Thursday, 23 February 2017

Young Avengers Special Event Episode 1

Hi all,

First off sorry I've been on holiday the last 10 days with limited internet and will be working to catch up now.
With that said, let's dive into the details of Episode 1 of the Young Avengers Special Event and hopefully I'll have Episode 2 up in a much more reasonable timeframe ^^;

In order to participate in the Young Avengers Special Event, players must download the latest update, be at Academy Level 4, and have built Van Dyne's Outfits. Begin the quest "Future Problems" to start the event!
The Young Avengers Special Event will end on March 2nd at 3pm PST/6 pm EST.

Episode 1 of the Young Avengers Special Event ends on February 23rd at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST. 


Monday 20th Feb: 8h Portal trips now take 7h. All portal trips now reward more Kang Helmets.


How do I recruit Hulking?
Start the quest "Stuck in the Middle" to invite Hulking! He must be completely unlocked by the end of the episode or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Stinger?
Stinger is available to recruit for 525 Shards! You can find her in the Shop.
She can collect Time Spheres at Stark Tower as well as enter the Portal to earn Kang Helmets!
You must fully unlock her by the end of the event or she will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I earn Time Spheres?
Send Iron Man, Falcon, Enchantress, or Stinger to perform the "Get Time Spheres!" action at Stark Tower to earn Time Spheres.

How do I earn Kang Helmets?

Use Time Spheres to send Black Widow, Loki, Wasp, or Stinger through the Time Portal to earn Kang Helmets! Longer portal actions will increase your chance of finding a greater number of Kang Helmets.
You will earn at least one helmet per Portal trip and each trip takes one Time Sphere.

Will Kang Helmets be spent upon unlocking items?

Kang Helmets will NOT be spent upon unlocking Light of Centuries Sphere, Kang's Time Ship, Hulkling, or the Coronal Kangaroo.


Time Portal, 50 Credits, 10s
Time Machine, 495 Shards, 10s, drops 15 Kang Helmets every 12h


Future Problems
Iron Man starts

Odin: Kang...
Kang: Kang the Conqueror. We've met enough times through the years, Odin. The least you culd do is acknowledge my accomplishments.
Odin: Release those Young Avengers. They don't have anything to do with this.
Kang: They tried to stop me from discovering this place that seems to be built out of time itself. They didn't realize that time is my weapon. You all are its playthings. Kang is its conqueror.

We have terrifyingly timely news from Avengers Academy as a time travelling conqueror named Kang has emerged from the timefog with plans to destroy the Avengers. He's used his far-flung technology to trap three members of the Young Avengers, promising to unleash an incomprehensible array of futuristic weaponry until our entire timeline is finally added to his empire. So...if Kang is from the future, shouldn't he already remember this whole thing? Or, is this the very first time it's happened? But he's literally from a time after this, so it had to have already happened, right?

Learn About the Young Avengers Event! 

Hulkling: Can't you use your Pym Particle powers to turn into a giant, and smack Kang back to the future?
Stinger: Can't you use your shape-shifting powers to turn into a giant space dragon, and chomp his head off?
Hulkling: Not until we get out of these beams. Whatever they are, they're even strong enough to block Wiccan's magic.
Stinger: It's some crazy future tech. When he caught me, he talked about how he'd just travelled back from the year 4000.
Hulkling: Did he say what it was like?!
Stinger: No, he was too mad about them losing his luggage.
Reward: 10 Credits

Plenty of Time
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: How are we gonna stop this guy?
Iron Man: Why don't you just shoot at him?
Nick Fury: We tried, but he pressed some button on his fancy chair, and turned our blasters into applesauce.
Iron Man: Literally?!
Nick Fury: Yeah. It was delicious.
Iron Man: I need to travel to the future to research his tech. I should be able to use timefog samples to turn our standard teleporters into time machines.
Nick Fury: Be careful, Stark. I don't need you becoming applesauce on my conscience.

