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Monsters Unleashed Special Event: Episode 4!

Morning, Avengers!

Complete all quests marked with a gold star to advance to Episode 4! Once you have completed the quest "Dawn of Dragons", you will be able to start!
Episode 4 of the Monsters Unleashed Special Event (and the event itself) will end on March 30th at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST.
All event-specific items, characters, and outfits must be unlocked by the end of the episode or they will no longer be available at that time.

Note: Episode 1 info can be found here.
          Episode 2 info can be found here.
          Episode 3 info can be found here.


How do I recruit Hercules?

Start the quest "Lion of Olympus!" to invite Hercules! To recruit Hercules to Avengers Academy, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 22 Gold Pterodactyls (from fighting Fin Fang Foom)
- 34 Chest Hair (Special Event Missions)
- 14 Golden Fleeces (Collect from the Nemean Lion)
- 4600 Space Herbs
Once you turn in these items, Hercules will join the Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I recruit Devil Dinosaur?
Invite Devil Dinosaur from the bonus section in Mesozoic Monstrosities! To recruit Devil Dinosaur to Avengers Academy, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- Have Hercules Flex Muscles
- Have Monster Hunter Black Widow Set A Trap
- 50 Black Pterodactyls (from opening Scrolls)
- 50 Orange Pterodactyls (from opening Scrolls)
- 50 Gold Pterodactyls (Defeat Fin Fang Foom)
Once you turn in these items, Devil Dinosaur will join the Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I fight Fin Fang Foom?

Once you have started the quest "Defeat Fin Fang Foom!" you will be able to fight Fin-Fang Foom! You will need Timefog Tranquilizers from opening Gold Scrolls at the Dragon's Treasure to fight him.
Fin Fang Foom drops Gold Pterodactyls for unlocking Hercules and Devil Dinosaur, Space Herbs, and Museum Passes for the Baby T-Rex.
He also drops Helms of Hades for unlocking the Mech of Hercules once you have fully recruited Hercules and have reached streak 6 or higher.

How do I open Gold Scrolls?

Gold Scrolls can be opened at the Dragon's Treasure! Scrolls drop Red Pterodactyls, Black Pterodactyls, Orange Pterodactyls, Power Attacks, and Timefog Tranquilizers for fighting Fin Fang Foom!
Scrolls are obtained from Piloting the Giant Mech and Researching Giant Mechs. Rarer scrolls have a chance of dropping when completing these actions!

How do I get Hercules' Mech?

Hercules' Mech is a special, limited-time item for this event! To get it, you will need to turn in the following items:
- 30 Helms of Hades (drops from Fin Fang Foom's 6th streak and above after Hercules is unlocked)
Hercules' Mech allows you to transmute your extra Space Herbs into Infinity Shards!
The Mech is only available for 7 days once you start the quest, or until the end of the event!


Monster Treasure, 595 Shards, drops 10 Gold Pterodactyls every day
20 Monster Maps, 395 Shards
4 Dragon Jade Scrolls (Ep. 4), 495 Shards  


Lion of Olympus!
Orrgo starts

Thor: Hercules.
Hercules: Thor.
Thor: Are you trapped in a dragon's cage, or have I stumbled upon an exhibit of poor body hair decisions.
Hercules: Bold talk from someone who allowed himself to be frozen in timefog like a chubby little thunder baby.
Thor: Prepare to feel the full force of Mjolnir!
Hercules: Prepare to receive the gift of battle!
Thor: I missed you, Hercules! Never have I met a god who can match my strength and spirit!
Hercules: It's good to see you too, Thor. Let's be sure to set aside some time to punch each other...

Free Hercules! 15 Space Herbs

Hercules: Zounds! Enchantress, you are even more beautiful than I remember! You must spend every minute of every day beating off these mortals with a stick!
Enchantress: These mortals don't know how to appreciate a true goddess.
Hercules: As my best bro Amadeus likes to say, haters gonna hate.
Enchantress: What make you think you could even handle me, Hercules?
Hercules: We'll never know until we try...
Reward: 10 Space Herbs  

Get Hercules!
Loki starts

Wasp: Hercules! Hercules!
Hercules: The legendary Janet Van Dyne! The only warrior capable of partying harder than the mighty Hercules!
Wasp: Totally! Remember that time you, me, and Thor had a chicken wing eating contest, and you both barfed and passed out like big immortal babies?!
Hercules: Totally! Let the annals of history show that Thor puked first!
Wasp: Thor said you puked first...
Hercules: Be glad you are a mortal, Wasp. These gods are crazy...

