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Daredevil Special Event Character: Hellcat

Free Cat!
Daredevil starts

Jessica Jones: Let's focus on freeing Hellcat. She'll help us take down the Hand.
Daredevil: Patsy? I always thought she was the most innocent out of all of us...
Jessica Jones: We all have our demons. Hellcat is the only one who's met the devil himself...

Free Hellcat! 100 Ninja Stars

Hellcat: Hey Matt! It's Patsy!
Daredevil: I know. At least I thought I knew you before. Jessica just told me your backstory. It's crazy...
Hellcat: You mean how I learned to fight on the moon?
Daredevil: What?! No. I was--
Hellcat: How I was a child TV star, and my mom wrote embarrassing romance comics about my awkward preteen years?
Daredevil: That's weird. I was actually talking about...
Hellcat: Oh! When I went to Hell, died, got resurrected, and returned with the "demon sight" that allows me to sense mystical energy?
Daredevil: Yeah. That.
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Heck Yeah!
Daredevil starts

Hellcat: I'm definitely sensing a lot of mystical energy coming from whatever the Hand is transporting. I think I'm even sensing...
Jessica Jones: Don't say his name. Its name. Whatever. Hearing you tell that story creeped me out enough.
Hellcat: You know it's true. Misty was already talking about it before the Hand ever showed up. You don't have to be scared, Jess...
Jessica Jones: I'm not scared. I'd just like to finish fighting Kingpin, Punisher, and an army of mystical ninjas before I start thinking about Mephisto.
Hellcat: You said his name...
Jessica Jones: Then you better hurry up and help me get rid of these ninjas...

Recruit Hellcat!
- Collect 3 Boss Ninja Masks (Defeat Hand Ninja Boss)
- Collect 8 Cat Masks (Get from Hellcatmobile in The Devil's Due)
- Collect 65 Romance Comics (Special Event Missions)
- 6596 Ninja Stars (Special Event Missions)

Pepper Potts
: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Hellcat! We're so excited you're here to help us fight Kingpin and the Hand!
Hellcat: Thanks! I'm super serious about helping with all of that and getting my friends free, but I'm also really trying to pursue my career as a talk show host. Do you guys offer broadcasting courses?
Pepper Potts: Not currently, but we do have a lot of connections at World News. I could put in a word for you with the news anchor.
Hellcat: Oh, I love her! What's her name again?!
Pepper Potts: That's actually a really good question...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

It's Patsy! Pt. 1
Hellcat starts

Daredevil: I need to keep studying for the trial. Can you keep an eye on things?
Hellcat: Of course! Go do your lawyer thing, I have the butt-kicking under control. 

Hellcat Do Acrobatics! 45m
Hellcat Explore Hell's Kitchen! 1h
Daredevil Hit the Books! 1h30m

Daredevil: Did you sense anything else from the ninjas?
Hellcat: No. Honestly, I think this place is throwing off my mojo. I'm not used to dealing with this much mysticism. How many sorcerers go to Avengers Academy?
Daredevil: Just two I think...
Hellcat: I think more are coming...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

It's Patsy! Pt. 2
Hellcat starts

Wasp: Hi Hellcat! I'm Wasp! Pepper told me you're interested in a career in media, so I'm here to help!
Hellcat: Aren't you more about social media?
Wasp: Social media is the best media! Anyone can say anything they want anytime they want! It doesn't even matter if it's true!
Hellcat: I'm more interested in talking to real people, and uncovering the truth...
Wasp: Bring a cute kitten with you!

Hellcat Get an Interview! 2h30m
Wasp Create a Buzz! 3m
Black Widow Search for Clues! 1m

Hellcat: It's gonna be hard to practice interviewing people if no one lets me interview them...
Wasp: You can interview me!
Hellcat: Cool! What time is good for you?
Wasp: No comment!
Hellcat: Um...
Wasp: I'm a totally tough interview!
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

It's Patsy! Pt. 3
Hellcat starts

Iron Man: Hey, I'm Tony. How's everything going so far?
Hellcat: Weird. And I thought I had a really high tolerance for weird.
Iron Man: I think it would be weird if you didn't think of all of this was weird.
Hellcat: How do you deal with it?
Iron Man: I have my ways...

