Friday, 10 June 2016

British Invasion Special Event!

Good morrow to you, Avengers!

Please see end of article for info on Portal Boost!

There is a new event, woohoo! The British are coming!

The first part of the British Invasion event ends on June 15 at 6 PM EDT. The second part of the event ends on June 22 at 6 PM EDT. So it is divided into two parts, each a week long! During the first part of the event you can get Union Jack & Captain Britain!

To free Union Jack, you must turn in 100 Starstones. If he is not completely unlocked by June 15 at 6 PM EDT, he will disappear from the game at that time.

Captain Britain is available to purchase for the duration of the British Invasion event. You can find him in the Shop for 495 Shards. You will need to complete the quest "Greetings from America", before Captain Britain will become available to purchase in the shop.

New Shop Items

Magic Portal, 1 Magic Scrolls (Mission Board)
Super Secret Starstone Archive, 595 Shards - Drops 16 Starstone every 24h
Secret Starstone Depot, 295 Shards - Drops 6 Starstone every 24h
Black Knight's Steed, 40 Shards
Avengers Park, 100 Credits, 20m 

What is Avengers Park for?
Captain Britain uses it for now, but more characters will have actions for it in the future. It will be required for the main story, so it can't be stored at this time.

Now, let's have a look at the quests!

British Invasion!
Loki starts

Captain Britain: Where are we?
Black Knight: Avengers Academy. Europe didn't have enough power to satisfy the Ebony Blade. It's time to feed on Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
Captain Britain: The sword is making you insane, Black Knight. You have to fight it...
Black Knight: On the contrary, Captain Britain. The Ebony Blade has shown me the light. A light bright enough to burn down everything that stands in my way...

Even weirder news than usual from Avengers Academy, as they are reportedly being attacked by a lunatic calling himself the Black Knight, carrying a magically cursed sword known as the Ebony Blade. The power-crazed knight has already left a path of destruction through Europe, capturing two of England's strongest heroes, Captain Britain and Union Jack. Asgardian sorcerer and renowned liar Loki Laufeyson tells World News that he can break the sword's curse with the proper ingredients, and "some assistance from my asinine classmates." Stay tuned for the inevitable follow-up report about how he double-crossed everyone...

Learn About the British Invasion!

Loki: Why do so many Midgardian heroes insist on dressing up as flags?
Union Jack: We should probably focus on the medieval maniac...
Loki: His sword is clearly cursed. I can smell it from here. Appears to be fairly powerful by Midgardian standards, but nothing a masterful sorcerer like myself can't counter...
Union Jack: Hurry up the. I'd like to get free of these magical constraints before Black Knight kills us all...
Loki: Counter-Curses take time, Flag Man. I'll need the proper ingredients, and the proper assistants to fetch them...
Reward: 20 Credits

See The World!
Loki starts

Loki: Can you build a magic portal allowing us to instantaneously travel throughout the Nine Realms in search of Starstone necessary to break the Black Knight's curse, and free his hapless hostages?
Iron Man: Yes.
Loki: You can?
Iron Man: I can build a portal. You'll have to throw some magic on it.
Loki: That's not how magic works.
Iron Man: This is where the magic happens...
Loki: I'm feeling very uneasy about using this portal...
Iron Man: I'm gonna start saying the word "magic" more. It's fun.

Get a Magic Portal! 1 x Magic Scrolls (Mission Board), 1h
Activate the Magic Portal! 2 x Magic Scrolls (Mission Board)

N.B. You will need to activate the portal using 2 Magic Scrolls each time it is used. The portal is open for 1h, during which you can send 2 characters. The missions last longer than 1h, so it is only necessary to start them searching during that time. You cannot open the portal & send characters again until both characters have returned.

Iron Man Search for Starstone, 2h - rarely 3 Starstone

Loki: Thank you, Armor-Man. I don't know how you did it, but the magic portal worked to perfection.
Iron Man: Would you describe it as magically delicious?
Loki: No.
Iron Man: It would be funnier if you did.

Reward: 20 Credits

See For Yourself
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Doesn't it seem strange to you that this Starstone stuff has been lying around forever, but nobody noticed until now?
Iron Man: Not really. It's not that noticeable to the naked eye. We wouldn't even know where to look without the magic Loki used on the portal...
Black Widow: I want to see it for myself...
Iron Man: Aren't you proud of me?
Black Widow: Because you built the portal?
Iron Man: Because I said the word naked a little bit ago, and I didn't make a joke out of it or say anything dirty.
Black Widow: I've never been more proud.
Iron Man: Hurry into the portal before I cry...

Black Widow Search for Starstone, 4h
Black Widow Find Starstone, 8h

Black Widow: Have you experimented with the Starstone?
Hank Pym: I've done everything with it!
Black Widow: And...?
Hank Pym: It's a black one originally found at the site of a fallen meteor that was used to forge a sword, a shield, a staff, and a chalice! One is cursed and incredibly powerful, and no one knows the whereabouts of the other three!
Black Widow: How do you know that?
Hank Pym: Incredibly complicated super-science! I would gladly explain, but I'm late for a meeting in the Microverse!
Reward: 20 Credits

Stars 'n Stones
Enchantress starts

Enchantress: I'm in need of an undefined amount of Starstone.
Iron Man: It costs a kiss to get in.
Enchantress: It costs far more than that.
Iron Man: What are you gonna make with the Starstone?
Enchantress: Do I look like a filthy blacksmith to you? I don't want the Starstone. I want to find out who made it...

