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Daredevil Special Event: Episode Four

Morning all,
And suddenly appeared Episode 4!

Firstly, here are some FAQ from TinyCo...

How do I recruit Luke Cage?
Once you reach the quest ""Get Indestructible!"" you will be able to recruit Luke Cage. You must unlock Iron Fist before recruiting him. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I recruit Punisher?
Once you reach the quest ""Unhinged!"" you will be able to recruit Punisher. You will also need to unlock Luke Cage's Dog and from The Devil's Due. Once you have defeated Kingpin 6 times, you can recruit Punisher from The Devil's Due!

What do the different streaks for Kingpin mean?
Defeating Kingpin will allow you to unlock Luke Cage and Punisher, as well as Rank 5 upgrades for Daredevil, Hellcat, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Punisher!
Kingpin's health, but not his streak, will reset when his timer reaches 0.

Now onto the new quests!

Daredevil starts

Daredevil: I'm giving you one last chance to tell me what you and the Hand are planning.
Kingpin: It's complicated due to the fact that they're unknowingly serving a third party. Further complicated by the fact that I've decided to take the fight into my own hands. If you want a thing done well...
Daredevil: If you don't tell me, I can't let you walk out of here.
Kingpin: I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid I'll have to decline. Perhaps I'll reconsider explaining myself as your dying wish...

Defeat Kingpin! 5945HP, requires 3 x Broken Bat

Daredevil: Stay out of Hell's Kitchen...
Kingpin: You think so small, Daredevil. Hell's Kitchen is just the beginning. It's nothing but a gateway to other worlds. The Hand are going to open that door for me, and those worlds will be mine.
Daredevil: Since when are you interested in portals?
Kingpin: Since I realized that if I'm truly going to compete with men like Nick Fury, I need all of the tools at their disposal. I've acquired my own superhumans. Now I need access to other dimensions.
Daredevil: Who are you really working with?
Kingpin: Someone who understands power and the art of the deal. Better the devil you know than the devil of Hell's Kitchen.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Out of the Frying Pan...
Loki starts

Loki: I feel compelled to give you credit, Patch-Man. Your scheme worked to perfection.
Nick Fury: Couldn't have done it without you.
Loki: Obviously. In any case, we've successfully manipulated King Potato and his ninjas into revealing their true intentions, and engaging in a battle they cannot win.
Nick Fury: Not to mention recruiting some of the toughest superhumans in New York, and using the trial to reach thousands more across the galaxy.
Loki: And now I'll use my sorcery to curse the ninja's occult magic, giving me complete control over the dimensional rift they've been attempting to open.
Nick Fury: So that you can make sure it stays shut...
Loki: Obviously... 

Loki Wield Sorcery! 1m

Elektra: What's wrong with you, Matthew? Your friends are free, and Kingpin and the Hand are at our mercy. I'd expect you to have that dumb adorable smile you get after every successful mission.
Daredevil: Something doesn't feel right. There was this blast of heat, and then a wave of fear and paranoia and anger. I've never felt anything like that before...
Elektra: I feel that way sometimes. Try assassinating someone.
Daredevil: That's your solution to everything.
Elektra: Don't knock it till you've tried it.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 


Great news from Avengers Academy as the heroes have exposed Kingpin as a criminal, and continue to defeat him in combat, and weaken his hold on Hell's Kitchen. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage intend to establish a joint investigative and protective agency aimed at keeping their neighborhood safe, and helping those in need. Director Fury's approval rating is at an all-time high, and he continues to encourage young superhumans across the universe to join Avengers Academy. Matt Murdock and Loki have agree to use their combined courtroom talents in future trials to defend wrongly accused superhumans, establishing the offices of Laufeyson and Nelson and Murdock.
If some extra-dimensional demon shows up and ruins my homemade ladybug costume, I swear I'll flip this desk over. 
...Humanoid found at site of meteor impact...Search for Brain Fight winner continues...Dinosaur rampages through Washington, eats many hot dogs...

Bowl Him Over!
Hellcat starts

Kingpin: You betrayed me.
Punisher: I was never working for you. I made a deal with Fury to keep an eye on you so you couldn't run away.
Kingpin: What could Fury possibly give you that I couldn't?
Punisher: A list of more important villains to take out when I'm done with you.

Defeat Kingpin 3 Times!

Kingpin: Would you consider allowing me to attend Avengers Academy if I prove myself to be sufficiently reformed?
Pepper Potts: I would, but Director Fury has you on his blacklist. You honestly have no idea how evil you have to be to get banned from Avengers Academy.
Kingpin: I suppose I should be honored.
Pepper Potts: You should also get used to the idea of living in a cell.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Iron Fist starts

Kingpin: Your ninjas are even worse at protecting me than they are at completing our objective.
Hand Ninja Boss: Your objective was never ours. Our Demon Lord wanted to distract the heroes long enough for another to forge a doorway to this world. It's finished.
Kingpin: They were making deals behind my back?! I'm the mastermind! This is my operation!
Hand Ninja Boss: Do I seriously need to explain to you why you shouldn't trust Demon Lords?

Defeat Kingpin 5 Times!

