Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Halloween Special Event Character Costume: Wicked Witch Enchantress

Get Wicked Witch Enchantress
Loki starts

Enchantress: I may join the costume festivities...
Thunder Loki: What will you be?
Enchantress: I'm interested in Midgardian witchcraft. I have ideas for my take on a stunning wicked witch.
Thunder Loki: You're supposed to choose a costume that's dramatically different from your normal persona. In your case, you could choose to become someone pleasant.
Enchantress: Pleasant is for peasants.

Get Wicked Witch Enchantress
- 40 Wings of Bat
(Special Event Missions)

- 4 Vampire Pumpkins (Get it from Go Dancing! OR Take Some Pics! OR Collect from the Vampire Tomb)
- 4 Broomsticks
(Collect from the Creepy Candy Cottage, 4h)
- 5995 Candies 

Pirate Wasp: That's such an awesome dress! Where'd you get it?!
Wicked Witch Enchantress: From my favorite Asgardian seamstress. It's impossible to find an acceptable fashion designer on Midgard.
Pirate Wasp: I'm a fashion designer...
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Why must you always make it awkward?

Reward: 20 Candies 

I'll Get You, My Pretty! Pt. 1
Enchantress starts

Iron Man: You look amazing!
Wicked Witch Enchantress: I know. And not only am I devastatingly stunning, but my new ensemble even grants me the power of flight.
Iron Man: Let's see how fast you can fly!
Wicked Witch Enchantress: It's more like leisurely belittling from above.

Enchantress Take Flight! 5m

Iron Man Get Some Air! 1m

Iron Man: That was great. You're already so good at flying.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: I'm aware. But don't assume that just because we flew together we're somehow romantically linked.
Iron Man: Oh, I'm not into you anymore.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Excuse me?
Iron Man: I still think you're hot, but it's that personality. Every word out of your mouth is like a judgmental cold shower made of hate droplets.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: How dare you?!
Iron Man: I'm not trying to be mean. A lot of people don't like me either. You should definitely keep being you. I'll just keep not being interested in you because you're horrible.
Reward: 20 Candies

I'll Get You, My Pretty! Pt. 2

Enchantress starts

Thunder Loki: You look upset. Did someone snatch your weave?
Wicked Witch Enchantress: That peon Tony Stark claims to find me unattractive.
Thunder Loki: Why do you care? Last week you called him a well-manicured troll.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: He's not even that well-manicured...
Thunder Loki: I never realized how badly you want them to like you...
Wicked Witch Enchantress: I don't want them to like me, you glorified wart. I want them to be blinded by my majesty.

Enchantress Take Flight! 5m
Enchantress Judge Everyone! 3m
Loki Wield Sorcery! 1m

Thunder Loki: Did your sour-faced sulking reveal the solution to your woes?
Wicked Witch Enchantress: As a matter of fact, it did. I've decided it's time I fully embraced the Halloween spirit...
Reward: 20 Candies

I'll Get You, My Pretty! Pt. 3
Enchantress starts

Wicked Witch Enchantress: I've decided it's unacceptable that you find me unattractive.
Iron Man: That's a good line. I might steal that.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: It's not a line, idiot. It's a thinly veiled threat.
Iron Man: Just don't hypnotize me anymore. Yesterday I looked in the mirror, and I swore I had actual heart eyes.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Witches don't need hypnosis. They have witch's brew.
Iron Man: Does witch's brew have gluten in it? Wasp has me on this gluten-free thing. Also, I don't know what gluten is.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Soon, you'll know nothing but the majesty of Enchantess...

Enchantress Toil and Trouble! 3m

Enchantress Cast Spells! 1m
Iron Man Do Super-Science! 3m

Wicked Witch Enchantress: The witch's brew is finished.
Iron Man: Yeah, I thought I heard it beep.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Do you love me again, Tony Stark?
Iron Man: Not as much as I love myself. But to be fair, I really, really love myself.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: Impossible. The witch's brew should have made you endlessly infatuated...
Iron Man: Maybe you forgot an ingredient.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: It's not a casserole, moron.
Iron Man: You forgot an ingredient, didn't you?
Wicked Witch Enchantress: I couldn't find a toad that was stung by a snake, so I substituted shawarma.
Reward: 20 Candies

What do you think of Wicked Witch Enchantress? Have you created this outfit? What do you think of her new actions?


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