Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween Special Event Premium Character Outfit: 80's Tigra

80's Tigra is an outfit that you can win for Tigra in the Spooktacular Halloween Crate at a cost of 95 Shards per try.

After winning her, you'll just need to equip the outfit in Van Dyne's.

The outfit has a unique questline and allows Tigra to take part in Hangouts!

Neon and Happiness Pt. 1
Tigra starts

Pirate Wasp: Oh my gosh! You're an 80's neon goddess! I can't even look at you without going blind!
80's Tigra: You better hide your eyes because I'm about to take it to the next level.
Pirate Wasp: I'm already blind, but it was totally worth it!

Tigra Make It Work! 5m

Wicked Witch Enchantress: Congratulations, you look like a rainbow threw up on a hairball.
80's Tigra: What are you supposed to be?
Wicked Witch Enchantress: A wicked witch.
80's Tigra: I think you got one of the letters wrong.
Reward: 20 Candies

Neon and Happiness Pt. 2
Tigra starts

80's Tigra: I will never understand why you insist on ruining everyone's good time.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: You have fur and a tail. I'd be surprised if you understand the difference between wet food and dry food.
80's Tigra: It's easy to judge people, Enchantress. It's even easier to ignore you...

Tigra Take a Cat Nap! 3m
Enchantress Judge Everyone! 3m

80's Tigra: I don't understand how you can spend so much time with Enchantress. I'd go crazy.
Thunder Loki: I casted a spell on her that causes a single hair to fall out of her head each day. I enjoy checking in on my progress.
Reward: 20 Candies

Neon and Happiness Pt. 3
Tigra starts

80's Tigra: I decided we should start over, and try to be friends. Embrace the holiday spirit.
Wicked Witch Enchantress: I don't embrace spirits. I banish and enslave them.
80's Tigra: Let's just hang out and ignore each other...

Tigra Get Into the Groove! 1m
Enchantress Steal the Spotlight! 1m

Wicked Witch Enchantress: I must admit, that was not completely horrendous.
80's Tigra: I just saw the hair fall out of your head!
Reward: 20 Candies

What do you think of 80's Tigra? Were you able to get her in time?


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