Recruit Hercules!
- 22 Gold Pterodactyls (from fighting Fin Fang Foom)
- 34 Chest Hair (Special Event Missions)
- 14 Golden Fleeces (Collect from the Nemean Lion)
- 4600 Space Herbs 

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Hercules! What can we get for you?
Hercules: Something to drink! Something to eat! Something to test my might!
Pepper Potts: Well, hopefully these gigantic monsters will give you a challenge, and we'll make sure your dorm fridge stays fully stocked.
Hercules: Thank you, fair Pepper. All that's left is someone to kiss...
Pepper Potts: No offence, but I like guys with beards.
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Flex on Mortals Pt. 1
Hercules starts

Hercules: Let us party!
Thor: Verily! Club A is the center of Academy merriment! Loki rules over the dance floor with a tiny iron first!
Hercules: How is Loki?
Thor: He's my brother!
Hercules: You're avoiding the question...
Thor: Yes. Yes I am.

Hercules Flex Muscles! 3m

Loki: Oh joy. It's the mighty Herpes Fleas.
Hercules: It's been a long time, Loki. I haven't seen you since we buried your brother in ice while he slept, and then yelled that Asgard was under attack by Frost Giants.
Loki: Yes, well, I suppose those were good times.
Hercules: I trust you're still getting up to no good...
Loki: Even the immortals change, but one should never mess with perfection.
Reward: 10 Space Herbs 

Flex on Mortals Pt. 2
Hercules starts

Ares: Quit messing around, and get to work. We got giant monsters to squash.
Hercules: You worry too much, Ares. All work and no play makes Hercules a dull god.
Ares: You've been around a thousand years, and still don't know how to take anything seriously.
Hercules: You can be the serious one, Ares. I'm content being powerful, fun, and handsome.

Hercules Toy With Beasts! 3m30s

Elsa Bloodstone: Not bad.
Hercules: You're a fellow monster hunter?
Elsa Bloodstone: The best there is.
Hercules: I had no idea they made monster hunters so beautiful. Perhaps we can find a place to discuss how this came to be...
Elsa Bloodstone: I don't think so.
Hercules: Why not?
Elsa Bloodstone: Enchantress has her eye on you. I've found that it's best to not mess with a jealous sorceress...
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Flex on Mortals Pt. 3

Hercules starts

She-Hulk: Long time no see, Herc.
Hercules: Jennifer! Er, She-Hulk! I haven't seen you know...
She-Hulk: Since we had dinner. I remember. We should do it again sometime...
Hercules: I should warn you that Enchantress has claimed me as her own...
She-Hulk: I'm not worried about Enchantress. I am a little worried about your health. You're looking pretty skinny.
Hercules: You doubt the mighty muscle mass of Hercules?! Prepare your beautiful eyes for an athletic display that could only come from a true Olympian!

Upgrade Hercules! 34 x Gold Pterodactyls, 6160 Space Herbs
Hercules A True Olympian! 4m

: You're doing it wrong.
Hercules: Sometimes I like to remind the obstacles in my life exactly who's in charge.
She-Hulk: I'll see you around, Herc.
Hercules: You're leaving?!
She-Hulk: I'm late for court, but you might see me again. You performed twelve labors to prove you were worthy of immortality and godhood. I'm worth at least thirteen...

Reward: 10 Space Herbs

My Bro Cho Pt. 1
Hercules starts

Hercules: My best bro, Amadeus Cho!
Amadeus Cho: Good to see you, Herc. How are you liking Avengers Academy?
Hercules: I love it! I've already lined up a few dates, and a few fights. I'll have to see how things unfold with Thor...
Amadeus Cho: For a fight?
Hercules: Anything goes in Olympus!

Hercules Flex Muscles! 4m30s 

Amadeus Cho: You ready to eat?
Hercules: I always need to refuel! I've just begun to flex!
Amadeus Cho: There's a place here that serves drumsticks as big as your head.
Hercules: Lead the way, Amadeus! My stomach is grumbling like Hephaestus Aetnaeus!
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

My Bro Cho Pt. 2
Hercules starts

Hercules: You seem troubled, Amadeus. What wheels are turning in that genius mind of yours?
Amadeus Cho: Yeah, sorry. Usually I'd be all about flexing and stuffing my face. I've just been studying this place's past, and probabilities for its future...
Hercules: And you think we're on the brink of something dangerous?
Amadeus Cho: I'm not sure, Herc. Have you ever heard of the Celestials? 

