Friday, 27 January 2017

High-Tech Crate

Afternoon, Avengers!

Alongside the Ultron Special event, TinyCo has also dropped another crate into our shops - the High-Tech Crate! It costs 70 Shards per try and contains a new outfit for Cap, some new decos and several helpful items for the A-Force Special event!

You will be prompted to open the crate via the following optional quest:

Get Commander America! (Quest time limited 2d)
Iron Man starts

Commander America: Explain to me how the shield works again...
Iron Man: It's an energy shield that's contained in the device around your wrist. All you have to do is touch the button, and the shield will expand from the emitter. 
Commander America: I'm still not sure about this...
Iron Man: The S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruits need you leading the charge. Ultron's body is made of pure Vibranium, so your old shield will just bounce off. This new one should do some damage.
Commander America: It does feel good to be back in full uniform...
Iron Man: Go get 'em, Commander America. 

Open the High-Tech Crate! 70 Shards

Phil Coulson: Whoa...
Commander America: Yeah. Wasp modified my old uniform, and Tony built me an energy shield.
Phil Coulson: Whoa...
Commander America: Can you say something else, Phil?
Phil Coulson: Can I have your original shield?
Commander America: No.
Phil Coulson: Good thing I have so many mint-condition replicas...
Reward: 10 Microchips  

The crate gives you a CHANCE at getting the following: 

Commander America (new outfit for Cap)

Ultron Foundry
Cap's Exoskeleton
Kree Ship
Ultron Penguin
6 x Anti-Metals
9 x Anti-Metals
15 x Viruses
20 x Viruses
8 x Purple Iron Man Helmets
8 x Green Iron Man Helmets
5 x Drones
1200 x Microchips
2400 x Microchips
30 x Remote Controls
2 x Nanowasps
200 x Shards
15 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Blasters
25 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Blasters


8 x Purple Iron Man Helmets
2 Nanowasps
9 x Anti-Metals
25 x S.H.I.E.L.D. Blasters
12 Medium Health Packs

Are you going to have a go at the crate? If you did, did you get what you wanted?


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