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GotG Vol. 2 Character Profile: Adam Warlock

Warlock of Rock
The Collector starts

The Collector: Adam Warlock! I haven't seen you in ages...
Adam Warlock: I've been melting faces in far-off places.
The Collector: And what will you do now?
Adam Warlock: Show this planet the power of cosmic rock.

Free Adam Warlock! 100 Flares

Ayesha: You should have stayed in your cage, Adam. Better yet, you should have never left your cocoon.
Adam Warlock: I had to stop my sister from endangering the galaxy. From chasing an Infinity Gauntlet that's destined to destroy her soul. Also, to rock.
Ayesha: If you stand in my way, I will destroy you.
Adam Warlock: You can't stop the Warlock of Rock.
Reward: 10 Flares

Get Adam Warlock!

Loki starts

Adam Warlock: The Ultra Senses granted by my many rebirths give me the ability to see into someone's soul. I can tell you were born to rock.
Winter Soldier: Probably. I don't remember.
Adam Warlock: We both know light and dark. Death and rebirth. We should combine our poetic powers to tap into the eternal energies, and burn this world's pain in a metaphorical fire of righteous rock.
Winter Soldier: Winter Warlock...
Adam Warlock: Rock on.

Recruit Adam Warlock!
- 9 Gold Aliens (Defeat Ayesha)
- 48 Guitar Picks
(Special Event Missions)
- 18 Microphones (Collect from Recorder 211)
- 3830 Flares

Pepper Potts: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Adam Warlock! Is there anything we can get for you?
Adam Warlock: A place to bare my soul through music. A place to rest in my cocoon, and reemerge to bathe this world in the rays of cosmic rock.
Pepper Potts: Have you met Winter Soldier?
Adam Warlock: Yes. Why?
Pepper Potts: No reason.
Reward: 10 Flares

Ready to Rock! Pt. 1
Adam Warlock starts

Gamora: Look who just woke up...
Adam Warlock: Awake, and ready to rock.
Gamora: Same thing you said after you hibernated through our last gig. Are you ready to fight your sister, and her crew of angry hood ornaments?
Adam Warlock: I was reborn ready.

Adam Warlock Let's Rock! 4m

Gamora: What was that?
Adam Warlock: They kept me company while imprisoned. I needed to repay them with the gift of cosmic rock.
Gamora: Wouldn't it be better if you set them free?
Adam Warlock: They like it in the museum. They say it makes them feel more cultured.
Reward: 10 Flares

Ready to Rock! Pt. 2
Adam Warlock starts

The Collector: You're disturbing my specimens!
Adam Warlock: Your specimens are my friends.
The Collector: They're my friends too!
Adam Warlock: You have a strange way of showing it.
The Collector: I have a strange way of doing everything! 

Adam Warlock Emerge Renewed, 3m

Wasp: You're like a beautiful butterfly!
Adam Warlock: I was created to be the perfect golden god of cosmic rock.
Wasp: Write a song about butterflies! Wait! Wasps! Wait! Write a song about me and Tony being besties!
Reward: 10 Flares

Ready to Rock! Pt. 3
Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: I assume you're here to tell me to focus on my sister and the Priestesses of the Sovereign?
Gamora: No. We'll get to them soon enough.
Adam Warlock: I can feel the rock emanating from your soul...
Gamora: Let's melt some faces...

Upgrade Adam Warlock, 12 x Gold Aliens, 4640 Flares
Adam Warlock Own the Show, 2m

Doctor Voodoo: I've heard some incredible things, but I've never heard anything like that before.
Adam Warlock: I'm here to save the universe through music.
Doctor Voodoo: It feels like both of my souls left my body...
Adam Warlock: They did for a time. I'm an expert in souls, and have seen many things, but that was new to me.
Doctor Voodoo: We need to hang out more often.
Reward: 10 Flares

Cosmic Riffs Pt. 1
Adam Warlock starts

Black Widow: When you say you were created, you mean in a lab?
Adam Warlock: I was designed by the scientists of the Beehive.
Black Widow: That's even weirder. Why?
Adam Warlock: Allow me to demonstrate.