Get 5 Time Spheres! Iron Man OR Falcon OR Enchantress OR Stinger Get Time Spheres! 4h

Iron Man: We travelled to the year 3050, and met with the Council of Cross-Time Kangs. They're a resistance movement of humans, aliens, and other creatures who teamed up to drive Kang out of their timelines
Nick Fury: They know how to stop him?
Iron Man: Kang tried to wipe them out a while back. Ever since, they've been working on an Anti-Matter weapon to disable his tech, and trap him in an abandoned section of the timestream.
Nick Fury: They hate Kang, but they all call themselves Kang?
Iron Man: They all dress like him too.
Nick Fury: He does have a pretty sweet helmet.
Reward: 10 Credits

Time Traveller
Iron Man starts

Hank Pym
: You truly are a super-genius, Tony! I never considered converting the timefog into a fuel for time machines!
Iron Man: I swore I saw you in the timefog when I was collecting the samples...
Hank Pym: I've been in my lab all day! You almost certainly saw one of my many Life Model Decoys!
Iron Man: How many?
Hank Pym: So many!
Iron Man: How do I know you aren't a Life Model Decoy?
Hank Pym: That's science! That's science! That's science! That's science! 

Get Time Portal! 50 Credits, 10s
Use a Time Portal! Black Widow OR Loki OR Wasp OR Stinger Use Time Portal

Note: Black Widow, Loki & Wasp tasks are 4h (earns 1 to 5 Kang Helmets), 6h (Earns 3 to 5 Helmets) and 8h (always 5 Helmets). Stinger's tasks earn the same but only take 2h, 4h and 6h respectively.

Black Widow: I don't like it.
Wasp: That's the perfect catchphrase for you!
Black Widow: I can tell Kang has history with Fury and Odin. We need to talk to him and find out everything he knows about what was here before the timefog.
Wasp: What if he won't talk?
Black Widow: I have ways to make him talk.
Wasp: We'll totally torture him...
Black Widow: What?! No! I meant I'll trade him information.
Wasp: I was totally joking...Or was I?
Reward: 10 Credits

Stuck in the Middle
(Time Limited Episode 1)
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: I'm gonna get you out of here.
Hulkling: Free Wiccan and Stinger first.
Black Widow: That's really chivalrous of you, but it makes more sense to free the guy who can use his shape-shifting powers to turn into a giant space dragon, and chomp Kang's head off.
Hulkling: Why does everyone think I can do that?
Black Widow: You can't?
Hulkling: No. I mean, I can make myself look like a dragon, but not a giant one. And it still wouldn't make me wanna decapitate someone with my teeth.
Black Widow: Huh. I guess you can't believe everything you eavesdrop.

Free Hulkling!


Hulkling: I'll come back for you.
Wiccan: I'm fine. Just free Stinger, and help them figure out how to stop Kang. 
Hulkling: I don't even know if it's possible...
Wiccan: Can't you use your shape-shifting powers to turn into a giant space dragon, and chomp his head off?
Hulkling: You know I--
Wiccan: I'm just kidding. I didn't wanna eavesdrop on your conversations, but there's nothing else to do up here.
Reward: 10 Credits

Get Hulkling! (Time limited Episode 1)
Wasp starts

Hulk: You're Hulk?
Hulkling: Hulkling. I'm not gamma-powered or anything. I chose the name because I turn green and strong, and I'm part changeling. I always thought you were cool...
Hulkling: Wait!
Hulk: Try it!
Hulkling: ...Hulkling smash?
Hulk: Hulk always wanted little brother!

Recruit Hulkling! 
- Collect 290 Kang Helmets! (from Portals)


Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Hulking! Director Fury would like to speak to you immediately.
Hulkling: About saving Wiccan and Stinger?
Pepper Potts: About you causing an intergalactic war.
Reward: 10 Credits

Spread Your Wings Pt. 1
Hulkling starts

Hulkling: We have to attack Kang.
Odin: I understand the urgency, and respect your bravery, but take some time to test your abilities. You've been trapped for some time, and Kang is a formidable foe.
Hulkling: I'm a huge Asgard nerd, so I can't argue with the All-Father.
Odin: Smart, powerful, and courageous. You will do just fine here, Hulkling.

Hulkling Spread Your Wings, 1m

Loki: Is that what you consider shape-shifting?
Hulkling: Loki...
Loki: You know me? I mean, of course you know me.
Hulkling: I know pretty much everything about you. Wiccan and I are big Asgard fans. We both have powers that are kind of like yours.
Loki: What's your name?
Hulkling: Hulkling.
Loki: Follow me, Moldthing. I will teach you what it means to be a true shape-shifter...
Reward: 10 Credits 

Spread Your Wings Pt. 2
Hulkling starts

Loki: Listen closely, Moldthing. Shape-shifting is more than appearing to be a statue, or becoming a comical caricature of your idiot brother. You must study your subject, and have a purpose for the deception.
Hulkling: I get it.
Loki: Do you? It's difficult to tell from your vacant gaze.
Hulkling: You're saying I should study whoever I wanna impersonate, and use my shape-shifting to get something out of it for myself.
Loki: You're learning, Moldthing. You might not be completely hopeless...