Upgrade Hercules! 48 x Gold Pterodactyls, 8820 Space Herbs
Hercules The 13th Labor! 5m

Reward: 10 Space Herbs   

Defeat Fin Fang Foom!
Orrgo starts

Fin Fang Foom: This is your final chance, human. Return my rigs of power, or I'll burn this world to the ground, and bury the Avengers in its ashes...
Nick Fury: How are you gonna burn the whole world down without burning the Avengers?


Defeat Fin Fang Foom! 4 x Timefog Tranquilizers

Nick Fury: I didn't trap you in the timefog on purpose...
Fin Fang Foom: Liar!
Fin Fang Foom: Sometimes, but not this time. You don't remember, but we fought together. Back then, you gave Mandarin permission to wear your rings.
Nick Fury: Why would I do that?
Fin Fang Foom: Staring death in the face makes a dragon do crazy things...
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

A Dragon's Age
Elsa starts

Fin Fang Foom: What are you smiling about, human? Are you excited to meet your doom?
Elsa Bloodstone: No, I measured, and it turns out my garage is just big enough to hold your head.

Defeat Fin Fang Foom 3 Times!

Moon Girl: Well...
Rocket Raccoon: Well what?
Moon Girl: Three weeks ago, you said you could build a better ship than me. Where's your ship?
Rocket Raccoon: You took that serious?
Moon Girl: I take everything serious. And I'm not scared like you...
Rocket Raccoon: Fine, you're that desperate to look dumb, I'm happy to help. One month from now, we'll compare ships, and you'll cry like a baby who can't build ships good.
Moon Girl: Take a couple extra weeks. You'll need it...
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Clash of Titans
Moon Girl starts

Devil Dinosaur
: Reeeeeorrraaahhhhh!
Fin Fang Foom: Is that supposed to scare me?
Fin Fang Foom: That was a little scary.

Defeat Fin Fang Foom 5 Times!

Hercules: I killed more fearsome beasts as a baby!
Fin Fang Foom: You killed things as a baby?
Hercules: My mother sent two serpents to kill me as an infant, but I strangled them both with my bare hands!
Fin Fang Foom: Oh my gosh. That's horrible. I'm sorry that happened to you...
Hercules: I try to look at it as a good thing!
Fin Fang Foom: You should probably deal with those feelings about what your mother did...
Hercules: I know! I regret bringing it up!
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Sleeper Cell
Iron Man starts

Nick Fury: Last chance, Fin Fang Foom. We can work this out.
Fin Fang Foom: I don't want to work this out, human. I want my rings. If I can't have that, I want you dead.
Nick Fury: I have a Helicarrier full of Space Herb on its way. Do you really wanna go into permanent hibernation again?
Fin Fang Foom: I'll take my chances. And if you try to drag me back into the timefog, I'll take you with me...

Defeat Fin Fang Foom 7 Times!

Nick Fury: Is Fin Fang Foom out?
Hank Pym: He's healthy, yet forever unconscious. We could have shrunken and imprisoned him. Not that I'm an expert on safe alternatives, but that's the most logical option.
Nick Fury: No. He's one of us. I'll try to reason with him again after he sleeps it off.
Hank Pym: We could always just give him back his rings...
Nick Fury: It was hard enough convincing him to give them up the first time. I got the glove. You keep the rings...
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Infinite Faculty
Orrgo starts

Nick Fury
: What do you want, Orrgo? I'm trying to figure out how we're gonna get Fin Fang Foom back in the timefog.
Orrgo: Orrgo utilized his S.H.I.E.L.D. skills and overall awesomeness to discover that Hydra and A.I.M. used the monsters as a distraction to join forces with a third villainous school in hopes of overthrowing Avengers Academy.
Nick Fury: Nice work. Who's the third school?
Orrgo: Orrgo does not know. Orrgo got distracted watching Oprah reruns.
Nick Fury: Find out about the third school. And stop watching old talk shows.
Orrgo: Orrgo can't quit Oprah.

