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GotG Vol. 2 Character Profile: Drax

Drax the Destroyer is a character first introduced during the Guardians of the Galaxy Special Event, and reintroduced during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Special Event. This is his questline.

On the Hunt Pt. 1

Drax starts

Drax the Destroyer: The Iron Man has given me permission to use his supercomputer. I'll define the weaknesses of the Cosmic Conservatory, and solidify my plan for destroying Thanos.
Star-Lord: I never pegged you as a computer guy...
Drax the Destroyer: No one ever pegs Drax the Destroyer. I'm far too agile.

Upgrade Drax!
Drax Do Computing, 3m

Drax the Destroyer: Using a computer is much more dangerous than I expected.
Star-Lord: Good thing you don't know how to search yourself...
Drax the Destroyer: I search myself everyday.
Star-Lord: Right. You and your take everything literally thing. I'm not talking about physically searching yourself, Drax. I'm talking about searching your name online. It's a joke.
Drax the Destroyer: No, it's actually very serious. You should regularly search yourself online to protect your reputation, and ensure that no one is attempting to steal your identity.
Reward: 25 Credits 

On the Hunt Pt. 2
Drax starts

Drax the Destroyer: I need your help to define the exact location of the hidden power source at this Academy. I only ask because you seem to be a less green, more spy-oriented version of Gamora. That is a compliment.
Black Widow: I've been doing that sine the second I got here. I know there are underground vaults, but that's about it.
Drax the Destroyer: We need to keep trying. It's no coincidence that we crashed here. Thanos was aiming his attack at Avengers Academy, and Thanos only aims at the promise of more power.
Black Widow: I'll see what I can do. You should see if you hear anything at the Club. Your obliviousness has a weirdly honest effect on people...

Drax Crush Cans, 2m
Drax Look for Thanos, 15m
Black Widow Search for Clues, 1m

Drax the Destroyer: No one here knows anything. My time is better spent punching henchmen...
Black Widow: Probably, but I think there's a connection between what caused the explosion that sent you here, and whatever Fury is hiding.
Drax the Destroyer: Impossible...
Black Widow: What do you mean?
Drax the Destroyer: Could there be more than one Infinity Gauntlet?
Reward: 25 Credits

Relentless Pt. 1
Drax starts

Gamora: I'm not sure who they are yet, but there are more Cosmic Conservatory students on this planet. I'm sure of it...
Drax the Destroyer: Then I need to find them. If they're followers of Thanos, I have to destroy them.
Gamora: If they follow Thanos, don't you think they'd be here fighting by Ronan?
Drax the Destroyer: I think Thanos has bigger ambitions than what we're facing right now. And more powerful allies than Ronan...

Upgrade Drax!
Drax Look Harder for Thanos, 30m

Drax the Destroyer: I think you're right about other Conservatory students being here. I think Thanos was one of them...
Gamora: Why?
Drax the Destroyer: This Director Fury has measures in place specifically designed to counter his capabilities.
Gamora: He knows about the Infinity Gauntlet?!
Drax the Destroyer: I don't know. But I know it's time to find out exactly what he knows...

Reward: 25 Credits

Relentless Pt. 2
Drax starts

Drax the Destroyer: Tell me everything you know about Thanos?
Nick Fury: I realize you don't know me very well, but I don't tell people everything I know about anything.
Drax the Destroyer: Your database shows you know who he is, and you've been preparing to destroy him if necessary. Know that I will destroy you if necessary...
Nick Fury: We're on the same side, Drax. I know about Thanos. I know he's a threat. It's my responsibility to be prepared, and to protect this Academy, and this entire planet, from every potential threat.
Drax the Destroyer: The authorities on my planet were as arrogant as you. My family paid for their arrogance. Preparing isn't enough.
Nick Fury: Let's talk at S.H.I.E.L.D. H.Q.
Drax the Destroyer: I'm done talking!
Nick Fury: Then you'll listen. Decide for yourself if you still wanna destroy me after that...

Drax Plot Your Revenge, 4h
Drax Look Harder for Thanos, 30m

Gamora: What's wrong?
Drax the Destroyer: Nothing. Everything...
Gamora: You talked to Fury about Thanos?
Drax the Destroyer: I did.
Gamora: And you got some answers?
Drax the Destroyer: Yes. But far more questions...
Reward: 25 Credits

What do you think of Drax? Were you able to recruit him?


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