Hulkling Mimic Mischief, 2m, requires Loki
Loki Wield Sorcery, 1m

Loki: Do you feel like you're finally beginning to understand the intricacies of shape-shifting?
Hulkling: I feel a lot better after following you around. Thanks, Loki.
Loki: It was my pleasure, Moldthing. I'm always happy to provide inspiration for a lesser being.
Reward: 10 Credits

Spread Your Wings Pt. 3
Hulkling starts

Hulkling: No!
Hulk: Hulk just kidding! Hulk funny now!
Hulkling: You almost gave me a heart attack...
Hulk: Come with Hulk, little Hulk brother! Attacks just getting started! 

Upgrade Hulkling! 2483 Credits
Hulkling Smash! 1m

Reward: 10 Credits  

Fight to the Finish!
Hulkling starts

Hulkling: Let Wiccan go.
Kang: I would love to. Just tell me where to find Iron Lad.
Hulkling: Find your past self by yourself. It's not my fault the younger you wants to do everything in his power to never become you.
Kang: You've corrupted his mind.
Hulkling: I've protected my friend. Don't make me show you what I'll do to protect someone I love...

Hulkling Appreciate Your Jam, 3m

Mephisto: For a man so enamored with time, you certainly enjoy wasting it...
Kang: Crawl back into your hole, demon. There are things happening here that are beyond your comprehension.
Mephisto: We all have our hidden motivations. Our secret agendas. Our monsters waiting to be unleashed...
Kang: How did you know?
Mephisto: I know things. You should consider making a deal, Kang.
Kang: I don't make deals with demons.
Mephisto: I meant you should consider making a deal with Black Widow. There's something in it for all of us...
Reward: 10 Credits 

Get Stinger! (Quest time limited 1d 12h)
Wasp starts

Wasp: Stinger! You're totally the talk of the Academy! Is it true you can shrink and fly like me?!
Stinger: Yeah, I have Pym Particle powers. I can shrink to the size of an ant.
Wasp: Is it true you can turn into a giant?!
Stinger: Yeah, I can grow bigger than a building.
Wasp: Is it true that Ant-Man is your dad?
Stinger: Yeah, I've been fighting Kang across the timestream. I haven't met him yet, but people are saying that in this timeline, my dad is pretty much the same age as me. I hope it won't be too weird...
Wasp: It's gonna be sooooo weird!

Get Stinger! 525 Shards

Ant-Man: So, I guess I'm your dad. In a different timeline, or a different universe, or something. Or whatever...
Stinger: Pretty much.
Ant-Man: Is it weirder if I act like your dad, or pretend I'm not?
Stinger: Both are really weird.
Ant-Man: Yeah. I'll just leave you alone. Unless you don't want me to...
Stinger: That's fine.
Ant-Man: I'm just not really what you'd call responsible. I can barely take care of myself. Yesterday, I ate two loaves of bread. At the same time. With nothing on them. I wasn't even hungry.
Stinger: We can just avoid each other.
Ant-Man: Yeah. Alright. If that's what you want. I'll see you around maybe. Be good. Why did I say that? That was terrible. Hopefully, your other timeline dad isn't a mess like me.
Stinger: He is.


Reward: 10 Credits

Big or Small Pt. 1
? starts

Wasp: How weird was it meeting your same age Ant-Dad?!
Stinger: It was fine.
Wasp: I'm sorry. I thought it was gonna be good weird...
Stinger: It was nothing. I don't even care.
Wasp: But you sound upset...
Stinger: Trust me, you'll know when I'm upset.

Stinger Be The Bigger Person, 1m

Hulk: Whoa. Hulk thought he had anger issues...
Stinger: Stuff it, Hulk.
Reward: 10 Credits

Big or Small Pt. 2

Stinger starts

Ant-Man: How'd you get your powers?
Stinger: I thought we were staying away from each other?
Ant-Man: I tried, but I felt guilty. It's hard to plan a robbery when you're already feeling guilty at the beginning.
Stinger: When I feel guilty, I shrink.
Ant-Man: So, your powers are affected by your emotions? I saw you get mad, and turn into a giant. Can you control ants?
Stinger: Anyone can control ants.
Ant-Man: I know I dropped out of school, but I still feel like that's not true.

