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Legends Assemble! Character Profile: Nick Fury

Get Nick Fury!
Black Widow starts

Black Widow: You've had the Infinity Gauntlet this whole time?!
Nick Fury: An Infinity Gauntlet. There are at least two.
Black Widow: Why don't you use it to wipe these guys out?
Nick Fury: The second I use this thing, everybody in the cosmos will turn their attention, and their weapons, on us. Including the last person I'm trying to see...
Black Widow: Why even wear it if you aren't gonna use it?
Nick Fury: Scientist Supreme hacked all my vaults. We're moving everything to Asgard, and Pym is reconfiguring the main vault, but in the meantime I can't risk anybody getting their hands on the Gauntlet. 
Black Widow: If the Infinity Gauntlet is in one of your random vaults, I'd hate to see what's in the main one...
Nick Fury: Maybe it's time I gave you the tour...

Recruit Nick Fury!
- 6 Stress Balls (Defeat Scientist Supreme's Streak 7+)
- 6 Red Buttons
(Defeat the A.I.M. Battleship's Streak 7+)
- 3040 Tridents

Pepper Potts: I'm so glad you're free, Director Fury. I have urgent messages from Xander, Attilan Academy, and a random voice in my head asking me to tell you that they're ready to go public. Whatever that means...
Nick Fury: Let them wait.
Pepper Potts: Sir! I--
Nick Fury: We'll see them all soon enough, Potts. I have some things I need to do first...
Reward: 10 Tridents

Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: Hold my calls, and cancel my meetings, Potts.
Pepper Potts: What are you planning?
Nick Fury: Something I've been wanting to do for a long time...

Nick Fury Classified: Slide, 5m

Nick Fury: That was the most fun I've had in years.
Wasp: You're the worst at fun!
Reward: 10 Tridents 

Nick Fury starts

Odin: Since you've chosen to bear the Infinity Gauntlet, you may as well master it. As we say in Asgard, "Don't pull a spear unless you're planning on plunging it into someone's spleen".
Nick Fury: The more I use it, the more attention we're gonna get from you-know-who.
Odin: The time for hiding has passed. You will need to be ready for war.
Nick Fury: I guess I could use it to weed out the remaining Hydra henchmen...
Odin: Unleash Infinite Fury! And for the love of Odin, have a little bit of fun while you're at it.

Nick Fury Classified: Gauntlet, 3m

Hydra Bully: I told you we couldn't hide in the bushes forever...
Hydra Agent: I know, but we had such a good thing going. Their bushes are nicer than our dorms...
Hydra Bully: Word in the bushes is that a new super-school just opened in Canada. Maybe we can hide in a maple tree...
Hydra Agent: Canada bros!
Hydra Bully: If my ribs weren't broken, we would be fist-bumping so hard right now...
Reward: 10 Tridents

Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: What's the status on the drone updates, Stark?
Iron Man: Should be ready to go. They'll respond to your eye-movements, and take you anywhere you wanna go.
Nick Fury: I don't tell you this enough, but thank you, Stark. I was hard on you when you first got here because I didn't think you were taking it seriously, but I appreciate everything you've done for Avengers Academy.
Iron Man: I think the Infinity Gauntlet is bringing out your softer side.
Nick Fury: I think you're right. I usually yell at my coffee for being too hot, but this morning I just gave it a stern talking to.

Upgrade Nick Fury! 7 x Gold Torpedoes, 8 x Turquoise Torpedoes, 1327 Tridents
Nick Fury Classified: Drone, 5m

Black Widow
: Nice flexibility. You could have a future in ballet.
Nick Fury: I don't think the world is ready for this mean ballerino.

Reward: 10 Tridents

Nicholas Fury's Day Off Pt. 1
Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: Take over S.H.I.E.L.D. for a while, Coulson. I need to plan our next move.
Phil Coulson: You want me to run all of S.H.I.E.L.D.?!
Nick Fury: It pretty much runs itself.
Phil Coulson: Don't you think Agent Carter is more qualified?
Nick Fury: Yes. She was busy.
Phil Coulson: I appreciate the thought, I'm just not sure I can do it...
Nick Fury: I know you can do it, Coulson. You've done it before. 

Nick Fury Classified: Slide, 4m

Phil Coulson: We're having trouble securing the vaults Scientist Supreme hacked.
Nick Fury: Build new doors. Weld them shut, and bury them in cement if you have to. It's not that complicated.
Phil Coulson: I know it shouldn't be, but even Hercules couldn't get 'em to budge. Our techs try to use their tools, and they fly right out of their hands.
Nick Fury: Use a different material.
Phil Coulson: For both the doors and the tools? What's better than solid Vibranium?
Nick Fury: Anything that isn't metal.
Reward: 10 Tridents 

Nicholas Fury's Day Off Pt. 2
Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: I need you to guard my vaults.
Hulk: Hulk has dinner reservations.
Nick Fury: This is more important.
Hulk: Highly unlikely.
Nick Fury: Do this for me, and I'll have my guys buy you every slice of bacon in the tri-state area.
Hulk: Chocolate too. Chocolate go good with bacon.
Nick Fury: Everything goes good with bacon.