Upgrade Hellcat! 30 x Katanas, 3444 Ninja Stars
Hellcat Have a Snack! 1h30m

Iron Man Talk To J.A.R.V.I.S.! 2h

Hellcat: I seriously can't believe you have a fridge filled with nothing but cheese.
Iron Man: I'm a forward thinker.
Hellcat: Thanks for being so nice, Tony. I feel way better. People say all kinds of things about you, but I think you're just really friendly.
Iron Man: I don't like to label myself. Unless it's ingenious. Or charming. Or statuesque. Or rugged. Or magnificent. Or...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Child Star Pt. 1
Hellcat starts

Phil Coulson: You're Patsy Walker!
Hellcat: Yes...
Phil Coulson: You're really here!
Hellcat: Yes...
Phil Coulson: Sorry, I go full fanboy sometimes. I'm Phil. I've read all of your comics.
Hellcat: You mean the romance comics my mum wrote about me?
Phil Coulson: I like to think I've read every comic ever. I had to hide my stash in books, and move them to Nelson and Murdock. People here are always hogging the reading chair.
Hellcat: I thought I burned all those comics. I guess I missed some...

Hellcat Read Comics! 1m
Hellcat Do Acrobatics! 45m

Phil Coulson: Thanks for not burning all my mint copies of "It's Patsy!" Not that I was spying on you. Also, I was nervously spying on you...
Hellcat: It's okay. It's just so embarrassing. I don't want everyone knowing my whole life story from the most awkward time of my life.
Phil Coulson: I understand. I'll stash them with my Cap trading cards. He's too nice to say so, but I can tell he gets uncomfortable when I read everyone his stats on the back.
Hellcat: It's fine. I always think I can run from it, but it's just something I have to deal with...
Phil Coulson: That's a great attitude. I'm sure the press won't ask you about it much when they get here...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars

Child Star Pt. 2
Hellcat starts

Phil Coulson: I can run interference for you when the press gets here. I'll pretend I'm Cap's shield.
Hellcat: Thanks, but I think I'll just hide until they give up and go home...
Phil Coulson: I thought you said you just wanted to deal with it?
Hellcat: I will. By hiding, and eating too much cheese.

Upgrade Hellcat! 45 Katanas, 5061 Ninja Stars

Hellcat Avoid the Press! 3h
Hellcat Have a Snack! 1h30m

Hellcat: Is the press gone?
Phil Coulson: Yeah. Loki and Tony and Mysterio and Wonder Man kept jumping in front of the cameras. Then Winter Soldier recited a sad poem, and everyone got uncomfortable and left. It was awesome.
Hellcat: I wish they'd just leave me alone.
Phil Coulson: Maybe they never will. Maybe you're just too amazing to ignore.
Hellcat: Thanks, Phil.
Phil Coulson: Can I have your autograph?
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Multi-Dimensional Pt. 1
Hellcat starts

Loki: You're the Firebeast?
Hellcat: Hellcat.
Loki: I pictured you more...demonic.
Hellcat: I'm not sorry if you're disappointed.
Loki: Is it true that you've travelled to your Midgardian Hell, and faced off with its evil master? It's fine if you were lying. It's a very impressive lie.
Hellcat: I wish it was. I try not to think about it...
Loki: Go about your business. I've been pretending to study Midgardian law in the Daredevil's office, but I've actually been focused on the supernatural. Find me if you'd ever like to conquer your demons...

Hellcat Get an Interview! 2h30m
Hellcat Do Acrobatics! 45m
Loki Skim Midgardian Laws! 2h

Hellcat: I just want to move on, and get my talk show career going, but I don't think I can until I deal with Mephisto.
Loki: I don't blame you. I can help you get your revenge, Firebeast.
Hellcat: It's something I have to do myself...
Loki: That sounds like a wonderful idea...
Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

Multi-Dimensional Pt. 2
Hellcat starts

Hellcat: Tony told me you have portals to other dimensions...
Hank Pym: I do! I'm always improving them! I'm always building more! I lose track of them all the time!
Hellcat: Can you show me?
Hank Pym: Where do you want to travel?
Hellcat: Somewhere dangerous. Scary. A place no one should ever have to go...
Hank Pym: That's science! 

Upgrade Hellcat! 60 Katanas, 7798 Ninja Stars
Hellcat Study Other Dimensions! 2h
Hellcat Explore Hell's Kitchen! 1h

Reward: 20 Ninja Stars 

HELLCAT RANK 5: 6 Ouiji Boards (Defeat Kingpin)

What do you think of Hellcat? Have you been able to unlock her yet?


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