Stinger Herd Ants, 5m

Ant-Man: That was great! How do you control ants without the helmet?
Stinger: My dad taught me some tricks.
Ant-Man: He sounds like a cool guy.
Reward: 10 Credits

Big or Small Pt. 3
Stinger starts

Stinger: I appreciate you wanting to hang out, but I need to be alone for a while.
Ant-Man: You're gonna steal something.
Stinger: What?! No I'm not!
Ant-Man: I know an "about to steal something" face when I see it! This is great! We can alternate timeline family bond over stealing things!
Stinger: I mean. I guess. I just need to see if Director Fury has any information on my real dad. He wet missing a couple years ago. Maybe you can help...
Ant-Man: Can I?! I love stealing! Also, stealing is bad. You shouldn't steal.

Upgrade Stinger! 2687 Credits
Stinger Family Business, 1m

: 10 Credits

See the Light (Time limited Episode 1)
Iron Man starts

Kang: Behold! The Light of Centuries Sphere! With a wave of my hand, it can transport every Avenger to the year 4000.
Wiccan: Why don't you save yourself a bunch of trouble, and do that now?
Kang: Conquest is meaningless without challenge. Kang the Conqueror earns his victories.
Wiccan: The Light of Centuries Sphere is out of power, isn't it?
Kang: And I forgot my charger in the year 4000.
Wiccan: I hate when that happens.

Get the Light of Centuries Sphere! 126 Kang Helmets

Spider-Man 2099: Nice Light of Centuries Sphere! I haven't seen one of these in forever!
Kang: It's a one of a kind artifact.
Spider-Man 2099: They sell them everywhere in 2099! We used to take them to parties, and the first person to fall asleep got sent to a different century.
Kang: I brought this from one of the greatest scientists of the 41st century. It cost a fortune.
Spider-Man 2099: I got mine out of a claw machine. I was trying for a koala bear.
Reward: 10 Credits

Sands of Time! (Limited time Episode 1)
Loki starts

Loki: What is this magnificent kitty-themed sandcastle?
Kang: My Time Ship. It generates a chronal-displacement internal field, enabling it to break through the timestream's reality walls into the trans-temporal realm of Limbo, from which all time eras and alternate worlds are accessible.
Loki: I'll trade you dancing lessons, and an unconscious thunder god.

Get Kang's Time Ship! 210 Kang Helmets

Black Panther: Impressive. A non-aerodynamic, space-worthy vehicle capable of housing an entire Vibranium laboratory while resembling an ancient Egyptian Sphinx...
Kang: It's not for sale.
Black Panther: It would look excellent in black...
Kang: How many stubborn princes attend this Academy?
Black Panther: Too many. Speaking of too many, consider the fact that you may own one too many feline-themed super-science spacecrafts. The Prince of Wakanda would be happy to take one off your hands...
Reward: 10 Credits  

Hop To It! (Limited time Episode 1)
Wasp starts

Kang: For some reason, these Avengers aren't taking me seriously, Chronal Kangaroo.
Chronal Kangaroo: hrumph.
Kang: We must teach them that history is not written, and neither is destiny! History is made! Made by the deeds of the strong! The brave! Destiny is forged! It is the conquerors who change the world!
Chronal Kangaroo: hruuuuuuuuumph!

Get the Chronal Kangaroo! 580 Kang Helmets

Reward: 10 Credits

Hulkling Challenge! (Limited time Episode 1)
Wasp starts

Appreciate Your Jam 4 times!

Reward: 10 Credits

What do you think of the Young Avengers Special Event? Enjoying working to unlock Hulking? What do you think of the earnable decos?



  1. Is there anyway of increasing stats for my heroes? Only been playing a few weeks and I know you used antimetal in the uktron event to boost levels, am I missing something in this event?

    1. No you're not missing anything. Usually you cam only upgrade characters in long events (4 weeks). This is a mini event (2 weeks) so you just need to collect enough time bombs that you can attack more than once in 24h. By the way in case you didn't know you can reset the timer for free before you make your first attack each streak.