Loki: I'm going to miss you, King Potato. Your ceaseless scheming reminds me of myself when I was young.
Kingpin: How old are you?
Loki: A God of Mischief never tells.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Streets of Rage!
Daredevil starts

Kingpin: What are you doing here?
Elektra: I like to finish off my enemies. That final look of pain and hopelessness gives me life. 
Kingpin: The Hand betrayed us both. I can help you get your revenge.
Elektra: Why would I take your help when I could take your life?

Defeat Kingpin 7 Times!

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Iron Fist starts

Iron Fist: Dude, we gotta get Luke out of there. He's being really chill about it, but I know being locked up is driving him crazy.
Daredevil: It's still risky, but let's try to free him. Time's running out, and we can't beat Kingpin without him.
Iron Fist: Fist bump!
Daredevil: I thought that was you and Luke's thing?
Iron Fist: It's a special occasion, man! You can never have too many fist bumps!

Free Luke Cage! 100 Ninja Stars


Iron Fist: Sorry it took so long, man.
Luke Cage: It's alright. We're back now. Let's go find Jess and get rid of Kingpin.
Iron Fist: And fist bump.
Luke Cage: But of course.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Be Indestructible!
Iron Fist starts

Luke Cage: Is this a paying gig?
Daredevil: Always the Hero for Hire...
Luke Cage: I'm sure Fury can spare a few bucks.
Daredevil: I'm sure you're right. I'll see what Pepper says.
Luke Cage: Cool. And don't worry. Either way, I'm gonna make Kingpin pay... 

Recruit Luke Cage!

- 64 Shades (Special Event Missions)
- 12 Daisho (Defeat Hand Ninjas)
- 3 Leather Jackets (Defeat Kingpin Streak 3)
- 8008 Ninja Stars

Luke Cage: Hey.
Jessica Jones: Hey.
Luke Cage: I missed you.
Jessica Jones: I missed you too.
Luke Cage: You did?! I mean, I'm not surprised you did, I'm just surprised you admitted it.
Jessica Jones: Yeah, I don't know what happened. It just came out.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Daredevil starts

Luke Cage: I'm freeing Punisher.
Iron Fist: C'mon, man. Remember when he stuck my head in the toilet?
Luke Cage: Yeah.
Iron Fist: It wasn't funny.
Luke Cage: It was kinda funny. What wasn't funny was when we all fought after. We'd probably still be fighting if Jess didn't walk in and knock him out.
Iron Fist: And that's the guy you wanna set free?
Luke Cage: Punisher doesn't deserve to be locked up. And Kingpin most definitely deserves to have his head in the toilet.

Free Punisher! 10 x Black T-Shirts (Defeat Kingpin Streak 6!)

Punisher: Where's Kingpin?
Luke Cage: You're welcome.
Punisher: I'll thank you for freeing me when I'm finished with Kingpin.
Luke Cage: No you won't.
Punisher: You're probably right.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars  


Get Punisher!
Daredevil starts

Daredevil: I'm glad you're coming around. We'll need your help to take down Kingpin for good.
Punisher: Get me what I need, and I'll make sure nobody ever sees Kingpin again.
Daredevil: You're gonna kill him?
Punisher: I'm gonna beat him so bad he'll be scared to ever show his face again. Kill him? You really need to work on your anger issues...

Recruit Punisher!

Kingpin: You've made a grave mistake, Mr. Castle. We could run Hell's Kitchen. We should already be running Avengers Academy. I'd suggest you reconsider my offer before you do something you'll regret...
Punisher: Shut up.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Top Dog!
Daredevil starts

: I think I finally figured out an angle to help us win this trial, and get the public behind you. I just need to make sure Loki doesn't have the last word.
Nick Fury: Good luck with that.
Daredevil: Why do I get the feeling you don't even care if we win?
Nick Fury: Because we already won. It's more about putting on a good show.
Daredevil: I don't understand...
Nick Fury: You will. Just let Loki have the last word...

Get Luke Cage's Dog! 96 x Hand Seals, 4 Daisho, 2158 Ninja Stars
Daredevil State Your Case! 30m
Loki Condemn the Accused! 2h

Loki: Do you swear that everything you've said during this trial is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Nick Fury: Yes.
Loki: And isn't it true that we've secretly been working together since the beginning of this ridiculous mock trial?
Nick Fury: Yes.
Loki: And isn't it also true that all of this has been an elaborate diversion to distract King Potato while we uncovered his scheme with the ninjas, and freed his superhuman prisoners?
Nick Fury: His name is Kingpin, but besides that, yes.
Loki: And now that we've uncovered and foiled their plans to summon an extra-dimensional demon to do their bidding, are you prepared to admit that Loki Laufeyson is not only the God of Mischief, but the King of All Lawyering?
Nick Fury: Sure, why not?
Loki: Case closed! And I'm keeping these golden loafers!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Place the Courthouse!
Iron Man starts

Place the Courthouse!

Daredevil: Great job!
Reward: 200 Ninja Stars

The Luke Cage Challenge! (Unlocks the Luke Cage Bobblehead!)

Get a Hero's Attack Skill to Level 10
Get a Hero's Health Skill to Level 10
Get a Hero's Teamwork Skill to Level 5

Reward: 600 Ninja Stars

What do you think of Episode 4 so far? Are you gonna try for Punisher?


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