Wednesday, 31 May 2017

GotG Vol. 2 Premium Character Outfit: Galactic Drax

Get Galactic Drax! (7d Timer!)
Drax starts 

Galactic Drax: My torso is open to show I'm not afraid of death. My shoulders are huge to show I'm awesome.
Iron Man: Armor is supposed to keep you from dying.
Galactic Drax: I thought armor was just supposed to make you look cool.
Iron Man: Yeah, you're right. That's more important.

Get Galactic Drax! 25 x Rocket Packs (Defeat Heroic Sectors for a CHANCE), 1 x MMA Gloves (Defeat Ayesha Streak 15)

Galactic Drax: Behold my flaming shoulders!
Ghost Rider: Call me when your head is on fire.

Reward: 10 Flares

Clothed Pt. 1
Drax starts

Galactic Star-Lord: We got sort of matching suits!
Galactic Drax: Mine is for battle.
Galactic Star-Lord: So is mine.
Galactic Drax: You just got done dancing.
Galactic Star-Lord: It was a dance battle.

Drax Destroy The Drums, 3m

Galactic Drax: Did you see me out there?!
Rocket Raccoon: I wish I didn't.
Galactic Drax: You don't like my new armor?
Rocket Raccoon: I don't like you or your armor.
Reward: 10 Flares

Clothed Pt. 2
Drax starts

Galactic Drax: I need more knives to go with these spiked arms!
Rocket Raccoon: That's the smartest thing you've said...ever.
Galactic Drax: This galactic armor is making me a genius!

Drax Destroy Dummies,

Falcon: Man, if I see a guy your size flying, I'm gonna go the other way.
Galactic Drax: The armor doesn't fly. The flames are just for show.
Falcon: Seems like kind of a waste.
Galactic Drax: It makes it easier for me to read at night.
Reward: 10 Flares  

Clothed Pt. 3
Drax starts

Ayesha: You're not the first to think high-tech armor will give you a leg up on me.
Galactic Drax: I'm honestly not that flexible.

Drax Destroy The Dance Floor, 5h

Galactic Drax: Eyes up here, golden woman.
Ayesha: I'm just deciding where to strike a fatal heart punch.
Galactic Drax: For the first time, I'm questioning my topless lifestyle...
Reward: 10 Flares  

What do you think of Galactic Drax? Were you able to get him?


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