Thursday, 10 November 2016

Doctor Strange Character Outfit: Elemental Doctor Strange

Get Elemental Doctor Strange! (Until Episode 1 ends)
Doctor Strange starts

Tech Wizard Iron Man: What is all this awesomness?!
Doctor Strange: Kaecilius is on the verge of summoning beings who are beyond even the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme. This elemental armor amplifies my power, and provides extra protection in battle.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Why is your element water? Because you're cold and sometimes slimy?
Doctor Strange: Because I'm intuitive, adaptive, and mysterious as the ocean depths.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: It also works because your palms are always sweaty.

Get Elemental Doctor Strange! 42 x Tarot Cards (Defeat Zealot Boss), 14289 Arcane Artifacts

Kaecilius: Do you really think elemental armor will save you from what's coming next?
Doctor Strange: I want to chop off your ponytail.
Kaecilius: What? Why?
Doctor Strange: It bothers me. I find it more disturbing than the Fear Eaters of Kkallakku.
Kaecilius: Your vanity will be your undoing.
Doctor Strange: I also don't like your mascara.

Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Water Hazard Pt. 1
Doctor Strange starts

Tech Wizard Iron Man: If you want, I can run some diagnostics on your new suit while you walk around. It might give you extra insight into how to harness its full power.
Doctor Strange: Thanks, Tony. That's really nice of you.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: That's science!
Doctor Strange: I don't get it.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: It's just a thing a guy I know likes to say...

Doctor Strange Be Four-Dimensional! 4m
Iron Man Do Super Science! 3m

Doctor Strange: What were you able to learn about my elemental armor?
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Huh?
Doctor Strange: You said you would run diagnostics on the armor to help me harness its full abilities.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Right! I remember now. I was doing that, but I was also finalizing the designs for my Artic Armor, making tweaks to my Hulkbuster armor, and watching a documentary about a nun who makes her own cheese.
Doctor Strange: You didn't even finish the diagnostics.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Oh, I didn't even start. Do you think I could make it as a champion cheese-maker? That cheese-loving nun really got me motivated.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

Water Hazard Pt. 2
Doctor Strange starts

Ms. Marvel: Whoa! You have water powers now?!
Doctor Strange: In a sense. It's more like I'm harnessing the elemental force of water, and the energies of the sorcerers who've worn this armor before.
Ms. Marvel: Bend some water!
Doctor Strange: Yeah, I don't do that. Were you not listening? 

Doctor Strange Defy Logic! 2m

Ms. Marvel: I still wish you bent water, but that was some awesome teleporting!
Doctor Strange: I do what I can. This armor honestly makes it a little more difficult to make the necessary movements to open a portal.
Ms. Marvel: Have you tried Kung Fu?!
Doctor Strange: You can sort of say I do magic Kung Fu...
Ms. Marvel: Falcon is gonna be so jealous...
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts 

Water Hazard Pt. 3
Doctor Strange starts

Nick Fury: We need to have another talk.
Doctor Strange: I feel like you want to talk to me more than anyone else...
Nick Fury: Could be your imagination. Could be that if there's any hope of saving this world, I need to know that I can trust the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange Focus! 1m

Doctor Strange: If what you're telling me is true, it's the most amazing, and the most terrible thing I've ever heard.
Nick Fury: The past was terrible. The present is amazing. If we work together, the future could be beyond our wildest dreams.
Doctor Strange: That's actually very philosophical...
Nick Fury: I've been hanging out with The Ancient One at the barber shop.
Reward: 20 Arcane Artifacts

What do you think of Elemental Doctor Strange? Were you able to create this outfit?


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