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GotG Vol. 2 Special Event: Episode 4

Morning Avengers!!

Episode 4 of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Special Event is now live in our games! Once you have completed the quest "Mint Condition", you will be able to start episode 4! Complete all quests marked with a gold star to advance.

Episode 4 of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Special Event ends on May 25th at 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT.
You will need to unlock Knowhere by the end of the episode or it will disappear at that time.


How do I recruit Adam Warlock?

Start the quest "Get Adam Warlock!" to invite Adam Warlock! To recruit him to Avengers Academy, you'll need to turn in the following items:
- 9 Gold Aliens (Defeat Ayesha)
- 48 Guitar Picks
(Special Event Missions)
- 18 Microphones (Collect from Recorder 211)
- 3830 Flares

Once you turn in these items, Adam Warlock will join the Academy. He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I get Golden Goddess Enchantress?

Golden Goddess Enchantress is a special, limited-time outfit for Enchantress. You can get it from Van Dyne's Outfits by turning in the following items:
- 2 Gold Aliens (Defeat Ayesha)
- 30 Emeralds
(Collect from the Golden Retriever)
- 54 Bracelets
(Special Event Missions)
- 4260 Flares

The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or it will disappear from the game at that time. This outfit is not required to advance to Episode 5 of the event.
How do I unlock Yondu?

Yondu is available in the Shop for 475 Shards!
Yondu allows Cosmic Shields to drop from the Mission Board. He is also among the most powerful fighters for this event!
He must be completely unlocked by the end of the event or he will disappear at that time.

How do I fight Ayesha?

Start the quest "Defeat Ayesha" to battle Ayesha!
You will need Perfect Armor from Quadrant 3 to fight Ayesha. Defeating Ayesha rewards Flares, Gold Aliens for unlocking Golden Goddess Enchantress and Adam Warlock, and Crowns at Streak 7+ for Knowhere.

How do I unlock Galactic Drax?

Galactic Drax is a special, limited-time outfit for Drax. You can get it from the Knowhere Pawn Shop by turning in the following items:
- 25 Rocket Packs (from Quadrant Heroic Mode)
- Boxing Gloves
(from Ayesha Streak 15)

The outfit must be completely unlocked by the end of the quest "Get Galactic Drax" or it will disappear from the game at that time.
Galactic Drax changes Drax to an Advanced Toxic type and allows him to train him own combat skills! It also cuts the time taken to fight Ayesha's Forces to 1 hour.

What is available from the Space Race Crate?

Recruit characters, unlock exclusive outfits, and obtain other intergalactic prize from the Space Race Crate, available in the Shop for 275 shards each! Possible rewards include:
- Captain Marvel
- Singularity & the Healer Singularity Outfit
- Retro-Futurisitic Wasp
- Intergalactic Iron Man
- ...and much more!


Space Race Crate, 275 Shards
Galactic Cantina, 495 Shards, drops 6 Gold Aliens per day, 30s


Warlock of Rock
The Collector starts

The Collector: Adam Warlock! I haven't seen you in ages...
Adam Warlock: I've been melting faces in far-off places.
The Collector: And what will you do now?
Adam Warlock: Show this planet the power of cosmic rock.

Free Adam Warlock! 100 Flares

Ayesha: You should have stayed in your cage, Adam. Better yet, you should have never left your cocoon.
Adam Warlock: I had to stop my sister from endangering the galaxy. From chasing an Infinity Gauntlet that's destined to destroy her soul. Also, to rock.
Ayesha: If you stand in my way, I will destroy you.
Adam Warlock: You can't stop the Warlock of Rock.
Reward: 10 Flares

Get Adam Warlock!

Loki starts

Adam Warlock: The Ultra Senses granted by my many rebirths give me the ability to see into someone's soul. I can tell you were born to rock.
Winter Soldier: Probably. I don't remember.
Adam Warlock: We both know light and dark. Death and rebirth. We should combine our poetic powers to tap into the eternal energies, and burn this world's pain in a metaphorical fire of righteous rock.
Winter Soldier: Winter Warlock...
Adam Warlock: Rock on.