Upgrade Nick Fury! 11 x Black Torpedoes, 6 x Green Torpedoes, 1868 Tridents
Nick Fury Classified: Planning, 3m  

Nick Fury: Did you get the profile I downloaded?
Ultron: Yes. I'm hesitant to start following orders after my little revolution, but this person is clearly a threat to robotkind.
Nick Fury: This is reconnaissance, Ultron. Not an assassination.
Ultron: You really are the worst at fun.
Reward: 10 Tridents

Ancient History Pt. 1

Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: We need to put a call out to all of our friends in hiding.
Pepper Potts: You just asked me to hold your calls, and cancel your meetings.
Nick Fury: Change of plans. We can't close the vaults.
Pepper Potts: What about the--
Nick Fury: Hulk, Hercules, and half the Asgardians are standing guard. If whatever is coming gets through them and the Infinity Gauntlet, we'll improvise.
Pepper Potts: Improvise?!
Nick Fury: Spy talk for try not to die.

Nick Fury Classified: Gauntlet, 3m

Pepper Potts: The secret seven say they're willing to reveal themselves if there's no other option, but they're dealing with similar issues at the moment.
Nick Fury: Where's Pym?
Pepper Potts: I don't know. I usually just yell "Science!" and he comes running.
Nick Fury: Nice thinking, Potts. You're gonna make a great Director someday.
Reward: 10 Tridents

Ancient History Pt. 2
Nick Fury starts

Hank Pym: Director Fury! I heard you yell "Science!" so I came running!
Nick Fury: I need you to scan every known alternate universe for strange activity.
Hank Pym: I'd think you were making a joke, but it would be unprecedented!
Nick Fury: I realize everything about them is strange. I'm mostly interested in evidence of anyone travelling in or out.
Hank Pym: You think an alternate got here without us knowing?!
Nick Fury: Wouldn't be the first time.

Upgrade Nick Fury! 20 x Gold Torpedoes, 18 x Turquoise Torpedoes, 2690 Tridents
Nick Fury Classified: Recruiting, 4m

Hank Pym: I caught a Kang sighting and countless stranger things in the multiversal scan, but nothing to indicate that an alternate travelled here without our knowledge.
Nick Fury: I guess he's just stronger here than before...
Hank Pym: Who?
Nick Fury: This is why I don't like making new friends. They come with new enemies.
Reward: 10 Tridents   

The Unseen Pt. 1
Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: I need you to deliver a message to the Attilan Academy.
Ms. Marvel: Why me?
Nick Fury: They don't trust me.
Ms. Marvel: Why do you think they'll trust me?
Nick Fury: It's a long story. Ask anybody there but the king.

Nick Fury Classified: Drone, 3m

Nick Fury: Did you deliver the message?
Ms. Marvel: I got teleported by a giant wrinkly antennae dog!
Nick Fury: What did they say?
Ms. Marvel: Nothing! It was really hard for him to talk, so we just played teleportation catch!
Nick Fury: Not the dog, Kamala. The royal family.
Ms. Marvel: Right. Sorry. The queen said they'll do whatever's necessary, but not until the other school reveals itself first. Her hair was amaaaaaaaaazing.
Nick Fury: Some things never change...
Reward: 10 Tridents

The Unseen Pt. 2
Nick Fury starts

Nick Fury: I have to fix this before it's too late. Can you get me back to before the timefog?
Hank Pym: We've been over this. What you...what happened irrevocably changed all realities and the spacetime continuum. Even the distant past reflects our current reality!
Nick Fury: So you're saying you can't do it?
Hank Pym: ...Of course I can. I'm a super-scientist. It's science...
Nick Fury: So do it.
Hank Pym: You could be permanently lost in the timestream. You could die.
Nick Fury: That's science, #%@&*%$#.

Upgrade Nick Fury! 21 x Turquoise Torpedoes, 9 x Green Torpedoes, 3905 Tridents 


Nick Fury Classified: Rewrite History, 3m

Hank Pym: What happened?!
Nick Fury: You were right. I was caught between times and universes. In the middle of merged times and universes. I don't know...
Hank Pym: How did you find your way back?
Nick Fury: Kang...
Hank Pym: He saved you?!
Nick Fury: We fought. I grabbed one of his pocket time machines. I had to. It was ever worse than before...
Hank Pym: You saw him?!
Nick Fury: I saw him. He's coming...
Reward: 10 Tridents

What do you think of Nick Fury? Were you able to recruit him? Any favourite phrases or actions if so?


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