Monday, 19 September 2016

Daredevil Special Event: Cryptic Crimson Crate

Hi Avengers!

With Episode 4 of the Daredevil Special Event comes another mystery box! This one is the Cryptic Crimson Crate and each try will cost you 200 Ninja Stars.

The box contains the following items...

Elektra's Tiger
Kingpin's Poodle
30 Shards
Punisher Balloons
Academy Courthouse
Fogwell's Gym Boxing Ring
Alias Investigations
Nelson & Murdock Sign
Disco Ball
Punisher Hideout
20 Shards
3 Broken Bats
6 Broken Bats
9 Broken Bats
4 Daisho
5 Daisho
6 Daisho
10 Katanas
20 Katanas
30 Katanas
4 Power Attacks
5 Power Attacks
6 Power Attacks
7 Power Attacks
10 15% Health Packs
6 50% Health Packs
3 100% Health Packs
Daredevil Perks (2 of each)
Hellcat Perks (2 of each)
Loki Perks (2 of each)
Falcon Perks (2 of each)
Wasp Perks (2 of each)
Iron Fist Perks (2 of each)
Luke Cage Perks (2 of each)
20 Red Ninja Masks
30 Red Ninja Masks
20 Black Ninja Masks
30 Black Ninja Masks
20 White Ninja Masks
30 White Ninja Masks
50 Hand Seals
70 Hand Seals
90 Hand Seals
100 Hand Seals

So, an absolute ton of stuff to help with the event as well as some pretty cool new decos! What do you think of this latest mystery box? Are you gonna try it? I bought out the whole box lol!


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