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GotG Vol. 2 Character Profile: The Collector

Collect Collector!
Mantis starts

Mantis: How does it feel to be imprisoned like you've imprisoned so many others?
The Collector: It's as though a nightmarish chef tossed me into a pot of despair, and proceeded to sprinkle the concoction with delicious irony. I love it.
Mantis: Do you want us to set you free?
The Collector: I can free myself, darling. The only thing I want you to do is applaud.

Free Collector!

Ayesha: You made the biggest mistake of your immortal life by betraying me, you perfumed stork. I'm going to ruin you and your precious collection.
The Collector: You're going to look excellent next to my crystal vase filled with mint condition earwigs.
Reward: 10 Flares

Get Collector!
Star-Lord starts

Nick Fury: Glad you finally decided to join.
The Collector: I could end this oh so quickly if you allowed me to borrow your Infinity Gauntlet.
Nick Fury: This would have never happened if you joined us from the beginning instead of starting your own school.
The Collector: Cosmic beings are special, Nicholas. The Cosmic Conservatory was a special place for them to learn.
Nick Fury: While you pillaged their homeworlds in search of the Infinity Gems.
The Collector: We do what we have to, Nicholas. I learned that from you.

Get Collector!
- Collect 9 Red Aliens! (Defeat High Priestess OR Get from the Robot Dance Off!)
- Collect 60 Exotic Birds! (Special Event Missions)
- Collect 12 Rare Gems! (Collect from the Temporal Assimilator)
- Collect 3660 Flares!

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Collector! Is there anything we can get for you?
The Collector: You are incredibly chipper. Have you ever considered a career as a museum facilitator?
Pepper Potts: Thanks, but I'm happy as Academy Administrator for now.
The Collector: How about as an exhibit?
Reward: 10 Flares  

Delectable Collectable Pt. 1
The Collector starts

The Collector
: Someone has been tampering with my oddities.
Pepper Potts: I'm sorry, is there anything I can do?
The Collector: Do you have any experience catching Xandarian crestbumps?
Pepper Potts: No. Catching like in a net, or catching like a disease?
The Collector: In this case, a bit of both.

The Collector Peruse Your Wares, 3m

The Collector: Would you be opposed to me making some acquisitions while here on Earth?
Nick Fury: No, but if you threaten a single hair on my students' heads I will end you.
The Collector: I so wish I could bottle your threatening tone.
Reward: 10 Flares

Delectable Collectable Pt. 2
The Collector starts 

Star-Lord: You're gonna help us defeat the Priestesses of the Sovereign?
The Collector: Yes, but I'm otherwise occupied at the moment, Moon-Prince.
Star-Lord: Star-Lord.
The Collector: Really? I'll need to relabel your future cell.

The Collector Tickle the Ivories, 3m

Mantis: You play the piano?! I love the piano!
The Collector: I'm immortal, darling. If a thing can be played, I have played it.
Mantis: You should be a rock star!
The Collector: Rock stars should be the Collector.
Reward: 10 Flares

Delectable Collectable Pt. 3
The Collector starts

Gamora: Focus and prepare yourself to fight Ayesha and Thanos, or so help me...
The Collector: The deadliest woman in the galaxy has little impact on an immortal.
Gamora: ...I'll free everything in your museum.
The Collector: There are a multitude of reasons why that is a very bad idea.

Upgrade The Collector! 12 x Red Aliens, 4550 Flares
The Collector Flash Attack! 4m

The Collector: Do you see? Ayesha and her Priestesses will be no challenge.
Gamora: Why are you so sweaty?
The Collector: The Collector does not sweat, he glistens!
Reward: 10 Flares   

One Of A Kind Pt. 1

The Collector starts

The Collector: What are you doing in my museum?
Black Cat: Just browsing.
The Collector: My treasures are not for sale.
Black Cat: I never said I was buying.

