Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Daredevil Special Event Character: Luke Cage

Iron Fist starts

Iron Fist: Dude, we gotta get Luke out of there. He's being really chill about it, but I know being locked up is driving him crazy.
Daredevil: It's still risky, but let's try to free him. Time's running out, and we can't beat Kingpin without him.
Iron Fist: Fist bump!
Daredevil: I thought that was you and Luke's thing?
Iron Fist: It's a special occasion, man! You can never have too many fist bumps!

Free Luke Cage! 100 Ninja Stars


Iron Fist: Sorry it took so long, man.
Luke Cage: It's alright. We're back now. Let's go find Jess and get rid of Kingpin.
Iron Fist: And fist bump.
Luke Cage: But of course.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Be Indestructible!
Iron Fist starts

Luke Cage: Is this a paying gig?
Daredevil: Always the Hero for Hire...
Luke Cage: I'm sure Fury can spare a few bucks.
Daredevil: I'm sure you're right. I'll see what Pepper says.
Luke Cage: Cool. And don't worry. Either way, I'm gonna make Kingpin pay... 

Recruit Luke Cage!

- 64 Shades (Special Event Missions)
- 12 Daisho (Defeat Hand Ninjas)
- 3 Leather Jackets (Defeat Kingpin Streak 3)
- 8008 Ninja Stars

Luke Cage: Hey.
Jessica Jones: Hey.
Luke Cage: I missed you.
Jessica Jones: I missed you too.
Luke Cage: You did?! I mean, I'm not surprised you did, I'm just surprised you admitted it.
Jessica Jones: Yeah, I don't know what happened. It just came out.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Mix It Up Pt. 1
Luke Cage starts

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Luke! Iron Fist can't stop raving about you, and Jessica Jones says you're pretty okay. What do you do?
Luke Cage: I'm a business owner. Professional hero. I do some odd jobs on the side. Thinking about buying a dive some day...
Pepper Potts: I meant, what are your powers?
Luke Cage: I'll show you...

Luke Cage Be Indestructible! 1h30m
Iron Fist Find Your Center! 1h30m

Pepper Potts: That's power, man.
Luke Cage: Have you been hanging out with Iron Fist?
Pepper Potts: We have the same yoga class.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Mix It Up Pt. 2
Luke Cage starts

Hellcat: Are you ready to fight?
Luke Cage: Always. But I do need to stretch after being in that cell.
Hellcat: Let's go to the park! I'll do some flips, and you can throw something impossibly heavy!

Luke Cage Play Ball! 2h
Hellcat Do Acrobatics! 45m

Hellcat: Whoa.
Luke Cage: Thanks.
Hellcat: Oh, I was actually talking about how I got a head rush from all that flipping.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Mix it Up Pt. 3

Luke Cage starts

Luke Cage: I was thinking about getting a job on campus to make some extra cash. Who serves the food and drinks around here?
Hellcat: Robots.
Luke Cage: Sweet Christmas...

Upgrade Luke Cage! 9 Daisho, 4339 Ninja Stars
Luke Cage Talk Mixology! 2h45m

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

What do you think of Luke Cage? Were you able to recruit him to your Academy?


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