Adam Warlock Let's Rock! 4m

Black Widow: So, your creators designed you to play hair metal?
Adam Warlock: There are other things I'm meant to explore...
Black Widow: ...The ways of love?
Adam Warlock: Cosmic magic. Get your magic out of the gutter.
Reward: 10 Flares 

Cosmic Riffs Pt. 2
Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: Please explain your sorcery.
Doctor Voodoo: As Houngan and a Master of the Mystic Arts, I protect our world from magical threats. Sometimes I talk to spirits. I invoke the loa, when necessary.
Adam Warlock: I can sense something...beyond. Watching judging, balancing. It distracts me from the present. It's messing with my vibe.
Doctor Voodoo: Just so you know, I'm also training to be a psychiatrist...

Upgrade Adam Warlock, 18 x Gold Aliens, 6410 Flares


Adam Warlock Gaze Into The Abyss, 5m

Adam Warlock: There is another cosmic being here. A being of immense power. Something more perfect than I can fathom. I saw the abyss behind its eyes.
Doctor Voodoo: Let me guess. Tentacle face, giant black eyes, makes gurgling noises?
Adam Warlock: The being I'm speaking of is far more powerful than your friendly neighborhood Cthulhu.
Reward: 10 Flares 

Cosmic Riffs Pt. 3
Adam Warlock starts

Doctor Voodoo: Tell me about the future you saw.
Adam Warlock: It was...grim. I saw planets being conquered. Controlled. The song of the universe, silenced. Cosmic rock was dead.
Doctor Voodoo: And you weren't able to identify the beings?
Adam Warlock: To see the monster, we will need a monster of our own...

Adam Warlock Let's Rock! 4m

Adam Warlock: Greetings, Boss Wasprus. Please be yourself while I gaze into your soul, and share your wisdom.
Boss Wasprus: Eyyy, I'm sleepin' over here!
Adam Warlock: No! It cannot be! How could this happen?! How will this happen?!
Boss Wasprus: Bada bing, bada boom!
Adam Warlock: There's no time to explain, Boss Wasprus! He must be stopped! The music cannot die!
Reward: 10 Flares 

Of Magus And Men Pt. 1
Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: I have seen what is to come. A cult, spreading through the galaxy. A cosmic being, all love of music driven from his mind. 
Gamora: I'm the goth one. You're supposed to be the dramatic shiny guy.
Adam Warlock: I'm afraid that soon, none of this will matter...

Upgrade Adam Warlock! 30 x Gold Aliens, 9050 Flares
Adam Warlock Study The Cosmos, 5m

Nick Fury: An evil cosmic powerhouse with a horde of anti-magic worshippers is coming to my planet?
Adam Warlock: They're most likely coming to this Academy.
Nick Fury: See what you can do to slow them down. I'll tell Pym to ready Vault 872.

Reward: 10 Flares

Of Magus And Men Pt. 2
Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: Do you know anything about a being called Magus?
Hank Pym: Plenty of things! His theocracy has conquered planets in a dozen universes!
Adam Warlock: What would happen if he came here?
Hank Pym: Catastrophe! Destruction! Easy listening!
Adam Warlock: Yet you're smiling...
Hank Pym: Because now that we have you, this universe has a chance!

Adam Warlock Own the Show, 3h

The Collector: I know something you don't know!
Adam Warlock: You're a billion years old, Collector. I would hope you know some things.
The Collector: Do you know who Magus is?
Adam Warlock: I don't care who he is. I only care about stopping him.
The Collector: That should be exciting to watch because he is you.
Reward: 10 Flares

Of Magus And Men Pt. 3
Adam Warlock starts

Adam Warlock: A cosmic being of unspeakable power with a devoted army of followers will arrive in our universe in a matter of days. I see only one way to save music and stop him from spreading across the galaxy.
Mantis: With the power of love?!
Gamora: With the power of my boots in his face?
The Collector: With the power of me?!
Adam Warlock: With the power...of rock!
Doctor Voodoo: Finally, a justifiable fist bump.

Upgrade Adam Warlock, 40 x Gold Aliens, 11880 Flares


Adam Warlock Stop Yourself, 5h
Adam Warlock Let's Rock, 5h

Reward: 10 Flares 

What do you think of Adam Warlock? Were you able to get him?


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