The Collector Go Online Shopping, 5m

Black Cat: So far I've seen an elf, a baby eldritch god, and a really big bug. I think you can do better.
The Collector: How dare you?!
Black Cat: I can get you something that's one of a kind.
The Collector: I'm listening...
Black Cat: I'll show you some options. Just don't forget my finder's fee.
Reward: 10 Flares

One Of A Kind Pt. 2
The Collector starts

The Collector: Aren't you unique...
Devil Dinosaur: Rmarrw?
The Collector: It's been ages since I've expanded my museum, but you are absolutely worth it...

Upgrade The Collector, 18 x Red Aliens, 6280 Flares


The Collector Browse Collectables, 1m

Moon Girl: You can't have Devil Dinosaur.
The Collector: I don't have the slightest idea what you mean.
Moon Girl: I've been studying the history of your home planet, Cygnus X-1. Stay away from my friend, or I'll show you why you aren't as immortal as you think.
Reward: 10 Flares

One Of A Kind Pt. 3
The Collector starts

The Collector: Alas, no Tyrannosaurus Rex for the Collector...
Black Cat: That's just the tip of the weird animal iceberg.
The Collector: Please leave me to my sadness. And put that back where you found it, or I will kill you where you stand.

The Collector Tickle the Ivories, 3m

Black Cat: Done sulking?
The Collector: Immortals sulk. Deal with it.
Black Cat: Let's keep looking. I think you might find something you like...
Reward: 10 Flares

Elders of the Universe Pt. 1
The Collector starts

The Collector: Well, well. What have we here?
Hulk: Hulk.
The Collector: What a fascinating specimen you are! A baseline human unremarkable in every sense but for a radiated mistake of epic proportions. It reminds me of when Adam Warlock first emerged from his cocoon...
Hulk: Feather man not make sense.
The Collector: Sense is thoroughly overrated.

Upgrade The Collector, 30 x Red Aliens, 8520 Flares
The Collector Peruse Your Wares, 3m

Hulk: Hulk need leave. Eat time.
The Collector: You're of course free to go, but be warned of a message from someone I have not spoken to in centuries.
Hulk: Explain, feather man.
The Collector: I'm afraid my brother wants to add you to his collection.

Reward: 10 Flares

Elders of the Universe Pt. 2
The Collector starts

The Collector: I'm afraid we may soon have...a visitor.
Nick Fury: We have visitors all the time. Food trucks. Hell-Portals. You.
The Collector: This visitor is older even than I. He is powerful, and possesses far less concern for the welfare of his...collectables.
Nick Fury: So he breaks his toys. What do I care?
The Collector: He's coming for Hulk.

The Collector Peruse The Depths, 5m

The Collector: My brother will arrive soon, undoubtedly with a lackey in tow. This lackey does the unsavory work of acquiring his collectables.
Rocket Raccoon: Why you talkin' to me about it? You got a bazooka strong enough to blast him back to outer space?
The Collector: Something like that...
Reward: 10 Flares

Elders of the Universe Pt. 3
The Collector starts

The Collector: I'm sure you are all wondering why I've gathered you here today.
Star-Lord: Dancing?
Gamora: Assassinating.
Drax the Destroyer: I wasn't listening.
The Collector: We will battle my brother's pet bounty hunter, and prevent them from getting their hands on any of the Avengers. Questions?
Rocket Raccoon: Yeah. Why are we always doin' your dirty work?
The Collector: Because you have good taste.

Upgrade The Collector! 42 x Red Aliens, 10500 Flares


The Collector Make Acquisitions, 5m
The Collector Recuperate, 5m

Star-Lord: There's nothing coming. At least, nothing that looks like it could be related to you. I was expecting a space ostrich.
The Collector: I apologize for the ruse. I needed you all out of my hair while I acquired a new specimen for my collection.
Star-Lord: Let me guess, you got one of every penguin.
The Collector: I love being me!
Reward: 10 Flares 

What do you think of The Collector? Were you able to get him?


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