Vibranium

Win The War Pt. 2
Wasp starts

Train 15 S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits
Defeat 15 Hydra Thugs with S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits

Reward: 10 Vibranium 

Win The War Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Black Panther Observe Your Surroundings, 4h

Reward: 15 Vibranium  

#TeamIronMan Poster
Iron Man starts

Get the #TeamIronMan Poster! (592 Vibranium in the Civil Warehouse on the Event Tab)

Reward: 20 Vibranium

Welcome to Wakanda
Iron Man starts

Black Panther: I'd like to transport a section of Wakanda to Avengers Academy.
Wasp: That's so sweet! Are you already homesick?
Black Panther: It will give me a base of operations to further my training, and a reminder of what I'm destined to protect.
Wasp: Will there be any parrots?
Black Panther: There may be some parrots.
Wasp: Awesome!
Black Panther: And poisonous snakes. 

Get the Wakandan Embassy! 8 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug), 10 x Heart-Shaped Herb (Special Event Missions), 972 Vibranium, 4h

Captain America: It's great to have you here, T'Challa. I was lucky enough to meet your dad once. I had to thank him for gifting us the Vibranium to make my shield.
Black Panther: Thank you, Captain America. We always have appreciated everything that you stand for.
Captain America: The feeling's mutual. I could use a warrior like you to help train the new recruits...
Black Panther: I'm here to help any way I can in the battle against Hydra.
Captain America: So, you're Team Cap?
Black Panther: I'm supposed to choose a team?
Captain America: Yeah, it's kinda this thing that's going on...
Reward: 20 Vibranium  

Black Panther Statue
Iron Man starts

Get the Black Panther Statue, 10 x Vibranium Daggers (Defeat Hydra Thug), 11 x Hydra Intel (Defeat Hydra Thug), 1840 Vibranium

Reward: 20 Vibranium

The Black Panther Challenge (Gets you the Black Panther Bobblehead!)
Black Widow starts

Take out 80 Hydra Thugs with Iron Prototypes
Turn in 80 Vibranium Daggers and get the Black Panther Bobblehead

Iron Man: Well done!
Reward: 30 Vibranium 

What do you think of the first week of the Civil War event? Pretty exciting, huh? Have you unlocked Iron Widow or Black Panther yet? Gonna buy Wonder Man? Have fun either way!


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