Thursday, 30 June 2016

Spider-Man Character Costume: Symbiote Spider-Man

Hey Spider-Men!

Some of you may have seen the new Symbiote Spider-Chest available to purchase for 95 Shards. One of the prizes available to win is the Symbiote Spider-Man costume!

He deals bonus damage to Lizard and doubles Spider Tech drops!
If you are lucky enough to win this, then you will have to go collect it for free in Van Dyne's!

This costume comes with 2 exclusive actions - Attack the Target (1h) and Reach New Heights (4h).

Grim and Gritty Pt. 1
Spider-Man starts

Wasp: Awesome outfit!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Thanks! I gotta say, I feel amazing. Stronger. More confident. I've always been shy about showing off, but now I just wanna go out and show people what I can do.
Wasp: That's the power of shopping!

Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h

 Wasp Create a Buzz, 3m

Wasp: That was awesome!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Thanks! I feel good. Like, really good. Like, better than should be possible...
Wasp: That's how I always feel! What do you wanna do next?!
Symbiote Spider-Man: I wanna see what else this suit can do...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 2
Spider-Man starts

Symbiote Spider-Man: I've never been very good at the Blasting Range...
Wasp: You just need to keep practicing!
Symbiote Spider-Man: Maybe. Maybe all I ever needed was this suit...

Spider-Man Attack the Target, 1h
Wasp Have a Blast! 2m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Black Widow: We need to talk about that suit...
Symbiote Spider-Man: Pretty great, huh? I thought my old outfit was cool, but now I can't even remember what it looked like.
Black Widow: Because this suit is taking over your brain.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What are you talking about?
Black Widow: It's an alien. It's feeding on your thoughts and emotions, and making you increasingly hostile. The longer it's attached to you, the more it takes control.
Symbiote Spider-Man: You're jealous.
Black Widow: Excuse me?!
Symbiote Spider-Man: If this suit was an evil mind-controlling super alien, do you really think I'd be as afraid of you as I am right now?
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 3
Spider-Man starts

Symbiote Spider-Man: I think you're right about this suit affecting my emotions.
Black Widow: I'm glad you can still recognize it. I'll dig around, and see if I can find out more about the alien, and ways to get it off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: We should go dancing.
Black Widow: Why?
Symbiote Spider-Man: I don't think I should be alone. And I think I should stay away from anything involving fighting until I'm sure I'm in control. But I don't think anything should stop me from dancing with you.
Black Widow: Why are you trying to make your voice sound deeper?
Symbiote Spider-Man: Maybe you just never noticed my natural manliness...

Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h
Black Widow Hack the System, 2m
Spider-Man Conquer Evil, 2h, requires Black Widow

Black Widow: You know what I did to the last guy who tried to put his hand on me while dancing?
Symbiote Spider-Man: Chopped his hand off?
Black Widow: How'd you know?
Symbiote Spider-Man: We're soulmates. Also, it seems like something you would do.
Black Widow: You aren't yourself. You've already lost control. We have to get that outfit off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Now you're talking.
Reward: 20 Oscoins

Grim and Gritty Pt. 4
Spider-Man starts

Loki: Very nice. I can practically feel the evil oozing off of you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What do you want?
Loki: The Widow Woman is collaborating with that maniac Pym on a sonic flamethrower to fry this alien posing as clothing to a crisp.
Symbiote Spider-Man: What. Do. You. Want?
Loki: I want to tutor you in the ways of controlling evil tendencies. I want to help you hold on to that suit and its amazing powers.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Why?
Loki: I have a kind and generous soul.

Spider-Man Attack the Target, 1h
Spider-Man Reach New Heights, 4h
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Symbiote Spider-Man: I feel so much better. What did you do?
Loki: Magic.
Symbiote Spider-Man: I'll be able to control the suit now?
Loki: All that's important is that it will no longer be able to control you.
Symbiote Spider-Man: Do I need to do anything special?
Loki: Just be yourself. The manipulative mind-control experts will take it from here...
Reward: 20 Oscoins

What do you think of Symbiote Spider-Man? Are you going to try and get him? Like the look of his exclusive actions?


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