Orrgo Walk a Rock! 2h

Orrgo: Orrgo has discovered that the villainous coalition is comprised of A.I.M., Hydra, and an underwater academy.
Nick Fury: I should have known...
Orrgo: You knew about this underwater school?
Nick Fury: I know enough. You better get your swimsuit, Orrgo.
Orrgo: Orrgo goes commando.
Nick Fury: I was joking.
Orrgo: Orrgo was not.
Reward: 10 Space Herbs


Great news from Avengers Academy as our heroes have captured most of Fin Fang Foom's monsters, and have now turned their attention to defeating the space dragon, and returning it to the timefog. Meanwhile, we continue to get reports of giant tidal waves followed by sightings of murky figures and massive vessels beneath the sea. This seems to support reports of A.I.M. and Hydra teaming with a villainous aquatic school in hopes of finally overthrowing Avengers Academy. Director Nick Fury seems unfazed, claiming that the school's faculty will fight the villainous coalition itself if necessary, and that "they have a lot of weapons, but ours are infinite." In related news, I hate getting water up my nose.
... Mayor establishes Super Hero cleanup task force ... Chitauri armor found in playground, parents threaten legal action ... Expedition to Valley of Spirits meets disastrous end ... Latest alien threat interrupts subway schedule, riots ensue ...


A Legendary Beast!
Wasp starts

Wasp: You brought your own lion?!
Hercules: The legendary Nemean Lion! A beast whose hide is impenetrable enough to deflect arrows and snap swords!
Wasp: Whoa! Are you gonna use it for armor?!
Hercules: Of course not! The first labor of Hercules was taming the beast! He's a good kitty who enjoys napping in the sun, and dining on only the fanciest of feasts!

Get the Nemean Lion! 2 x Gold Pterodactyls, 2550 Space Herbs

Ares: You've gone soft, Hercules. I remember a time when you would've kicked a mystical lion just to hear the sound it makes.
Hercules: Fortunately, I'm no longer an angry idiot. Unlike war, that domain solely belongs to you.
Ares: Watch your tongue half-god. Father may favor you back home, but I hold a position of power at this Academy.
Hercules: It truly must be difficult to find good help these days.
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

I Believe
Wasp starts

Jack O'Lantern
: Did you see him?!
Elsa Bloodstone: What are you jabbering on about?
Jack O'Lantern: Bigfoot! Sasquatch! The big guy! The grassman! Woodbooger! Brush ape! I swear I seen him!
Elsa Bloodstone: I come from a long line of monster hunters. I have been everywhere in this world. I have hunted every monster in existence. I can assure you that Bigfoot is a myth.
Jack O'Lantern: Like the One-Eyed Walrus on Hickety-Brickety Mountain?
Elsa Bloodstone: Sure. Whatever. You reek of pumpkins.

Get Bigfoot! 15 x Orange Pterodactyls, 15 x Red Pterodactyls, 15 x Black Pterodactyls, 5550 Space Herbs

Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Get Hercules' Mech!
Moon Girl starts

Moon Girl
: Hey Hercules, I'm making you your own mech suit!
Hercules: You're very kind, Girl of Moon, but the mighty Hercules needs no armor. Armor should be wearing Hercules!
Moon Girl: I can make it gold.
Hercules: I do enjoy shiny things...
Moon Girl: And I can put a big lion on it.
Hercules: Did you know that Hercules is known as the Lion of Olympus?!
Moon Girl: Yup.
Hercules: I am convinced, Girl of Moon! Let us see the golden armor of a god!

Get Hercules' Mech!
- 30 Helms of Hades (drops from Fin Fang Foom's 6th streak and above after Hercules is unlocked)

Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Elsa Challenge (Claim your free bobblehead from the shop after completion)
Wasp starts

Get Elsa to Lvl 4 Attack Skill
Get Elsa to Lvl 4 Health Skill

Devil Dinosaur: Rawr!
Reward: 10 Space Herbs 

Devil Dinosaur Challenge
Moon Girl starts

Get Devil Dinosaur's Bobblehead, 100 Shards

Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Hercules Challenge (Claim your free bobblehead from the shop after completion)
Loki starts

Have Hercules Complete The 13th Labor, 5h

Reward: 10 Space Herbs

Orrgo Challenge (Claim your free bobblehead from the shop after completion)
Falcon starts

Get 15 Back Scratchers from Scrolls!

Devil Dinosaur: Rawr!
Reward: 10 Space Herbs

What do you think of Episode 4? Have you enjoyed the Monsters Unleashed Special Event? Were you able to get the characters you wanted?


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