Recruit Adam Warlock!
- 9 Gold Aliens (Defeat Ayesha)
- 48 Guitar Picks
(Special Event Missions)
- 18 Microphones (Collect from Recorder 211)
- 3830 Flares

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Adam Warlock! Is there anything we can get for you?
Adam Warlock: A place to bare my soul through music. A place to rest in my cocoon, and reemerge to bathe this world in the rays of cosmic rock.
Pepper Potts: Have you met Winter Soldier?
Adam Warlock: Yes. Why?
Pepper Potts: No reason.
Reward: 10 Flares

Get Golden Goddess Enchantress!
Enchantress starts

Golden Goddess Enchantress
: It's time I showed this gaggle of golden gutter-slugs what a real queen looks like...
Wasp: Like me!
Golden Goddess Enchantress: Like a golden ode to perfection.
Wasp: Like Tony!
Golden Goddess Enchantress: Please leave before I waste all of my best insults on you.

Get Golden Goddess Enchantress
- 2 Gold Aliens (Defeat Ayesha)
- 30 Emeralds
(Collect from the Golden Retriever)
- 54 Bracelets
(Special Event Missions)
- 4260 Flares

Iron Man: ...
Golden Goddess Enchantress: If you want to say something, say it.
Iron Man: glurlglglggglgghh...

Reward: 10 Flares

Defeat Ayesha!
The Collector starts

Ayesha: My Priestesses are pathetic losers. My brother is an absurd burnout. My cosmic octopus is in a cage, and my Celestial is a gigantic baby. I will have to do this myself.
The Collector: Have you considered the fact that your wretched personality and impossible standards contribute to you being burdened with suboptimal followers?
Ayesha: You used to be one of my followers...
The Collector: Everyone knows I adore grotesque trainwrecks.

Defeat Ayesha!

Nick Fury: Are you working with Thanos?
Ayesha: I don't work with anyone. Least of all thugs with severe chin wrinkles.
Nick Fury: What's he planning?
Ayesha: He wants to rule the galaxy, you bald-headed idiot. Same as us.
Reward: 10 Flares

Infinite Hate
Loki starts

Loki: I simply had to see this supposed queen of mean for myself.
Ayesha: DO you honestly think that honor belongs to you? Your spindly little chicken neck couldn't support the weight of my majesty.
Loki: What's a chicken?

Defeat Ayesha 3 Times!

Loki: I would suggest being nicer to people, but that's no fun.
Ayesha: Like I would take advice from a snivelling witch with uneven eyebrows.
Loki: Under different circumstances, I think we could have been great friends.
Reward: 10 Flares  

The Best There Is
Rocket starts

Rocket Raccoon: I heard you've been attacking my friends, and pointing out their physical imperfections.
Ayesha: Do you have a problem with that, you mangy lump of toe-jam?
Rocket Raccoon: Nah, as long as you can laugh at yourself I think it's pretty funny.
Ayesha: Anyone who laughs at me gets slapped in the face.
Rocket Raccoon: You ever think about dating a guy like me? I'm a pilot. Got my own ship. Saved the galaxy a few times...

Defeat Ayesha 5 Times!

Adam Warlock: Stop this before it's too late, sister. The Collector is already building a cell to keep you prisoner.
Ayesha: Hopefully it's soundproof.
Adam Warlock: I'll use my telepathic powers to you never miss a single one of my lyrics.
Ayesha: I will literally eat your brain if you do that.
Reward: 10 Flares  

Plea for Help
The Collector starts

Ayesha: This battle is more difficult than I anticipated. I may need
High Priestess: You think I'm just going to leave my awesome new friends in the bushes, and crawl back to you after how you treated me?
Ayesha: I could drag you back if you prefer...
High Priestess: You're on your own, Ayesha. I may help you again. It depends on how much you beg.

Defeat Ayesha 7 Times!

