Thursday, 29 September 2016

GotG Character Profile: Rocket Raccoon

Note: This is the information for Rocket Raccoon during the Return of the Guardians mini-event. I will add the original event info at a later date.
Rocket Raccoon was re-released for the price of 695 Shards.

UPDATE 28/04/17: Rocket was released for a third time during the GotG Vol. 2 Special Event.

Rocket starts

Rocket Raccoon: I don't know why I keep messin' with you, Quill.
Star-Lord: I'm fun. I'm funny. I can help you save the galaxy. I'm good at puzzles. I'm a decent dancer...
Rocket Raccoon: You can't dance...
Star-Lord: Oh, and you can?! Don't be mad just because you aren't tall enough to ever get in the club...
Rocket Raccoon: That's it! Dance-off! Me and you! Actually, forget that! I'm dancin' by myself! And it ain't weird!

Rocket Raccoon Break it Down! 15m

Star-Lord: Fine. You're better than me at both dancing and murdering...
Rocket Raccoon: And you're the best at forgetting what's good for you...
Star-Lord: Are you seriously still made about what happened at the Conservatory? I know it was your plan. And I know it might've worked, but I messed it up. I just thought I had a clean shot at the glove...
Rocket Raccoon: Anybody can get a clean shot, Quill. You gotta know when to take it...
Reward: 40 Credits

Build and Destroy Pt. 1
Rocket Raccoon starts

Loki: Hello, Raucous Rodent.
Rocket Raccoon: You're a jackass.
Loki: Excuse me?!
Rocket Raccoon: You heard me, you little mystical midget. You think I don't know what you're doing? Acting like you're too good to remember people's names. Slithering around like some smartass, whispery man-witch. You're pathetic.
Loki: I'm a god, you filthy beast.
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah, I'm just some filthy animal. And you're just some filthy Asgardian. I heard of you. Jealous of your brother. Mad at your dad. Some of us don't have family to be mad at. Or to be ashamed of us...
Loki: I'll kill you!
Rocket Raccoon: Nah, you're all talk. I heard your brother's the one that gets things done...

Rocket Raccoon Blow Stuff Up! 15m

Pepper Potts: Loki is furious...
Rocket Raccoon: Is that new? Seems like that's his thing.
Pepper Potts: Director Fury invites...diverse students, but we're all on the same team once we get  to Avengers Academy.
Rocket Raccoon: I ain't ever really been one for teams. And I definitely ain't ever gonna be disrespected by some uppity rich kid who don't know a thing about real pain.
Pepper Potts: We want you to be here, Rocket, but we don't want trouble.
Rocket Raccoon: Hate to break it to you, but trouble's part of the package...
Reward: 40 Credits

Build and Destroy Pt. 2
Rocket Raccoon starts

Odin: I understand you have issues with my son...
Rocket Raccoon: I got all kinds of issues.
Odin: I can help you with those...
Rocket Raccoon: Cuz you've done such a bang-up job with his?
Odin: Emotional issues are complicated. Creating and repairing simpler things can help us repair ourselves...

Upgrade Rocket Raccoon!
Get Rocket's Hot Rod!
Rocket Raccoon Throw a Wrench In It, 3m

Odin: You already seem more at peace.
Rocket Raccoon: I'd be even more at peace if there was some decent suspension components in this place. But yeah, I feel less inclined to annihilate somethin'...
Odin: Good. I'm glad you're on our team, Rocket Raccoon.
Rocket Raccoon: Hope you're not waitin' for me to say thanks.
Odin: I am not.
Rocket Raccoon: ...Thanks.
Odin: You're very welcome.

Reward: 40 Credits

Rocket Launcher Pt. 1
Rocket Raccoon starts

Star-Lord: You should look into the database here, Rocket. It's the best chance any of us have of finding out where we came from.
Rocket Raccoon: I came from nothin'. Pretty proud of it.
Star-Lord: C'mon, Rocket. We get it. You're tough. You don't need any friends. It's fine if you don't wanna say we're friends, but I say we are. And I say you wanna know as much about your past as I do about mine...
Rocket Raccoon: What if what I find out is worse than what I already know?
Star-Lord: Then it'll be the truth. Good or bad that's something. Maybe you aren't the only annoying, cannon-carrying raccoon out there...
Rocket Raccoon: Maybe you're right...

Upgrade Rocket Raccoon! 60 x Guardians Badge (Mission Board)

Rocket Raccoon Research Halfworld! 30m

Star-Lord: Find anything out about your home planet?
Rocket Raccoon: That I'm an experiment. A freak. Like I didn't know that already...
Star-Lord: I'm sorry...
Rocket Raccoon: For what? I'm going back there. And you're coming with me...
Reward: 40 Credits

Rocket Launcher Pt. 2
Rocket Raccoon starts

Star-Lord: You gonna even tell me what your home planet is called?
Rocket Raccoon: Halfworld. Apparently, it's full of loonies, evil robots, disfigured toys, and horribly transformed animals.
Star-Lord: Oh, man. I totally forgot I'm supposed to be in an eight-hour Charleston dance-off with Cap right now...
Rocket Raccoon: Too bad, friend...

Rocket Raccoon Visit Halfworld! 4h, requires Star-Lord
Rocket Raccoon Blow Stuff Up! 15m

Star-Lord: That was...
Rocket Raccoon: Awesome!
Star-Lord: I was gonna say terrifying.
Rocket Raccoon: Exactly! I'm the least terrifying thing to come out of that crazy place! I'm almost sort of normal!
Star-Lord: You sure normal is a good thing?
Rocket Raccoon: Nah, being normal sucks, but you can't beat knowing it could've been way worse!
Reward: 40 Credits

What do you think of Rocket Raccoon? Did you already have him? Did you buy him if not?


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