Wednesday, 31 May 2017

GotG Vol. 2 Premium Character Outfit: Galactic Gamora

Get Galactic Gamora! (7 day timer!)
Gamora starts

Galactic Star-Lord: Remember that time you got shot into space and almost died? This'll keep you alive next time, and you'll still be able to hit stuff.
Galactic Gamora: I'm the deadliest woman in the galaxy, but I confess I'm looking forward to being even more dangerous.
Galactic Star-Lord: Check out those rocket boots!
Galactic Gamora: I've already kicked a few people in the face.

Get Galactic Gamora! 20 x Rocket Packs (Defeat a Heroic Sector with 3 Stars for a CHANCE), 1 x Space Suit (Defeat High Priestess Streak 15)

Black Widow: Does that suit protect you from the expanse of space?
Galactic Gamora: Without it, the lack of air pressure would cause my body to swell up twice its size, and I wouldn't be able to hold my breath unless I wanted my lungs to explode.
Black Widow: How many people have you kicked in the face with those rocket boots?
Galactic Gamora: I lost count.

Reward: 10 Flares

Call Of The Void Pt. 1
Gamora starts

Iron Widow
: What's the first thing you want to destroy with your suit?
Galactic Gamora: Thanos, but training dummies are fine for now.
Iron Widow: It's probably good to test it out before fighting someone called the Mad Titan.

Gamora Punish Targets, 3m

Angela: Impressive swordplay.
Galactic Gamora: Do I know you?
Angela: No, but you clearly enjoy stabbing things with swords, so I feel like we should be friends.
Reward: 10 Flares

Call Of The Void Pt. 2
Gamora starts

Galactic Gamora: This suit lets me fight the Priestesses of the Sovereign in space. Would you be interested in joining us?
Angela: What are the Priestesses of the Sovereign?
Galactic Gamora: Golden villainesses who must be destroyed.
Angela: I suppose I haven't stabbed someone golden in a while...

Gamora Stay Sharp, 3m
Gamora Hone Deathblows, 3m

Rocket Raccoon: When do I get my sweet armor?
Galactic Gamora: Talk to Director Fury.
Rocket Raccoon: We're not getting along.
Galactic Gamora: When are you ever getting along with anyone?
Rocket Raccoon: You tryin' to say I'm not sociable?!
Reward: 10 Flares 

Call Of The Void Pt. 3
Gamora starts

Ayesha: I am here to cleanse the universe of your weakness. No suit of armor will make you more consequential in the face of my perfection.
Galactic Gamora: Hey, no one knows cosmic indifference better than I do. I was exposed to the void of space without anything between it and me, and I survived.
Ayesha: Apparently, both you and space are failures.
Galactic Gamora: Wow. You are making it really easy for me to want to kill you.

Gamora Melt Faces, 3m

Ayesha: You plan destroying us with the power of pyrotechnics?
Galactic Gamora: I don't need anything to destroy you but my bare hands. This suit and my sword will just hasten the inevitable.
Ayesha: I would love to see you try.
Galactic Gamora: You will. And it will be the last thing you see.
Reward: 10 Flares

What do you think of Galactic Gamora? Were you able to get her?


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