Enchantress Search for Starstone, 2h
Enchantress Find Starstone, 4h

Enchantress: I need you to use your technology to run some specific tests on this Starstone.
Black Panther: Is that your method of asking permission to use my equipment while also asking me to do you a favor? Either way, the answer is no.
Enchantress: Why?
Black Panther: Because you're a mean-spirited witch with evil intentions and deplorable manners.
Enchantress: Your choice, little kitty. But you'd probably like to know that I found this particular sample in your precious Wakanda...
Reward: 20 Credits

Get Your Gear
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Let's find a way to get you free...
Union Jack: I thought Loki was breaking the curse?
Black Widow: I hope he is, but I'd rather not depend on him. We're super spies. We can spy our way out of this...
Union Jack: If you track down my gadgets, I'm sure I can find of way to break the restraints. There's one for every situation.
Black Widow: You have a secret cache of spy gadgets? I've always wanted one of those...

Collect 30 Starstone to get Union Jack's Secret Gadgets!

Union Jack: Cheers. I'll work on the restraints. You might wanna dig up whatever you can find out about Black Knight.
Black Widow: Can I try out some of your gear?
Union Jack: Of course. Just be careful. The most normal looking things are the most deadly.
Black Widow: ...
Union Jack: Are you chewing the gum that was in there?
Black Widow: Maybe.
Union Jack: Throw it as far as you can, and cover your ears!
Reward: 20 Credits

Magic Portal Ride
Loki starts

Odin: Free your prisoners, and relinquish the Ebony Blade, Black Knight. My son is developing a counter-curse, but we would rather end this peacefully.
Black Knight: Your son is doing nothing but giving me access to the Nine Realms. And I promise you that when I reach Asgard, it will not end peacefully... 

Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m
Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Odin: Are you sure you're going about this the right way, Loki?
Loki: I'm shocked to learn that my father has no faith in me. Would you rather have Thor throw a hammer at the curse instead?
Odin: I know you're best suited for this mission, and your intentions are pure. I'm simply concerned that using these portals might give the Black Knight access to other defenseless Realms.
Loki: How else will they learn the value of defending themselves?
Odin: Loki...
Loki: Don't worry, father. Just have some faith in your least favorite son...
Reward: 20 Credits 

Spy My Ride
Black Widow starts

Agent 13: Any luck breaking the magical constraints?
Union Jack: I think I'm making progress, but it's hard to tell. The Ebony Blade was forged from Starstone, so bringing more here seems to sap the sword's magic...
Agent 13: We found out Black Knight is actually an American named Dane Whitman. He inherited the sword from his uncle, and it has a long history of making people crazy. I could keep searching, but I think he'll blast the Quinjet if I try to take off...
Union Jack: Use my spy vehicle. It has smoke screens, oil slicks, cloaking systems...
Agent 13: Now I know how Wasp feels all the time!

Collect 75 Starstones to get Union Jack's Spy Vehicle! 

Union Jack: Aren't you gonna use the car?
Agent 13: I already did.
Union Jack: Right. I forgot about the holographic decoy system...
Agent 13: I wish every mission was a secret spy gadget mission...
Reward: 20 Credits

Save The Union!
Loki starts

Loki: We've almost gathered enough Starstone to free Flag Man, and break the sword's curse. I may need your assistance to completely free the knight's mind from the sword's magic.
Enchantress: Why bother?
Loki: Because when it's no longer tied to his lineage, we can keep the Ebony Blade for ourselves.
Enchantress: I can remove its influence from his mind, but I'll need the proper spell...
Loki: Wonderful.
Enchantress: I'll need you to fetch it for me...

Loki Study Arcane Lore, 3m

Enchantress: I believe we're close to weakening the sword's magic enough to free the spy, but the curse's hold on the Black Knight will be difficult to break...
Loki: How do we break it?
Enchantress: We break him.
Reward: 20 Credits 

Ready To Spy
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Loki says he's almost gathered everything to set you free...
Union Jack: Hope so. My legs fell asleep three days ago...
Black Widow: What's gonna be your first move?
Union Jack: Point every gadget I have at Black Knight, and pull the trigger... 

Free Union Jack! Collect 100 Starstone


Union Jack: Thanks for getting me free...
Loki: Thank me when I'm holding the Ebony Blade in my hands...
Union Jack: ...
Loki: So that it's no longer in his hands! Because he's evil! And I'm as pure as the Jotunheim snow!
Reward: 20 Credits

Characters Who Can Get Starstone

Iron Man, 2h - rarely 3 starstone
Iron Man, 8h - always 3 starstone

Black Widow, 4h - up to 3 starstone
Black Widow, 8h - always 3 starstone

Enchantress, 2h - rarely 3 starstone
Enchantress, 4h - up to 3 starstone

For info on the quests for Captain Britain, please see here.


The game got an update last night adding the option to increase your portals power for the cost of 10 Scrolls.
It both increases the drop rate of Starstones and decreases the time taken to search for them!
The 4h tasks become 3h and the 8h tasks become 5h. On top of that, the 2h task is now a guaranteed 3 stone drop! The 3h task now drops 3-5 stones & the 5h task now drops 3-6 stones. Hopefully this will help people who were struggling!

What do you think of the British Invasion? Excited for unlocking Union Jack? Are you planning on purchasing Captain Britain?


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