Nick Fury: You're finished, Ayesha. Tell me everything you know about Thanos, and I'll consider letting you join my Academy as a student instead of a prisoner.
Ayesha: This isn't over. I've yet to call my reinforcements...
Nick Fury: You mean these priestesses who hate you because you treat 'em like garbage?
Ayesha: I treat everyone like garbage. It's part of my charm.
Reward: 10 Flares  

Get Nebula!
Black Widow starts

Get Nebula!

Nebula: Thanks.
Reward: 60000 Credits 

Get Yondu!
Loki starts

Get Yondu!

Yondu: Guess I won't eat ya.
Reward: 60000 Credits   

Brink of Madness

Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: My sister will not relent. She will continue to attack anyone who stands between her and the Infinity Gauntlet until she either succeeds or dies.
Golden Goddess Enchantress: Can't she simply be born again in a cocoon like you?
Adam Warlock: She says cocoons are for caterpillars and soul-patched butt-nuggets.
Golden Goddess Enchantress: I hate her, but I do love her style.

Adam Warlock Let's Rock!
The Collector Indulge, 2h

Ayesha: Tell your master that I'm willing to get him the other Gauntlet if he's willing to share the power.
Chitauri: Rhe sloolgh julmpkhh dlekshkrok telm enklhawainn!
Ayesha: You're slobbering everywhere, you boob-windowed freak!
Reward: 10 Flares  


Asgardian Retriever
Loki starts

Loki: What is this mutt in Enchantress attire?
Enchantress: My loyal canine.
Loki: I was talking about you.
Enchantress: And to think I felt bad about casting the spell that's slowly doing that thing to your armpits.

Place the Golden Retriever! 1 x Gold Alien, 1580 Flares, 1h

Cosmo the Spacedog: Who's your friend?
Enchantress: My golden retriever, Emerald.
Cosmo the Spacedog: Is a good name. Cosmo is likink this name.
Enchantress: Keep it in your spacesuit, Cosmo.
Reward: 10 Flares 

Hit Record
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: Something tells me you're using this Recorder android to track our every move...
Nick Fury: Adam Warlock brought it. Apparently, it records all of his space concerts, and sells his merch.
Black Widow: So, you're not using it to record us?
Nick Fury: That's classified.
Black Widow: If it records what I'm about to call you, you'll need to bleep it out.

Place Recorder 211! 3 x Gold Aliens, 3170 Flares, 1h

Black Widow: Exactly how much of this school is Fury able to record?
Pepper Potts: That's classified.
Black Widow: You do a terrible Nick Fury impression.
Pepper Potts: I know, but it's still really fun.
Reward: 10 Flares

Going Knowhere

Loki starts

Ultron: This isn't right. What would you humans do if I brought one of your heads here as a decoration?
Loki: First of all, I'm Asgardian. Second of all, if it was Thor's head, I would kiss you.

Place Knowhere! 21 x Crowns (Defeat Ayesha), 18740 Flares, 1h

Ultron: They say the brain stem of a Celestial's head can lead to anywhere in the universe at any time.
Black Widow: We should try. It might be the key to uncovering the secrets of the timefog...
Ultron: Are you really that anxious to crawl around in someone's brain stem? What is wrong with you people?
Reward: 10 Flares

Get Galactic Drax! (7d Timer!)
Drax starts 

Galactic Drax: My torso is open to show I'm not afraid of death. My shoulders are huge to show I'm awesome.
Iron Man: Armor is supposed to keep you from dying.
Galactic Drax: I thought armor was just supposed to make you look cool.
Iron Man: Yeah, you're right. That's more important.

Get Galactic Drax! 25 x Rocket Packs (Defeat Heroic Sectors for a CHANCE), 1 x MMA Gloves (Defeat Ayesha Streak 15)

Galactic Drax: Behold my flaming shoulders!
Ghost Rider: Call me when your head is on fire.

Reward: 10 Flares

What do you think of Episode 4? Excited to recruit Adam Warlock?


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