Friday, 10 March 2017

Gladiator Supply Crate

Morning, Avengers!

Alongside the Monsters Unleashed Special event, TinyCo has also dropped another crate into our shops - the Gladiator Supply Crate! It costs 80 Shards per try and contains Gladiator Captain America, as well as other items which will help with the current event.

Get Gladiator Captain America! (3d timed quest)
Iron Man starts

Hank Pym: My timestream training chamber worked to perfection!
Gladiator Captain America: The best way to prepare for fighting monsters is to train with warriors who live in a world of monsters. Felt like I was there for years...
Hank Pym: You were! Yet here you were gone for less time than it takes to perform the Charleston! That's science!
Gladiator Captain America: Well, I learned a lot, and I feel stronger than ever. I'm ready for whatever Fin Fang Foom throws at us.
Hank Pym: And your hair looks fantastic!

Get Gladiator Captain America! Open the Gladiator Supply Crate (80 Shards)

Reward: 80 Shards

The crate gives you a CHANCE at getting the following: 

Gladiator Captain America

Dragon Saucer (drops Space Herbs)
Jade Scroll
800 Space Herbs
1600 Space Herbs
100 Shards
12 Phlogistone
20 Phlogistone
15 Small Health Packs
7 Medium Health Packs
3 Large Health Packs
4 Chopsticks
4 Moisturizer
3 Monster Cages
4 Monster Cages
6 Monster Maps

My Personal Results
3 Large Health Packs
4 Moisturizer
4 Monster Cages

Are you going to have a go at the crate? If you did, did you get what you wanted?


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