Friday, 14 April 2017

Legends Assemble! Premium Character Outfit: Agent Peggy Carter

Agent Peggy Carter is a new outfit for Peggy Carter which you could buy during the Legends Assemble! Special Event 2017. It allows Peggy Carter to take part in combat and also gives her actions to drop fuel for fighting bosses!

Get Agent Peggy Carter!
(Quest Timed 3d)
Black Widow starts

Agent Peggy Carter: The Academy is facing a three-pronged attack from a coalition of evil involving Hydra. We need a proper battle strategy. I thought my old SSR uniform might get me into the proper frame of mind.
Captain America: Yeah...
Agent Peggy Carter: I know it's a bit silly, but there are people here dressed like penguins and bananas...
Captain America: It's not that. It's...
Agent Peggy Carter: It's what?! Spit it out, Rogers.
Captain America: It's...beautiful...

Invite Peggy Carter! 295 Shards
Get Agent Peggy Carter! 345 Shards

Phil Coulson: Is that your original SSR uniform?!
Agent Peggy Carter: It is.
Phil Coulson: Can I get a picture?
Agent Peggy Carter: I'm in a bit of a rush, but I suppose so. Where would you like me to stand?
Phil Coulson: I want you to take a picture of me! I need to remember the look on my face the first time I saw Peggy Carter in her original SSR uniform!

Reward: 15 Shards

Agent Impossible Pt. 1
Peggy Carter starts

Agent Peggy Carter: I'll help you devise a strategy to defeat the invading forces.
Nick Fury: I didn't ask for your help.
Agent Peggy Carter: That was your first mistake.

Peggy Carter Play War Games, 5m

Nick Fury: You cheated.
Agent Peggy Carter: I don't cheat. I don't have to.
Nick Fury: I cheat all the time.
Reward: 10 Tridents 

Agent Impossible Pt. 2
Peggy Carter starts

Agent Peggy Carter: It's been too long since I brushed up on my pilot skills. Do you think Director Fury would mind me bringing in my own plane?
War Machine: You know he's a control freak. He won't even let us fly the Quinjet without saying the magic word.
Agent Peggy Carter: Please?
War Machine: Windu.

Peggy Carter Take Flight, 4m

Falcon: Nice flying!
Agent Peggy Carter: Thank you. It truly is just like riding a bike.
Falcon: Who taught you how to fly like that?
Agent Peggy Carter: No one would teach me, so I taught myself.
Falcon: That's amazing...
Agent Peggy Carter: There are no limits to the things a lot of work and a lack of fear can achieve.
Reward: 10 Tridents

Agent Impossible Pt. 3
Peggy Carter starts

Nick Fury: Let's get back to planning a strategy for defeating these invading forces.
Agent Peggy Carter: I think you just want a rematch...
Nick Fury: I just wanna protect my school.
Agent Peggy Carter: No, I can tell. You've been thinking about it ever since I beat you...
Nick Fury: I haven't slept in three days.

Peggy Carter Play War Games, 3m

Agent Peggy Carter: I see what you did there, Rogers.
WWII Captain America: We always did make a great pair.
Agent Peggy Carter: As long as your remember who's in charge.
WWII Captain America: Well, technically I'm a Captain and you're an Agent, so it seems to me like--
Agent Peggy Carter: I'm always in charge, Steve.
WWII Captain America: Yes, Ma'am.
Reward: 10 Tridents

What do you think of Agent Peggy Carter? Did you buy her?


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