Thursday, 22 June 2017

Multiverse Special Event: Multiversal Crate

Morning, Avengers!


Alongside Episode 3 of the Multiverse Special event, TinyCo has also dropped another crate into our shops - the Multiversal Crate! It costs 65 Shards per try and contains Gladiator Hulk, WWII Captain America, Devil Dinosaur and items for upgrading characters from past events.


The crate gives you a CHANCE at getting the following:

Devil Dinosaur
Gladiator Hulk
WWII Captain America
20000 Credits
15 x Ultron Token
7 x Ultron Token
15 x Avenger Pumpkin
7 x Avenger Pumpkin
15 x Avenger Pumpkin
7 x Avenger Pumpkin
15 x Spider-Man Token
7 x Spider-Man Token
15 x Magic Timepiece
10 x Portal Blaster
10 x Timetraps
8 x Photon Spheres
8 x Red Multiversal Armor
8 x Purple Multiversal Armor
2 x Time Luggage
2 x Tights

My Personal Results


Are you going to have a go at the crate? If you did, did you get what you wanted?


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