Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Doctor Strange Character Outfit: Cthulhu Black Widow

Get Cthulhu Black Widow
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Have you found a way to keep me hidden in the Dark Dimension and beyond? It might be our only chance of getting the intel we need to stop whatever Kaecilius is summoning.
Doctor Strange: It's too dangerous...
Black Widow: I'll decide what's too dangerous.
Doctor Strange: There's an artifact called the Heart of Cthulhu. It's said that the wearer becomes bonded to the ageless entity, gaining its abilities, and altering one's appearance.
Black Widow: And the creatures in those dimensions won't notice me?
Doctor Strange: If anything, most will either fear or worship you. But I can't let you do this. Cthulhu is known for inducing immediate insanity. You can't maintain a sound mind under its influence.
Black Widow: Never tell me what I can't do.

Get Cthulhu Black Widow!
- 6 x Dead Stars (Defeat Eldritch Portals L6)
- 40 x Floaties (Special Event Missions)
- 4 x Tentacles (Collect from the Cthulhu Temple)
- 5009 Arcane Artifacts

Doctor Strange: How do you feel?
Cthulhu Black Widow: Different. Weird. Powerful.
Doctor Strange: Are your thoughts stable? Are you hearing voices? Are you inexplicably drawn to water? Stars? Chaos and destruction?
Cthulhu Black Widow: No more than usual.
Doctor Strange: This is serious, Black Widow. You need to tell me immediately if you feel your mind beginning to slip.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Relax, Doctor. The creatures of the Dark Dimension are the ones who need to be worried.

Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

The Call of Black Widow Pt. 1
Black Widow starts

Doctor Strange: We need to make sure you're in control of Cthulhu's powers before entering the Dark Dimension.
Cthulhu Black Widow: How do we do that?
Doctor Strange: I see how long I can stare at you without going insane... 

Black Widow Induce Insanity! 2m, requires Doctor Strange

Cthulhu Black Widow: Are you alright?
Doctor Strange: Yes. I'm fine. I'm fairly certain these unimaginable nightmares won't be permanently burned into my retinas.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Do you really think you went temporarily insane?
Doctor Strange: I had a vision of the one who truly controls us. Watching. Waiting. Laughing at our blunders while deciding our fates. Guiding our every move with nothing but the tap of a finger...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

The Call of Black Widow Pt. 2
Black Widow starts

Cthulhu Black Widow: We can't wait any longer. I need to enter the Dark Dimension, and see if I can find out how to stop whatever Kaecilius is summoning. 
Doctor Strange: You may have to travel even further. It sounds as if whoever Kaecilius is dealing with controls the Dark Dimension, but the older beings in the farther shadow realms might be more willing to share information.
Cthulhu Black Widow: How do I get there?
Doctor Strange: Use one of Professor Pym's portals in S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. It's better protected, and I should be able to cast a spell to guide your way.
Cthulhu Black Widow: What will you do?
Doctor Strange: Worry. Pace. Use every spell in my arsenal to distract mystical beings here and in other planes in hopes of ensuring your safety.
Cthulhu Black Widow: I told you not to worry about me. If any of these creatures notice me, I'll make sure they lose the trail.
Doctor Strange: I'm not concerned about you losing them, Black Widow. I'm concerned about you losing yourself...

Black Widow Induce Insantiy! 1m, requires Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Think in Circles! 2m
Black Widow Visit Shadow Dimensions! 5m

Cthulhu Black Widow: Get out of my way.
Doctor Strange: What happened?!
Cthulhu Black Widow: I did what I had to. Saw things I wish I hadn't. Found out more than I ever wanted to know.
Doctor Strange: I should examine you to ensure the Heart of Cthulhu isn't corrupting your soul or twisting your mind.
Cthulhu Black Widow: You can't help me anymore.
Doctor Strange: Who can?
Cthulhu Black Widow: Mephisto.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

The Call of Black Widow Pt. 3
Black Widow starts

Mephisto: I thought Halloween was over...
Cthulhu Black Widow: I thought you came here to conquer this dimension, and get revenge on Doctor Strange...
Mephisto: Oh, I also want those things...
Cthulhu Black Widow: You tricked Kaecilius into going down this path. You let yourself get imprisoned on purpose. Why?
Mephisto: We caged Super Villains were not created equal. Ronan, Red Skull, and Carnage seek nothing but destruction. Kingpin and I have bigger plans. He's surprisingly patient for a mortal.
Cthulhu Black Widow: Answer the question.
Mephisto: Make me a deal.
Cthulhu Black Widow: We are Cthulhu. Greatest of the Great Old Ones. We are the horror of infinite night. The suffocation of endless depths. What existed before life, and will exist beyond extinction. We do not make deals with little demons...

Black Widow Loom Large! 1m

Doctor Strange Zip Around! 3m

Doctor Strange: That was incredible in the best and worst possible ways. We need to immediately remove the Heart of Cthulhu!
Cthulhu Black Widow: I'm not finished.
Doctor Strange: Your voice...
Cthulhu Black Widow: Is inside your mind.
Doctor Strange: You can't be. The Heart of Cthulhu is my artifact. I'm the Sorcerer Supreme!
Cthulhu Black Widow: Every being that ever breathed is irrelevant to Cthulhu. Be thankful, Doctor. You are the one who helped bring about the beginning of the end...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

What do you think of Cthulhu Black Widow? Don't you just love her new actions? Cthulhu fhtagn!


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